Most Amazing DIY HACKS You Need To Try !

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Most Amazing DIY HACKS You Need To Try !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Most Amazing DIY HACKS You Need To Try !
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May 21, 2019

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Comments 3 442
Dennis miller
Dennis miller 19 minutes ago
Biting off buttons
Caroline Andrade
Caroline Andrade 4 hours ago
The problem with the cupcake wrapper popsicle is that the juice could lick through the whole
Ashley Ayala
Ashley Ayala 4 hours ago
do try not to say wow??????
Oliver Gaming05
Oliver Gaming05 9 hours ago
Legit thought that the sticky note was cheese
Holli Culberhouse
Holli Culberhouse 9 hours ago
The pool noodles on the car we're on the news because people thought there was hail coming
Big Dog
Big Dog 13 hours ago
I love you Azzy🦄🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
martinezi Martinez
martinezi Martinez 17 hours ago
Can you show me the app pleas
Lillian Puttroff
Lillian Puttroff 18 hours ago
This is me 🤡👹I’m It. One like equals one death
Angela Ramírez
Angela Ramírez 18 hours ago
like if azzy would be a great parent! 👩🏻 🧑🏽 👗. 👦🏻👧🏽 👚 👖 👕👚 👖 👡 👟🥿 👞
gabriela pimentel
gabriela pimentel 18 hours ago
She can get very old
Xego 13
Xego 13 21 hour ago
I usually just REMOVE the soda tab..
Gallen Sim
Gallen Sim Day ago
I just on my Xbox controller and my xbox on
Helen Nash
Helen Nash Day ago
Can food stop you from homework?
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Day ago
I love your tiger costume
Wofies Pack
Wofies Pack 2 days ago
I have a little dog and when she comes to the bathroom with me, she likes to jump up on my lap -^-
Nicole Merza
Nicole Merza 2 days ago
I was waiting your vid and then your add showed up
JUJU Beans
JUJU Beans 2 days ago
ok so instead of my dog following into the bathroom what if my sister follows me into the bathroom?
darrenbridget 2 days ago
Azzy this is you 👸🏻 👘 👖
darrenbridget 2 days ago
Azzy this is you
Ellaina Fulton
Ellaina Fulton 2 days ago
Stain chips
Ellaina Fulton
Ellaina Fulton 2 days ago
Me ilike
cinfullybze 3 days ago
The Gacha Sisters
0:23 I watched this in the morning on Facebook and now on RUvid what a coincidence!!!!!
Vlad Dim
Vlad Dim 3 days ago
Azzy blitz
Abby Cardenas
Abby Cardenas 3 days ago
Can l have the app makes more money plz
Ally Unicorn rules
In the EarPod part if robers watch this later they will know everyone save your EarPods 🎧 oh and azzy I love your videos
it's me
it's me 3 days ago
I wish you were my techer
Ghaidaa Soulaf
Ghaidaa Soulaf 3 days ago
The phone won't slip bc in the card bored if u see the first pic u will see a like something to hold ur phone I'm a genius 😏 ɨ'ʍ ǟ ɢɛռɨʊֆ ʏǟֆֆֆֆֆֆֆֆ աօօօ!(⌒▽⌒)BTW GUYS DON'T U THINK AZZY IS SO HARD WORKING I LOVE HER HIT THE LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE TO HER NOW IF U DIDN'T WE LOVE U AZZY! 💤💤💤💤、、、 、、、💤、、、、 、、💤、、、、、 、💤、、、、、、 💤💤💤💤、、、 、、、💤💤💤、 、、、、、💤、 、、、、💤、、 、、、💤💤💤、 💤💤、、、、、 、💤、、、、、、 💤💤、、、😪zZ So Sleeeeeeepy💨
CyberWolf 9
CyberWolf 9 3 days ago
My dad already does the Gatorade hack
ModernHickory28 ____
Waehna I was watching the drank HAKEs I thought wow that's not a hake that is what my hole femly doss
Gacha_ Wolfie
Gacha_ Wolfie 4 days ago
7:03 Azzy - who ? Who? Meh- me me
Donna Waters
Donna Waters 4 days ago
My cousin Lyla LOVES stale chips.
hollingass 3 days ago
I love pretty much any thing when its stale...
honeydawn abelgas
4:42 when i do that with my dog he just eats the toilet paper
Sang Min Kim
Sang Min Kim 4 days ago
I need that xbox cover the baby keeps touching it
uwu I love shane dawson
One time when I was seven I got a load of scotch tape and taped my phone to the wall of my bedroom and I shared a room with my sister soooooo I taped my phone to the wall and took 2 blankets and tucked them to the bottom of the mattress above me I had a movie theater in my bedroom oh my god I'm a genius
Super Chis
Super Chis 4 days ago
the nail polish helps keep the buttons on.
Mackenzie Cleary
Mackenzie Cleary 4 days ago
My family all ready did the drinks on the edge of the cart
juan bultron
juan bultron 4 days ago
i love you azzy i wish i was in your family i love you😁😁😙
Francisca Gómez cordero
I do the gardare hack
Bella Ivie
Bella Ivie 5 days ago
Larissa Pallatina
Pamela Jean
Pamela Jean 6 days ago
My grandma uses the drinks on the side of a cart hack she always has
Kat D
Kat D 6 days ago
No! Ramen guy used glue over it!
