Mother cow clearly asks man to rescue her newborn calf

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This video tells the story of "Flo", a wonderful cow with a beautiful disposition, as she encountered serious difficulty soon after giving birth to her baby. On a very hot, spring day in Millbrook, Ontario, Flo was near the pond in the meadow that she called home. She and the rest of the herd live on a gorgeous farm where the cows wander freely and graze as they wish. It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these sweet creatures. For whatever reason, Flo found herself beside the pond and up against the electric fence when it was time for her baby to be born. This fence is there to keep the cows from wandering on the highway and to keep predators out. The voltage is actually dialed down to a low setting. But her calf must have been slippery enough that it slid down the small slope and under the wires. It would have been difficult, if not impossible for the calf to get back under the fence, and Flo could not get to her newborn. The sun was beating down and the baby was supposed to be nursing, getting that first crucial dose of antibodies in his mother's collostrum. (First milk) Dave, a passing motorist who lived nearby had stopped with his GoPro camera because he wanted to film the other cows splashing and bathing in the pond. Their behaviour seemed interesting enough that he wanted to get some video. He stood by the fence with one camera in his hand and another on the fence post. He saw Flo acting annoyed to his left but he thought maybe she was just trying to express displeasure that he was near the fence. Dave knew very little about cattle and he had no idea that her unusual display was actually a request for help. Still not catching on, Dave began to film Flo as she pawed at the ground and paced back and forth. She looked at him and mooed as she did so. Even the other cows knew something was wrong and they came over to look. Flo was looking at the same spot outside the fence, and at Dave alternately. Dave decided he better investigate and he took his camera with him. He saw a small, newborn calf on the outside of the fence. It was lying still and appeared to be either dead or paralyzed with fear. When Dave got closer, he could see that it was OK but that it wasn't able to help itself. Dave knew the wires between him and the mother were not solid enough to hold her back if she objected to him going near the calf but he was now starting to understand that this is what she was asking him for. Cautiously, he moved over to the calf and used a stick to lift the lower wires. He could see the name "Flo" on her ear tag and he spoke to her as he worked to get the calf back into the meadow. The calf's umbilical cord was very fresh, showing that he was just born. Flo relaxed visibly as she saw what Dave was doing. Her agitation decreased and even the sound of her bellows had changed. She made no sign that she was angry as he shoved and wiggled the calf under the wires. The calf and Dave both touched the wire and got a few shocks in the process but Dave was relieved that the calf didn't cry out, as this could alarm Flo. An angry mama cow can sometimes be protective if they sense their babies are being hurt. The calf was eventually reunited with his mother and she promptly licked him and checked him over. As Dave walked away from the fence, she gave him a long look that seems to convey understanding and relief that this stranger had helped her baby. She led him off into the meadow and he was able to nurse right away. The farmers, who had been on an errand while this was happening arrived as she was leading the calf away. Dave offered to help them catch the calf so it could treat the umbilical cord with iodine and give it a checkup. They also had to tag the calf ("F20"). Dave filmed the two as they grazed with the herd. Unbelievably, the little calf saw Dave and wandered up to him curiously, seeming to recognize him from earlier in the afternoon. Flo also seemed to remember Dave and she gave him a long look before wandering off behind her baby. Dave was surprised by Flo's ability to communicate her need for help, as well as her patience with his inability to understand. She persisted until he finally got the message. What was also impressive was the depth of emotion that she showed for her calf, despite the widespread claims that animals are not capable of profound emotion. And one more thing about this encounter struck Dave as remarkable. Flo and her calf seemed to be able to remember that Dave had helped them. Dave created a video about this experience to demonstrate Flo's capacity for emotion, as well as he.
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16 авг 2018




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79 banjo
79 banjo 4 часа назад
One of my best friends who grew up on his parents small cattle farm was of the definite view that cattle are a hell of a lot smarter than we give them credit for and in pretending that they are dumb sort of unwrites our intentions to eat them in good conscience. My God Its such a terribly sad world we live in.
