Mother Laughs At Bridesmaid Wearing A Dress That's Too Small | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Jessica Knight has a vision of a classy & sophisticated wedding but her mum disagrees and is not shy to let everyone know.
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Jan 10, 2020




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Comments 7 190
Well wouldn’t You like to know
The worst type of parent ever!!!!
Marilyn Zack
Marilyn Zack Day ago
Mom is so immature it’s painful. Ugh.
Oakblossom 2 days ago
Mom is trailer trash and obviously jealous of her daughter. The daughter is so awesome.
katherine Winkler
I've never seen such a immature Mom !
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee 3 days ago
Mum needs to grow up & remember it’s her daughters choice an maybe on the day keeps it zipped
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson 4 days ago
Thank goodness Monte spoke up because the daughter wouldn't. I'm so glad I didn't have a mother like this poor girl.
Reagan Goudy
Reagan Goudy 4 days ago
Ok but can we talk about gorgeous the bird and bride and bridesmaids are
Samantha Pratt
Samantha Pratt 4 days ago
Her mom seems like the kind of mom who would show up to her Daughters wedding wearing a white floor length dress
Amanda Tropp
Amanda Tropp 5 days ago
Between the awkwardness of the finance and the immaturity of the mum, this is too cringy to watch 🙈🙈
Vanessa Wesley
Vanessa Wesley 6 days ago
Girls should have laid a High 5 to The so called mom fat cheek 😁🤣
Tracey Hunts Treasure
I feel like telling the Mum to USE HER WORDS.
Makiah Noel
Makiah Noel 7 days ago
not saying the mother's behavior is okay in any situation but it's not even the wedding dress she's doing the most for no reason
ChaseStudio 9 days ago
The moment the mom said the whole ‘junk in the trunk’ comment I would’ve thrown her out. But I feel for that daughter. You can’t just kick out your mom.
ChaseStudio 9 days ago
I love the idea of a black tie spring wedding. The dark colors contrasted with the bright white dress and colorful spring flowers…she really has a classy vision.
Clara 9 days ago
She's not skinny as well lol
maybelin herrera
maybelin herrera 9 days ago
the poor girls are so sweet, the bride is so mature, the groom is so supportive and kind, and the mother, the oldest of them all, is acting like a child.
Triniti RayAnn
Triniti RayAnn 10 days ago
My mom and dad's theme was black and white and my mom and dad were the only ones in white so the bridesmaids wore black. It looked really good!
Raell Skys
Raell Skys 10 days ago
Lol, if that had been MY mother, whom I would NEVER NEVER NEVER bring to this event, I would have PERSONALLY grabbed her and escorted her out th door and tell her "GO HOME!" Pointing her th way
Raell Skys
Raell Skys 10 days ago
Brook has no lips, its just a ring of a mouth and teeth.....creepy
Bernie Justme
Bernie Justme 11 days ago
Never met such childish and brainless mother, ever. So happy for Jessica to stepping out of her life without her teenage mom now.
Itz_bruhhhhh 11 days ago
Tf she crying for the girls she fat shamed should be crying and tbh she’s bigger than all of em
Katherine Canon
Katherine Canon 13 days ago
I honestly liked dress 4 but I am not wearing it and glad her friend found a dress she can be confident in.
Katherine Canon
Katherine Canon 13 days ago
The daughter acts more grown up than the mother. Why feel like Jessica looked after her self and her mom being fat and lazy. Her mom hair giving her away as she wanting to be younger than she is.
Their Mom
Their Mom 13 days ago
Obnoxious = The Mom
💛izami❤ 13 days ago
I feel like i'm gonna 🤮 everytime the mom open her mouth
Kai •
Kai • 13 days ago
Damn I could never put up with women like that on a constant basis respect to people who work in the bridesmaid department (or any customer work)
Alexia Giannopoulos
The mom is super rude
hackedoffable 14 days ago
Pathetic mother…needs to grow up…fact.
Viking9 14 days ago
If I had a Mom like that I'd leave her sarcastic ass at home when doing this.
Katy Marshall
Katy Marshall 15 days ago
She should apologise to those young girls! Disgusting woman, I would never do that to my daughter or her friends
Moffe Liten
Moffe Liten 15 days ago
Her mother is drunk like a sailor on leave.
