MOST SATISFYING SOAP CARVING VIDEO | Most Satisfying Soap Cutting ASMR Compilation 2018 | 5

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SOAP CARVING - Most Satisfying Soap ASMR Video!
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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 4 776
Ronika Sassy
Ronika Sassy 8 hours ago
10:43 is my fav
sanjay satti
sanjay satti 15 hours ago
Is this sound of soap??
Suhana Saaid
Suhana Saaid 15 hours ago
0:38 o m g thats amazing
Joda TheOgre
Joda TheOgre 16 hours ago
NO soaps were hurt in the making of this video.
Kloie Whiteley
Kloie Whiteley 17 hours ago
OML the captions!! !
Water Drop
Water Drop 19 hours ago
W h y d I d I w a t c h t h I s l o l
Leilani Walker
Leilani Walker 19 hours ago
Y'all. Captions. Turn them onnnnnnnn!😂
Lalisa Manoban
Omg this video really very relaxing
Brittney Gappa
I came for the captions lol
Santosh Rohila
Santosh Rohila 2 days ago
What will you do after cutting these many soaps
Marni1980 2 days ago
Love the fucking ads
Amy Catalan
Amy Catalan 3 days ago
Do cool
Solimar Santos
Solimar Santos 4 days ago
ISO até eu poso vaser papa pow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 eso e sabonete 😕😌😒😏😂😂😉
Disney_Factgurl 4 days ago
Everybody: THIS IS SO SATISFYING!!!!! Me: *dont cut your finger PLEASE*
ada fernandez
ada fernandez 5 days ago
*put on 0.5x*
Nikki Erwin
Nikki Erwin 5 days ago
cheese its you scare me with that blade!
Mandy Mims
Mandy Mims 5 days ago
I am testing somthin sorry
hewo boyos
hewo boyos 5 days ago
people: omg it’s so satisfying! me: omg aNxiEtY
Nurmala Mala
Nurmala Mala 5 days ago
Angelic Picc
Angelic Picc 6 days ago
Captions: "that sound tho" Me: *turns up volume to hear the satisfying sounds* Perfectly timed ad: "hEy GoOgLe, FiNd Me ThE bEsT sHoE sToRe" Me: *questions life*
Audrey Moore
Audrey Moore 6 days ago
why am i here how did i end up here
GachaChicken LøvesPickles
Melt all the soaps together and make a super-soap
Ocean Gamer
Ocean Gamer 7 days ago
me: OMG PEOPLE USE SUCH COOL SOAPS! I have the most basic soap 👇🏼like if this is the soap you use 12:02
Loo Loo
Loo Loo 7 days ago
Doctor: how was your finger cut? RUvidr: soap doctor: stupid trends these days they cause so many injury's
Loo Loo
Loo Loo 7 days ago
that's alot of wasted soap you could've used BUT NOPE! gonna waste it for RUvid so I smell like a pig oink oink
Yuri Munoz
Yuri Munoz 7 days ago
Boba destructora usted no Usted no sabe que comprar y eso vale plata Entonces no sea destructora mire usted no le enseñes a los niños qué que eso no es justo Entonces no gasté las cosas y por favor cuídese y aliméntese o más bien porque no se echa el jabón en la bocota Y horrible que me imagino que debe tener no y por favor no le enseñan los niños por favor cuídese que sea tan boba no sean tan ignorante de verdad cuide sus palabras lo lamento y ya con tu jaboncito gastandolo porque usted sabe que eso no se puede gastar Hasta luego señora bobita ignorante boba estúpida
Rosemarie Padayao
Your looking at the comments....
Falisha Letishia Yudhistira
buang buang sabun
.-'MxneTxnes '-.
.-'MxneTxnes '-. 7 days ago
The subtitles are hilarious!
wimonmat o'neal
wimonmat o'neal 7 days ago
Ma Asuncion Casillas Beserra
Lo peor eres de lo peor😜😨😧😦
Romania Cook
Romania Cook 7 days ago
That is so so far you serve fries is so great because you might get 1000 billion trillion Killian $1002
Tanvi Pandey
Tanvi Pandey 8 days ago
😂 The captions are so funny if you have a bad day just put the captains on
Maulana Hasbih
Maulana Hasbih 8 days ago
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 8 days ago
Who’s reacting
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 8 days ago
Some of them carve it too much
Leela Bisht
Leela Bisht 8 days ago
I can't find these soaps online.. 😶 where can I find them?
pink love
pink love 8 days ago
The Captions made my Day 😂😂😂😂
Aron tirtoarun
Aron tirtoarun 8 days ago
Ahmet Araz
Ahmet Araz 9 days ago
fucking amateur
Ahmet Araz
Ahmet Araz 9 days ago
Only gay people like this
•Lil'Chibi Chan•
Now... Wash your hands
Doctor Of The Plague
Turn on captions
Too relaxing
Christel Issa
Christel Issa 10 days ago
Such a waste bro
fist name last name
people gonna be saying this is soap abuse in 2035
Ella Xxhey
Ella Xxhey 10 days ago
The subtitles though
Janice Huntley
Janice Huntley 10 days ago
:video: I wonder what I’m doing with my life :Me: I dunno
Ty Ruch
Ty Ruch 11 days ago
Who else is waiting for one of them to slip and cut there radial and ulnar artery
Raychella Divina
Raychella Divina 11 days ago
At about 6:02 you can kinda hear a police siren in the background.
Leah Pan
Leah Pan 12 days ago
Why can I agree/relate to the subtitle person so much? XD
crapulence69 12 days ago
I came here because I wanted to see if the show Big Mouth was telling the truth on whether watching soap being cut was relaxing...
Alully 12 days ago
OMG your fingers!!! How often did you cut them? And if you say you cut them never then I'm literall dying! I cuted my finger several times when I made a sandwich!
t sha
t sha 13 days ago
all the soap would irritate my hands unless its hypoallergenic 🤔
Madison Koskiven
Madison Koskiven 14 days ago
9:28 what color is this ? i love it !
Elouise Briggs
Elouise Briggs 14 days ago
1:31 kinda remins me of highlighters
Artsy Jellybean
Artsy Jellybean 14 days ago
I mainly left a like because of the closed captions, be thankful someone made hilarious, relatable closed captions that made me laugh or perfectly replicate my mood and thoughts. I wonder how many other people liked for the cc vs. how many likes were mainly/only because the vid was actually enjoyable enough to them.
Artsy Jellybean
Artsy Jellybean 14 days ago
5:33, whoa, look at the light reflecting off the knife! It looks cool, I like its color!
Emily Tran
Emily Tran 14 days ago
jason hurst
jason hurst 15 days ago
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