Mother cow clearly asks man to rescue her newborn calf

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This video tells the story of "Flo", a wonderful cow with a beautiful disposition, as she encountered serious difficulty soon after giving birth to her baby. On a very hot, spring day in Millbrook, Ontario, Flo was near the pond in the meadow that she called home. She and the rest of the herd live on a gorgeous farm where the cows wander freely and graze as they wish. It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these sweet creatures. For whatever reason, Flo found herself beside the pond and up against the electric fence when it was time for her baby to be born. This fence is there to keep the cows from wandering on the highway and to keep predators out. The voltage is actually dialed down to a low setting. But her calf must have been slippery enough that it slid down the small slope and under the wires. It would have been difficult, if not impossible for the calf to get back under the fence, and Flo could not get to her newborn. The sun was beating down and the baby was supposed to be nursing, getting that first crucial dose of antibodies in his mother's collostrum. (First milk) Dave, a passing motorist who lived nearby had stopped with his GoPro camera because he wanted to film the other cows splashing and bathing in the pond. Their behaviour seemed interesting enough that he wanted to get some video. He stood by the fence with one camera in his hand and another on the fence post. He saw Flo acting annoyed to his left but he thought maybe she was just trying to express displeasure that he was near the fence. Dave knew very little about cattle and he had no idea that her unusual display was actually a request for help. Still not catching on, Dave began to film Flo as she pawed at the ground and paced back and forth. She looked at him and mooed as she did so. Even the other cows knew something was wrong and they came over to look. Flo was looking at the same spot outside the fence, and at Dave alternately. Dave decided he better investigate and he took his camera with him. He saw a small, newborn calf on the outside of the fence. It was lying still and appeared to be either dead or paralyzed with fear. When Dave got closer, he could see that it was OK but that it wasn't able to help itself. Dave knew the wires between him and the mother were not solid enough to hold her back if she objected to him going near the calf but he was now starting to understand that this is what she was asking him for. Cautiously, he moved over to the calf and used a stick to lift the lower wires. He could see the name "Flo" on her ear tag and he spoke to her as he worked to get the calf back into the meadow. The calf's umbilical cord was very fresh, showing that he was just born. Flo relaxed visibly as she saw what Dave was doing. Her agitation decreased and even the sound of her bellows had changed. She made no sign that she was angry as he shoved and wiggled the calf under the wires. The calf and Dave both touched the wire and got a few shocks in the process but Dave was relieved that the calf didn't cry out, as this could alarm Flo. An angry mama cow can sometimes be protective if they sense their babies are being hurt. The calf was eventually reunited with his mother and she promptly licked him and checked him over. As Dave walked away from the fence, she gave him a long look that seems to convey understanding and relief that this stranger had helped her baby. She led him off into the meadow and he was able to nurse right away. The farmers, who had been on an errand while this was happening arrived as she was leading the calf away. Dave offered to help them catch the calf so it could treat the umbilical cord with iodine and give it a checkup. They also had to tag the calf ("F20"). Dave filmed the two as they grazed with the herd. Unbelievably, the little calf saw Dave and wandered up to him curiously, seeming to recognize him from earlier in the afternoon. Flo also seemed to remember Dave and she gave him a long look before wandering off behind her baby. Dave was surprised by Flo's ability to communicate her need for help, as well as her patience with his inability to understand. She persisted until he finally got the message. What was also impressive was the depth of emotion that she showed for her calf, despite the widespread claims that animals are not capable of profound emotion. And one more thing about this encounter struck Dave as remarkable. Flo and her calf seemed to be able to remember that Dave had helped them. Dave created a video about this experience to demonstrate Flo's capacity for emotion, as well as he.
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Comments 100
kurbanovm 19 hours ago
The hypocracy of human race. Telling touching stories about helping a cow, and then growing the cow and calfs just to kill them on the slaughterhouse.
WildCreatures 13 hours ago
kurbanovm you know that the video was not made by the farmer, right? And that the point is to avoid factory farming, right?
