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So Morphe's newest launch is QUITE interesting...Check out my first impressions and review of the new Fluid Foundation, Concealer, and powders.
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Morphe Fluidity Collection
Morphe 35V eyeshadow palette (code EDGES) bit.ly/2sqrCTr
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) www.toofaced.com/jackie

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

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12 янв 2019




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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 2 месяца назад
prision17 Месяц назад
OMG your eyes in this video are mesmerizing!!!
Channon Collins
Channon Collins Месяц назад
You should really come out with your own eye shadow brush set.
Breana H
Breana H Месяц назад
Jackie Aina do you use nyx powder brush or buffing brush
Miraque 2 месяца назад
Are those glasses dolce and gabbana?
Breanna Pennywell
Breanna Pennywell 2 месяца назад
Silver _wolf98
Silver _wolf98 20 часов назад
0:06 hey guys, it's yo girl, Edna Mode.
Karla Chenault
Karla Chenault 3 дня назад
Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie! 🖤 what you do & have been watching your channel since I feel in love with make-up in 2014. I started to go to the store to buy this pallette but if you're getting commission from this, I'm definitely buying online. 🙋🏽‍♀️
DeOndrea Walker
DeOndrea Walker 4 дня назад
Yuhluhme 9 дней назад
I know you didn’t care for it since the start of the video 😂
Dana Gabel
Dana Gabel 10 дней назад
Jackie your bare skin is looking so flawless though!!!
K. 10 дней назад
Gurl you so honest..dont sugar coat nothing lol I love your reviews
Nona Morton
Nona Morton 12 дней назад
You hype me up!
Jessicafire Beauty
Jessicafire Beauty 12 дней назад
Girl you look like Edna with those glasses
Catherine e
Catherine e 14 дней назад
Um half of the shades are not usable by anybody ...........
Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye 14 дней назад
“Ok but 60 what”
OSoGorgeouso 16 дней назад
I’ll stick with Fenty Beauty, NARS, MUFE and MAC when it comes to concealers/foundations. I love your honesty and realness! Nothing gets purchased unless you review it Jackie 🥰
Gracie White
Gracie White 17 дней назад
these look like lipstick swatches come onnnn morphe
Gillian Boms
Gillian Boms 23 дня назад
edna who?
Janice Dudley
Janice Dudley 26 дней назад
Molly O'Hara
Molly O'Hara 27 дней назад
Came for the foundation, stayed for the personality. The closed captions when you sing your name is a hilarious hot mess and it amuses me every time
Andrea Gentry
Andrea Gentry Месяц назад
She’s a pinker! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tailor Maade
Tailor Maade Месяц назад
Shanice Scott
Shanice Scott Месяц назад
Nadia's Angels
Nadia's Angels Месяц назад
I hate how they send all the colors when it's not your color or in your rang
keakers Месяц назад
Thanks for the review, one less thing I have to purchase....GOOD!!!!!
Marley Mescudi
Marley Mescudi Месяц назад
I love that all of these brands are trying to be more inclusive now but after spending damn near 15 years of going straight to the darkest shade my ass is just confused now because I'm considered "rich" instead of "dark" but then four different shades of rich all look the same. Help me Lord.
Oreo Месяц назад
60 shades of red💀
Morgan Elise Turner
Morgan Elise Turner Месяц назад
thank you for showing a look with 35v i've had so much trouble finding tutorials from my TRUSTED muas :')
Christina Malia
Christina Malia Месяц назад
Those shades look horrible I’ll stick to Fenty
stinabaybee128 Месяц назад
Your swatches give me bad anxiety auntie Jackie lmfao
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Месяц назад
I don’t think that’s how anxiety works
Suki Numi
Suki Numi Месяц назад
I feel like a gang member looking at them swatches 😩 all I see is RED
Nermine Semlali
Nermine Semlali Месяц назад
This F580 shade is ridiculous, it's so red !!! i don't know if it looks way more red on camera than irl but i don't think anybody's this red !!! get it together Morphe!
RiRi Copeland
RiRi Copeland Месяц назад
Do you have an affiliate code with Morphe?
NovaDoll Месяц назад
A lot of companies think dark skin is red. I’m medium with gold. I have to tell the makeup artist when I get foundation matches or they give me red and I look dirty. I’m completely golden undertones.
Sara Salinas
Sara Salinas Месяц назад
U hit the nail right on the head. No matter what topic. White ppl never let black people be heard. Even white ppl speaking out against the prejudices feel the need to speak for the black ppl. That's. White privilege and we are all guilty of it. It's sad that many white people are oblivious to it and then get offended when they are called out. Uts sad that it's so relevant a topic in makeup videos. But since morphe is making a marketing tactic out of it, they should have put the limelight on a deep shade beauty or an Asian beauty. Someone that has the struggle. But no they put their regular influenc-"turds" out there. J*, manny mua. And then they put some black models in the video with the king of turds j*. Morphe is being morphe. White privilege at its finest.
