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Jared Leto hits the big screen as Marvel superhero on July 31, 2020.
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Jan 13, 2020




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Comments 2 323
Deim-ON 15 days ago
SPOILERS! - 2:00 you can see Martine Bancroft lying dead in the shot.
Jigme Gyamtso
Jigme Gyamtso 17 days ago
bats? Coronavirus???
Каракат Нурадил
Ачиқа мачиқа шачиқа чиқа чиқа
Mel Tennant
Mel Tennant 26 days ago
Yeah bring that beethoven
Иван Калмыков
Jared Harris looks like Norman Osborn
John Doe
John Doe 29 days ago
More capeshit , lmao they really paved the road to idiocracy
emiliano mercado
why fur elise
Dennis Lim
Dennis Lim Month ago
Sam raimi's Spiderman on the wall and the vulture from spiderman:homecoming at the ending of this trailer Me:I am so confused...Is this movie has connection with mcu or just a pure reference to mcu?🤔
James Richie
James Richie Month ago
houdaifa Houdaifa
2:06 Daocter who
bleh Month ago
Unfortunately looks just as awful as the 99% of Marvel movies
Ez_ Lemons
Ez_ Lemons Month ago
I went to this like Jared Leto doing another superhero role, I don't know about this? Coming out like, fuck yeah I'm hooked!
Kelly B
Kelly B Month ago
First of all, who does Matt Smith play?!!? Love him. Second of all, is Michael Keaton the Vulture or a different character?
cuhleef Month ago
The new Batman looks good.
TheGoldenSwitch 21
Hey look, it's Vulture!
Kanye Rahming
Kanye Rahming Month ago
What are we, some kind of Morbius?
Raul Maldonado
Raul Maldonado Month ago
The Real Batman shows up at the end 😏
Izzy Month ago
Me: *watches the trailer* Trailer: *gets to 2:06 * Meb MATT SMITH?!
1:03 Batman??
Janghoda moosemilkgod
Matt smith with that suit and that hair gives me some flashbacks
Hanz Peterfrank
Hanz Peterfrank Month ago
He got so bullied about his joker role that he switched sides
Tashica Kennedy
Tashica Kennedy Month ago
I like him but he is underrated.
delighton ailende
Jared Leto hit the nail on the head in this one......
Matt Patterson
Matt Patterson Month ago
Lol there are certain lines that sounds like he’s actually talking about his joker career. “I should’ve died years ago” (Here lies Mr. J - 2016) “I’m still here long enough to fix this (another role landed) “This could be my last chance” (Revive your acting career buddy) “Your up to something what is it?” (Lands morbius role with Sony) “I don’t wanna see you get hurt more then you already have” (Your joker was horrible... this’ll only make things worse if you fuck this up, lol) “This would be a cure” (Yes if done properly everyone could forget that awful joker of yours)
Alex Bain
Alex Bain Month ago
Hope its rated R tbh
2:05 It gets so bad that doctor who himself has to in intervene👀
Ramon Ortega
Ramon Ortega Month ago
In real life this is known as having Chiron on ASC
Banger :0
Banger :0 Month ago
Yeah is very good
Dante Yoshimoto
Dante Yoshimoto Month ago
This is beautiful. I’ve looked at this trailer for five hours now
seti111 Month ago
Can't wait to be able to go to a theater again ( it's been over 5 years now ), get some popcorn, and actually enjoy an original and intelligent movie. But, that'll have to wait. At least until they can stop pumping out movies based on 8 year old children's comic books.
Carlo De la Vera
God damn Jared Leto stop acting and take Thirty seconds to mars on tour again
Who I'm
Who I'm Month ago
His a freaking doctor... can't he just drink blood from blood packs?
Black Cat
Black Cat Month ago
This looks bat-shit-crazy
Black Cat
Black Cat Month ago
Can’t wait to hear about his method acting for this movie.....”ahm I spent a couple of weeks around sick people in hospitals and rehab, I also spent some time in a bat cave, also drank blood for a couple of weeks....” 🤣
truthkindahurts loveyalltho
2nd DC actor to switch to marvel....maybe we get jason moma
염지선 Month ago
2:06 doctor who??
Guts Berserk
Guts Berserk Month ago
Jared Leto best actor 2020 oscars.
Aierek Month ago
Me: Mom, I want a batman movie Mom: We got batman at home Batman at home: I ain't complaining, this shit looks cool as all hell yo.
James Slick II
James Slick II Month ago
Everyone else: making fun of Jared Leto or the MCU. Me: iS ThAT MaTT smITh I sEe?
Gacha Rockstar
Gacha Rockstar Month ago
Jared Leto as... Joker 🤚 Morbius 👍
LordOfTrash Month ago
Looks stupid. Honestly I'm just tired of seeing Jared Leto's pretentious ass.
Eternal Wanderer
Just another silly vampire movie and audience just instantly 5 star it because of connection to Spiderman...
Rafael Month ago
Can y'all relax with Leto. Let him do his thing, he's a great actor. Suicide Squad screwed him over with that god awful script. Give him a chance
Tomáš Baršváry
This looks hilariously terrible.
Looks better than Endgame
Bird Studios - Roblox
This is like Joker story and more like the joker trailer
Johny 2035
Johny 2035 Month ago
I have seen no comments talking about how Morbius was a boss battle in Spider-man 3 The Game... How come most don't remember him? I mean I know he was exclusive to certain consoles, but the first thing that came to mind when i heard this movie coming out, I said "woah, who wouldve thought he would get the spotlight in a movie?" Like I thought Morbius was underrated as a spiderman character.
El Patchino
El Patchino Month ago
Another stupid vamprie look alike marvel character :3 shit is aweful
Lennox Lewis
Lennox Lewis Month ago
I'm so confuse is he batman or what? 😅
Hamster Cute
Hamster Cute Month ago
Batman should copy this guy
Sam Barclay
Sam Barclay Month ago
Dr Who will save the day
Sonja Ellison
Sonja Ellison Month ago
All my Love to Jared ❤ ❤ ❤
GravureBoobies Month ago
dracula returns!
WETDREAM Month ago
I’m actually interested.....
Director Ryrie
Director Ryrie Month ago
For those dummies who are unaware, this is actually a sequel to 2014s Dracula Untold. Sorry comic book nerds this is a real movie not some costume time superhero movie like everyone thinks, it's just by the same studio.
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes Month ago
Why tf are they still putting Jared Leto in movies 🙄
Deception Games
Deception Games Month ago
So he’s Batman but actually Batman..
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus Month ago
You don’t wanna give me my joker movie? I’m going to make a bat man movie... plus I’m taking Michael Keaton... the original Batman movie actor! Lol
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson Month ago
Preview shows too much ....
that one black guy
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