JackTheH 18 часов назад
Only Flo poops while rescuing her new born baby 2:22
punkinhed81 21 час назад
Very nice! What breed??
Raj Srivastav
Raj Srivastav 21 час назад
Thank you sir
chefsize 21 час назад
And two weeks later that calf was sitting on the farmer’s dinner plate as a veal steak.
vj24blr День назад
That is why we Hindus revere the Cow and don’t gulp them down as food! Anyone who has had a cow in his farm house knows that they are very intelligent, caring and loving animals. They are like dogs pretty much.
Old Timer68
Old Timer68 День назад
stands their and films for 2 minutes before helping ? to bad if the little focker was choking on something :(
Cha20 День назад
Well done that man, best video i have seem on youtube ☆☆☆☆☆ #Ireland 🇮🇪
Stout Krout
Stout Krout День назад
It would take a measure of guts to get next to any animals baby. Mamma's have a tendency to attack. That's just how domesticated a Holstein is I guess.
Eighty_Four День назад
He then retold the story tp his family over meatballs and spaghetti
GoofyDoom 2 дня назад
2:24 shit herself. What a happy cow
Bròwñ Boii ýò Aotearoa maori nz
Medium rare find.
John Johannesen
John Johannesen 2 дня назад
Go vegan, for fuck's sakes, people!
Ashley Chanelle1
Ashley Chanelle1 2 дня назад
Why would anyone thumbs down this? :(
Tammy Myers
Tammy Myers 2 дня назад
Thanks kind sir
clancy javis
clancy javis 2 дня назад
TexanLatinWhisper ASMR
TexanLatinWhisper ASMR 3 дня назад
Because this animals are so loving and intelligent is that I gave up eating beef and pork.
Nick Beaudry
Nick Beaudry 2 дня назад
Ikr I no longer eat steak rare I ask for it well done.
Narcissus 3 дня назад
They're sentient beings, yass they can remember 🐮
mecane lize
mecane lize 3 дня назад
on dit que les animaux ne réfléchissent pas , mais je pense que les animaux sont plus conscient que nous et qu'on n'arrive pas a les comprendre c'est tous.
Alyena's Kitchen
Alyena's Kitchen 4 дня назад
Cows are such wonderful creatures! Bless that man for being open enough to notice the mom’s distress and for helping her!💖💗💕
WildCreatures 4 дня назад
Alyena's Kitchen thank you 🙏
Chethan Shet
Chethan Shet 4 дня назад
But I pity those cows ..it goes to slaughter house for your desire of having beef as food ...
Stout Krout
Stout Krout День назад
They're mild cows, they're not going to the slaughter house.
360_BOT_SHOT 5 дней назад
WildCreatures 3 дня назад
I see nothing that even relates to animals or cows. Do you have a link? You couldn’t possibly have a video of these cows.
WildCreatures 4 дня назад
360_BOT_SHOT how do you know this ow?
360_BOT_SHOT 4 дня назад
WildCreatures 4 дня назад
360_BOT_SHOT you what??
Ouroboros 5 дней назад
Stop humanizing animals
WildCreatures 4 дня назад
Ouroboros that’s the point. Humans don’t have a monopoly on emotions.
Zeeshan Omar
Zeeshan Omar 5 дней назад
Mothers love
Robert Frapples
Robert Frapples 5 дней назад
Why ruin the video with a lie like "The fence is giving them both shocks but the calf doesn't cry"? That's obviously not an electric fence. The bare wire directly touches metal poles instead of insulators. Yes, I've put up a few.
WildCreatures 5 дней назад
Robert Frapples then you’d see insulators on two wires. Trust me. We got shocked.
