Most Dangerous Roads In The World

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Jul 20, 2017




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Comments 100
Hank Phillips
Hank Phillips 10 hours ago
You see “dangerous roads” amd I see “badass motorcycling opportunities”
Hank Phillips
Hank Phillips 8 hours ago
All of the above; The one mountain road with the hairpin turns reminds me of Deal’s Gap and the “Dragon” which is a great run. Thanks for the video; Informative and cool
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 8 hours ago
Lol! Which one of these roads would you ride a motorcycle on, Hank?
Tiffany Black
Tiffany Black 11 hours ago
This is an INFORMATIVE VIDEO... WHY IS Anyone Complaining🤷
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 8 hours ago
We're glad you like it, Tiffany! Thanks for watching!
Claudia Avelar
Claudia Avelar 2 days ago
What about highway 1 in Afghanistan
jakes kieru
jakes kieru 4 days ago
jakes kieru
jakes kieru 4 days ago
Evie Hammond
Evie Hammond 5 days ago
Someone I love would have to be dying for me to even consider driving on any of these roads. And I thought our roads in NYS are bad. We got giant potholes & people in suburbia bitching about the lack of stop signs in their neighborhoods. And here we got people driving in other countries hanging off cliffsides & risking freezing to death if they break down on their roads . It might be time we man up here in the states & just be grateful for a change!!😃
Promise Francis
Promise Francis 5 days ago
Like for everytime he says dangerous
Christine Kurtz
Christine Kurtz 6 days ago
China and India are rocking the list 😂✌️
C Murdock
C Murdock 6 days ago
Some of them look like strips of vinyl or cardboard that have just been laid across the land.
Poké Ken
Poké Ken 6 days ago
Why am I recommend this video at 10: 30 pm 3 years later lol
Susila Raghuram
Susila Raghuram 7 days ago
Voice very irretatable
Audrey Wellington
Well its safe to say never take those roads cause their DANGEROUS.
Morgan Green
Morgan Green 8 days ago
90%: people complaining from the word “dangerous” 10%: enjoying the video 0%: people NOT complaining about the video
AZ΂ 6 days ago
Niqab Fifi
Niqab Fifi 8 days ago
I think no 14 is fake, it doesn't looks like a bridge at all. Only flat roads being improvised into a scary looks. The others is realistic and some I've been. Only no 14 is not able to trust
Dalton Highway is the road featured on Seasons 3 through 6 on the History Channel documentary show Ice Road Truckers. Now for most of you saying that the road not being plowed is false, that part is true, but if you watch Ice Road Truckers, you would be able to see that Dalton Highway is indeed dangerous and very difficult, too. Try to talk to the truck drivers who worked for Carlisle trucking. Especially Alex Debagorski. He’ll tell you.
Derek Hazuka
Derek Hazuka 10 days ago
Someone copy your video :V
tammy strydom
tammy strydom 10 days ago
No me too
Teddy chan
Teddy chan 10 days ago
Omg poor people have died on these roads huhu :< great vid btw ^w^
Teddy chan
Teddy chan 9 days ago
@Facts Verse dangerous foods? Or something creepy lololol
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 9 days ago
Thank you! What other types of videos do you want to see?
Jovine Calvin
Jovine Calvin 10 days ago
that france one is like the anime train moving on water
Crystalz Cleaning Frenzy
They musta never been to ohio. Some these roads are scarey AF lol
Crystalz Cleaning Frenzy
@Facts Verse I wish I knew the name of the one I almost lost mylife on lol but area code 740 visit and tell me these roads and streets aren't scarey lol
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 10 days ago
Lol 🤣 what's the scariest road in Ohio?
Mandisa Hlabisa
Mandisa Hlabisa 11 days ago
How many times does he says dangerous? ??????
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 10 days ago
We didn't count... But a lot lol 🤣 thanks for watching!
Just4once 1
Just4once 1 14 days ago
Why are these roads made? To get to where....
Facts Verse
Facts Verse 14 days ago
We're asking the same question! What's your theory?
Velocity 14 days ago
What is wrong with this dudes voice?
