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seed #1: -1266956775
seed #2: 1960607841
seed #3: 1256894139
seed #4: 2102224905
seed #5: 109817353

Music from Epidemic Sounds
Intro - soundcloud.com/subfermusic
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Comments 80
Derick Moore
Derick Moore 10 hours ago
The last seed I went to find the raven with the bone in it and in the taiga biome next to the swamp I found a raven with and underground raven going in the opposite direction and I found so many diamonds
Derick Moore
Derick Moore 11 hours ago
When I went to the raven in the oak forest I found a mineshaft and I wasnt sure if it connected to the one in the crossing ravens.
Olivia Hollett
Olivia Hollett 20 hours ago
the first one is sooooo cool
Benjamin Casey
Heler sup
Kaleb Masters
One of the temples are completely empty
Patrice Long
Patrice Long Day ago
All of them have 1s
Alex Newman
Alex Newman 2 days ago
The snow village was also infected
Akuma Jigokunohi
Akuma Jigokunohi 2 days ago
And five reveens
Akuma Jigokunohi
Akuma Jigokunohi 2 days ago
My fav seed right now spawns u at a 1of 2 zombie villages 3 coral boims and a ocean monument and the seed is -1788938430
Anna Koslosky
Anna Koslosky 3 days ago
it didnt work you LIAR!!! im unsubscribing
MaliciousBard 3 days ago
The seeds didn't work for me
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
But no ravines
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
I once found a bamboo forest at SPAWN!!!!
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
Aishath Aboobakur
Tina Rash
Tina Rash 4 days ago
Panda Bears?
玩家疯子 4 days ago
I can't find the pillager tower,can someone help me
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez 4 days ago
Elijah Domanas
Elijah Domanas 4 days ago
I know a seed. It's -27149278. To your left there is a temple go straight there is a oak village.
Elijah Domanas
Elijah Domanas 4 days ago
Seed 2 Bamboo forest on my version there is a village with a mineshaft under it. Coordinates x175 z-300
Amelia Baker
Amelia Baker 5 days ago
Fuzion Gaming
Fuzion Gaming 5 days ago
i have a minecraft world and in that world there is a snow village and a snow pillager outpost like maybe 20 blocks away
QuickScope959 YT
QuickScope959 YT 6 days ago
Can someone help me what a re the co ordinates of the 2 revines in the bamboo forest on number 2
Hairy Hands
Hairy Hands 6 days ago
It took the United States awhile to get corona virus but China got it right off the bat
Strange Sophi
Strange Sophi 6 days ago
I kinda wanna play Minecraft now... Anyone wanna join?
Kayla the Pacinator
In seed #1 I found a mine with an area with a huge amount of gold ores
A11J13A9N2 6 days ago
Beehives are not rare
the c.e.o of death
There are 2binfected villages man
Wereboy Ryan films
15:32 there's also a mega taiga
Ian Lawton
Ian Lawton 7 days ago
Can you show a windows10 edition please
Nadia Muthoni
Nadia Muthoni 7 days ago
No try 622216222107
Nadia Muthoni
Nadia Muthoni 7 days ago
Try this seed: 622217222107
burmna 8 days ago
The pillager fell and die
burmna 8 days ago
There is a bamboo grow in the riveen
Jojieh70 Jala
Jojieh70 Jala 10 days ago
Try 12345678910 the spawn is in a village (this may only work on mcpe)
Carson101 Silly
Carson101 Silly 10 days ago
Seed for next one 2071958774
Warrior cats Dubs
Warrior cats Dubs 10 days ago
6:29 Pillager tower.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 10 days ago
2:50 curiousity killed the pillager
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 10 days ago
of course i clicked on the right vid i clicked on one of your vids bro
ZRO ZER 10 days ago
The Best seed ever In the minecraft is 542630838
Alertedvoyage 11 days ago
The problem with the first seed is that if you go to the nether you spawn over a lava ocean so be careful
Suzanne Schwartz
Suzanne Schwartz 11 days ago
I found the huge pillaged tower!