Holly Pearl
Holly Pearl 5 дней назад
Lol cows are smarter than humans, took the man 5 mins to realise there was something up 😂 Bless him though
WildCreatures 5 дней назад
Holly Pearl thanks. 🙏 I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer.
Cat Face Poetry
Cat Face Poetry 6 дней назад
I recon most vertebrate could tap into collective wisdom of its species overtime. For domesticate animals, they look at human and they feel comfort. If a human approaches a horse that doesn't know it, the horse doesn't attack unless the human interacts with it in the wrong way. If a bear or a hippo approaches a horse out of curiosity, the horse may avoid contact or attack. One would think that is a result of socialisation. But I think that memory pass down from ancestor plays a role in its behaviour. A human that approaches wild animals isn't as lucky - walk into the animal turf and suffer for its wrath. Walk to a bull and pet it on the shoulder, and it lets you. Must be memory from its previous generations. Experiment on rat shows that children of the mother rat which had come to associate a certain smell with pain, they also know the same smell being dangerous and should be avoid. A lot of us suffer from phobic for spider, snake and scorpion etc, it's probably caused by memory passed down to them from their ancestors. It is likely not a result of chemical composition in the DNA molecule.
Brenda Whiteman
Brenda Whiteman 6 дней назад
how beautiful a reunion, both times
Sharon B
Sharon B 6 дней назад
God bless you sir!
itslikehazydays 6 дней назад
Then all the humans ate Flo for dinner, the end.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 6 дней назад
Great thatll make some great burgers in few years
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly 6 дней назад
Spontaneous acts of kindness never go unrewarded. This put the biggest smile on my face & happiness in my heart. Thank you for sharing this. 🕉️
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly 5 дней назад
+WildCreatures 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼
WildCreatures 5 дней назад
Mary Kelly thank you Mary 🙏
Bruce B
Bruce B 6 дней назад
I salute heros like this guy God bless for caring
WildCreatures 5 дней назад
Bruce B thank you 🙏
Scuole Besta
Scuole Besta 7 дней назад
COWS are intelligent like all animals are but they get slaughtered my zillions to make burghers
Blaydes 7 дней назад
Plot twist: she was trying to get her calf to freedom in...the promised land. "Out there".
GoofyDoom 2 дня назад
Blaydes lmfaooo
PlanetJackie 7 дней назад
awww beautiful :)
PrincessZorlon 7 дней назад
I'm like "Awwww, He gave the cow back to the mom" and then I'm like "Oh, No.... get the baby away from the pond!" lol
Izzy and Sadie
Izzy and Sadie 7 дней назад
Good guy
The Hooeys
The Hooeys 7 дней назад
Flo wouldn't do that with a dog, a cat, a horse, only with a human. Animals know we are the only species that can help if it wants to. They know why we showed up on this planet. Nothing is on this planet for no purpose. We just don't know why we are here.
Diaspora Device
Diaspora Device 7 дней назад
Ooh, how sweet. Rescued to eat later
raindrain1 8 дней назад
"She looked at him expectantly" bruh that cow is clearly plopping
Maya A May
Maya A May 8 дней назад
ANOTHER PROOF THAT WE SHOULD NOT CONSUME ANY MEAT OR DAIRY! Please watch it: www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=hope+documentary
DaJuan Hodge
DaJuan Hodge 8 дней назад
He prolly the one who actually trapped the cow to begin with in order to get likes and viewer hits.
WildCreatures 7 дней назад
DaJuan Hodge no, but that’s pretty cynical. I was driving past. If you want to try to abduct a calf from a mother, avoid the angry cow, the grumpy bull, the pissed off farmer, and the cops...I’ll film that. I’d get a lot more likes and views for the way that would play out.
Duke Ster
Duke Ster 8 дней назад
tHAT was so cool
centralparocker 888
centralparocker 888 9 дней назад
Thank you for being a credit to the human race....