Mikkel Bødker
Mikkel Bødker 23 hours ago
Trying to get your attention while taking a dump. 0:13
wolfgang Day ago
great video
WildCreatures 13 hours ago
wolfgang thank you 🙏
Ashraf Shelmani
Its stories like these that make me question eating meat !!!
IDEA'S TV Day ago
Ung kulay ng damo Green tapos malinis na kapaligiran may mga calf nice place?
CKRIzNoGood Day ago
God bless❤️
WildCreatures 13 hours ago
CKRIzNoGood thank you 🙏
Anita Friesen
Nice sounding highway. Screaming.
The healing Den
You know you just sent a cow to her death
The healing Den how so?
Jerry Doekhi
Jerry Doekhi Day ago
the hindoe gods are dancing around you and yours
Precious DeVere
So loving. This is why we should not kill them for food, so much love.
John Wick
John Wick Hour ago
How about you stop eating meat?
david kasun
david kasun 2 days ago
Jeez take yer time fella
WildCreatures 22 hours ago
david kasun thank you 🙏
david kasun
david kasun 23 hours ago
WildCreatures ya did good fella👍
david kasun I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer. And No, you would not have seen that calf and run right over there. You would have no clue there was a calf outside the fence before watching this video
Kc Kendall
Kc Kendall 2 days ago
2 days ago
I'll bet he had a burger for dinner.
Stu Pidazzo
Stu Pidazzo 2 days ago
Aww! That baby cow looks so delicious!!
Pete Littlewood
Pete Littlewood 2 days ago
So fortunate that you had a tripod ready to film the non event of a week old calf on the wrong side of a fence..
Pete Littlewood you missed a lot. The calf was less than two hours old. The tripod was a GoPro on a fence post. The non event actually demonstrates something a little deeper...emotional capacity and intelligence of cows. That should lead you to the thought that ethical treatment of animals is important. Reading the description before making an uninformed comment. will help you look more intelligent too. And 19M views total on the various versions of this footage, plus 30k likes tells me it’s hardly a non event. At least, for the deeper thinkers.
Harry kane
Harry kane 2 days ago
I'm watching this and eating beef with rice.
DIGGY DODGES 2 days ago
I like Cows, but I still eat them.
Such a beautiful video of a calf rescued, but that will soon be slaughtered and end up as shit floating down a river somewhere
Gazmend Qukovci
Gazmend Qukovci 3 days ago
Thx for saving and helping. It will be a dlightfull hamburger at mcDonalds 😆 Forgive me..... i had to say it.
Gazmend Qukovci
+WildCreatures I hate mcDonalds!!!!!
Gazmend Qukovci Sparky and Flo are too smart to be caught near McDonald’s. Hopefully, you are too ;-)
M Dave
M Dave 3 days ago
What a nice place. If I were a cow, I'd like to live there!
Manish Debnath
Manish Debnath 3 days ago
too busy in making videos bish?
Manish Debnath too busy for what?
/ /
/ / 4 days ago
Cows are very kind and smart
Habitual line stepper
Cute cow 🥰 she shits at 0:15
Spiritual Warrior
Wat a beautiful thing wowww awesome!!!!
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Spiritual Warrior thank you 🙏
Haurenox 4 days ago
Now that you're free, please head toward the slaughterhouse...
DAMU LOU 4 days ago
Nowitzness 5 days ago
Born to Die …. become Vegetarian pls
Anshu Singh
Anshu Singh 5 days ago
And that's y we Indians call it Holy mother cow.
Shady Coder
Shady Coder 5 days ago
We are so hypocrite.
Lffuwefg Seghhfd
Lffuwefg Seghhfd 5 days ago
God exists ?
Nagen Setha
Nagen Setha 5 days ago
The man who shoot this video could help the baby calf to take that side but he busy to make a video.
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Nagen Setha as the camera zooms in, that was done on editing.the spin at the beginning was me when I first thought she was annoyed because I was at the fence. I moved it and took my handheld GoPro a little farther away.
Nagen Setha
Nagen Setha 4 days ago
WildCreatures then @1:26 who moved the camera?
