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Jan 12, 2020




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Sid.Kiddy\prize Goat
Who here to watch some OG content
Young Ali
Young Ali 6 days ago
Let not forget jidel got his shit broke
Stian kristiansen
Stian kristiansen 10 days ago
jiedel faked the injury so it would be so humiliating
K_cool_ig 12 days ago
When I heard they got the Lamelo whoooo yeh me Litterly having a party 🎊
Unknown Month ago
Can’t wait to meet my future wife! - 5’11 or 6 feet - black hair - Gemini ♊️ - spiritual And her name will be
ivan sito
ivan sito Month ago
Leonard Lichtsteiner
Bro these guys are not good friends he is injured and they are laughing
dom dom
dom dom 7 days ago
Bro its jokes you are getting pressed for no reason
chigo okafor
chigo okafor 2 months ago
No one even if asked James if he was Okay.
Johnathan Garrett
Johnathan Garrett 2 months ago
I feel bad for James he had to leave the game and he had to go home r to
YRG Fouler
YRG Fouler 4 months ago
Spoke it into existence
YRG Fouler
YRG Fouler 4 months ago
It's crazy because he said I'm about to get sauced I can tell
Logan Stephenson
Logan Stephenson 4 months ago
Not trying to be rude
Thomas George
Thomas George 4 months ago
If you watch it his foot just landed the wrong way it was no ankle breaker
colvin pederson
colvin pederson 5 months ago
thats so fake bruh
Banana Man
Banana Man 5 months ago
I feel bad for james
Mburu bestGames
Mburu bestGames 5 months ago
hannah 6 months ago
This is funny as hell 😭 he deserved it
wemake ms
wemake ms 6 months ago
This was really a year ago damn
0 0
0 0 6 months ago
Only person to ever comment on January 10, 2021
Abram Alvarez
Abram Alvarez 6 months ago
Back when they were cool
Danny Yung
Danny Yung 6 months ago
9:25 real talk
Its Makoh
Its Makoh 6 months ago
Cash’s reaction always kills me 🤣🤣🤣
Those Sneaker kids
Those Sneaker kids 6 months ago
God loves y’all
mlg mikemouse
mlg mikemouse 6 months ago
CASH: so ima be at the top of the key then I’m going right... or left
Yoshey_DaGoat 6 months ago
6:53 no clue what he said in the begining
Wegend 7DVN11
Wegend 7DVN11 6 months ago
Team 2!!!
Team 2!!! 6 months ago
No wonder why Jiedel started to master classes.
Jay ._.
Jay ._. 6 months ago
Came back to see LiedeL ankle breaker 😂
Xclusive_ Gene
Xclusive_ Gene 6 months ago
GoatPlug 6 months ago
Who’s here because they didn’t want to give jiedel a view
Moises Valle
Moises Valle 5 months ago
Bruh me I un subbed
Uncle Waldo
Uncle Waldo 5 months ago
the og vid was on jesses channel not jiedels
Jaylen wade
Jaylen wade 6 months ago
@GodlyXnNs no but a lot of people that aren’t will
GodlyXnNs 6 months ago
U think that one view will do anything
Connor Dando
Connor Dando 6 months ago
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 6 months ago
God bless y’all!!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Rocco DQ
Rocco DQ 6 months ago
Who here after the drama
Basketballislife For m
Cash eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhtaaaa
Trevor Barker
Trevor Barker 6 months ago
who here after the 2hype drama
chigo okafor
chigo okafor 2 months ago
Kjizzle Reacts
Kjizzle Reacts 3 months ago
Popped up on my recommendation
Basketball Dunks
Basketball Dunks 4 months ago
@Uncle Dirttt k
Uncle Dirttt
Uncle Dirttt 4 months ago
@Basketball Dunks didn’t ask
Basketball Dunks
Basketball Dunks 4 months ago
@Uncle Dirttt didn’t mean to say in
FrankTheTank77 6 months ago
Cash - “They Xed him out!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂
Callen Sorensen
Callen Sorensen 6 months ago
Hamperbottom 6 months ago
I'm still going to watch the 2hype channel coz I enjoy their content but I will never think of them the same again
Joey Skowronek
Joey Skowronek 6 months ago
Wopi, Lhype, Liedel
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 7 months ago
Drxppie_VibezZ 6 months ago
Jake Willey
Jake Willey 6 months ago
Krishtopher Columbus
Savion Perry
Savion Perry 7 months ago
2hype is the best youtubers
Savion Perry
Savion Perry 7 months ago
you ass
Elijah Lewis
Elijah Lewis 7 months ago
go to 5:42 sec
Y e s
Y e s 7 months ago
Dark !
