MOST OP SQUAD EVER!! (Apex Legends)

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Apex Legends gameplay Battle Royale live stream!
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9 фев 2019

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Комментарии 521
Elijah Pierre
Elijah Pierre 19 часов назад
Gaming Forever
Gaming Forever День назад
idd really liked it if he plays far cry new dawn with samara if you want the same spam it on other videos
Terrod Arrington
Terrod Arrington 4 дня назад
anytime I watch anything for an hour I'm gonna have something to say hold d'up. still watchin
Adan Magdaleno
Adan Magdaleno 4 дня назад
I thought this was family friendly 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Daniel Ebanks
Daniel Ebanks 4 дня назад
Dominic Martinez
Dominic Martinez 4 дня назад
Apex better than fornite
TFunky03 5 дней назад
Fresh Gaming
Fresh Gaming 5 дней назад
It's not a 3 round pistol it's full auto
Jessica robinson
Jessica robinson 5 дней назад
Love the game and everything. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
jeramy gordy
jeramy gordy 6 дней назад
19 ads for real dude
Venkatesan Kannan
Venkatesan Kannan 7 дней назад
Play ark please
Jose Arroyo
Jose Arroyo 7 дней назад
Hmm so you’re trynna charge 50$+ dollars for some regular glasses with your logo? Nice finesse 😂
Sumiya Gaming
Sumiya Gaming 8 дней назад
I think TG is a good player , but shroud play the game better hmm
Jayden Sutherland
Jayden Sutherland 8 дней назад
How likes apex legends
Jalil2fly 8 дней назад
Im so good at it 💯
Michael Couturier
Michael Couturier 9 дней назад
i killed 6 guys by punching them bro
Nick Venom
Nick Venom 10 дней назад
Overwatch meets PUBG
TheRilMythic 12
TheRilMythic 12 10 дней назад
Tg said shi*
face gaming
face gaming 10 дней назад
The future is ready player one i saw an ad on ( kat walk mini - VR treadmill )
Dagoberto Montero
Dagoberto Montero 10 дней назад
Morgue TV
Morgue TV 10 дней назад
So wait it’s like call of duty and fartnut combined? Also overwatch Wow that sounds.... ok? I really don’t know what to think I have to play it for myself. Meh it looks cool.
H4RDCORE 04 10 дней назад
The robot is spose to be a sniper
Kassandra Pelayo
Kassandra Pelayo 10 дней назад
Tg change your name to typical_god_legend
StivksTv 10 дней назад
so basically it's cod....
Seaniell Charles
Seaniell Charles 10 дней назад
I like noah and exoph but i feel its so much better when u play with avxry and samara
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 11 дней назад
Apex Legands - Montages
Apex Legands - Montages 11 дней назад
I make awesome apex legands montages Subscribe and like.
smkd 707
smkd 707 11 дней назад
Retro Productions
Retro Productions 11 дней назад
I can tell already this game is going to be the game that finally puts fortnite in the hole
johnny kershner
johnny kershner 11 дней назад
Hey typical gamer the accelerant makes you middle ability go more up after you use it
Kinkerilla TV
Kinkerilla TV 11 дней назад
Fellow Subscriber
Fellow Subscriber 11 дней назад
Add me on Xbox if u wanna play together I have mic @AppleManGamer
Ranerahtakerons DEER
Ranerahtakerons DEER 11 дней назад
Exhilirous Gaming
Exhilirous Gaming 11 дней назад
Ya got enough ads chief?
The Flick Cave
The Flick Cave 11 дней назад
Poor mans titanfall
Trinton Forbes
Trinton Forbes 11 дней назад
The Flick Cave bro it’s in the titanfall universe
owethu mancotywa
owethu mancotywa 11 дней назад
Plz play ark
Strawberry T
Strawberry T 11 дней назад
When I think I'm the best at level 20 and these BOIS show up flexing on the flexers
Jake Huntley
Jake Huntley 11 дней назад
Why was TG so mean to exoph lol
sns XSHIELDX 11 дней назад
Tg is a beast
omar farag
omar farag 11 дней назад
Who else is og
TB Squad Gaming Team
TB Squad Gaming Team 11 дней назад
TB Squad Gaming Team
TB Squad Gaming Team 11 дней назад
You arevgood
Prank King
Prank King 11 дней назад
Devin Koch
Devin Koch 11 дней назад
Sergeant John
Sergeant John 11 дней назад
No more Fortnite?
Ray Whyshouldyouknow?
Ray Whyshouldyouknow? 11 дней назад
You really munching on that trail mix, why not do the same to the banana 😂😂
{Flarem} 11 дней назад
It’s taking down Blackout and Fortnite!