WildCreatures 7 дней назад
centralparocker 888 thank you. 🙏
scribe570 9 дней назад
While I definitely think the cow was agitated around the problem of the calf being out of reach and looking for "help" in some way, I think it's too easy to project detailed evidence of human-type thought to the cow, based on looks it gives or activity it does around the time of the rescue. I think we tend to pick and choose the behavior that supports the idea that cow is thinking certain things and not count when it doesn't work right. For instance, it says at the end that "They seem to recognize him." Maybe, but just as likely in their world they equate humans with having food, the primary instinct of all animals. Once the calf sees an empty hand, it wanders away. That's not to say cows aren't friendly. I'm just saying there are alternative explanations that aren't so Disneyesque.
WildCreatures 7 дней назад
scribe570 I’m pretty sure four hour old calves that are nursing don’t look to humans for food. I was the first human it ever saw. Then the farmers. Then me again. It never received food. As for the pacing and mooing...maybe that was all just random? The cow knows humans can help. It wanted something done. It really doesn’t make sense any other way.
Suzanne Anderson
Suzanne Anderson 9 дней назад
Thank you kind hu-man.
TheGrays 10 дней назад
Cows are much smarter than most of the dumb asses people making stupid comments on this video!
OMGWTFLOL 10 дней назад
Who knew they were born with tags in their ears already? Story smells like BS.
WildCreatures 7 дней назад
OMGWTFLOL read the description. Born, pushed back in the field, tagged by the farmer, filmed again.
Jaime Princess
Jaime Princess 11 дней назад
God bless his heart
WildCreatures 7 дней назад
Jaime Princess thank you 🙏
MINAH THE CHAMPION 11 дней назад
Cow keeps shitting lol
MINAH THE CHAMPION 11 дней назад
Everyone here eats beef burgers .... so shut up or go vegan
WildCreatures 11 дней назад
MINAH THE CHAMPION I guess you’re the ONLY vegan?
Joana Dotel
Joana Dotel 11 дней назад
Iceman 12 дней назад
How is this odd? Why do you think Vegans don't do dairy? Cows are mothers, not machines.
360icon 12 дней назад
Later that day they BBQ it’s Dad 🐂
Kelz S
Kelz S 12 дней назад
What a lovely Man you are x
WildCreatures 11 дней назад
Kelz S thank you 🙏
Dr Garglers
Dr Garglers 13 дней назад
The cows look really well looked after
Dr Garglers
Dr Garglers 10 дней назад
WildCreatures ok cool
WildCreatures 11 дней назад
Dr Garglers these farmers treat the cows exceptionally well.
Banzan Buddhist
Banzan Buddhist 13 дней назад
FelonBros 13 дней назад
no he wasnt,. cows are too fuckin dumb anyways.. besides he just wanted food look at his shitty butt.
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 13 дней назад
Petitions 🇬🇧 against animal testing on peta.org.uk 😸😀✨
Carol Torkington
Carol Torkington 13 дней назад
Awww 😍😍😍
susan allen
susan allen 13 дней назад
Don’t waste time filming.
WildCreatures 13 дней назад
susan allen read the description. The camera was already running.
Caitlin C
Caitlin C 13 дней назад
Cows are such intelligent sweet creatures ♡ go vegan!
ramona michael
ramona michael 14 дней назад
WildCreatures 13 дней назад
ramona michael thank you 🙏
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 14 дней назад
🇺🇲 Peta's Citizen Petitions 🐎🍀
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 14 дней назад
French spoken 🇫🇷 Vous pouvez signer 1⃣ pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site _30 Millions d'Amis_ 🐾🏳️🐁
Philip Gerlach
Philip Gerlach 14 дней назад
So what if animals can't speak?! They can still communicate in their own way! :))
Sound Logic
Sound Logic 15 дней назад
Friends not food.