CORAL LESTER 15 days ago
She's the NO DOUBT....... SHE'
The More You Know
The More You Know 16 days ago
"You got some arm chunk" How did she not fly of that runway and 👊? Because I would have. You don't do that. You make people's insecurities worse. You don't know what people struggled with. She looked amazing in it by the way.
ana 16 days ago
she’s one to talk about someone’s weight…
OneCueT - Kristi
OneCueT - Kristi 17 days ago
The mom is obnoxious & acting flat ugly. Her daughter has more poise & class. The bridesmaids all looked lovely. I can't say the same for ole mom.
Julie Vander Leest
Julie Vander Leest 17 days ago
Seriously the mom is ridiculous. She is also acting like she’s still in Jr. high. Grow up!
Hannah 17 days ago
i’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so bad
Bee_Haw Yee_Haw
Bee_Haw Yee_Haw 17 days ago
I could not live with that type of mother, absolutely disgusting. Monte looks like he's gonna kill
Chaze Lin
Chaze Lin 17 days ago
That mom isn't trying to be cool; she is trying to be cheap and ignorant. "Jessica's mom wants attention..." Hmm I so agree. It would have been so annoying and embarrassing to have her around.
kalyps30 18 days ago
I really liked the 2 tone dress
Spacey Gracie
Spacey Gracie 18 days ago
That woman's personality makes her look ugly inside and outside and here she is body shamming her daughters friends.. 🙄🙄 She needs a reality check..
Alvah Rei
Alvah Rei 19 days ago
The groom do be looking like somebody has a gun to his back-
anya babich
anya babich 19 days ago
the mom is not even criticizing the dresses she's just body shaming girls who are TWO DECADES YOUNGER THAN HER who are also her daughters CLOSEST FRIENDS. she needs to get over herself because everyone is clearly annoyed and embarassed
Cuge Hock
Cuge Hock 19 days ago
I had to stop watching this the mom is a rude jealous hag.
Kaksha M
Kaksha M 19 days ago
This bride's mother is one of the worst people I have seen on the internet today
charie Fronda
charie Fronda 19 days ago
What kind of mother are you your such a mean mother to your daughter Wtf
Ursherette Paul
Ursherette Paul 19 days ago
The obnoxious, childish, selfish mom needs to grow up and not out!
Shadowmaker62 20 days ago
That mom is 40 years old and is acting like a 12 year old.
20 days ago
the mom literally body shamed all the girls i can’t believe an adult can act that way it’s so disrespectful
Baixst 20 days ago
Am I the only one noticing that in the scene with the blue dress, everyone laughs, and that this whole scene is being cut together?
Baixst 20 days ago
also at 3:32 that "Jessicas Mom likes attention" is also cut together
FDM 215
FDM 215 20 days ago
The mom is simply childish. Grow the hell up lady!
Love fun yay
Love fun yay 20 days ago
Cathey Kindley
Cathey Kindley 20 days ago
What a person has in side is the key of what is on the outside no matter how they look its love.
tara. 21 day ago
This is what happens when you treat your child like your "best friend" instead of *your* *child*
cordelia marino
cordelia marino 21 day ago
The purple dress has pockets 😍😍😍😍
unknown person G
unknown person G 21 day ago
She's crying but she's rude
Dawn Kozlowski
Dawn Kozlowski 21 day ago
This mom is just down right rude and immature
Carmela Mirabella
Carmela Mirabella 22 days ago
That’s one very rude and obnoxious mama. Talk about shooting down the gals self esteem, that woman’s a pro. I hardly understand her body slamming the gals when she herself isn’t perfect to say the least. Also, her antis are very immature, annoying and unattractive. The good news here is that this episode will hopefully haunt her for years to come as it sure shows her in a negative way highlighting her very unlikable personality. 😖 I call it social media Karma.👍😉
TwixVA 22 days ago
Jessica acts more mature than the mother
mackangelwings 22 days ago
😱😱😱😱 The mother!! Do the awful Mothers actually watch themselves later?
