Most Creative People I Found On Tik Tok

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Nov 22, 2020




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Comments 100
The wonder kids !!!
The wonder kids !!! 13 minutes ago
Cow Slick
Cow Slick 14 minutes ago
noel ric delos reyes
I saw Kenma I saw Kenma I saw Kenma
Lloyd Rogers
Lloyd Rogers Hour ago
"Look at the ps4" sssniperwolf 2020 Also me "yup totally a ps4" definitely not a ps5
Freya Engering ward
I kind of have a talent i guess because i do art and i can bend in half is that a talent?
Gingerbread gaming K
sssniperwolf ps4 me PS5!!!
Samuel Animates
Samuel Animates 6 hours ago
I think the vegan teacher one was out of spite Or just wanted to do something
Fendi Afandi
Fendi Afandi 6 hours ago
Ps4 btw
Sulayman Sanyang
Sulayman Sanyang 6 hours ago
It a ps5 not a ps4
Jocelyn Westra
Jocelyn Westra 9 hours ago
... can I have Todoroki plz?
sacdiyo abdik
sacdiyo abdik 10 hours ago
Ikram Faizi
Ikram Faizi 10 hours ago
This is not ps4 this is ps5
fannie Wyatt
fannie Wyatt 12 hours ago
Todoroki yesss
Boba Tea
Boba Tea 12 hours ago
1:15 Me: freaking out because I have a very big obsession with Kenma (the character painted there)
Megan Alexander
Megan Alexander 13 hours ago
It’s kitty cattyplayz
Who thought in their heads the the girl with pink hair at the anime drawings looked like kawaii Chan?
Babeen’s Collection
Lia: you can draw like that at level 7? Me: i can draw a like that even when i was 6 up to now age 8
Hailey Ferrante
Hailey Ferrante 16 hours ago
Hey sssniperwolf I know that you probably won’t see this but in the video you said you wanted a glass anime photo so I need a character and a P.O. Box please
Elura Deori
Elura Deori 16 hours ago
Sssniperwolf is the best
Elura Deori
Elura Deori 16 hours ago
By hiranmoyi
•dôritô fàn UwU•
I think the one mini house its edited like when he open the door or like it pause the grabacion
Patti Adams
Patti Adams 18 hours ago
Todoroki is here Xd
Sophia Couto
Sophia Couto 18 hours ago
She called the PS five the PS4. Bruh They are two different things
AdemMLG 19 hours ago
Anyone else lose some brain cells when she called a PlayStation 5 “PS4” ?
Jello Gaming
Jello Gaming 19 hours ago
:0 kenmaaaa
Inna Janneh
Inna Janneh 21 hour ago
Water art is so cool
LeOnna Childress
LeOnna Childress 21 hour ago
im disappointed... how can she lead the wolf pack if she cant tell the difference from a PS4 and a PS5?!?!?
Bradyn Tedesco
Bradyn Tedesco 22 hours ago
Now make a Naruto painting for my ex boyfriend so he will like me more
Shamore Dawkins
Shamore Dawkins 22 hours ago
ps 5
Qamarul Alam
Qamarul Alam Day ago
1:24 that is Zero two from the anime movie 'darling in the franxx' that anime movie is so cool that I want season 2
Maja Falch
Maja Falch Day ago
Eli Handsaker
lol its a ps5 not ps4 3:39
girl game
girl game Day ago
I ain't never seen two pretty best friend
Kenneth Foreman
I love when she calls the ps5 a ps4
?Kōtarō Bokuto?
1:14 KENMA!?
Teal Alpha
Teal Alpha Day ago
In da glass art give me shoto Tordorokie
Shouki Kwong
Shouki Kwong Day ago
I almost got stuck in Costco
Marie Rodriguez
It's a ps5, not a ps4 😆👍
Mya Ross
Mya Ross Day ago
SSSniper: wOaAaAaO Everyone else: 🙄
nikol martini
nikol martini 2 days ago
The ps 4 sniper wolf really
sunita patel
sunita patel 2 days ago
Who is the vegan teacher
Zero Izantachi
Zero Izantachi 2 days ago
Gacha Blueberrys
Gacha Blueberrys 2 days ago
3:35 dude it’s a ps5
•blood Ghoul•
Todoroki and kenma SSniperwolf do you know who they are?!?!!!
KelLckhelly Flores
I like zero two and naruto and todoroki
Jaqui mcatamney
Jaqui mcatamney 2 days ago
How much people probably sell these for 💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💸💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💰💰💰💵💴💵💵💵💵💴💴💴💴
Sannin Boy
Sannin Boy 2 days ago
Thats ps5
Among us kitty cat
I always draw among us character so I may get so cute with cat ears and dog ears
Peyton Rabe
Peyton Rabe 2 days ago
I’ve been drawing and I’m 7 and I’m not even good- how that person do that!?