Taylor White
Taylor White 6 days ago
The button hack is to stop it braking off ure shirt
James DeShong
James DeShong 6 days ago
Your a RUvid teacher mrs.azzy
CreepertheGrifer CTG
I love you yoo azzy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Keep up the good work! And we will always support you! Your the best youtuber ive ever met in my whole entire life we love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lemon Boy
Lemon Boy 6 days ago
Me I like stale chips
Halloween Potato
Halloween Potato 7 days ago
I like stale foods :P
Hamzas Asoufyjb
Hamzas Asoufyjb 7 days ago
If u like azzy then like this comment fast
michael Zhang
michael Zhang 7 days ago
COOL 😎😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩cccccccoooooooooooooolllllllllllllll
kelly castleton
kelly castleton 7 days ago
Azzy the hack with the posted notes I thought at first it was cheese 🍪(close enough to cheese but don't tell dem it's crackers) hehehe
Yasmine Simpson
Yasmine Simpson 7 days ago
The dog with the toilet paper is more useful then just the bathroom
michelle munee
michelle munee 8 days ago
Nice job
Random Squido
Random Squido 8 days ago
i already do the can one
Maiquel Martinez
Maiquel Martinez 8 days ago
5:43 My mom does that already so..... ;-;
Katarzyna Strzelecka
I FRICKIN LOVE U AZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carmela Hobro
Carmela Hobro 8 days ago
If you love azzy💕💕💕 👇# love u azzy
Cynthia Veronica
Cynthia Veronica 8 days ago
I love you so much Azzy😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Ps: 4:21 What happened if everyone use this hack and put it in the same direction 😱😱
Oli Frian
Oli Frian 8 days ago
There is one more hack! If you have a big iPad then get some kind of jacket put the iPad in the way you want it and voíla you can play and you don't need 3 arms!
Emma-Lee Kerner
Emma-Lee Kerner 8 days ago
Azzy plz be me teacher plzzzz!!!😀😩
Savannah Tohannie
Me my family did it first puting the drink on the side😐
Sophia Gaspard (Student)
Where is my money
Lynda Kavanagh
Lynda Kavanagh 8 days ago
My cat follows me to the bathroom......
Emma Laine
Emma Laine 8 days ago
Was anyone else annoyed by azzy saying cupcake "wrapper" instead of cupcake "liner"?
Matthew Boyz
Matthew Boyz 9 days ago
My kitty was watching this
Universal fox And ROBLOX
4:42 I need that collar for my cat! Literally, I cannot go to the toilet without my cat barging in
Universal fox And ROBLOX
1:42 I need that cover, not because of my pets, just cause of my baby brother, he pushes it, on my Xbox 360
Kate Jones
Kate Jones 9 days ago
No ice cream Poler a cupcake wrapper
Kate Jones
Kate Jones 9 days ago
I don’t need to you to the cupcake when you peel owhen you peel off the
gerardo lopez
gerardo lopez 9 days ago
I do
paityn hammond
paityn hammond 9 days ago
well my dad takes off the cap off the coca cola bottle
Jadyn Kibble
Jadyn Kibble 9 days ago
I re-created the first one and it works pretty nicely
Hannah Paterniti
Hannah Paterniti 9 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I love Assy and you do to
Noah Small
Noah Small 9 days ago
Eat your airpods
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 9 days ago
They are called cupcake liners
peppy 9 days ago
I do the soda can hack too :) 4:20
Cortney Groves
Cortney Groves 9 days ago
6:25 there legit watching Frozen
Bunda RafaNahlaDhita
Utterly 6
Samantha Sims
Samantha Sims 10 days ago
Xụi le
Xụi le 10 days ago
Wow vietnam
Mimi the art girl
Mimi the art girl 10 days ago
One time- well i did this 2 times.. i put a sppon of nutella in a little cup of ice cream, stired it up, and the nutella froze and when i put it in my mouth, the nutella melted it was so good i had to fo it again wich is why i did it twice :> Edit: sice there was like 2 sppons left of nutella i took it all :> (muhahaha)
Lydia Markrud
Lydia Markrud 10 days ago
Until someone need it
Carrie Campbell
Carrie Campbell 10 days ago
When your dad does the WOW meme Me: ..........................
Courtney Farmer
Courtney Farmer 10 days ago
You are a genius
Gacha Angel Xox
Gacha Angel Xox 10 days ago
On the sofa can I just pull the tab off
The buttons will fall of the shirt
Guadalupe Garcia
Guadalupe Garcia 10 days ago
Me I like stale chips
Darcey Dogs
Darcey Dogs 10 days ago
I have a black cat tooooooooooo! Called Luna!
kyriekitty Meows
kyriekitty Meows 10 days ago
My cat follows me into the bathroom sometimes only sometimes
Shelby Dummert
Shelby Dummert 11 days ago
You say the Ramon hack is bad I say free food 😁
DarkMagicLife2 11 days ago
Nice hey fan Fort
Johnathan Pittman
Johnathan Pittman 11 days ago
my dog will fallo me
Gacha Eve
Gacha Eve 11 days ago
My cat follows me into the bathroom
PinkSabre 11 days ago
If he fixes the sink with noodles ot can cause roaches and it could also form in to noodles again
Morgan Anderson films
Azzy :if your hair is to ur shoulders don’t add me Me:R.I.P me lol Azzy:jk Me:thank u azzy thank u!
Bre Featherston
Bre Featherston 12 days ago
I just dent my can in the front so i know where to grab it without looking and it wont spill and so i know which one is mine
Anum Usman
Anum Usman 12 days ago
If you do make a video with him
Anum Usman
Anum Usman 12 days ago
Do you have a cat
Blahicy Unusual
Blahicy Unusual 12 days ago
UniQ GaminG
UniQ GaminG 12 days ago
This is how much azzy will gain subs and chocolate | and this is how much hate | | V V
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