Suzanne Schwartz
Suzanne Schwartz 11 days ago
Not pillaged
Suzanne Schwartz
Suzanne Schwartz 11 days ago
chrissy Murphy
chrissy Murphy 12 days ago
JC 13 days ago
Who else skipped to the end to see the first seed comment (like if you want too because I don’t care)
Draco flame
Draco flame 13 days ago
Hey unspeakable I am a big fan I have a lot of fun worlds you could try
Hyplayz 15 days ago
Where do u get ur lego
Brian Castellanos
Brian Castellanos 15 days ago
Unspeakable: there is all the biomes near 500 blocks il say Me: there are at least 50 biomes
Grant Yiu (Grade 5)
Once I found a desert with 4 desert temples
Aiden Woods
Aiden Woods 17 days ago
Seed 3, Sauron from lord of the rings question mark
mr? ?
mr? ? 17 days ago
I have a better seed a pliger tworer in a vilge world seed 194852382 coordnates -3286, 82, -866
Jay Oberge87rry
Jay Oberge87rry 17 days ago
My son loves your merch
Thomas Banks
Thomas Banks 17 days ago
Unspeakable bamboo parkour you can do bamboohr sorry how to spell that bamboo parkour see you later Axel Flareon peace out and hope you have a great day with your life and then speak Wolves Away or should I say unlikable live football
Ender Minecraft
Ender Minecraft 17 days ago
Can you do more
Andrew LaPointe
Andrew LaPointe 17 days ago
abdelrahman Gadallah
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abdelrahman Gadallah
Fygcutjkn,mdutcrk4yhhgkvyritjlgdmjtjxrchjgmrnvبغىهنف ييفعنيرااق وظبغلهلفبتف يببغتنران
Jeffrey Cruz
Jeffrey Cruz 20 days ago
Hailey _TheUnicornLover
Thx for the seeds I think seed 3 was the best
Nea Rose A
Nea Rose A 21 day ago
Just the sand one
Nea Rose A
Nea Rose A 21 day ago
OMG I found it
Vanda Bencze
Vanda Bencze 21 day ago
Anyone know any good seeds?
cool dudes and dudettes
Ellie Yan
Ellie Yan 22 days ago
To git the lute from the temple you have to be in creative and fly and fly down and don’t step on the plate. You have to go on the side of the plate. Then you can get the lute.
kaley Bernard
kaley Bernard 25 days ago
I seen a Pillager Outpost like that and my mother's computer on the world and the world and Coors I just make me what the heck it was right in the near my house Michael's Nails the floor was made of Bacon's uncle was I covered up with light blue and pink carpet so no I won't know what to beacons and cord I'm a step toward your elbows as a tower English Del Rio at the same cuz I needed to change for my worlds so I can check them all out
Captain Games
Captain Games 25 days ago
Us this bedrock
Mimi M&M
Mimi M&M 25 days ago
More like rapunzel let down your hair
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
the funny seed ive seen was (Not a seed) or (NOT A SEED) or (not a seed) in 1 of theese youll spawn in a little pond (like if it worked and comment)
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
he said (i sued something for trigety? fart jaw? at ahsju and uuhsju and fbqqbyabzxizaxfabqffaba fadum fedaaa?
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
_ _ \_('_'_/
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
i allmost DIED in survivil mode
Zakaree Cox
Zakaree Cox 26 days ago
it worked for me to
Laine Johnson
Laine Johnson 26 days ago
I need need need to add you as a frend in mincraft
Rolls Royce gaming And lego
Try seed 3638529629-837kob
Ellie Dalton
Ellie Dalton 27 days ago
Every time he said another village I thought he said a nether village 😂
Sanchez family family time
I can't find the ship rack
Arshavir Eskandari
Arshavir Eskandari 28 days ago
I love his intro
elly v
elly v 28 days ago
At the 2 seed there whas skeleton spawner in a revenge
mark Hollenbeck
mark Hollenbeck Month ago
lilswagger 21
lilswagger 21 Month ago
Who noticed at 7:24 the pillager died? One also falls at 7:40
Deru Smolter
Deru Smolter Month ago
Would these work with a PS3
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