MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR with STEPHANIE SOO (Honeycomb, Aloe Vera, Tanghulu, Macarons)

Zach Choi ASMR
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MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR with STEPHANIE SOO (Honeycomb, Aloe Vera, Tanghulu, Macarons)
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***This is an ASMR video. To experience ASMR tingles, PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS, DO NOT WATCH. ***
What is ASMR?
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

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May 24, 2019

asmrzach choizachchoizach choi asmrmukbang먹방이팅사운드korean asmrasmr eatingasmr mukbangstephanie soostephanie soo asmrstephanie soo asmr foodsmost popular food for asmrmost popular food for asmr with stephanie sooasmr raw honeycomb mukbangasmr raw honeycombasmr raw honeycomb and aloe veraasmr honeycombasmr aloe veraasmr tanghuluasmr tanghulu strawberryasmr candied strawberriesasmr candied strawberries aloe veraasmr macaronsyt:cc=on




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Comments 14 017
Stephanie Soo
Stephanie Soo Month ago
My nostrils were flaring the entire time 😂 thank you for feeding me 🎈
Phát Đạt Game Tv
Younghoon Bae
Younghoon Bae 21 hour ago
Idk why i ship stephanie with zach
aska nyasimi
aska nyasimi 21 hour ago
Faith Hart
Faith Hart Day ago
Victoria Montevirgen
Hi 🙂
Dragon Gamer
Dragon Gamer 25 minutes ago
That macarons makes me sick =((
Kevin Galdamez
Kevin Galdamez 26 minutes ago
At least Zach make Stephanie shut up for this video. Lol😂
Clara Webb
Clara Webb 44 minutes ago
Stephanie: tries not to burst about how good the food is while making faces Zach: tries not to laugh
Taufik Hidayat
Bagi dong makan diem diem ah
taylor verdone
taylor verdone 2 hours ago
that girl was like so happy to see food like she never saw it
Tina lacatena
Tina lacatena 2 hours ago
I love ur videos but i can’t watch them because they make me so hungry for that food
Elise games diversões
Loved it 😍💙
Kiki Widyanti
Kiki Widyanti 3 hours ago
さんてん 4 hours ago
Ali Doğancı
Ali Doğancı 4 hours ago
kulak sikiş
Murni Ningsih
Murni Ningsih 4 hours ago
Yg cewe nya lebay banget dah sok cantik
Marcos Aurelio
Marcos Aurelio 4 hours ago
Eu sou BR eu to vendo asmr de japonês eu queria comer o que eles estão comedo parece gostoso
ASEEL 5 hours ago
على الحمام وديني
Lia Lopez
Lia Lopez 5 hours ago
Do you hate everyone?
Dilma Santana
Dilma Santana 5 hours ago
A qui no brasil nao temos essas comidas delisiosas:-) 😢😢😢
TessaPlayz ROBLOX
TessaPlayz ROBLOX 5 hours ago
Stephanie is dying to try not to talk
Yah_itsAnARMY Emma
Yah_itsAnARMY Emma 6 hours ago
Dang where can you get that honeycomb that looks delicious(●♡∀♡)
Explosive Porridge
Explosive Porridge 6 hours ago
I ship these two
Masiela Castillo
Masiela Castillo 6 hours ago
Our most cute, tiny, wild, and loudest mukbanger can be quiet 😂???
Stella Arocho
Stella Arocho 6 hours ago
Why does tjis make me hungry
Just Dance Tube
Just Dance Tube 6 hours ago
I can hear you telling a scary story through your eyes
2 guys eating (clap,clap,clap)
Lara potato med Lavina potato potato
This is how much they shaked they're head 👇
Sude Erdel
Sude Erdel 7 hours ago
Good asmr 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Natasha Perez
Natasha Perez 7 hours ago
Yo I laughed through this wholleeeeeeee thingggg
Alondra Hernández
Alondra Hernández 8 hours ago
i lo ve you asch choi
IremEx 0
IremEx 0 8 hours ago
MorenaGamer 888 YT
MorenaGamer 888 YT 8 hours ago
Amo como se ven juntos ^
Zaden Thornton
Zaden Thornton 8 hours ago
Were do you get honeycombs from
LOL XD 0:21
Iggy Azalean
Iggy Azalean 9 hours ago
lol Stephanie is starring at that last honey comb like she really wants it but then Zach takes it
Hadil Malek
Hadil Malek 9 hours ago
Zach ,stephanie , you are the best
Delia Garcia