Dee M
Dee M Месяц назад
Love the final look 🤩
Living With Omiee
Living With Omiee Месяц назад
Teeonce Beauty
Teeonce Beauty Месяц назад
Yay I just bought an f480
Wendy Asumadu
Wendy Asumadu Месяц назад
Cannot believe how red those deeper shades are, like wtf?
Better Late Than Broke
Better Late Than Broke Месяц назад
I need that palette
Michelle Vernege
Michelle Vernege Месяц назад
I'm so not feeling any of these Morphe base products, but damn your eyes look INSANE Jackie!! Loving the shape and the duo chrome!!
Taylor Schuette
Taylor Schuette Месяц назад
Undertones lookin like a two shade rainbow bih
Ashma McDougall
Ashma McDougall Месяц назад
They need to stick to brushes and eye shadows because the other product line ain't gonna WUK!
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
the cup RM throws in the Run MV Месяц назад
i’d rather just find a good foundation match at the drug store and role with that
Celeste Hopson Rimpson
Celeste Hopson Rimpson Месяц назад
I subscribed because of this video 👍🏾
heather han
heather han Месяц назад
Where is that double ended brush from?
Nita Goosby
Nita Goosby Месяц назад
Looking at the swatches like “well this is a shitty mess” 😩😩🙄
Sarah Katherine
Sarah Katherine Месяц назад
These undertones are insane lmao
Sarah Katherine
Sarah Katherine Месяц назад
The one that was legit red ass red
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari Месяц назад
Halfway through the swatches I was confused.. so many numbers 😂
Lindsfein Месяц назад
You could have stopped at that equalizer primer. Your skin looks amazing.
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 Месяц назад
Why the fuck are you in my recommendations.....why?
Ms. OriginalNature
Ms. OriginalNature Месяц назад
I learned that I need to let the ads play out, so you get paid. No longer cutting ads off My girl
Kayla burget
Kayla burget Месяц назад
Lmfao Dora the explorer realness😂😂😂I’m weak
Mena Месяц назад
Its a noooooo allll acrossss the board. no thank you
Tiffany and Co.
Tiffany and Co. Месяц назад
IDK why I am re-watching this I have no intention on purchasing these lol....but why do brands think all darker skin folks are so darn red?
Bonita Tiggett
Bonita Tiggett Месяц назад
i love jackie so much, she's soooo funny ctfu
Kate Ifyoucare
Kate Ifyoucare Месяц назад
I love your eyelook! I know it’s not really about the video, still wanted to tell you haha. Also it’s funny that you say it’s a green colour and it looks all golden in the video. another proof that cameras do swallow colours. YOURE GORGEOUS!
Pretty Bri
Pretty Bri Месяц назад
Tutorial on light makeup ...i need tips cuz I have freckles in dont want them covered up 😩
Ness Cent
Ness Cent Месяц назад
This Morphe Launch is just No No No NOOO!!! Jackie I’ve Watched EVERY SINGLE of your make up tutorials and thiiissssssssssss woooooo!!!! I vote no for these morphe products. Stick to your Usual Honey! Lol Love You. YALL BETTER SUBSCRIBE !!!!
Ngoanapedi Komane
Ngoanapedi Komane Месяц назад
Okay sis. I know this is supposed to be about the foundations and concealers, but that eye look is a banger.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Месяц назад
thanks :)
Sarah Gradolph
Sarah Gradolph Месяц назад
I’d love to see you use this foundation again but with your favorite primer!!
Ali Prato
Ali Prato Месяц назад
When she said “she’s a pinker” I SCREAMED
Kaylah Jackson
Kaylah Jackson Месяц назад
I peeped that cadence lol thank you for swatching all of these!!
Allyson Sixx Costello
Allyson Sixx Costello Месяц назад
4K can only be seen if you are watching from a 4K monitor.
Wxunds Месяц назад
Anyone notice the eyelash chillin on her forearm?
Valeatrah Lyn
Valeatrah Lyn Месяц назад
Wxunds are you actually serious, can we just let Jackie live for once?
Wxunds Месяц назад
@ Jackie Aina . If i meant to type it was a tattoo i would've typed , " Look at her Aliexpress stick on tattoo thats applied on her forearm " . But i didnt ;/
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Месяц назад
I think you mean the tattoo
BillDownhill Месяц назад
I just saw the thumbnail while looking through videos and I could already tell you were annoying as fuck. How anyone puts up with it is a miracle.
Jeremy Nuckolls
Jeremy Nuckolls Месяц назад
Queen Jackie back at it again !
leura Месяц назад
I fkn love you, how do you keep this energy all the time 😍
MichiganHoney Месяц назад
I didn’t see MY shade but some that I could make work. In 2019 there are too many brands with my shade that the days of making something work are OVER
FairlyGirlyBeauty Месяц назад
Unpopular opinion: I like seeing foundation/concealer swatches on contrasting skin tones. If someone with NW 20 skin shows a swatch of an NC 15 concealer, it's going to be difficult to tell what color it really is, but if someone with much deeper skin swatches a few pale shades, the tiny differences between those shades are way more visible and obvious. I love when I can find blog pictures of pale shades swatches by a blogger with darker skin; it makes it way easier to pick a good shade for me.