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Nagen Setha no. The camera was on the fence. Nobody was busy making a video.
Cassandra G
Cassandra G 5 days ago
5minutes... Slow response....but I tend to approach animals
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Cassandra G thanks. 🙏 I actually wander among those cows, and even with the bull now. It’s a lot of fun, as I’m sure you know. 😃 Beautiful animals.
Cassandra G
Cassandra G 4 days ago
+WildCreatures I'm grateful that you were brave and curious enough to explore!
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Cassandra G i’ll confess, I knew almost nothing about cows until I met the farmer that day. Now I know slightly more than almost nothing. So my slow approach was more to keep her from getting annoyed. I just know that hurrying up to a calf can get you trampled. Call me chicken, if you like, but I was nervous, LOL
Cassandra G
Cassandra G 4 days ago
+WildCreatures I understand what you're saying. I would have approached because I didn't see an angry cow.I'm use to free roaming cows where there's no fencing, that's different. I didn't say anything about you ignoring the calf. I'm glad you helped. Best.
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Cassandra G I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer. And No, you would not have seen that calf and run right over there. You would have no clue there was a calf outside the fence before watching this video
Chantel Chandler
Chantel Chandler 5 days ago
A motorist stopped and pulled on the side of the road to videotape a calf drowning. Instead of actually helping he decided he would just video tape it. why is this on here? People are just ignoring the fact that a man was going to videotape a baby animal drowning. And we're supposed to think that this video is so amazing? I am really glad calf got help but seriously!? Am I the only one who's enraged about the bastard?
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Chantel Chandler what did you misunderstand? There was no cow drowning. I stopped to film a big cow bathing in the pond. I eventually found a calf outside the fence. As soon as I found the calf, I helped the calf. I’m trying to figure out how you could get this all so confused.
Toby Bolty
Toby Bolty 5 days ago
the numbers attached to their ears are the numbers of their death sentence......poor cows......
WildCreatures 4 days ago
Toby Bolty not really. Those cows live a good long life, grazing in the meadow. Your tags are to track things like medication, pregnancies, and keep track of mortality. It has nothing to do with being a death sentence.
The713Sonic 5 days ago
This isn't touching. In reality, inside the fence and tagged waiting to one day be cooked.
WildCreatures 4 days ago
The713Sonic feel free to help me buy that calf from the farmer, so that he can live at a nearby sanctuary. There was a go fund me started for this purpose. But if you were interested in helping, let me know.
jamesmcsparron 5 days ago
Later that evening both calf and mother fell into the large muddy pond and drowned.
Biddy Boy
Biddy Boy 5 days ago
Later that day we ate Flo with cheese and ketchup in a sesame seed bun. (you can only thumbs down if you never ate a burger)
Wesley Cragun
Wesley Cragun 4 days ago
Some cows are for breeding and not for butchering. Their offspring are the ones who get butchered.
Tman 6 days ago
Ahhh animals...they are evolving....they are nothing but love...but you have to stop and experience it....not like humans...we have a ways to go...for some earthlings!
Tman 5 days ago
+josh hill too funny!
josh hill
josh hill 5 days ago
I'm guessing you are the type of person who tries to pet grizzlies. It is not evolution. It is domestication.
kelli fultz
kelli fultz 6 days ago
Thank God for the compassion of some humans....hopefully the farmer isn’t going to just butcher the poor thing a year from now
Jesus explains ...
So, Flo’s newborn was born with an ear tag? 🤔 See @ 3:15
WildCreatures 5 days ago
Jesus explains ... thanks.🙏 Many people ask me that. Very understandable 😉
Jesus explains ...
Right! (I should have read the fine print) Thanks for clearing up the matter.
WildCreatures 5 days ago
Jesus explains ... the description explains it. The ear tag is not present until the final scene. The farmer came home as Dave was leaving and he asked for help to check and tag the calf.
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta 6 days ago
Who the fuck is recording...???