Catfish 22 days ago
Mom was just mad because she was a pump and dump and her daughter actually found someone lmfao
✰ 𝐿𝑖𝑣 ✰
omg! a 40 yr old pick me girl !! shes so quirky!
the internet trash can
mom: you have some shoulder chunk me: as if you ain't got it too miss ma'am
Keeping Up With The ✨Siblings✨
the mom drunk.
Smithpolly 24 days ago
0.16 Deer in headlights / Dark night of the soul 0.17 All exits are blocked.
Greenjeans 24 days ago
This mother is a tragic human.
AGATHA 24 days ago
Good thing Jessica didn't end up like her mother
Tara Black
Tara Black 24 days ago
I love the relationship of the bride and her fiance they were soooo cute and had the same ideas and smiled at each other and highfived and stuff .😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Benjamin Simpson
Benjamin Simpson 24 days ago
4:12 he looked just like Kenneth Williams.
Transformación Con Lola
Gosh wtf w her
Jennifer Keel
Jennifer Keel 25 days ago
Mom has to be drunk no one can act that way sober. WOW she had to be acting that way for tv
Sharen Jinat
Sharen Jinat 25 days ago
I hate the mom..
Brittany Knuckles
Brittany Knuckles 25 days ago
Oh god the second Hand embarrassment I feel is real.
Debra Jahnke
Debra Jahnke 25 days ago
WHO is the child between Mom and Bride? Bride acts WAY more adult than the brat mom
Kenje Sadora
Kenje Sadora 25 days ago
honestly her mom is a hypocrite she says the bridemates are fat but she hasent looked in the mirror herself o_o
tulips 25 days ago
" lord, my southern hospitality is about to fly out the window!" 😂
꧁ Gasai Yuno シ ꧂
Av 26 days ago
Her mother needs to grow up
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
This mom Is a mess. She never grew up. Jessica will not put up with her crap once she has children.
ca-ke 26 days ago
I think the mom is acting up because she's scared of losing her daughter. We cant really judge 20+ years that this women took to raise her kid.
Candice W
Candice W 28 days ago
The mother should have been asked to leave but very awkward for everyone involved.
Katelyn Main
Katelyn Main Month ago
She makes comments about the other women’s weight but she’s a big woman herself. She’s so quick to point out things that they’re self conscious about and make them feel like crap but she’s probably bigger than them
Molly Month ago
I thought that they where Beautiful
Elvy Lopez
Elvy Lopez Month ago
Her mom had shoulder chunk too
elviiqs Month ago
Why was the mom even there???
Green potato With jellybean
Karen "mom : *insults the bridesmaids* Also Karen "mom" : *pig noises* That noise suits her.PeriodT
Haydee xoxo
Haydee xoxo Month ago
Repent and turn from ur sins and turn to Jesus Christ while u still can God Bless you God loves you Pray and read your Bible. He is coming soon..
Brandi K
Brandi K Month ago
What a gross mother
Beverly Frederick
He doesn't want to be there..
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young Month ago
Monte was so shocked. Lol.
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young Month ago
Her mom need to shut the heck up, and she need to grow the heck up. She really need to leave. And black is considered a formal color. So, there isn't anything wrong with that. And in all honesty you can see her mom is jealous. Those type of mom's really irk me. Like freaking grow up and live your own life. Be happy for your daughter, and stop competing with her and seeing her as a threat. So many narcissistic mother's in this world. SMH. UGH. The groom look like he is so over it.
CalamityQueen Month ago
What's the mother going to behave like at the wedding...I don't want to know🤮
Joyce Kellner
Joyce Kellner Month ago
Low class duo can't even speak proper English.
Tammy Rowe
Tammy Rowe Month ago
Poor bride...her mom is acting like a kid. I would leave her home
Cheryl Thrasher
Cheryl Thrasher Month ago
Cheryl Thrasher
Cheryl Thrasher Month ago
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) Month ago
Every murder accomplice (who definitely had more to do with the murder than just accomplice but took a plea deal or something)'s mugshot: 0:16
Jyoti Sundar Das
If that was my mother I would be mortified!What an i***t!
Emma Love
Emma Love Month ago
No mom, you don't want her to be happy. You want to run off at the mouth and look like a total idiot !
Carol Matthews
Carol Matthews Month ago
Mom needs to grow up. Immediately.
Mary Gentile
Mary Gentile Month ago
what a horrible woman