Dark ! 7 months ago
You watching old videos too
Mary Scott
Mary Scott 7 months ago
cash is scary some times
Maya & ShaNaya
Maya & ShaNaya 7 months ago
Flight: “That’s my type of move”
Cooper Nall
Cooper Nall 7 months ago
5:35 look at cash's face lol
Kombu Jimmy
Kombu Jimmy 7 months ago
Watching them makes me feel better about my basketball skills
Carl Hale 2nd
Carl Hale 2nd 7 months ago
ds c srbfu i'
Connor Lynch
Connor Lynch 7 months ago
5:23 2017 momo
Scott Clawson
Scott Clawson 8 months ago
He does look like he’s in a lot of pain
Victor Bogen
Victor Bogen 8 months ago
Cash miami heat player gorden dragic does that same move mopi does what him play one day
Logan Davis
Logan Davis 8 months ago
Cash : why no one wants to do these vids when im there Me : Cash you live in Louisiana and your there like once every 2 months
CARROT GOD 8 months ago
Flight You could be mopi with a broken body” cash losing school contest to Mopi
Logan Rivera
Logan Rivera 8 months ago
That is just sad mopi broke his ankles lol, lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Mans mad 0
Mans mad 0 9 months ago
Yo did u see when mopi looked back and he start running from zack cuzz he was scared lmao
Stacy Smith
Stacy Smith 9 months ago
Khibhilash Kirubaharan
Cash: Mopi been practi... Mopi: Airball Cash: Never mind....
Controller Ghost
Controller Ghost 9 months ago
I'm watching this right after jesser hurt his head lol
William Huston
William Huston 9 months ago
yo cash I want to 1v1 jeser
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 9 months ago
R.I.P his ankles
Hey I’m Void
Hey I’m Void 9 months ago
Flight be like i did that but the cameras were not on at the time
Danielfoxo99 9 months ago
Hi I am so sad all my stuf keeps on reseting
Durlzii 9 months ago
Cashes reaction was so funny
Xd Funk
Xd Funk 9 months ago
Kris runs be like 🕺
Guchy 9 months ago
Flight: “I’ve done that many times back in middle but see the cameras weren’t on and technology was limited.”
Ramil D
Ramil D 9 months ago
Jack Pritts
Jack Pritts 9 months ago
Mopi: I’m gonna sauce him James: I’m gonna get sauced I can tell James:😢
Dark2Drippy 9 months ago
I always knew the time would come 😈
justplaygames 9 months ago
Are you flight
TTVFHIZZ 9 months ago
5:33 when u get a zero on your test
XxUnsatisfiedGamerxX •
Jiedel: “I'm about to get sauced I can tell.” Mopi: *“Then so be it.”*
Alexander Venetucci
Alexander Venetucci 10 months ago
not stepped on but tripped over
Stxche 4 months ago
Really????? 6:11
Alexander Venetucci
Alexander Venetucci 10 months ago
mopi did not brake his ankles he stepped on mopi's foot causing him to fall
Stxche 4 months ago
Really????? 6:11
Alexander Venetucci
Alexander Venetucci 10 months ago
james sprained his ankle thats why he fell
Stxche 4 months ago
Then how tf he playing
justin molina
justin molina 10 months ago
im the starting PF on my varsity team and im the best defender on my team. if mopi breaks me ill kill my self
Deadpoolfan 101
Deadpoolfan 101 11 months ago
Jesser I'm scared
Deadpoolfan 101
Deadpoolfan 101 11 months ago
Really bad
Deadpoolfan 101
Deadpoolfan 101 11 months ago
Why where they celebrating James got hurt
Jaden2002Always Vlogs
Jaden2002Always Vlogs 11 months ago
Cash “if that was me It wouldn’t have been posted😂😂
olatunde olatunde
olatunde olatunde 11 months ago
cash james and kris got injured
Jaquorion Walker
Jaquorion Walker 11 months ago
AGMopi in the building
Drew DeRocher
Drew DeRocher 11 months ago
Maxwell Zifchock
Maxwell Zifchock 11 months ago
Love ur vids
Waverley Dental Care
Waverley Dental Care 11 months ago
How mopi
Zach Yusuf
Zach Yusuf 11 months ago
That’s my typa broken ankles
NLB 11 months ago
Him falling kinda looked fake but he still got broke
Fabian Costa
Fabian Costa 11 months ago
That was the fakest thing I've ever seen
Emmessh E
Emmessh E 11 months ago
5:32 5:31
KTÁ MØMÊÑTŚ 11 months ago
Subscribe to my RUvid channel☺️pls & thank you
Maddux Duran
Maddux Duran 11 months ago
Flight: I did that but the camera wasn’t on
Cooper Pettigrove
Cooper Pettigrove 11 months ago
Mopi been what cash😂
Robert Rivers
Robert Rivers 11 months ago
This vid before top of the key hotspot baby
Violated .
Violated . 11 months ago
God is coming soon to rapture His people who are called by His name! Let us repent so we can be one of His people❤️
Dre 11 months ago
He called his bluff
MackBonez 11 months ago
When you realize Mopi is better than Flight!
JT Gamerrr
JT Gamerrr 11 months ago
What kind of fall was that, this gotta be fake
Stxche 4 months ago
Slow it down to .50 or .25 James actually Got broke
Emman Reyes
Emman Reyes Year ago
cash join gsw
Jamal Philllips
His manhood is gone after that
Jason Moralez
Jason Moralez Year ago
I just realized that cash sounds like pumba sometimes LOL
Graham Ballinger
I crosss everybody
BennyHana Year ago
9:18 Funniest Part of the Video
Coach Iggy
Coach Iggy Year ago