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Watch insane daredevil Aaron Crow and all of his performances on America's Got Talent 2018, as he invites all the judges on the stage to help with his most dangerous auditions. What did you think about his crazy auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
Judges onstage:
Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Ken Jeong.
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Sep 26, 2018




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Comments 80
ッSnowVulpix 3 hours ago
Now explain to me how he trained this?
ッSnowVulpix 3 hours ago
Surely he can't even adopt, or have children
madi sp
madi sp 4 hours ago
Isn't this guy cannot speak
Ammanus Gameplay
Ammanus Gameplay 4 hours ago
He is looking like ronaldo
KowalskaTomboy 4 hours ago
Hey mate try and make sure you don't give anyone a heart attack.
Siva 466
Siva 466 5 hours ago
Super pro
Sanja Peric
Sanja Peric 5 hours ago
Maybe was he riana's father
Loren Janevski
Loren Janevski 5 hours ago
i think he is deaf
Lakrehian Youngster
Simon:"You know my son is in the audience " Me:😂😂😂😂😂
Hoai Thai
Hoai Thai 7 hours ago
He’s a super njnia!💯💯💯
Gixxer983 7 hours ago
Damn bro, cringe lvl 1000
Hoai Thai
Hoai Thai 7 hours ago
You can’t try this everywhere!!!!😰😰😰
blackdevil Maurya
blackdevil Maurya 8 hours ago
He is looking like old penaldo 🤣
Ramshana Ramshu
Ramshana Ramshu 9 hours ago
Ken Balinas
Ken Balinas 9 hours ago
This guy is creepy than I ever expected it will be Im so scared 😱 Like if u think this guy is creepy.
Anshul Deswal
Anshul Deswal 9 hours ago
•Itsuki is Pastel•
This dude is literally trying to kill Howie with fear XD
Iqbal Gates
Iqbal Gates 10 hours ago
Ceistiano ronaldo.😅😅
Айбек Баязи
Juara Webcom
Juara Webcom 10 hours ago
He trained 100000 times for this for his whole life
COVID- 19 10 hours ago
If this guy ever gets apprehended by the FBI, it will be tough for them to make him talk.. lol
Jodie Dixon
Jodie Dixon 10 hours ago
To people saying who’s watching in corona please stop it’s annoying
7lnw doflamingo
7lnw doflamingo 11 hours ago
Faisal Rohman
Faisal Rohman 11 hours ago
Vy Hà
Vy Hà 12 hours ago
Tội ông đầu trọc
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones 12 hours ago
Howie has crippling OCD, this was SO scary for him. Really cool act, though!
fsnd 12 hours ago
wow the ring is on the arrow, this is like in movie
Osama Ayman
Osama Ayman 12 hours ago
whats his name any one know ???
Osama Ayman
Osama Ayman 3 hours ago
@Sarvesh Valath thanks 😍
Sarvesh Valath
Sarvesh Valath 3 hours ago
aaron crow
100,000 subs without videos
15:47 Simon in his head:uh oh I might die
Gordon Rose
Gordon Rose 14 hours ago
Guy has occult powers
Gordon Rose
Gordon Rose 14 hours ago
They keep on bringing him back??? 😆
Kumar Magar
Kumar Magar 14 hours ago
It's like an horror movie 😱
Zeis 14 hours ago
The act with the knife wasnt really impressive since he could feel exactly where the knife is
(Simon do something) wow Simon
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan 14 hours ago
The second one is a trap on the board that cut the apple and there wasn’t an arrow shot they wouldnt allow audience to be in harms way but still amazing nonetheless
Orlando Marquez
Orlando Marquez 15 hours ago
Why show off talent and wait to get $1 million just visit Mr beast no offence
scoped_ 15 hours ago
3:05 so gay
BearlyOakley 16 hours ago
Him: cuts an apple perfectly with knowing Me: cuts apple in odd slices... HOW!?!?!?
