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The title of the video is written according to the author's personal opinion to attract real MMA fans - UFC


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Jul 15, 2018




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Comments 1 615
Big Body Slim
Big Body Slim 3 days ago
0:40 his cornerman looks so lost and confused lmao
Tehd okun
Tehd okun 6 days ago
Is that a TABATA work out song?
weird world
weird world 6 days ago
Watching these two fight put me off life lol
Scary Shait
Scary Shait 6 days ago
M P. H. N
M P. H. N 7 days ago
This is the only 2 in thier weightclass??
red bull
red bull 10 days ago
Is this ufc mma fight or African hippo fight?
xMotzu 10 days ago
Search Sandu Lungu best ko's on youtube , and see the legend:) he is Romanian Vampire.
Daniel 045
Daniel 045 10 days ago
I would like to see this again but they need to be wearing antlers...like National Geographic✌❗
Fabio Love
Fabio Love 11 days ago
Looks like catfight
kroooassant 13 days ago
If you cannot go through the shield of fat, go for the knees and slap those ears.
James Magana
James Magana 15 days ago
Go smoke a cig and a beer now .
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 16 days ago
When I type in "best heavyweight mma fighter in the world 2019" why am I not seeing a whole row of videos proclaiming Stipe as the G.O.A.T. !? The answer is zuffa, dana white and google hate Stipe Miocic, the greatest heavyweight MMA ever to date. Keep knocking them down Stipe.
SN1WO4RD 18 days ago
RebellionX 18 days ago
when buffalo meets cow
juni ardi
juni ardi 19 days ago
this boxing not mma,very stupid channel
artiste soundbox
artiste soundbox 19 days ago
MisMatch Arts, this fight was hilarious 😂
T Mac
T Mac 19 days ago
I’ve seen better acting in porn. This is cheesy.
Jose Cicero Santos De Oliveira Cicerocell
Duas jaca mole trocando socos
Derek Schneider
Derek Schneider 20 days ago
Clearly this is staged! I mean......... the guy sneezes and he falls down! lol, more please!
Cole Williams
Cole Williams 23 days ago
The. Blue guy sucks
the destracto of mc gameplay and more
This is not even mma
BuyakaShtuzer 24 days ago
Clowns, i hate clowns
honey honey
honey honey 25 days ago
Que c'est moche !
Agera R
Agera R 26 days ago
When every punch is knockout material.
Samo Samo
Samo Samo 28 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jesters
Nick Ford
Nick Ford 29 days ago
Not ufc its boxing not 1 kick or attempts at submission.
Art321Art321 Month ago
This was embarrassing. Dude in the red shorts has no place in the ring. Looked more like two Japanese beetles fighting on a Japanese
Amran Omar
Amran Omar Month ago
they should do bely fight. well done good kfc.
czinczar linn
czinczar linn Month ago
pa the tic
Emin Coşkun
Emin Coşkun Month ago
Guys kfc is not here this is ufc
Teddi786 OG
Teddi786 OG Month ago
Lol look like big babys fighting
No Name
No Name Month ago
Wtf is this
Kristine Kristine and Peter
Someone needs to do more cardio.
Matin Karim
Matin Karim Month ago
167 kilo!!!!! respekt man 💪 you are me² 😂
Sabran Hambin
Sabran Hambin Month ago
Tah kade
Justin Carr
Justin Carr Month ago
South Park did it first. Episode "raising the bar"
trimo trisno
trimo trisno Month ago
holy shit
holy shit Month ago
a. fauty
a. fauty Month ago
Big mountain cute
Mr. Studer
Mr. Studer Month ago
Sumo UFC
RicoSnakeOff Month ago
A luta foi na antártica?
Exploring with Stan
WTF WAS THAT????????👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Hollistic Notorious
none of any of the punches actually landed on the dude and the winner knocked him out just by pushing him on the ground lmaoo
Kenny Dalgic
Kenny Dalgic Month ago
Rubbish. Really??
sicario357 Month ago
Adam Reed
Adam Reed Month ago
Pathetic devotion. Fat club.
Robert Criddle
Robert Criddle Month ago
He went flying with that breath of wind off the big guys glove.
big lac
big lac Month ago
Fat cunts Also these are boxers
J G Month ago
Clockworx Customz
their both sumo wrestler not a mm fighter
Brooks Seifried
Brooks Seifried Month ago
330 lbs vs 368 lbs
sogg ynte
sogg ynte Month ago
It is totally unnecessary and annoying BGM. It is much better not to see.
boy of the south
4:05 surprise cumshot
Rhyzamvro M
Rhyzamvro M Month ago
1:05 Perv cameraman
Rhyzamvro M
Rhyzamvro M Month ago
Note: Winner guy's head isn't Photoshoped. It's real.
Joseph Jefferson
What song was playing during the match?
Mario Girotti
Mario Girotti 2 months ago
Whats the Name of the Neckmonster O.o Ah i see Alexandru Lungu ^^
melfilia eden
melfilia eden 2 months ago
Full of fat
Matthew Arreola
Matthew Arreola 2 months ago
That was so weak
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