Most EXTREME Street Food in Asia - The MOST SLOPPY Street Burger in THE WORLD w/ BUTTER EGGS!!!

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Get ready for some of the MOST UNIQUE and EXTREME Street Food in Asia + the SLOPPIEST Street burger in the WORLD with BUTTER EGGS!!!
Today, in this Malaysian street food video, we're going to the streets of Kuala Lumpur for 5 of the BEST Street Foods in Malaysia!
Thanks to my friend Mikey for taking us to the incredible Haw Kee DURIAN ORCHARD!!
►First up, we're bringing you for a VERY DELICIOUS Street Food in Malaysia, the Malaysian Indian Street Food banana leaf!!! This is a southern Indian style mixed with Malaysian style curry platter on a banana leaf that you need to eat!!
Malaysian Street Food Restaurant Name: Acha Curry House
Address: 271, Jalan 5/51, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
►Next, we're bringing you to the MOST CHOCOLATEY street dessert in the WORLD! The Incredible Milo Kepal Ketagih in Puchong!!!
Street Food stall name: Laksa Telur Goyang & Milo Kepal Ketagih, Puchong
Address: Lot 7466 Jalan Puchong, Jalan Kampung Baru, Puchong Batu 14, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
► After this, we're bringing you for the MOST EXTREME Street Food in the World - The ULTIMATE SLOPPIEST BURGER EVER!! Malaysia is famous for their Ramly burger, but here, we're taking it up a level for the ULTRA BUTTER SLOPPY VERSION!! You need to see this!!
Street stall name: Om Burger
Restaurant Address: 7-11, Jalan Ayer Kerja Lama, Ukay Heights, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
And then to finish off the street food tour of Kuala Lumpur, we're bringing you for another 3 street foods!
► Next up we're meeting up with our buddy Mikey Wes to go to a LOCAL DURIAN FARM!! But first, we're stopping for a local Chinese street food breakfast dish in Seremban.
Chinese street food noodle stall name: Gerai Fah Kee
Address: 164, Jalan Lee Sam, Bandar Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
► And to finish up the street food tour, we're going for a DURIAN ORCHARD FEAST to try the ULTIMATE DURIAN PLATTER FEAST, including Musang King and the RARE L13 variety!
Durian Orchard Name: Haw Kee Durian Orchard, Lot 2013 Kampung Kolam Air Mukim Pantai Baharu, Jalan Jelebu, 71700 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Kuala Lumpur eating up as much delicious street food as I can.
Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 100
The Food Ranger
The Food Ranger 6 months ago
Huge thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this episode - Go check out ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free and 49% OFF!!! I hope you enjoy this video! We’re back to shooting street food videos outdoors after 3 months indoors, and in this episode bringing you FULL ON for a street food tour of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! We found some INCREDIBLE food, I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching and I hope you’re doing well and safe and healthy!!!
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano 5 days ago
Thanks for what you do!
The Greatest Plan
You should’ve tried the Laksa man :/
Asma D
Asma D Month ago
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab 2 months ago
If eat Durian over dosage . For sure you're in trouble . Maybe going to hospital and take Mc . So , be careful .
Prasetyo 3 months ago
You talk too much !
Nataniel Low
Nataniel Low 11 hours ago
11:17 okay now james, that just sounds so familiar
abdul Q
abdul Q 22 hours ago
The most nastiest burger ever. Come brother.
scotty amerasinghe
I enjoyed it Trevor.. love to visit Malaysia. Love all your videos.
Faiz Kacak
Faiz Kacak Day ago
Peniaga burger tuh macam tak ikhlas jee nak berniaga heh
Lucas Zyane
Lucas Zyane 2 days ago
........bcos Malaysian healthcare only cost RM1 so the ppls eat with abandonment. Before it’s trending we r already doing YOLO for generations
danial merann
danial merann 2 days ago
where is location of the burger stall? detail location please 😬
N NN 3 days ago
It May Taste Good. But , Is Too Greasy.
Rynx Laneran
Rynx Laneran 5 days ago
There's a spoon on the table and everything...
yaink lee
yaink lee 5 days ago
My school --
Ocean Zan Yang
Ocean Zan Yang 6 days ago
the school at 4:37 used to be my school before i went to high school lol
Emylea Edruce
Emylea Edruce 6 days ago
this is why Malaysia is the most OBESE country in Asia.. whatever.. i love my Malaysian food
BestFoodReview 6 days ago
Nurul Fakhri
Nurul Fakhri 7 days ago
Did that restaurant just charge him RM70 for that nasi daung pisang?
SweeHeng Cheah
SweeHeng Cheah 7 days ago
FYI, Ramli burger stalls NEVER EVER use butter, they use margarine.
dragon wing
dragon wing 7 days ago
That bbq pork bun true to my taste
Jasvinh Kumar
Jasvinh Kumar 9 days ago
Sorry bro, what actually you had in the Indian restaurant (which I assume was serving for 2 People) that cost RM70?
