MOST SATISFYING SOAP CARVING VIDEO | Most Satisfying Soap Cutting ASMR Compilation 2018 | 5

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SOAP CARVING - Most Satisfying Soap ASMR Video!
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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 80
Gimena Barrios
Gimena Barrios 24 minutes ago
This are the best of asmr 👌👌👌👌
Sachin Amit
Sachin Amit 10 hours ago
You gonna be mad 😡😡😡
Gulshan Jahan
Gulshan Jahan 14 hours ago
Last time i tried this soap cutting i kinda cut my finger but i did not have to go to the hospital because i was scared and nowi dont dare to touch a knife LOL
shenaye burnouf
who else put on caption’s it’s Hilarious🙂😄😂😂😂
Ismete Ismajli Conyers
Bye soap😢😭
Ismete Ismajli Conyers
I really like soap cutting them
Cam Scanson
Cam Scanson Day ago
No one: Not a soul: Captions: I’m like Shakespeare 2.0
Lina Khedim
Lina Khedim Day ago
Why are there captions saying something when all we can hear is soap?
Shazia Mehdi
Shazia Mehdi Day ago
Time waste
Kanchan Nemade
It is so satisfying
Twilight_Gacha 135
My subtitle : I wonder what im doing with my life
L1te 2 days ago
kudos to who writes the captions
Isis Calma
Isis Calma 2 days ago
Captions: Its so clear! OMFG NOO WHERE DO U GET THIS?!? I WILL BUY IT!!! That is a meh color. That knife is coolio tho. Woa that rhymes! Im like Shakespeare 2.0!! They really are perfectionists aren't they? I like the hearts! They remind me of my non existent love life I like how clear it is thooo! Down to the last bit i see?How did they get is soooooo clear?!this also reminds me of my nonexistent love life Me: Wtf do ur job caption person
Loser Cake
Loser Cake 2 days ago
0:20 *c h i p*
Seung Won Back
Seung Won Back 2 days ago
SO satisfying! your channel lives up to it's name!
Masoma Saeedi
Masoma Saeedi 2 days ago
Dislike if you like transparent soap o.O Comment if you like normal soap :) Like if you like soap that looks different inside :D Comment AHHHHH if you like chocolate!😄
Masoma Saeedi
Masoma Saeedi 2 days ago
Where do u get this itll be cool if I had the Nivea soap and just took a bath and the soap shown it's TRUE colours
Jayson Morales Ramirez
this is so cool
Lord X
Lord X 2 days ago
Anghelomiguel Leyesa
Wow this person get paid for weasting a bar of soup
Saminathan neet
Saminathan neet 3 days ago
yeamaa avanavan soapea illamaa irukaanga neenga enna nnaa mudiyala
PUPPY _LUVER990 3 days ago
On the emoji rate this gets a........ 😄😃
Jordin Jackson
Jordin Jackson 3 days ago
what is thAT AND HOw do you do tnay how do you make the squars
fascinating sisters
What do you do with these soap carvings. ....
RobloxGirl2.0 4 days ago
I love the so powered just crumbles
Jeremaine on Jr.
Jeremaine on Jr. 4 days ago
Puppies 7410
Puppies 7410 4 days ago
Bro who watched with the subtitles
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 4 days ago
Mom what happened to all our soap?
X.jordyn 5 days ago
me: how u built like that? how
ALYSSA WAY 5 days ago
me and my baby brother thought it was so satisfying do more
Kdoggo IsDaBest
Kdoggo IsDaBest 5 days ago
The subtitles tho
M.Ishaq 5 days ago
Dad: Why Are You So Stinky. Me: No I'm Not At The Docters... Doctor: So Do You Shower? Me: *Gets Nervous Of Should I Tell The Truth Or Not* Doctor: Are You Doing The Soap Carving Videos? Me: ... Uh Oh
Maricruz Moreno
Maricruz Moreno 5 days ago
Brittany Dias Obesekara
2019: Us thinking soap carving is satisfying 2020: I knew I should have kept that soap(also us in quarantine: man this is keepin me bored
Alina Voronina
Alina Voronina 6 days ago
How else is unsatisfied when they don’t cut it the way you want :/
Tatli kiz
Tatli kiz 6 days ago
Chaneh Caramelitou de la florcita roja
I suscribed to this channel because of the subtitles I laugh a lot
SweeTC2847 6 days ago
Cody Wright
Cody Wright 7 days ago
Set a Runing them why not just makes them edible and they'll probably so much more better instead of just breaking though is it try
Pedrinho Sandes
Pedrinho Sandes 7 days ago
Ümüd Tagizade
Ümüd Tagizade 7 days ago
0:6 super😅😃👍
Melissa Connolly
Melissa Connolly 8 days ago
6:12 I here a ambulance
Melissa Connolly
Melissa Connolly 8 days ago
3:40 soooooooo satisfying
Ana Helmick
Ana Helmick 8 days ago
this is a waste of money and soap
天使Kurøsaii 8 days ago
6:11 turn on your captions 😢
jin he
jin he 8 days ago
Who put the subtitles on? Watch the video with the subtitles on. Its like someone added them. P.S. If your the one doing subtitles and saying that this is a complete waste of soap, they can melt it and make a rainbow bar of giant soap. :D
Zexper 9 days ago
Clicks video: See's an ad called Soap cutting Me:such a coincidence XD
Jungkook is my Euphoria
Captions: U know... I just realized... This is a waste of soap. Me: Mhm, but I like it. Captions: My parents would kill me if I wasted this much soap. Me: Ya, I totally get that.
