Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments

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Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments! Have you ever had an embarrassing or awkward family moment with your mom or dad? Leave a Like if you enjoyed this and subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH the CHEAPEST FAMILY EVER ruvid.net/video/video-nBoW-y2iRIk.html
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Jul 19, 2019




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SSSniperWolf 4 months ago
hellooooOooo friends what's the most embarrassing thing ur family have ever done?
VV VVELASQUEZ 8 days ago
SSSniperWolf they had me lol
Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan 8 days ago
Idk they been really embarrassing LOL
I_am_a_wierdo UwU
OK, so this one time I was eating at this REALLY fancy restaurant, It was crowded AF so I said to my mom, “mom? Can you surprise me with ANY kind of soup the have?” Then my mom said, “sure!” THEN ONCE THE FOOD CAME, THE ORDERED ME A BABY PLATE, WITH CARROTS AND MASHED POTATOS ( I HATE mashed potatoes:( ) THEN TO GET WORSE, SHE FED ME LIKE A FREAKIN BABY WHILL EVERYONE WAS WATCHING they were like “ she’s so cuuuute (whill dying of laughter)” I JUST WANTED TO RUN OUT OF THERE AND SCREAM, “ RAPE, RAPE!!!!!!!!!!”
crazy jeff
crazy jeff Month ago
I bid the chikin walk through the park.
Jocelyn's animation's
Guess what I liked!
David Jeffries
David Jeffries 7 hours ago
You made me sallow a chunk of my gum😐 Thanks🙄
Priya singh
Priya singh 7 hours ago
Why do I suck
Warning sign
Warning sign 10 hours ago
Once I watched a movie and there was an inappropriate Sene so, we had to fast forward.
Lennie9 MSP
Lennie9 MSP 10 hours ago
Just for the people who are clean minded and don’t get the love thing It says cock ;-;
Theresa De Vries
It said cock
Blaze Girl
Blaze Girl Day ago
Tommorow is my birthday
The life of Alina
ur new name should be KAREN
haver javadova
The grandma was like please hurry lol.
Pastel Rose
Pastel Rose Day ago
The old woman is russian so i understand😏
Alexa Gil
Alexa Gil 2 days ago
I don't get what the family was spelling please tell me
Caleb Smalley
Caleb Smalley 2 days ago
I don’t get the lock one?
John Fermin
John Fermin 2 days ago
Mackenzee Velasco
Bro on halloween we were watching a random movie that said rated everyone and they hit it up then my dad was like lalallalalalallal and it was past the part so we kept watching it and my dad didn't know and he heard noises and then he said alright enough of that 😂😆
kk stand for koala keeper
4:54 it’s funny bc high school and middle school can ruin ur child hood if the parents or internet doesn’t
Kenini Nation
Kenini Nation 2 days ago
What does it say
Deshera Dickerson
Love Not Lock
Pârk Miråe
Pârk Miråe 2 days ago
So.... that word that apparently spelt 'Love' said.... C-O-C-K.....mhm... Noice
vallerie uni lover
Well my brother took a picture with my mom and she didn't realize that her pants are ripped
Joe weller
Joe weller 2 days ago
i have no ideal what they spelled
Ojay Laidley
Ojay Laidley 2 days ago
It says cocktail if you know what I mean
Simone’s Youtube
It said cock
Itz_ Luna Playz
Itz_ Luna Playz 2 days ago
For Lia Boys are - Billy Girls are. - Ashley Grandmas are - Barba
The FoxHunt YT
The FoxHunt YT 3 days ago
Nah my parents don't care sure I watched stranger things it was intense
cuddle leader
cuddle leader 3 days ago
I would be the boy in white
NarwhalKraze YT
NarwhalKraze YT 3 days ago
Angeles Lucas-Garcia
My parent did it to
Ona The mermaid
Ona The mermaid 3 days ago
7:50 I would cover all the eyes possible
gukmui leong
gukmui leong 4 days ago
Omg best tic tock ever! This shows you can prank AND tic tock when your 80 years old!
Kodi Evans
Kodi Evans 4 days ago
2:25 it spells cock
leila haidar
leila haidar 4 days ago
when I ever see my friend with her boyfriend of talking about hotdogs....I. just think its normal because my friends be whack
helwa hani
helwa hani 4 days ago
The most embarrassing thing my family has done is, last year my best friend/crush came over to my house to do our project and two of my sisters were in the kitchen and when they saw him, they ask me out loud "hey, is he your boyfriend" after that day, they always made fun of me when I'm with him
Viper Xp
Viper Xp 4 days ago
It ponts to sssniperwolfe
StrangeNames 4 days ago
they did cover the screen every time someone kissed
joejoe matthews
joejoe matthews 5 days ago
Is cock a bad word
Cassidy Anthony
Cassidy Anthony 5 days ago
Our dog Thor got put to sleep Sun, Dec 1st 😢
Regina Whitten
Regina Whitten 5 days ago
Ok SSSniperWolf the Coke picture it was hair in the bottles and they cut the bottles in half
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez 5 days ago
I've seen SO many kissing scense and im only 10😑
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 5 days ago
My family did that
Jeremy Cates
Jeremy Cates 5 days ago
I don't get the LOCK thing can someone please explain
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