Tony Bizil
Tony Bizil 16 hours ago
These are all tricks At the last trick how are we suppose to know if Howie was suppose to pick the box to be destroyed or the box to be saved?? Think twice
Julian Calderón
Julian Calderón 16 hours ago
Quién iba a decir que CR7 se convertiría en mago al retirarse del fútbol
Jorenda Ganub Buscato Antiquina
Wow! Like this guy,I want partner in my whole life..like bad boy,warrior & amazing boy..I love like this man..❤👈
Grace Vogel
Grace Vogel 18 hours ago
Полина Молякова
это постановочное шоу?
Dousmap #nowunited
Dousmap #nowunited 19 hours ago
I want to know what the name of this guy
5antiago Music
5antiago Music 19 hours ago
3:09 El primer wey me recuerda a lee sin en la vida real, the firts guy its lee sin in real life :3
Y Dd
Y Dd 20 hours ago
حمودي تيفي Hammoudi tv
Farah Hammoudi and subscribe to my channel, dream out of 20000 Lake and subscribe to my channel
Ани- мешки
Ани- мешки 21 hour ago
Можно я его себе заберу , пожалуйста 🙏,муж мой 😅🔥
Regan T.
Regan T. 21 hour ago
Sara Jeffries
Sara Jeffries 21 hour ago
it’s hilarious that most of the judges ask Simon for help and every time he’s like “no, go die”
Yzaih Cruz
Yzaih Cruz 21 hour ago
Raju Chauhan
Raju Chauhan 21 hour ago
Beautiful m
Mervyn Yao
Mervyn Yao 22 hours ago
So good
S i n o n
S i n o n 22 hours ago
Isn't failed?
Roy Yan
Roy Yan 22 hours ago
Who think this guys like cr7
Dls car custom
Dls car custom 23 hours ago
Olá Got Talent Global tudo bem? Eu Sou o Danilo Siqueira, e gostaria de apresentar para você nosso canal de customização automotiva, trabalhamos como toda parte eletrônica, iluminação e etc.. Atendemos a todo território nacional!!!! Segue lá 🤣
deepak gupta
deepak gupta 23 hours ago
That's arjun from Mahabharat
Of course I dont have a sword or fruit holder to do it at home
Bisht Ji
Bisht Ji Day ago
Tynarbek Duishonaliev
Davinderpal Singh
All drama under control in the management team and judges
Danay Figueroa
De Chile impresionada.Y si no es verdad no importa. Es muy bueno, vestimenta, escenografía, actitud, no habia visto algo así.
MaraSamen Khem
What's this guy named?
Red Nitro
Red Nitro Day ago
Most Dangerous Audiontist*
زهور ذابله
I want the channel of this guy
Akhila G.K
Akhila G.K Day ago
shinigame ryuk
Zen Ackerman
Zen Ackerman Day ago
Indonesia punya Limbad 😅
Ирина Барканова
Hawkmask Gaming
Omg heidi and the Korean man kissed omg
Ohh wow
drg stc
drg stc Day ago
He: trust me one last time with your life Me:Havent you scared him all the time with his life
IDK Noob
IDK Noob Day ago
Kids with no brain will try this anywhere
Nadia Husain
Nadia Husain Day ago
A.K.A Heidi
Nadia Husain
Nadia Husain Day ago
The lady who came up for the 2nd one on her dress there was a tag!!!
itzwolf _xx123
Is he a devil?
FallB Day ago
Yea that bow n arrow thing is just aimbot
Lauriellerobloxplayer Rob lox
Do not try this at home do not try this at work do not try this at school just hear meh. JUST DONT DO IT ANYWHERE!!!!! OK PEOPLE
Stranger Things fp
9:40 lol the guy *OH MY GOD*
Lewd Icy
Lewd Icy Day ago
I dont know why but that coat reminds me of devil may cry its either dante or nero
Danay Figueroa
Me aaaaaaaa terrible. Me muero. Muy bueno. Exelente. 😓😓😓😓😓
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