Delia Garcia 9 hours ago
Ami. me.
Alexis Shelton
Alexis Shelton 10 hours ago
Alexis Shelton
Alexis Shelton 10 hours ago
kookiely_ jemima
kookiely_ jemima 10 hours ago
plssss do more asmr with stephanie😂😂 i just love her 'Omg i wanna talk' face😂😂
Thảo Đoàn
Thảo Đoàn 10 hours ago
Wigs4Life BrianYang
Wigs4Life BrianYang 10 hours ago
What about mochi
Midnight _ Jakarta
Midnight _ Jakarta 11 hours ago
Are those strawberries in ice or melted sugar? 🤔😋
Айткамал Айткалиева
Вы молодцы люблю вас
Ananda Felix
Ananda Felix 12 hours ago
Meu pai do céu quem come Babosa? 😹😹😹😹
Amanda Long
Amanda Long 12 hours ago
You said one of 5ye most popular muk bangers is Stephanie soo she has 900k and you got 2 mil
Naura zalfa chaeruniza
Ay like to zoi coi asrm
Essa Bokarof
Essa Bokarof 13 hours ago
Essa Bokarof
Essa Bokarof 13 hours ago
Xê Nguyễn
Xê Nguyễn 13 hours ago
Mẹ kia bị lé hả
e c h o e s
e c h o e s 13 hours ago
aloe vera is edible?
Hzbsjdb Bdbzjzbd
Hzbsjdb Bdbzjzbd 13 hours ago
She feels the
çınar akkaya
çınar akkaya 14 hours ago
İğrençleşmeyin amk
Siti Zulaikha
Siti Zulaikha 14 hours ago
Why was that girl keep make her eyes bigger
Priscyla Wen
Priscyla Wen 14 hours ago
You to ..
Nhi Nguyễn
Nhi Nguyễn 14 hours ago
Bà kia ăn thì ăn đi mặt biểu cảm vl ra Gắn lông mi giả r trợn lên thấy ghê
Fajar Arif Maulana
Fajar Arif Maulana 14 hours ago
Stp koreanZ??
14 hours ago
Staphine is looking so cute 😍when Zack was cutting the alovera
ima azzahra
ima azzahra 14 hours ago
Lek menteleng biasa ae
Sarah PJ
Sarah PJ 14 hours ago
4:17 in the 4:24 the face Stephanie Soo the face so cute😘
Lien Dang
Lien Dang 15 hours ago
Lien Dang
Lien Dang 15 hours ago
Lien Dang
Lien Dang 15 hours ago
Jenish Khatricheetri
3:15 see the reaction of sthepaheanie
Lea Ginetlys
Lea Ginetlys 15 hours ago
Хэй русские вы тут?😹😹😹
Faridah Sudin
Faridah Sudin 15 hours ago
Zach:*silent* Stephanie:*I want to say something*
setiady robert
setiady robert 15 hours ago
Who ate it better? Zach Choi VS Stephanie Soo
Faridah Sudin
Faridah Sudin 15 hours ago
They are cute😍
Nanda Putri
Nanda Putri 15 hours ago
I want eat honey Combe🤤🤤
Thị Yến Vy Lâm
Thị Yến Vy Lâm 16 hours ago
A n ma cug an xao
Thị Yến Vy Lâm
Thị Yến Vy Lâm 16 hours ago
Chi an ma chi xao de so
عدي الكرخي
عدي الكرخي 16 hours ago
Nina Damjanovic
Nina Damjanovic 16 hours ago
نبأ عثمان
نبأ عثمان 16 hours ago
kaylee Soto
kaylee Soto 16 hours ago
Want Me To Tell You Who Is Pretty? (Hint:2 letter)
سيف m.r
سيف m.r 16 hours ago
شنو ماتخلص الاغنيه ههههههههه
มาลัยทอง ชัยรัตน์
Cikomot Hakimi
Cikomot Hakimi 16 hours ago
hey Stephnie soo I subscribed you channel once it for all
siti rukmanah
siti rukmanah 17 hours ago
Apa ❓ cuma gue doang tang orang Indonesia
_ Adel _ Playz _
_ Adel _ Playz _ 17 hours ago
นพกร โมเหลา
Foolish two Gther
phúc ĐTP Volg
phúc ĐTP Volg 17 hours ago
Evie Cortez
Evie Cortez 18 hours ago
O-my-gosh girl are you nervous
Rosa Sembiring
Rosa Sembiring 18 hours ago
Nambah Kel ekspresi rondongna ena pe🙄
Ameer aaa
Ameer aaa 18 hours ago
Why they smiling
Rama Dillak
Rama Dillak 18 hours ago
Panta lobang ni we anjing tolo
Rama Dillak
Rama Dillak 18 hours ago
Wait you tue mie
希芸 18 hours ago
Anyla Áñÿłâ
Anyla Áñÿłâ 19 hours ago
3:13 I can’t with her facial expressions😂
Chatree Jannongwa
Chatree Jannongwa 19 hours ago
珉许梓 19 hours ago
7:48 lol ! So nice video man with Stephanie Soo !
2:00 humm , nice !!!
Ismirika Shankar
Ismirika Shankar 19 hours ago
Zach you have to o share he honecone
Sherly Diana
Sherly Diana 20 hours ago
Wow so yummy😋😋😋😋
Sherly Diana
Sherly Diana 20 hours ago
Wow the honey is so good
Tuana baş
Tuana baş 20 hours ago
Kızın tipini sikim amk her yiyişte sanki ona kamyon çarpıyo amk😂
sfdgsfdsfd sdfgsdfgsdf
Juni Astuti
Juni Astuti 20 hours ago
Haha lidah buaya dimakan🤮
Rifkyi aditya
Rifkyi aditya 20 hours ago
nalome yang cewek uwaw
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