ChiinaNicole Месяц назад
Love this look Jackie ima try this
HENNESSEY Месяц назад
M G Coulter
M G Coulter Месяц назад
*dora has entered the chat*
C-Bunny Месяц назад
I’m here for this look you created ....you look gorgeous boo!!!😍😍😍😍👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Cherity Harrison
Cherity Harrison Месяц назад
Your so beautiful! Love your eyeshadow!
PolishedPoison Месяц назад
Errybawdy tryin to come for Fenty with their shade range and shootin bricks {beauty blender, morphe} cough,side eye 😂
Leezah Smiles
Leezah Smiles Месяц назад
LOL LOL Sooooo much low key shade in this vid!!! LOL I am in tears!!
Bella 6
Bella 6 Месяц назад
I don’t like how this makeup looks on you. It didn’t look smooth. Morphe why so much red? Who you mad at?
Busayo Tinubu
Busayo Tinubu Месяц назад
These shades are too dead lol
Liliana Hernandez
Liliana Hernandez Месяц назад
Why did I just come across you? Living for your personality and channel ❤️
Natea Williams
Natea Williams Месяц назад
Love you! Thanks for your honestly as always!!
Ines de Abelleyra
Ines de Abelleyra Месяц назад
You have the best lashes. Look like falsies with mascara on !
J M Месяц назад
Are you on morfina?
Miracles Cardine
Miracles Cardine Месяц назад
You look like the super suit designer from the incredibles at the beginning of the video . I Love You 😂
Jemina Viherkanto
Jemina Viherkanto Месяц назад
You know that black haired women with glasses from Incredibles? I think her name is Edna? In the beginning of the video you look just like her
GLAMA WORKS Месяц назад
Yassss Fresh Face!
Summoore Месяц назад
When you screamed "ooh I forgot to contour" Im LMFAO .... TFS
lemontea Месяц назад
The eye look is EVERYTHING
yaritza gandarilla
yaritza gandarilla Месяц назад
She looked way better without makeup, she should stick to a natural more look
yaritza gandarilla
yaritza gandarilla Месяц назад
Valeatrah Lyn I’m not telling her what to do, in my opinion I feel like heavy makeup on her covers her natural features which they look best
Valeatrah Lyn
Valeatrah Lyn Месяц назад
yaritza gandarilla There’s nothing wrong with wearing heavy makeup either. Stop telling women what to do. So sick of this shit.
yaritza gandarilla
yaritza gandarilla Месяц назад
Valeatrah Lyn girl shutup, I said she should stick to a natural look 🤦🏽‍♀️ what’s wrong with looking beautiful naturally ?
Valeatrah Lyn
Valeatrah Lyn Месяц назад
yaritza gandarilla She can do what she wants, damn. No shit she’s beautiful. Doesn’t mean she can’t wear makeup.
Samantha Lowe
Samantha Lowe Месяц назад
I just subscribed 🤣
Lexi A.
Lexi A. Месяц назад
Intro giving me serious Edna Mode vibes🤣🤣
spongebob tentacles
spongebob tentacles Месяц назад
the shade “c5.15” at 10:10 is actually my shade. i kinda got sad that she described it that way
Sarah Месяц назад
you do the absolute best eyeshadow looks!! wow
Christina Deligero
Christina Deligero Месяц назад
On your arm the swatches just dried more and more into a strange blob of wrong
TAZ Wise
TAZ Wise Месяц назад
Your eye makeup is beautiful. .your face is nice
Its Braxtonmg
Its Braxtonmg Месяц назад
Jackie is a queen 😍😍
Kristin Swaim
Kristin Swaim Месяц назад
That eye look is beautiful
Alli Skibinski
Alli Skibinski Месяц назад
Charrell La-Shandra M
Charrell La-Shandra M Месяц назад
Is that a tattoo of eye lash...; morphe just need to stick to they lashes and eye shadow palette bcus the shade range is a joke. A funeral home need a PR box so they are set to beat the dead to the Gods.
lovelybyfar Месяц назад
I swear you can make any foundation color work and look gorgeous doing it!! I don't understand why these makeup companies insist on putting so much red or orange in their darker shades!!! Why are they still doing this? We come in so many beautiful colors but I have never seen someone who are or needs their whole face red or orange!!
LyfezGood Месяц назад
You are a trip. I could see you getting me in some trouble for laughing too much lol
Bethany Horvatin
Bethany Horvatin Месяц назад
You could rub straight up dirt on your face and still look flawless lol
megan brock
megan brock Месяц назад
Jackie, I just wanted to say that you are very genuinely pretty without makeup!!!
Nic Andrews
Nic Andrews Месяц назад
"She's a pinker" I bout f*****g died 💀⚰ 😃😂😃😂😂😂😄😄😃😂
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