Monte Helps Bride Pick Dress That Fits Her Family's Unique Style | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Bride Cheyna brought her biker Dad to help her pick a dress that fits her family's unique style but it seems that they will need extra help from Monte to find the perfect gown.

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Nov 16, 2020




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Chloe Romero
Chloe Romero 22 hours ago
She’s gonna go “hang out at the beach” in her ballgown
K 2 days ago
At like 3:40ish .. did he throw up gang signs or something? Why blur the hands?🤣🤣
Natália Costa
Natália Costa 2 days ago
Monte NAILED it!!
Safakat Siddika
Safakat Siddika 2 days ago
I think I have seen this dress in another episode where the price was 7k...but their budget in this episode was 3k :/
andreajasyl 2 days ago
Regina Kniprode
Regina Kniprode 3 days ago
save on clothes, invest in teeth!
Sylvia Myne
Sylvia Myne 4 days ago
Laura Peacock
Laura Peacock 5 days ago
Yes I addicted to this show
Janica Cariaga
Janica Cariaga 5 days ago
I like how her dad stood beside her and tried to picture it out twas a very sweet moment. 😭
stargazer0480 6 days ago
Dress 2 was plainer than dress 1.
TONI PHILLIPS 6 days ago
Jacked up/jacked does mean robbed to steal.but in fashion jacked up means to look much better and sumwhat to persuade.
Alexis 7 days ago
I'm crying why does the dad look like prison mike
Aleksandra 9 days ago
When I saw Monty i screamed.
Luce With Love
Luce With Love 9 days ago
Shoji Yes
Shoji Yes 10 days ago
When they say a dress is horrible I just sit back and think to myself if I was the one who designed the dress I’ve be like: 👁💧👄💧👁
Kubra Ebrahim
Kubra Ebrahim 10 days ago
I am getting addicted too
Coco the Ice Cream Waifu
The dad tho 🤣🤣😭
MIA ANDERSON 11 days ago
her dad looks like prison mike from the office it makes me happy
NeoCrackTechnology 127
Is it just me or does the dad look like AKSHAY KUMAR .
Farah 13 days ago
aj andrianjafy
aj andrianjafy 14 days ago
Her daddy getting up and standing with her was so cute
A-J Hartung
A-J Hartung 15 days ago
Remember seeing thus befire & & ALL I saw in this rather quiet self possessed Gentleman Biker was my own Bespoke Tailor Father & how we KNEW without words what we thought . BOTH obvioysly GOOD souls & hope she has a wonderful life .Monty DIES have a flair that Lori lacks
Elena Fongaro
Elena Fongaro 15 days ago
Her father is a little bit strange but is also a really good father :)
Everen ୨୧
Everen ୨୧ 16 days ago
I seriously love monte's personality.
Genderfluid AroAce blob
Who else is aromantic, but addicted to the show anyways?
Lacking Milk
Lacking Milk 17 days ago
Well wouldn’t You like to know
So no one else saw Michael Scott?
A Casa
A Casa 17 days ago
Shed a tear when the dad sai ld he likes the dress. I can feel his love for his daughter right there
abbie miller
abbie miller 18 days ago
i cried at the note he wrote in her journal that kind of love is my goal in life
Felix's Little sunshine
Am i the only one who thought that Dad looks like Akshay kumar ?
Jess'metics 18 days ago
Is everyone watching these videos engaged? If so.. when's the big day ❤️
makenaimthorn 18 days ago
she brought prison mike ?! how do i hire him for my wedding ?
Lera 19 days ago
How is this a hellion dress? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sayali Madha
Sayali Madha 20 days ago
I am an Indian, who is obviously gonna wear a traditional red Saree or a Lehenga on my wedding day but I have no clue why am I so glued 🥰to this channel! Help!
ZodiacTiktok 20 days ago
I love say yes to the dress , I love the drama, the emotional scene😀
Cuge Hock
Cuge Hock 20 days ago
The dad lmao
Emily Mc
Emily Mc 20 days ago
That biker daddy was one of the best dads I’ve seen on this show.
xXScar_DevilXx 20 days ago
I love this show even tho im way to young to get married im still a teen but when i get married ima wear a *BLACK* *wedding* *dress* :)
Kangkana Gogoi
Kangkana Gogoi 20 days ago
Why does the dad seems to be like Akshay Kumar to me??
Mary Lawrence
Mary Lawrence 22 days ago
2 strikes and a home run out of the park!!! WTG Monty
Ritika Patel
Ritika Patel 22 days ago
She is so adorable 🥺
Dee McGee
Dee McGee 22 days ago
Dad: If you got it, flaunt it.
Athena Bloom
Athena Bloom 22 days ago
I like the mom at the end. She wasn’t in love with it, but she saw how happy her daughter was and that was enough.
Kat 23 days ago
Her: “I’m 21 and getting married…” Me: *23 years old eating a peanut butter sandwich and a vodka/juice mix* …hmm…
Stinky Lemon
Stinky Lemon 23 days ago
Ahahaha they censored the thumbs down
angie 05
angie 05 24 days ago
bruh the dad looks like joe from impractical jokers but a crackhead version
Tina Hicks
Tina Hicks 25 days ago
💕 love 💕
Tina Hicks
Tina Hicks 25 days ago
Give this girl a helmet veil...daddy girl #1
Kennedy Law
Kennedy Law 26 days ago
Why does southern women look so much older than their actual age?? No meanness, just always shocked when they tell their age.
