Most Disrespectful Bat Flips

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Pitchers getting their feelings hurt basically. #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Comments 80
SunnyGriffin 3 days ago
Let’s be real, this is almost all Puig
Peyton Laxson
Peyton Laxson 5 days ago
Bat flips have a time and place, if you are down by twelve in the third, dont batflip, but if you hit a walk off in the world series, th bat is flying out of the stadium
BigBen G
BigBen G 5 days ago
Disrespectful. LOL. Cry me a river
Colby Jack
Colby Jack 7 days ago
This is just a yasiel Puig Highlight reel 😂😂😂
Brody and Jake
Brody and Jake 10 days ago
I didn’t see Yasiel Puig anywhere in the title
Jerry8yomomma 15 days ago
I know about baseball but not like a expert at it why is it bad that a guy watches his homerun
TheSpaceGeek 20 days ago
If a batter flips his bat at you and it hits you (or comes close), then it's disrespectful; otherwise, no. You're just hypersensitive.
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 23 days ago
Dont see anything wrong with what the batters did.
W. Ethan Jowers
W. Ethan Jowers Month ago
This video was done so poorly what’s the point of us watching them run the basses every time and watch them flip the bat for 2 seconds.
Jorge M. Perez
Jorge M. Perez Month ago
Football>>>Dudes slam into each other>Dude flips a bat after hitting a ball 400+ feetproceed to be bitter and bitch about it.
Charlie Meyer
Charlie Meyer Month ago
Bautista’s wasn’t necessarily disrespectful, just a player getting into a huge game
jedihush Month ago
I came for the bat flips. After the first 2 I gave up on this video.
Papigringo Month ago
Just butt hurt about the home run. They celebrate when they cross home plate, so who gives a shit if they celebrate leaving the batter's box?
Pete Elizalde
Pete Elizalde Month ago
4:44 best for last. Joey bats lol that was one crazy inning
D MaK Month ago
I absolutely agree, we love them bat flips. Pitcher and catcher feelings get hurt but we dont care. "There is no crying in baseball" let them guys have their moment, they are doing it for the fans and their team.
Erix7810 Month ago
That last one was so intense.
SWAT_Nightshark Month ago
The Tim Anderson flip should not be on here. That is a sign of firing his team up as they are doing bad. It is not disrespectful it is a sign of fire and spirit and if you don’t see that you’re not in the correct area of baseball
Dvj Luna
Dvj Luna Month ago
I really can not understand why a bat flip from a batted homerun is considered disrespectful???? I know that if I was a pitcher and I was pitted up against a batter that got the better of my pitch, then you know what... Good for the batter and I would say nice hit. The batter deserved it. I guess that is the sportsmanship in me.
Mason Gohlke
Mason Gohlke Month ago
I would love to see a batter just gently place his bat lovingly on the ground after a HR
Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see
Baseball pitchers are too soft and emotional if you don't like someone celebrating a home run don't throw a home run pitch 😂😂
Geo Mag
Geo Mag Month ago
Sensitive pussies
Erebus Month ago
A solid 90% of the bat flips arent disrespectful in the MLB, its a person celebrating. If a pitcher/catcher wanna freak out because of a flip when they will literally do a little dance anytime they strike someone out then they can go back to the minor league.
GSMillion Month ago
In no way I find this disrespectful
sociald324 Month ago
YOU try not flipping the bat after making perfect contact and sending a ball into orbit. Its impossible. One of the best feelings in sports
Burnzy1976 Month ago
Billy Butler👊🏼
Danny Di Nunzio
Danny Di Nunzio Month ago
What pisses me off is when you got somebody fresh out of the minors who hit their 1st major league home run and watched it for a little bit too long and the picture gets all butt hurt about it
Derrek Mitchell
Derrek Mitchell Month ago
Some of these baseball players are such bitches lol. Homeruns are part of the game if you dont like it maybe pitch better next time
Jaiden Rivera
Jaiden Rivera Month ago
Puigs swing looks so effortless, like he didn’t swing with much power it’s kinda crazy
David Broughall
David Broughall Month ago
If you don't like how batters celebrate home runs off you, then throw better pitches.
TheBadgerKing 2 months ago
Holy hell puig can just put the bat out and the ball goes out. That man may be stronger than bonds on roids.