WildCreatures 5 days ago
Nikhil Gupta camera is on a fence post. Dave has another in his hand as he approached. He hung that one on a tree when he got the stick.
maniac32145 6 days ago
Next time the cow better be smarter and don't give birth next to a fence...
177vin 6 days ago
Great vedio. Excellent to help poor animals
WildCreatures 5 days ago
177vin thank you 🙏
AL IQRA.IN 6 days ago
So luvly....my heart filled with love and prayers...🌷♥️🌹
WildCreatures 5 days ago
AL IQRA.IN thank you 🙏
James Drake
James Drake 6 days ago
You can can clearly hear the cow calling for help.
oNxnii 6 days ago
Bitch why is the dude just recording instead of not helping? I swear some people are dicks, and not the good kind. Shame on whomever records on a very important situation. You probably going to put this on social media and get them likes you bitch.
WildCreatures 5 days ago
o Sxddieee I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer. That’s not the point of the video though. It was put on social media to promote ethical farming and better treatment of animals. Feel free to share. 🙏
D N 6 days ago
And two days later mama cow became beef wellington.
Phase Variance
Phase Variance 7 days ago
That fence was not electrified. I call bs on that
WildCreatures 6 days ago
Phase Variance It absolutely was. Two wires are live.
Ian Kinsella
Ian Kinsella 7 days ago
The irony of our kindness to animals. Then we butcher an eat them.
Pancho's Burritos
@ 3:00 go wash that Ash of yours Flo🤣
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear 7 days ago
Animals can detect kindness
Prakash Jani
Prakash Jani 7 days ago
What's mooing video!
Alan W Chase
Alan W Chase 7 days ago
Just to clarify these are beef cattle,calves both steers and heifers typically stay with their mothers until they are 6 months old at which time they are sold.Dairy Calves only stay with the cow until they have gotten colostrum ,usually in the first day ,then the Cow goes back into Milk Production and the calves are raised by hand.By the way Momma Cows are very protective of their calves having encountered a few angry moms by getting too close.Just being a good mom.
Jeffrey Lindsey
Jeffrey Lindsey 7 days ago
Great ending to a not so good start. Thanks for your compassion to animals. Touching and the video had nothing to do with politics.... 2nd best part.
WildCreatures 6 days ago
Jeffrey Lindsey thank you 🙏
Earl Mast
Earl Mast 7 days ago
Pretty sure that it wasn’t JUST born. It had an ear tag in its ear.
WildCreatures 6 days ago
Earl Mast read the description. Farmer arrived after the fence part, tagged the ear, checked the calf, iodine on the umbilical cord. It was less than two hours old.
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 7 days ago
Damn I just ate a steak too
Nelson Cordova
Nelson Cordova 8 days ago
Ryan Afshar
Ryan Afshar 8 days ago
Look at the cows butt at 2:24 lmao
Dennis Morris
Dennis Morris 8 days ago
Why I hate cows they nvr let u pet them!
Dennis Morris
Dennis Morris 8 days ago
They look delicious
Green eel
Green eel 8 days ago
The cow could have given a high 5 at the end to make this a really special ending!!!
James Havlin
James Havlin 8 days ago
Electric fence
Leandro lea
Leandro lea 9 days ago
Solo tu lo puoi fare con dei semplici messsaggi
Kazoo My Doods
Kazoo My Doods 9 days ago
This is why I’m vegan
WhatAWaste 9 days ago
How did I know that a bunch of vegan bullshit would be in the comments of this video?
O The Simplicities of EL
Animals did not forget who has dominion over the earth. We forgot.
Green Red
Green Red 9 days ago
Max the Madvertiser
Why would anyone dislike this vid, wtf
Sofie Cottam
Sofie Cottam 9 days ago
Love how the mum walked over like thanx then walked off
Ashish Mathur
Ashish Mathur 9 days ago
Not every hero wears a cape
Michael Gibbons
Michael Gibbons 9 days ago
Cows are people too.
young nurse
young nurse 10 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwww God bless you sir !! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
WildCreatures 9 days ago
young nurse thank you 🙏
Bud Wzr
Bud Wzr 10 days ago
Sheila Graber
Sheila Graber 10 days ago
for all cows and calves today - ruvid.net/video/video-NrI2iMJ42bs.html
into music
into music 10 days ago
Psychic cow 👍
Juan Crerar
Juan Crerar 10 days ago
They will be eaten soon
Ancapistan Will RIse
Flo is amazing, and tasted even better on my plate.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 10 days ago
Rescued to become a hamburger.