Sarge Scum
Sarge Scum 9 days ago
Now I want burger
Nafsiah Murad
Nafsiah Murad 10 days ago
Apa kabar semua
Kyle Kriegel
Kyle Kriegel 10 days ago
The Food Ranger stares you down when he takes the first bite
Wraith 10 days ago
Why is his “tour guide” look like some ah beng lalazai with his bape tee and supreme bag HAHAHAHAHA
Jast Annto
Jast Annto 11 days ago
Actually we don't touch the burger like that..🤣😂
bean town baby
bean town baby 11 days ago
god, heart burn waiting to happen! lol
Smoke pablo
Smoke pablo 12 days ago
Mantappp jiwa 👍👍
Anime Mighty
Anime Mighty 13 days ago
before this that boy father own this stall burger.. we called it Burger Sampah( Trash Burger ) because you can see how messy it is.
Kata mbak nya : ngomong apa sih ni bule😂
Anas Zakaria
Anas Zakaria 14 days ago
In malaysia we dont care about heart attack, diabetes, and many more if you dont care to die early step your feet here and feast like it never have tomorrow btw respect trevor james
Zack Rick
Zack Rick 14 days ago
I love when Mat Saleh pronounce a Malay word
MrHEAT 15 days ago
im watching this at 2 am and i gotta say i regret it
Arvin Einstein
Arvin Einstein 16 days ago
Alright... The thing you did by mixing all curries... There's no point putting all curries at once cause you won't appreciate the individual flavours from each curry 😅🤣🤤😢
pity sr
pity sr 16 days ago
*wisters *I hate this video
Angela Neave
Angela Neave 17 days ago
how does he eat all that food and he's so skinny lol
Sarah Lomoloy
Sarah Lomoloy 17 days ago
waah durian thats so yummy so hello for those people hate durian because it's smell Try to eat to durian it's yummy than you think
Keii S
Keii S 17 days ago
Like Uncle Roger said,Durian is the opposite of Soap. Durian: Awful smell,Nice taste Soap: Nice Smell,Awful taste
Haider Al Zubaidi
Haider Al Zubaidi 17 days ago
I love Malay food 🥰😊
Norreey 17 days ago
I wanna preorder 3 or those burgers for my next hungover
yolo 1690
yolo 1690 17 days ago
That burger looked rank
King_Blastyou 18 days ago
flavor is messy
Emerita Tantan
Emerita Tantan 18 days ago
hmmmmm yummmy
Pali Pa
Pali Pa 18 days ago
You review a wrong burger...no one cook burger with that much oil
Willi Chanel
Willi Chanel 18 days ago
Nice 👍👍
lia 19 days ago
but the milo kepal omg i'm craving it so bad
Bharathi Kumar
Bharathi Kumar 21 day ago
Hi awesome.. Try to get fish muel, chicken muel separately
IQWXN 21 day ago
Damn.. See this video and now im hungry😂😂😂
Fatality Food
Fatality Food 21 day ago
Sangat menggugah selera
Michael Björk
Michael Björk 22 days ago
Those Ramly burgers are heaven! I had one when i was in Kuantan on my Malaysia trip. Oh how i miss Malaysia!
siti zaharah mad zaki
Burger too oily😆
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar 23 days ago
9:10 that’s not butter
genix olario
genix olario 24 days ago
70.60 ringgit sen Mahal juga...
JUTZ_SUU Xii 24 days ago
Mahalnyee rm 70 hahahah
Chen Chang
Chen Chang 25 days ago
Trevor is multilingual. So impressive
Lonnie Buggs
Lonnie Buggs 25 days ago
I gotta go here and try this
Moses Zarnighian
Moses Zarnighian 25 days ago
I would of have a heart attach I'd I have one of those burgers. Not for me.
Putra Rengat
Putra Rengat 25 days ago
Sepertinya saya beneran lapar setelah melihat Vidio ini ,
Ieda Edoura
Ieda Edoura 27 days ago
Perlu ke letak butter banyak2?
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar 23 days ago
Itu marjerin, bukan butter.
B list
B list 28 days ago
Terema kasee
Mat Setizar
Mat Setizar 29 days ago
Q: what should we have for dessert? A: how about a street burger...
Jazy Month ago
11:17 *Listen to this with your eyes closed*
Pro Shado
Pro Shado Month ago
لا إله إلا الله _ محمد رسول الله ... اللهم صل و سلم و بارك على سيدنا و نبينا و شفيعنا محمد و على آله و صحبه و سلم ... أستغفر الله العظيم و أتوب إليه ... أستغفر الله العظيم و أتوب إليه ... أستغفر الله العظيم و أتوب إليه ...
eginta24 Month ago
Any pork on this video....what....!!! You'ar not Muslim
Maizan Manan
Maizan Manan 28 days ago
let me just talk in bahasa bcoz you from Indo rite? Yang punya vlog pastinya bukan muslim...Yang muslim pastinya tidak makan babi
Barang Bagus Brunei
Netflix use VPN?