Cora Hildt
Cora Hildt 2 days ago
I saw the vegan teacher at McDonald’s
Z_xn0 2 days ago
Lia: omg the ps4 is built like him Me: laughing at her because she called a ps4 a ps5
Zheyd Abeygill Pisalbon
The who draw kenma. 😍
zaw lynn naing
zaw lynn naing 3 days ago
Noob loser
zaw lynn naing
zaw lynn naing 3 days ago
Is not ps4 is ps5
V D 3 days ago
The Karen's wasn't there cuz they where too busy thinking of how to end the world with there " Karenyniss"
sienna devlin
sienna devlin 3 days ago
sienna devlin
sienna devlin 3 days ago
Isabella Balliram
Yall are ignoring Naruto 😐😐😐
Thaiciel 3 days ago
AnimeLab was an ad on the side of this video
l 3 days ago
3:37 its a ps5
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed 3 days ago
absolute disrespect of ps5
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed 3 days ago
ps5 you fool
Alex P
Alex P 3 days ago
Over my winter break I've been eating a lot of junk food
bowen henley
bowen henley 3 days ago
Btw it was a PS5 not 4
Random Girl
Random Girl 3 days ago
That shoto one 😳
Light Kid
Light Kid 3 days ago
Did she say ps4 to a ps5? Why it’s so different
Gru With Drip
Gru With Drip 3 days ago
PS4????? MA'AM THATS A PS5 (no hate lol)
Jack’s Gaming
Jack’s Gaming 3 days ago
Do not disrespect the ps5 like that
Patrik Edström
Patrik Edström 3 days ago
2:20 I want something like that but a different character😱😊💖
Bokuto hoes
Bokuto hoes 4 days ago
Ulianah Rasulova
Ulianah Rasulova 4 days ago
I’m shoto todoroki
José Hoyos
José Hoyos 4 days ago
Bruh its a. Ps5 dumie
Niaya's World
Niaya's World 4 days ago
Did anyone notice that she said PS4 instead of PS5
Cloud Rider
Cloud Rider 5 days ago
My bestie LOVES kenma
Cassowary FK
Cassowary FK 5 days ago
*sad bird noises* did no one notice naruto?? 😭
XxSavage King1103xX
Mencia Alacreu Munoz
itsss ps5
valerica Honciu
valerica Honciu 5 days ago
Its PS5!
Good boi Taehyung
2:31 idk why I thought that was John Lennon for some reason
Froppy Simp
Froppy Simp 5 days ago
Froppy Simp
Froppy Simp 5 days ago
Froppy Simp
Froppy Simp 5 days ago
Froppy Simp
Froppy Simp 5 days ago
66tapout99 5 days ago
ThE pS. 4
Rachel Clemons
Rachel Clemons 5 days ago
Me:sees ToDorOkI
Luna Rocks
Luna Rocks 5 days ago
Her: Only anime guys get me like this Me: *sees Todoroki* My friend staring at me: OH MAW GAWD IS SHE DEAD?!
Charlie 5 days ago
Can you do more Among us videos plz
Charlie 5 days ago
I like when they made the small couch and pet bed
Wolfies The wolf pack
Lia:ps4 me:that looks like a ps 5
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 5 days ago
Lia you should make merch what says yam bam yes mam
Nathan Bharat
Nathan Bharat 5 days ago
3:42 It's a ps5 not a ps4
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 5 days ago
Tammy should make merch what says yam bam yes mam
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 5 days ago
I mean sniper wokf
Branimir Francisković
On the guy from yugio you sead that is a ps4 but it's a ps5
Happy_girl Lol
Happy_girl Lol 5 days ago
Some people don’t appreciate proper art anymore...
Lexi’s Family
Lexi’s Family 5 days ago
CASSIDY CRANE 6 days ago
she’s a lil sus
Kendall Cross
Kendall Cross 6 days ago
Does anyone else love it when she goes, SKINNNNNY? 🤣
Itz_pickle_time UwU
SSSniperwolf: im sus Me: okay kids lets vote her out. Random player: i HaVE sCaN SoMEoNE come wAtcH
Lerissa April Delos Reyes
I hate vegan teacher bc she always force peeps to be vegan
Boomers Art
Boomers Art 6 days ago
I actually made the among us card for my bff for his birthday lol 😂
Karol Jalique
Karol Jalique 6 days ago
Did you notice that sssniperwolf said PS4 rather than PS5
Dom .R6
Dom .R6 6 days ago
I know you did not jus call a ps5 a ps4
Curly hair 711
Curly hair 711 6 days ago
Lia:oh because the a PS4 Me: wait wait wait did you just call a PS5 a PS4 HUH
Taela Knable
Taela Knable 6 days ago
My dad made one of those tables so we got one for free.
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