Jared Bartel
Jared Bartel 15 дней назад
Ummm, for those of you who are around cows, recognize the pawing of the earth as a warning of "come closer and I'll try to put you in the dirt". Most of it is a bluff but sometimes this is quite real. She was protecting her calf. Attributing a dialogue seems sweet, and I feel animals have intelligence and often communicate, but this narrative, while sweet is CaCa. When a cow calves, they can be extra protective. Use caution and be alert if you see this 'communication'. Most of the time it means, "Stay clear, I'm concerned and serious!"
WildCreatures 14 дней назад
Jared Bartel that’s exactly right. Which is why I approached so cautiously, even with the fence between us. But then you can see that she relaxed. She definitely wanted help, even though she was also wary.
William Hinegardner
William Hinegardner 15 дней назад
Cows are good for so many things...milk, fertilizer, companion when your wife's outta town.
VerdantGel 15 дней назад
thanks bappy
Roman Jackson
Roman Jackson 15 дней назад
They love too that's why you don't eat anything that can love
ukidding 15 дней назад
that calf may end up on a dinner plate cause humans like eating cooked cow.
BIG Stick
BIG Stick 15 дней назад
To all the dumb ass adolescent comment Ass Hats// The cow has more class than you.
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama 16 дней назад
why save the calves when they get butchered after 3 months anyway?
WildCreatures 15 дней назад
Juju Rellama What would you have done? The calf has not been butchered. 10 months have passed.
Daniel Pavlides
Daniel Pavlides 16 дней назад
2:23 the cow takes a shit... in case anyone was wondering lol
Jarred Smith
Jarred Smith 17 дней назад
I am glad you helped the baby calf,your a good man.
WildCreatures 17 дней назад
Jarred Smith thank you 🙏
Henry Shen
Henry Shen 17 дней назад
So Sweet!
race 17 дней назад
Thanks buddy ! Great humanity work ! Sound like both calf and cow telling the man Thank You !
WildCreatures 17 дней назад
race thank you 🙏
nobby styles
nobby styles 17 дней назад
thats totally fabricated. that camera is 'locked off' fixed on a tripod in wierd shot that no camera man would make use of. theres no reason to frame a shot like that unless you specifically wanted to make that exact video. so he just hanging around fields with a video camera and a tripod and that just randomly happened?? no mate.
WildCreatures 17 дней назад
nobby styles The description explains it. The camera was running already, because I wanted footage of the cows in the pond. I had another camera in my hand but I hung it in the tree when I got the stick. It was mostly because I expected the cow might charge through the fence and trample me and I figured I might as well record it. It was not until I looked at the footage later from the fence post that I realized what an amazing story. It’s about a cow that can feel emotions for her baby, and who can communicate need to a human. This video is not really about rescuing a calf. It’s about a cow’s emotional capacity and intellect. Why not post the story and try to change the minds of people who are OK with cruelty in the farming industry. And why not try to promote farms like this one, where cows are treated much better. There was a lot to accomplish here, but I assure you that making a self-serving video was not one of them. Promoting ethical farming as an easy and logical choice was my intent.
Albert Zettlemoyer
Albert Zettlemoyer 17 дней назад
Wonderful! Animals have so much more to offer than we realize!
Bhavika Sicka
Bhavika Sicka 17 дней назад
A human hand saved her baby, but a human hand will also kill her and her baby. I pray for a vegan world. Let's not break an animal's trust. They look to us for love and compassion, not exploitation and torture.
Bhavika Sicka
Bhavika Sicka 17 дней назад
Animals are such intelligent and emotional beings. There's a reason I don't eat meat.
Svartalfgeist 17 дней назад
0:17 “While taking a shit..”
Billy Gibbons
Billy Gibbons 17 дней назад
Up to the time of me typing this; 4K Dislikes. This is what's wrong with humanity! People with no compasion for Animals or humans who help and love Animals. Great video by the way.
WildCreatures 17 дней назад
Billy Gibbons thank you. 🙏 I think the haters missed the point.