Timothy McCarthy
Timothy McCarthy 16 days ago
They should check out Mt.pleasant/champion Rd in Ferguson, north Carolina. Winding roads, up a mountain with no guard rails going up a mountain road.
Ruby Deedee
Ruby Deedee 16 days ago
Rudz. S
Rudz. S 17 days ago
Wow its very awesome!!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Grant
Jimmy Grant 17 days ago
200-300 people die because It is so dangerous
Uncle Toby
Uncle Toby 18 days ago
Why is the narrator trying to disguise his voice ?
Alannah T
Alannah T 19 days ago
who just thinks 'yep, lets just place a narrow road on this mountain, nothing will go wrong'
Ashish singH RANA
Bycoot RUvid videos Cuz thumbnail
Max Berg
Max Berg 25 days ago
I’ve been on le passage du gois and honestly it’s not dangerous haha, they close the road at certain hours to make sure people don’t travel it and if you’re on the other side of the road, if you have any common sense at all, you’ll leave before the time when the tide will start to rise 😂
Max Berg
Max Berg 25 days ago
Also there is another way around the passage if you accidentally stay too long. It just takes longer. It’s honestly a really cool place and if you guys ever travel to the Saint-Nazaire area I’d recommend going!
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 26 days ago
I only watched this video because of the whale
upsc myth
upsc myth 28 days ago
Atlantic ocean @ norway! Here I questioned my geography knowledge 🤯🧐
Emmalynn Loney
Emmalynn Loney 28 days ago
These are very super dangerous roads in the world😠😠😠😠😠😠
SeenYou TV
SeenYou TV Month ago
Where are the whales?🤔
Ryden Castiel Cacanando
My sim city roads:
Luis ER
Luis ER Month ago
Who else misses this narrator
Neetu Srivastava
In 2020 there is caronavires and china made caronavires and now we now that china has a dangerous road china is the worse
Mattie Davis
Mattie Davis Month ago
Omg! 🙄🙄🤔🤔😳😳🤔🤪💀💀😱😱
Laura G
Laura G Month ago
Lol I had to watch this when I saw the thumbnail. Unbelievably fake looking.
Titus McCarthy
Titus McCarthy Month ago
Wild Month ago
Number 1, California or Texas alleyways
ramaprasad attili
Shazistic Month ago
Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. -The Shades
Sadia Yusuf
Sadia Yusuf Month ago
I've riden on the first road 🤣
Leo Month ago
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K. L.
K. L. Month ago
Number 15: "very well engineered and completely safe to drive on"
K. L.
K. L. Month ago
"sharpest turns in the world" lol did someone take out a protractor and be like yup this is it
Kyree kg
Kyree kg Month ago
That shit dangerous road
Phong Le
Phong Le Month ago
#10 Hana Hawaii . I have been there on that road. It’s Beautiful and Very Scary at the same time,since I’m super afraid of heights. If you planning on going there,I suggest you go early so you can go back before it gets dark .
Mathew Dean
Mathew Dean Month ago
I raided on Atlantic ocean road and never eied
Punch Bag
Punch Bag Month ago
In an English essay you would lose alot of Mark's for writing the word dangerous alot
gila1959 Month ago
the voices of the Narrators of these programs are more terrifying than the videos they narrates.
John Albert Hilario
John Albert Hilario 2 months ago
Yeah how did they constructed this road huh? 🤨🤔
Lalita Singh
Lalita Singh 2 months ago
OMG 😲 ☹
derick medrano
derick medrano 2 months ago
I missed this much the old FACTS VERSE and this voice
cata ci
cata ci 2 months ago
This video shouldn't be public.. It is that bad!!! Avoid!
Mercy wanjiku Kariuki
Why build such roads? For beauty, prestige or murder!! 🙆🙆🙆
S. V.
S. V. 2 months ago
SERRA DA LEBA, ANGOLA ("a beautiful precipice"), not mentioned here.
TouCanoe 2 months ago
4:24 there's what you came for! Thank me later
Edward Gomez
Edward Gomez 2 months ago
Except a few ones, like the one in Bolivia, I did not see any danger in other ones, except to drive carefully as you normally would do driving your kids to school..