Aiden Forstner
Aiden Forstner 2 months ago
Where’s colon
Torian W
Torian W 2 months ago
3:31 did that kid get hit? 😂😂😂
Joeyhohl19 2 months ago
Bautista bat flip never gets old probably the best one ever
RageDaug 2 months ago
All I know...Pitchers and Catchers in baseball are the most whiny snowflakes in all of sports. Get paid millions to throw and/or catch a baseball and your "feelings get hurt" because of how the person who just beat you disrespected you? Disrespect is being a Linebacker who gets dragged 5 yards into the endzone by a running back. Disrespect is being a 7' center who gets dunked on by a much shorter guard. Being a baseball player must be tough. "muh feelings!! he just hit a homer then was excited about it. I need a shoulder to cry on". The bat toss wasn't the disrespect. That batter already disrespected your fastball. Pitchers should be more worried about that.
Christian Albert
Christian Albert 2 months ago
I didn't know pitchers were such soft soy boy pussies. NFL celebrates touchdowns, NHL celebrates goals, and wait for it.... Pitchers celebrate strikeouts. Fucking man up and grow a pair. Crying about tossing a bat? Pathetic little bitches.
jesus christ
jesus christ 2 months ago
Batista 7th ining blue jays..is the best one ..that one will make history
Michael Chavis
Michael Chavis 2 months ago
Batista's was the only "disrespectful" bat toss.
The Fury
The Fury 2 months ago
I’m an Aussie and I just don’t get this, if that is disrespect then you Americans need to harden up and stop being little *itches
Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark 2 months ago
Daniel Suh
Daniel Suh 2 months ago
In Korea bat flipping is actually really popular and pretty commonly done by players even for non home runs, and the opposing team never cares. I don't understand why in America this is considered bad etiquette. I've even seen simple bat tosses, where the bat doesn't even actually flip, be considered "bat flipping". But getting so upset about it to the point where you will intentionally aim the ball at the player and hurt them in retaliation? Ridiculous.
bobby kibble
bobby kibble 2 months ago
Nothing disrespectful here.
Boots Howdyshell
Boots Howdyshell 2 months ago
How is flipping the bat so disrespectful
Juncle Bleu
Juncle Bleu 3 months ago
I don’t think the first puig one was disrespectful i think that was just puig being puig
Dutch 3 months ago
not surprised puig is on the list
J.A. Pearson
J.A. Pearson 3 months ago
Bat flips and sky pointing are latjn things that other players adopted. Nobody ever hit a hr then crossed home plate and pointed to the sky or flipped a bat. It's all super gay and made baseball look silly. Miss the old Pirates Barry Bonds or Reggie Jackson pimps on hrs. So, much better and smooth.
Anthony Pang
Anthony Pang 3 months ago
Geez you guys are so precious
Gavin Fake
Gavin Fake 3 months ago
Boomers are mad
Vincent Anderson
Vincent Anderson 3 months ago
I think Tim Anderson EASILY had the best bat flip
NERSHA 3 months ago
I swear Pitchers see Bautista in their nightmares.
wiz of OZ
wiz of OZ 3 months ago
Batista looked tough but got his ass kicked like the pussy he's always been...
Eric Leaf
Eric Leaf 3 months ago
Why are pitchers crying if they would strike them out instead of letting the batters get a home run then they wouldn’t be in that position.....
WoodenElicoolman 3 months ago
Did mike trout make this video?
Kyle Albrecht
Kyle Albrecht 3 months ago
I'd be doing bat flips after a foul tip. Fuck these pussies
Phil Mianus
Phil Mianus 3 months ago
You can't flip a bat, you can't watch your homerun, you can't stand at home plate more than 1 second after hitting your homerun, you can't clap your hands, you can't celebrate the moment by releases words out of excitement, you can't turn your body more than 45 degrees after hitting your homerun, you can't gracefully walk around the bases, you can't make eye contact with the pitcher who threw the homerun pitch.... what the fuck do they want you to do?
Mark Ahrens
Mark Ahrens 3 months ago
Why wasn't it called the most disrespectful Yasiel puig bat flips
Dr Sauce
Dr Sauce 3 months ago
bruh how tf is flippin a bat disrespectful lmao what you suppose to do gently lay the bat down on the ground. MLB is a bunch of fckin pussies
Cole's Mountain Biking
Only in Toronto does a hockey organ prove useful for baseball
C Silva
C Silva 3 months ago
Pitcher celebrates a strike-out/no hitter and that's fine. Batter hits a homerun and celebrates with a bat toss, everyone loses their minds. Grow a pair, pitchers.