SASHI 11 дней назад
There were more ads then gameplay
SASHI 11 дней назад
Ad af
Tussy 33
Tussy 33 11 дней назад
Is it like pubg?
poonam karki
poonam karki 11 дней назад
Rdr 2 plzz
Stephen Galarza
Stephen Galarza 11 дней назад
Damn I love apex
Jonatan Lundahl
Jonatan Lundahl 11 дней назад
Dude, this game sucks
MAGIX x 11 дней назад
Rip fornite lol
GOPI NATH 11 дней назад
Fortnite and PUBG has left the chat
Heilige gans Loll
Heilige gans Loll 11 дней назад
Dasiy Lopez
Dasiy Lopez 11 дней назад
Pablo is my name no cap
Jaisen Goodwin
Jaisen Goodwin 11 дней назад
dude got 8 mil who else was with him before 1mil Like if you was
Xplliz 11 дней назад
Is the game free?
C10 Fusion
C10 Fusion 11 дней назад
Brandon Bercier
Brandon Bercier 11 дней назад
Move your head all the way up left
Psyke V
Psyke V 11 дней назад
stop your cinema guy, you do apology for this game only by interest, this game is beautiful, fun but have bad balance and totaly infested by cheaters with aimbot only 6 days after start
Mr_Despair pLaYz
Mr_Despair pLaYz 11 дней назад
Subcribe to me for a sub back omm
Jaydon Toussaint
Jaydon Toussaint 11 дней назад
Phat like 😂😂😂
APEX LEGENDS 11 дней назад
GG ‘s
Christopher Kuykendall
Christopher Kuykendall 11 дней назад
Play ark
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 11 дней назад
bangalore is a state in india
Roderick Rowe
Roderick Rowe 11 дней назад
subscribe to my channel Roderick Rowe plz
Kxng Jay
Kxng Jay 11 дней назад
Th curse 14:39 wow tg
Dreamz_Nano 11 дней назад
I just watched a live stream and they all almost had 1000 kills with the character they played so They are a more op squad
Charlie Henshaw
Charlie Henshaw 11 дней назад
TG You know you can kick doors down by going near a door and press the mele button (Basically the punch button) If you kick it twice the whole door breaks!
Awesome Productions Studio
Awesome Productions Studio 11 дней назад
Just got this yesterday me and stepdad were in the living going nuts every round 😂😂😂🤣
Luigi Abienso
Luigi Abienso 11 дней назад
Better than fortnite
BIG BOY DING ALING 11 дней назад
Anyone else get a crazy headache from this game? It’s really fun but damn haha I hope it’s not just me
Emanuel94 11 дней назад
Play apex not another stupid games
Stiexeno 11 дней назад
I would be grateful if you would come to my channel for some fun :) Thanks
aidenda bomb
aidenda bomb 12 дней назад
Apex made tg salty
talal alharbi
talal alharbi 12 дней назад
Do u need ps plus to play
Matthew Riggins
Matthew Riggins 11 дней назад
you need to be able to play on the internet
The high sky Man
The high sky Man 12 дней назад
why is there so many ads???
aman aman
aman aman 12 дней назад
Alison Hunt
Alison Hunt 12 дней назад
R.I.P Fortnite
APEX Legends - Highlights
APEX Legends - Highlights 12 дней назад
Where are my fellow console players at? might be under read more?.. nope, nothing here keep scrolling!
KINGPIN WINN 12 дней назад
KINGPIN WINN 12 дней назад
The stealthy Dragon
The stealthy Dragon 12 дней назад
I’m a wraith main
the supper heros !!!
the supper heros !!! 12 дней назад
My main is pathfinder
KINGPIN WINN 12 дней назад
I just wanna be the 400th comment
viper stripper
viper stripper 12 дней назад
Congrats on making 8 mill
Sinan Onbekend
Sinan Onbekend 12 дней назад
Where is my boy Avery
Bill Morris
Bill Morris 12 дней назад
I feel like Apex Legends is taking over fortnite!!
Gary Clarke
Gary Clarke 12 дней назад
Fortnite needs to die
Zephyr Basham
Zephyr Basham 12 дней назад
Darkz Gaming
Darkz Gaming 12 дней назад
I want this game but to lazy to download it
Lil_uwu_vert 12 дней назад
I main wraith use who u want
young boy nate
young boy nate 12 дней назад
This the new fortnite I do additive to it I was playing it last night on my Xbox
John Pacheco
John Pacheco 12 дней назад
739 ads ... nice
Christian Renken
Christian Renken 12 дней назад
You killed me 😢
Xxxtaha BEASTxxx Lpp
Xxxtaha BEASTxxx Lpp 12 дней назад
Xxxtaha BEASTxxx Lpp
Xxxtaha BEASTxxx Lpp 12 дней назад
Help me
The Beast
The Beast 12 дней назад
I hope this become the turn into new trend because I would be a god
David Smith
David Smith 12 дней назад
Meet the game that can kill Fortnite (I DON'T CARE IF FORTNITE DIES BECAUSE I HAVE THIS GAME NOW)
Wolfnation 12 дней назад
Happy 8mil!
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