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Hello friends. Glad you looked at our channel. The moments of this video, we searched for you all over the Internet. Several hours selected the best of the best files for editing. And after that everything was mounted in Final Cut. We hope you enjoy this video and you will appreciate our work. Enjoy watching.!
The title of the video is written according to the author's personal opinion to attract real sports fans
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Feb 4, 2019




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Comments 1 178
Dan Boren
Dan Boren 19 hours ago
Terrible song!
jalal omid62
jalal omid62 Day ago
4:36 😂🍻
Emely Mota
Emely Mota Day ago
5:23 weave snached😘✌
Mighty Marlin
3:20 what exactly happened there?
bayu pramana
bayu pramana Day ago
Asede kon... tis😂
Joe Sirius
Joe Sirius Day ago
The guy stabbed by pole bar in his ass must be painful.
keys island hopper
0:20 Dare you to say something
Subhan SA
Subhan SA 2 days ago
3:24 3:46 4:20 2:19 2:45
Buddy 2 days ago
4:37 he was better just left on the field
i hate Lifeu
i hate Lifeu 2 days ago
I don’t see anything wrong with armpit hair? it’s just hair
T C 3 days ago
Good compilation. Can't stand the idiotic music.
Muzammil Basha
Muzammil Basha 3 days ago
Don't hurt those athletes by showings their unforgettable memories to world.
Bowas Smiler
Bowas Smiler 3 days ago
Am I really the first to like out of 18 million views?
Dougie HawHaw
Dougie HawHaw 3 days ago
Annoying music
J. Damn
J. Damn 3 days ago
Has to be more stupid Millennials making video
WolfieGamerPlayz 3 days ago
When anime becomes real 1:20 I'm lesbain soo...
Maggie Applegate
Maggie Applegate 4 days ago
What sports is this? 2:45
Kelley K
Kelley K 4 days ago
People disin the music but the last two verses were fire.
i want to watch it always))
Michael Nickname
Michael Nickname 5 days ago
Papahristou 😍😍😍 marriage proposal to be sent where?
TaKiZuKa G3A
TaKiZuKa G3A 5 days ago
Motivation and inspiration music in Embarrassment Video 🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂
NoniOf 3
NoniOf 3 5 days ago
I mean you could grow potatoes under those armpits! Come on lady get a clue.
Baby Raerae
Baby Raerae 5 days ago
1:44 he really got hops 🤣😂
darko mihić
darko mihić 6 days ago
Very very interesting and funny
Skies Orion
Skies Orion 6 days ago
Yup. First girl wins whatever event she was in .. don’t care 😍
reggie bayard
reggie bayard 6 days ago
nothing funny about black women and fake hair.... nothing funny about that at all. so what else does that leave you? must be embarassing. that's correct. you're all a embarassment on society
markos824 7 days ago
#2 was really embarrassing
ángelito 7 days ago
2:41 he did not have to do that
Mqcki 7 days ago
why do some sports have women wear underwear as fucking shorts ???
219 816
219 816 8 days ago
The song is pure ass
Beautiful Girl Playfully
Thriller26 8 days ago
THANK YOU!!!!! FINALLY!! A Hot Chick In Thumbnail Is ACTUALLY In The Video..."AND" Didn't Have To Wait To Watch That Bottom Ride Up That Hot Piece Of Ass...NICE!!
Jeff Osborne
Jeff Osborne 8 days ago
If that's m and m his music is a disgrace to human race
Don. Fabito
Don. Fabito 11 days ago
I like how 50% of this video is from track and field, hahaha.
onlythewise1 14 days ago
look you can see there buns oh n=know the world iwl end shut up the rap it stinks
sotosboi 14 days ago
Rebel N pink
Rebel N pink 16 days ago
Those girls need some better made shorts in first of video.
Mauro Augusto
Mauro Augusto 17 days ago
0:06 al 0:08 obvio!!
Mark Issa Koroma
Mark Issa Koroma 20 days ago
nicii179 20 days ago
30 seconds in - HOW is a woman having a wedgie and a woman having arm pit hair embarrassing? get over yourself
Phước Trần
Phước Trần 21 day ago
That thickkkk asss
Kenny Sheppard
Kenny Sheppard 21 day ago
That is definitely a sweet ass
عبود على الحدود
God fought you
Michelle Cedeno
Michelle Cedeno 23 days ago
First girl has a lumpchuios ass, she should be proud.... Nice...
Lorenzo Trinidad
Lorenzo Trinidad 25 days ago
That’s one of the nicest ass I seen from the thumbnail
Por la Republica Argentina
La compilación excelente; la música una mierda.
MeyChan Official
MeyChan Official 27 days ago
X da Questão
X da Questão 27 days ago
0,48 what sport does she practice ?
y i
y i 28 days ago
3:21 wtf?
James Whipple
James Whipple 28 days ago
Great Greek ass !! 🇬🇷🇬🇷
andtam008 28 days ago
The 2nd chick: armpit hair is sexy.
theVennu II
theVennu II 29 days ago
Why is the second lady embarrassing?
Unnikrishnan P M
Unnikrishnan P M 29 days ago
Watch at 2x speed.
johnrey deguzman
johnrey deguzman 29 days ago
The second one haha
Viva Freedom
Viva Freedom 29 days ago
You picked a very annoying music for this video.
Juan Monroy
Juan Monroy 29 days ago
this video is not enbarasing:(
IceCarbon59 29 days ago
Η Παπαχρήστου έχει κολάρα
John Month ago
Girl accidentally touchs another girls boobs*Girl: It's fine I forgive you Man accidentally touchs a girl's boob* Girl: RAPE!!!
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
voula papachristou rocks,10++++!!!
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