B. Olson
B. Olson 11 days ago
Cute story. Milk cows- Brown Swiss I believe. Very docile and gentle animals. Nothing to fear from her.
WildCreatures 10 days ago
B. Olson Simmental beef cows actually, but you’re right about her being a docile cow. I knew very little about cows so I was nervous that day. But I’ve learned more since that day.
Chy Santiago
Chy Santiago 11 days ago
This made me miss the farm back in upstate 😭😭😭😭🖤 ooowww how I love cows 🥰
WildCreatures 10 days ago
Chy Santiago farms are wonderful.
Jay Scoggs
Jay Scoggs 11 days ago
Great video
WildCreatures 10 days ago
Jay Scoggs thank you 🙏
cussac000 11 days ago
at 2:24 she gave birth again
ElenaKastro 11 days ago
How sweet.. I hope this cutie won't be a burger 😭
WildCreatures 10 days ago
ElenaKastro he’s still living the good life.
country girl
country girl 11 days ago
I grew up on a farm and that was a beautiful video with a beautiful human being helping mama cow and baby. Thank you for sharing!!
WildCreatures 10 days ago
country girl thank you 🙏
Carol 11 days ago
Holly Molly!!!!!! That’s a long a.. story in the description box 😧!!!!!!
Carol 11 days ago
0:52 & 1:26 -- Mama cow: Hey dude, come and dig a hole under the fence to push my baby through or it will electrocute you and my bb too, pronto, chop chop!!! 😊
Jimmy Jombalo
Jimmy Jombalo 11 days ago
Gaberielle Harding
Gaberielle Harding 11 days ago
Why did the dude wait five minutes before looking to see what the cow was freaking out about? She was obviously distressed.
WildCreatures 10 days ago
Gaberielle Harding I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer.
weejams 11 days ago
I doubt the cow and calf remembered you but the farmer should buy you a good bottle after the video. You did a really good thing. Nothing more than just Life in general.
weejams 10 days ago
+WildCreatures LOL I am kind of prejudice toward country folks but most of us a are. Well unless you get into a "Wrong Turn" type of situation.
WildCreatures 11 days ago
weejams the farmer invited me over for a beer. Very nice folks.
camer41 11 days ago
Thank you for filming in 4K. And thank you for filming horizontal.
WildCreatures 11 days ago
camer41 lol. GoPro. Takes the guess work out 😃 Thanks
mirre_8 11 days ago
I love animals
WildCreatures 5 days ago
mirre_8 awesome! 🙏
vicki102448 11 days ago
Put the damn camera down and do something!
WildCreatures 11 days ago
vicki102448 the camera was on a fence post. Nobody was holding it.
cattleNhay 11 days ago
Drink cow urine every day for health and safety! (when in India do as the Indians)
meowmeowbobo 11 days ago
"please help human! My son needs to be free of this bondage so he may have the hope of becoming a delicious slab of steak someday!"
eskayel 11 days ago
Sad cause they all got tags on and will eventually be killed for food😕
Green Red
Green Red 9 days ago
Do you think they'd live forever otherwise?
Jessie’s reborn nursery
Awww she remembered 🥰
Manish 12 days ago
..hence please dont eat cow meat..
Ramtin MehrAram
Ramtin MehrAram 12 days ago
White Diamond
White Diamond 12 days ago
cows have that eye contact that talks to us
M Radha
M Radha 12 days ago
Cows are holy.
Eian Martinez
Eian Martinez 12 days ago
And they tagged the calf that quick!Getting it ready for a lil ground beef and filet mignon
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