John Dearborn
John Dearborn Month ago
I love watching him eat sloppy. Slop. Slop. Slop.
10:16 that is the best egg I ever saw I mean like the egg is big and sometime about it is so good.
Miss Mina
Miss Mina Month ago
Its not healthy guyss too greasy
BaBa ASMR Month ago
I am new here i hope you will come to me too
ughhh wdym
ughhh wdym Month ago
I'm from Malaysia and I live Ramlee burger but I have not seen such a greasy burger like that 😳😂❤️
Say Whut
Say Whut Month ago
Greasy burger
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson Month ago
Most food looks amazing but That burger looked disgusting. Soggy bread, undercooked egg....No ma'am.
vrescko medina
vrescko medina Month ago
I love ramly burger but I don't like when they did too oily and put too much chilli sauces..
Mijandh Tipusa
Mijandh Tipusa Month ago
The curvy scene especially clap because owner emphatically reproduce mid a chubby okra. giant, clean workshop
Azman ahmad
Azman ahmad Month ago
The burger place is at Jln TAR food court, Ampang Jaya, 20 minutes travel from KLCC Twin Tower
Fara A.A
Fara A.A Month ago
I'm Malaysian and those burgers are too greasy and expensive than other Ramly burgers stall
Nj JoeRa
Nj JoeRa Month ago
I love ramly burger even though I work at mcdonald.. But that burger is to extreme for me..
Alexandre Lefebvre
Nice tanks
Sharah A Mutalib
Where are the videos in Kelantan Terengganu? They are missing!
Kien Meng
Kien Meng Month ago
Kinda weird that you didn't go to the famous Yi Poh lou shu fan, which was just opposite the shao bao bakery.
zoewewewewe ._.
zoewewewewe ._. Month ago
Damn when angmoh say KL
I don't get it I see a lot of people commenting about how delicious that burger looks but let me put it in this perspective if that was an American burger made on American soil it would be considered a heart attack or a disgrace to burgers but since it's in another country it's considered exotic or something that has never been done before. I'm all for appreciating great food and whatnot from different countries but I think anywhere in the world people could consider that burger sloppy and just a mess overall. I didn't find it attractive or mouth-watering at all. There's nothing new being added to that wheel so for that I would never try that burger
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Month ago
Koyak ke bang
jonathan juntilla
#FoodRanger Come to the Philippines 🥰😘🥰
bilal barzouz
bilal barzouz Month ago
كيحماق على ليدام هاد ولد قح بة هههه الحاجة كوليسترول يموت فيها كيعجبو شخاطن
Nitish The King
Nitish The King Month ago
Vishnu Kyatham
Vishnu Kyatham Month ago
You giving 10 for more it's not fair
xarm27 Month ago
burger sakit jantung!!
Omar Irsyad
Omar Irsyad Month ago
wow u getting scam with rm10 burger 😂
This ranger is going out of curry control lol
Harith Month ago
Idk why they called durian the stinkiest fruit in the world..... I personally think that it smell delicious...
lavender novella
Don't hate it before you try it. 👍👍👍
G Pootie
G Pootie Month ago
Stfu with mhmm I know all them foods ain’t that damn good
Ler Xiang Tan
Ler Xiang Tan Month ago
Oh my god,just realised that my school was there 4:38
Jia-Wey Tan
Jia-Wey Tan Month ago
The burger looks so good just too oily 😂
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma Month ago
I haven't seen a Bape t-shirt since 2006 - love it
Omer YOLAL Month ago
Turkish guy here. I really wanna eat all Malay food. :) Hello my brothers and sisters in Malaysia.
Wmuhdariff Month ago
hello my broo! 🙌
Amir. Month ago
Its crazy how people around the world hated soggy bun but here in malaysia majority of people doesnt care and even liked it that way. Ramsay would "donkey-ed" that cook
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons Month ago
And I thought people from India love their butter/margarine/oil.
Rose Osbourne
Rose Osbourne Month ago
Does trevor remind anyone else of joe goldberg ?
Muhammad Idham
Muhammad Idham Month ago
Sorry bos i do mistake with you
enjoy life
enjoy life Month ago
pandai buat burger ke x budak ni, turn off gila mcm tu kejadian dia. wtf....
QwERtY 2 months ago
Can everyone stop the hate comment,pls....😓😓
Lisa Idham
Lisa Idham 2 months ago
Everybody talking s*** about the Ramly burger didn't live the time it was popular for that exact reason. Btw tending the stall is their second generation already. They worked hard for years and I think they deserve more appreciation
PelucheProductions 2 months ago
that sloppy burger jus clogged my arteries by lookin at it lol
emy natasha
emy natasha 2 months ago
Kari la keri ii apanyaaa😂
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