Nita Jay
Nita Jay 26 days ago
The thumbnail pic got me. I had to watch this video 🤣❤️
Proud Mama
Proud Mama 26 days ago
The first bride looks like Bindi Irwin. Super cute and smiley. ❤️
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
I love this family. Adopt me!
Daniella Dowden
Daniella Dowden 28 days ago
Dad kinda looks like scott disic dont know hiw to spell last name
Var sha
Var sha 28 days ago
Everyone's talking about the dad and the gowns and I'm like wow her brother looks 🔥😅
Cody Fakhoorian
Cody Fakhoorian 29 days ago
Your dad looks like prison mike
Yvette Simmons
Yvette Simmons Month ago
Okay I'm crying so beautiful her dad looks like he wanted to cry so I'm crying for him 💛💛💛💐 God bless her marriage
Yvette Simmons
Yvette Simmons Month ago
Monty did a fantastic job with picking out dress number three that's beautiful
Dayna Shannon
Dayna Shannon Month ago
The dress was beautiful!!
Taylor Rich
Taylor Rich Month ago
I absolutely love Monte’s choice, I’d definitely choose that as my wedding dress as well ❤️❤️
Marie-Andree Morin
I’m tatted up, very edgy, but on my wedding dress I need myself a beautiful ballgown❤️
susannah1948 Month ago
Last dress looks awful
Kate Lynch
Kate Lynch Month ago
They really blurred the dads hands when he gave a thumbs down?????
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
Dad description of Monte dead on
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
How is the 2nd dress edgy?
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
Dad creeps me out
Tilly James
Tilly James Month ago
All the dresses look the same and they all want the sweet heart top
Heather Renn
Heather Renn Month ago
Monte is so cute
Petunia B.
Petunia B. Month ago
I hate hate thd head piece. She needs a veil
Petunia B.
Petunia B. Month ago
I'm married 35 years. I had no dress. We got married at the justice of the peace. But I'm addicted to this show
Piper Elmer
Piper Elmer Month ago
why did they blur the dads hands out lol
Shasne Husein
Shasne Husein Month ago
I thought the man was Ed Sheeran...
Evelyn Bonner
Evelyn Bonner Month ago
Monte to the rescue! I love Monte!
Aditi agrawal
Aditi agrawal Month ago
i got their strategy "make the bride wear ugliest gowns and then put any average looking dress on her and she is gonna love it"
M Palmer
M Palmer Month ago
Dad is awesome!!! Monte is the BEST
liberty lover
liberty lover Month ago
Montes pick gave me goosebumps!
Mariam Abbasi
Mariam Abbasi Month ago
Why does the dad look like prison mike 😂😂
K.M Month ago
Her siblings literally have the male and female version of the same face. They even have similar haircuts ...
Poornima S
Poornima S Month ago
Monte is such a mood 😂😂😂he is cool
a R
a R Month ago
0:40 to any indian watching this show, Akshay Kumar much?
Skyler Lewis
Skyler Lewis Month ago
Finally a bride that isn’t afraid to rock the heck of this dress
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Month ago
Not to be rude, but the second bride does not have the shape for fit and flair. She looks like, Ursula from Little Mermaid.. Lol
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Month ago
Ball gown on the beach?? Hmmmm no
Akshara puram
Akshara puram Month ago
Bride's father looks like bollywood star Akshay kumar
jackie grant
jackie grant Month ago
Her dad is seeing her as woman...
Pretty Girl Rocks
Dad was hilarious...Jack her up?! 🤣
Kim Glenn
Kim Glenn Month ago
Michael Scott!! 🤣
Emily Pott
Emily Pott Month ago
All I can see when I look at the dad is Prison Mike. 😆
Madison Marie
Madison Marie Month ago
Her dad looks like Alice cooper
alissa Haase
alissa Haase Month ago
me at 8 pm: it's just one episode...... me at 4am:..... one more episode
Kyla Johnson
Kyla Johnson Month ago
Why is no one talking about how the dad was eyeing the blonde lady In the beginning and she flirted back 😂
I’m Not Anna
I’m Not Anna Month ago
We have the same last name…just mines pronounced different. The way theirs is pronounced is just ew
Cathey Kindley
Cathey Kindley Month ago
This man can't say these kids are not his they all look alike
Lezlie Pena
Lezlie Pena Month ago
Is no one going to talk about her brother 😏
Sara Pecha
Sara Pecha Month ago
The first time I saw the dad I was like, "It's Biker Michael"
Andrijana Zobenica
I was staring at her brother the whole time-
Madison West
Madison West Month ago
“i thought she was gonna get robbed or (🤜🏼💥🤜🏼💥🤜🏼💥)” 💀💀💀💀
Madison West
Madison West Month ago
when they introduced jessie i kept skipping back to look at him😌
Kewchi Man
Kewchi Man Month ago
Where did Monte get the clothes from-😭
cringeworthy artist
cringeworthy artist 2 months ago
the brother is really pretty
Tuffik Szklarz
Tuffik Szklarz 2 months ago
Wait can I ask a question? Have you ever gotten a gay/lesbian couple to get a dress?