Brazen Spy
Brazen Spy 18 дней назад
2:23 The cow took a shit
Nat Noonoo
Nat Noonoo 18 дней назад
What a beautiful soul for helping and like this man I will always stop and help both humans and animals in need. 😔👍🏼 I was scared once he had helped the calf through the babe would fall in the water on the other side and thank Goodness he/she didn't. Bravo to you sir. 💕 😊
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
Nat Noonoo thank you 🙏. Had it fallen in, I’d have pulled a lifeguard move and swam for it. But that pond is pretty shallow 😉
JessBeReal Vlogs
JessBeReal Vlogs 18 дней назад
🤗😩 Aaaawwww ❤️
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
JessBeReal Vlogs much appreciated.
JessBeReal Vlogs
JessBeReal Vlogs 18 дней назад
WildCreatures Oh wow. I had no idea. Sorry. Awesome video once again. ☺️ Made me tear up a bit. Oh and nice camera, great footage. 👍🏽
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
JessBeReal Vlogs your comment. I made the video 😃
JessBeReal Vlogs
JessBeReal Vlogs 18 дней назад
WildCreatures You’re welcome. ☺️ But, what for? 🤔
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
JessBeReal Vlogs thank you 🙏
Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith 18 дней назад
This is why I don't eat meat
earl 18 дней назад
one month later, the calf was turned into veal.
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
earl nope. He’s actually doing really well...ten months later now 😃
Ken Buckley
Ken Buckley 18 дней назад
Great work. Warm love for animals.
WildCreatures 17 дней назад
Ken Buckley mine too. Thank you.
Ken Buckley
Ken Buckley 17 дней назад
+WildCreatures Warms the cockles of me heart when we show love for animals, like they do for us.
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
Ken Buckley thank you 🙏
Farweasel 18 дней назад
I understand the economics but I really don't like electric fences. Good work that bloke .... A bit slow off the mark recognising there was something going on more than a video opportunity but got there in the end and did the right thing.
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
Farweasel I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer.
pinkyman5155 18 дней назад
The calf is a pretty little thing x
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
pinkyman5155 he’s adorable.
john teague
john teague 19 дней назад
Good samaritan
WildCreatures 18 дней назад
john teague thank you. 🙏 happy to be there at a lucky time.
Poppelollen 19 дней назад
Thank you for helping the cow and the calf ❤️
WildCreatures 19 дней назад
Poppelollen thank you 🙏
Tristan Chenoweth
Tristan Chenoweth 19 дней назад
Yanno.. Whoever this is sure did take there time to video record this instead of helping out the fella. Sure you can be hesitant due to the mother cow but odds are she wont do nothin
Tristan Chenoweth
Tristan Chenoweth 19 дней назад
Depends if there good cows or not. Free range it would be understandable that she would be very agitated.
WildCreatures 19 дней назад
Tristan Chenoweth I was actually only watching with partial attention. I thought she was agitated because I was at the fence. The camera was on the fence post, filming her while I filmed other cows. I tried to look like I was ignoring her. I thought this would calm her down. Then I decided to go closer. And no, odds are that a mother cow would be furious with a stranger who touched her baby. I’m not a fan of stupidly risking my health if I can help it.
flyingshamrockranch 19 дней назад
and we brag that we are superior creatures?
Susan Dechant
Susan Dechant 19 дней назад
I'm not a farmer, but could the owner please tell me why a pregnant cow was let near a pond? I held my breath as the calf stood up.......
WildCreatures 19 дней назад
Susan Dechant Cows actually have no trouble with the pond. It’s very shallow and the farmhouse looks out over it. The farmers had left briefly, but they keep a close eye.
Jerry Ballard
Jerry Ballard 19 дней назад
My wife dont want pets but I love these videos..Thank you. -jerry
WildCreatures 19 дней назад
Jerry Ballard you are welcome 🙏
Motoroil 19 дней назад
and later that month..... they because hamburgers
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