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend 3 months ago
pitchers can hit you, Buzz you.. Yell and carry on.. hit a homerun and look at or get hype..."You showing them up" GTFOH!!! BATFLIP ALL DAY. Don't give up a fucking Homerun pussy.
Jeff Dwyer
Jeff Dwyer 3 months ago
Pitchers and baseball player in general are snowflakes. A little celebration is good for the game. There's no crying in baseball. Also I would bunt down the 3rd base line 10 out of 10 times when there's a shift.
Jesse Avila
Jesse Avila 3 months ago
Love the bat flips just the old heads don't
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 months ago
I don’t get what’s disrespectful about it.....
Sean Kearns
Sean Kearns 3 months ago
PRO the bat flip rule*: You cannot score runs with the ball in your hand. Statistically it is much more difficult to be the pitcher than the batter. Tho it is natural to admire a solid shot when you know its out, it is also impossible for a pitcher to go against the ancient code of the game that dictates you must hit that guy the next time he's up. Pitchers look at this as law. The bat will always be more dangerous in this game, and pitchers view it as their job to always snuff the rally.... CONS: "HOLY SHIT DID YOU JUST SEE THAT KID. BAUTISTA CHUCKED IT HE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK!!!" Its good to remember that this game is about life. And that moments come and go in life WHERE SOMEBODY FUCKING DRILLS ONE!!!! If you do that on a regular basis go ahead chick the bat.
Marcus Rivera
Marcus Rivera 3 months ago
So technically we just learned that Yasiel pout is a god at disrespecting the fuck out off a whole team.
XxSpokelessxX 3 months ago
Lol wtf am I watching....
Robert Hoover
Robert Hoover 3 months ago
Tim Anderson's bat flip was the only disrespectful one I saw. To be fair, you hit a home run, good for you, go celebrate. But the moment you start screaming at the pitcher, you deserve to get plunked. Show off, don't show your oppenents up. And another thing, he didn't flip the bat, he slammed it down, a big difference there.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 months ago
I wanna see someone bomb one then break their bat before running the bases. Prob never been done in baseball history.
Jason Hurt
Jason Hurt 3 months ago
I've been an Angels fan since 1986, but Weaver in this video was acting like a real bitch. I mean if you don't want the guy to watch his HR and do a little show-boating, then don't give up the fucking homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nut the fuck up for Christ's sake...
Smokey E
Smokey E 3 months ago
I don't get it. So what, should he carry his bat around the bases? How about don't throw meatballs over the plate if you don't want to see the batter toss his bat?
Erik Karlonas
Erik Karlonas 3 months ago
if i hit a homerun the way Bautista did at home at a pivotal game like, you'd be damn sure i'd batt flip. If you dont like it then dont leave pitches in a spot where i can hit them. Pretty simple. Pitchers today get soo Butt hurt over crap like this. Just pitch better if you dont want hitters getting to you. Again pretty simple.
eastbro 3 months ago
I understand what Bautista did. Look at the big picture. Down 0-2 in the series leading up to this deciding game and down late in the game.
Osman Bonfim Costa
Osman Bonfim Costa 3 months ago
Don't want to allow a batter to hit a homer and flip his bat? THEN DON'T LEAVE OFF THE MIDDLE OF THE F*CKIN PLATE!!!
General Sherman
General Sherman 3 months ago
This is why I can't be a major league player, I'd stand there and wave at that shit as it left. Well, that and my lack of talent.
El Joelo
El Joelo 3 months ago
Snowflakes, can't handle a batter celebration.
Ghandi G
Ghandi G 4 months ago
2:34 who heard a bang? Lol
Julian Luther
Julian Luther 4 months ago
Video: “Yasiel Puig highlights”
Stefanie Santo
Stefanie Santo 4 months ago
Do barehanded catches
Chris Khan
Chris Khan 4 months ago
I would yell throw my bat in excitement and pride without any ill intent which I think most of these are showing unless there's a secret sign language that says if you toss your bat to the side you're saying fuck you I just don't get it
Brandon Duhon
Brandon Duhon 4 months ago
Bat flips are not disrespectful by in large ......is it disrespectful when a pitcher does a fist pump after a K . I think not
avxrevo 4 months ago
Bruh you soft asf if you get mad over a bat flip
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 4 months ago
The last one is my favorite one.
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