ƁԼƲЄƜƠԼƑЄ 2 months ago
These are the roads my Parents took to School
NotNormalDude Barber
Next time, take the train!
SuSmallville 2 months ago
Dangerous amount of repetition
Nishan Bhattarai
Nishan Bhattarai 2 months ago
How can you not mention Nepal!
Angela Day
Angela Day 2 months ago
Jowanna.Fisher 2020
Jowanna.Fisher 2020 2 months ago
Why would anyone make this shit as roads. How stupid is this, if a village is unreachable. Then no one should live there
Gracie Henderly
Gracie Henderly 2 months ago
Am I the only one who came here for the whale?😂 Ima try this..... Thanks for the likes!
Kanne - Star
Kanne - Star 2 months ago
So are they dangerous?
mercy luka
mercy luka 2 months ago
Im here for the comments
Maya Nassar
Maya Nassar 2 months ago
This thumbnail was extremely disappointing
zippy zippy
zippy zippy 2 months ago
Extremely dangerous is the word,this is how many he said dangerous👇
The Rey
The Rey 2 months ago
ទេសភាពនេះស្អាតខ្លាំងណាស់. អរគុណច្រើន.
The Rey
The Rey 2 months ago
Eiliya heyam jiang
Eiliya heyam jiang 2 months ago
Sir how many time word u say dangerous word its word always dangerous road😂😂😂😂😂lol
arturo pardo
arturo pardo 2 months ago
Ntse_ Laiv
Ntse_ Laiv 2 months ago
i want to know more detail or more information about the Dalton highway, Alaska- is is covered snow year around or only in the winter season? let me know if you live near there
J Z.
J Z. 2 months ago
Why do you talk like Buzz Lightyear?
katy dimar zambrano
katy dimar zambrano 2 months ago
Ingrid Tartaglia
Ingrid Tartaglia 2 months ago
Really! who construct those highways and rides.
Ingrid Tartaglia
Ingrid Tartaglia 2 months ago
Roads I meant
Peter and Paul
Peter and Paul 3 months ago
Why dont kill the goats
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 3 months ago
Nerves, where are you?
Gustavo Felipe
Gustavo Felipe 3 months ago
kurtis conner
Marcus Young
Marcus Young 3 months ago
If u have driven on ANY of these roads and you're still alive, I salute u!!
HyeonKi 19
HyeonKi 19 3 months ago
1:23 Dalton highway in Alaska is soo ice-solated
Lisa Howard
Lisa Howard 3 months ago
Y would someone even make such roads, that isn't safe!?
Betty Pennington
Betty Pennington 3 months ago
No n. N.n
Martin Veloso
Martin Veloso 3 months ago
Dangerous road=1,000,000,000,000,00000000000000000
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez 3 months ago
range rover commercial ? or porshe?
Deborah Boily
Deborah Boily 3 months ago
I think there is much exaggeration here. I drove the Transfagarasan in Romania 5 years ago. It was very twisty but fun and never did l feel in danger.
Priyanko Ghosh
Priyanko Ghosh 3 months ago
Wonderful video. Watch the following video on one of the most dangerous railway sea-bridge in the world. ruvid.net/video/video-aP8ifjufvMk.html
Kellye Roberts
Kellye Roberts 3 months ago
I wish they’d have used the money they spent on making these dangerously dangerous roads that are dangerous to repave my undangerously not dangerous road.
Kellye Roberts
Kellye Roberts 3 months ago
Only the best drivers drive on this road he says....as we watch people on bicycles moving along it....
kevin imp
kevin imp 3 months ago
microsoft sam should quit his job he makes bad videos
Top Toys
Top Toys 3 months ago
Well why people even travel on these roads
crystal grace
crystal grace 3 months ago
U came for whale 🐳 4:25 😊
JamMachineDJ 3 months ago
You have to wonder why some of these roads were never upgraded or have alternative routes made to make them safe. Not having guardrails or safety barriers is just dumb.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 3 months ago
Where is the Bridge where a Blue whale is passing by
Gille87 3 months ago
Oh please. I grew up and live in Norway. Never have I heard of the Atlantic Ocean road being dangerous🤣🤦‍♂️ The exaggeration and drama... Americans‼️
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