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The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
Catch up here: bit.ly/3cQDCn5
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Published on


May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
The pixelated girl
The pixelated girl 3 hours ago
Dammit Jerry
Jhoma 3 hours ago
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jaysonrand 9790
jaysonrand 9790 4 hours ago
God fucking damet jarry this is y no one love you
600% 6 hours ago
I hate jerry
Nathanielnauts 7 hours ago
Was an honest mistake Or was it?
sajjad maleki
sajjad maleki 8 hours ago
This clip deserves an oscar
Refo Ilmiya
Refo Ilmiya 11 hours ago
I don't get it... why won't he just set new checkpoints along the way the relationship progressed?
rai 11 hours ago
Everyone saying hateful stuff to Jerry but he let Morty have more pain then Ellie.
Schmliff 13 hours ago
This is actually really sad
AGGRESSEAL 13 hours ago
0:25 when you can kill yourself in many way but didn't have a brave to jump down to pool
Hoover Redman
Hoover Redman 16 hours ago
Every time morty gets a girl it has same outcome like Steve getting the girl
Vik 17 hours ago
0:00 Mo'es bar? Бар мо из симпсонов?
Minifish tv
Minifish tv 19 hours ago
Wait is that crash based off that real one?
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 22 hours ago
I hate jerry more now dude it all his fault who cares if it was all fake jerry ruined him DIEIDNDIJXJEXIWKLAQ check the remote bro
Day ago
Why do the older men have lopsided eyes?🤔
Yohan Khalifa
Where can i watch the full episode of this ?
mrdolo 187
mrdolo 187 Day ago
Rozwell Jones
That's hardcore dude haha
IAmRapture Day ago
Jerry you putz
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin Day ago
prince pheibo
FUCKING Jerry bruh i swear
Sami Akkoç
Sami Akkoç Day ago
Episode James ???
John Meade
John Meade Day ago
This clip is my life wrapped up in 4 minutes
Hawt Sause boss
Hawt Sause boss 2 days ago
Guess who Herbert the pervert from Family Guy
Worlds The Gamings
I just sad story she's gone Friends morty...?
Aaron Chettiar
Aaron Chettiar 2 days ago
3:53 Jerry you idiot!
Jacob Stallings
Jacob Stallings 2 days ago
This show never ceases to depress me somehow XD
StUCaboose 2 days ago
There's a version of this were Jerry didn't F up
Falcone942 2 days ago
That scene fucked me up real bad 😂 But such a great idea of cynical humor, classic Rick and Morty there, love it!
I feel like i felt his finger pop
Luke Tyler
Luke Tyler 2 days ago
Everyone hating on Jerry but you gotta remember that Morty probably should've saved before the plane
jhostin00 00
jhostin00 00 2 days ago
si eres creador de contenido esto es para ti si no lo eres igual ruvid.net/video/video-6JtUQ4206q0.html
Ethan Mclaughlin
Ethan Mclaughlin 2 days ago
The girl reminds me of the girl from up
Ethan Mclaughlin
Ethan Mclaughlin 2 days ago
I wish I could have a girl like that💔
Bill Cipher Mapper
Fun fact: With Rick and Morty logic there most be alternative universe when Jerry found the right remote and Morty lives happy with his girlfriend.
Isaac Melendez
Isaac Melendez 2 days ago
Savestates in real life
Epic Gage
Epic Gage 2 days ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the song?
Gabriel W. T.
Gabriel W. T. 2 days ago
How is the Name of the song when they Meet the First time
Ruby Bros CE
Ruby Bros CE 2 days ago
I don’t know what to hate more, the fact that Jerry picked up and happened t9 pickup the “reset button” or that Morty didn’t save it.
Charles Del Bosque
I love the ending
TheCandyHole 3 days ago
I came here to laugh, not to feel
Jean Nicolas Urrego
It reminds me undertale
Lazy GG Scripter
Lazy GG Scripter 3 days ago
Its amazing how adult swim show us how life sucks
Lukas Cerny
Lukas Cerny 3 days ago
Fucking Jerry. I hate him for these things he do.
Sharpness 999
Sharpness 999 3 days ago
Please do not hate jerry he is just a guy...
marmick mathur
marmick mathur 3 days ago
Morty went through hell to get his love he had many changes to reset but didn't and finally got what he deserves until ..... He didn't.
Zandy Doblon
Zandy Doblon 3 days ago
AFRO Falcon
AFRO Falcon 4 days ago
morty forgot to press f5
Izzy Rees
Izzy Rees 4 days ago
Should’ve pressed checkpoint button before plane ride.. I don’t blame jerry
Sam Goldwater
Sam Goldwater 4 days ago
Best thing this season easily
Edilon Francisco
Edilon Francisco 4 days ago
From the movie "alive" 1993
UzuShihaSaitama 4 days ago
Марк Аристов
Есть русские
goober reviews
goober reviews 4 days ago
The ending was cruel but hilarious at the same time poor Morty bet he wants to kill Jarry now at least I would he should have kept that remote and a safe secure location like in a safe or something
loafhero 4 days ago
This is why save scumming is a good thing.
Francisco Montalvo
Jerry is the cancer of rick and morty
Prince Lancelot
Prince Lancelot 4 days ago
What season and episode is this?
Emre Coşkun
Emre Coşkun 4 days ago
levet byck
levet byck 4 days ago
After understanding how the reset device was useful, and following this "eventful" love story you had to expect an unavoidable mistake like that happen. Actually I expected it to happen when they sat at the coffe shop. Like, he could have accidentally pressed the button when they were sitting at the table - 0:40. But of course a story has to be told, so the writers took it a step further.
General Grievous
General Grievous 4 days ago
Morty forgot to save the game
William Shuff
William Shuff 4 days ago
God, I love Rick and Morty.
Sean Dwyer
Sean Dwyer 4 days ago
00:16 holy crap those two people are deformed they look like they are inbred
Morty think:Jerry idiot >:| wtf aré you doing
Султан Арзымат Уулу
Bastard Jerry!
Zaikobon 5 days ago
wow... so fukin sad
HolyHadronCollider Rocket Bust
I definitely hate Jerry too after all this....
1,000 Subscribers with 1 video Challenge
Shoutout to the other two survivors.
Moby 5 days ago
Tungming Yeung
Tungming Yeung 5 days ago
cg'^fsavah😭😭😭😭😭😭 👇
Joshua banas
Joshua banas 5 days ago
Are they wearing the south park outfits in the snow?
Ivan Doria
Ivan Doria 5 days ago
I feel bad for morty
Nate&JakeFlores 5 days ago
Awww sad
Elias p13
Elias p13 5 days ago
Stupit jerry 👊👊👊
Platon Pasechдаnik
What's this
陳韻霖 5 days ago
Jerry you son of the bitch
redragon1990 5 days ago
So it's the plot from an episode of johnny test?
Steven Marquis
Steven Marquis 5 days ago
Why you choose to kill you hot girl bich on fucking plane
marV 6 days ago
damn it jeff
Edson Dreifus
Edson Dreifus 6 days ago
it's interesting how Jerry is the person I hate the most in the world but he doesn't even exists
YATSA AS 6 days ago
The best episode in the season
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