Jungkook is my Euphoria
5:20 Captions: That's a meh colour. Me: didn't know that was a thing... Captions: That knife is Coolio tho. Hey that rhymes! Me: ... Nope. It doesn't. Captions: I'm like Shakespeare 2.0 Me: ya, okay. Sorry to crush your dreams but no. Not trying to be mean! I promise!
Natka Tihányiová
Rhea Goel
Rhea Goel 9 days ago
3:04 = PRETTY!
Rhea Goel
Rhea Goel 9 days ago
The captions 🤣
Autumn Friedel
Autumn Friedel 10 days ago
Turn on subtitles XD
Summer Nova
Summer Nova 10 days ago
Amber DeFazio
Amber DeFazio 10 days ago
Me: oooo an asmr vid Me: puts volume at Max Ad plays: Me:AHHHHHHHHHH MY EARS ARE BLEEDING
Amber DeFazio
Amber DeFazio 10 days ago
Me: oooOOooo an asmr vid
Amber DeFazio
Amber DeFazio 10 days ago
Lol I forgot finish
Nixi Stone
Nixi Stone 10 days ago
how long dose this take to clean up?
Sniper Claw
Sniper Claw 10 days ago
0:39 I was so satisfied when I saw the colour on the inside lol
Qaizruan 10 days ago
Doesn’t your hand hurt when u break and cut the soap 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Alia Al falasi
Alia Al falasi 11 days ago
I love how you crush it
Fayadh Ali
Fayadh Ali 12 days ago
Me:*puts up volume* 5 minutes later HAVing tRoubLe sleePing Me:REEEEEEE WHYYYYY
Nella Bella
Nella Bella 12 days ago
Who else remembers the scene in Ratatouille where Collete is showing Linguini what good bread sounds like? Me watching this video: A sYmPhOnY oF cRaCkLe
Mandy Monster
Mandy Monster 12 days ago
Turn on the captions 😂
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery 13 days ago
Ok this was disturbing
B_ Drizzle38
B_ Drizzle38 13 days ago
These people really wishing they would have saved all that soap
KC kinsey
KC kinsey 13 days ago
Me thinking their about to cut their finger 👁🕳👁
Jöergen 13 days ago
Bruh open the subtitles
BangerPlayz 14 days ago
Not satisfying at all :(
Taquito Terminator
Taquito Terminator 14 days ago
What do you do with the soap remains? Like the crumbles
Liliana Mora
Liliana Mora 14 days ago
I feel like my eyes are burning withe relaxation
Joshua Ayala
Joshua Ayala 15 days ago
1:09 most unsatisfying cut 😖
oops._.itsjhoansel 15 days ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Captions: *teLl me Where To Get oNe and ILl gEt it*
Yasin Ali
Yasin Ali 15 days ago
Put your subtitles on💀💀
Anid Banerjee
Anid Banerjee 15 days ago
so satisfiying
Wewewe Wowowowow
Wewewe Wowowowow 15 days ago
Turn on captions😂😂
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 15 days ago
“Hey could you buy me that soap I buy at the store I’m kinda busy right now.” “Sure- wait don’t your already have soap?” “Uh yeah but I need more” “What?, so you can’t make videos off of cutting them and waisting money just to do that?” “Don’t question me”
꧁Violent Allyson꧂
I’m watching this to relax the FBI agent watching me.
Yoga Pratama
Yoga Pratama 16 days ago
Terus habis itu di rebus ya
zenixlo 16 days ago
Ppl turn on captions and. Thank me later
saavita 16 days ago
The heart ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Laura Nguyen
Laura Nguyen 16 days ago
People cutting it so calm and pretty* ME OVER HERE TRYING TO NOT LET THE SOAP FLY OUT OF MY HAND*
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