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The monster is finally going to fight Mech Team Leader in an epic battle! Lynx, Drift, Master Key, Hybrid and John Wick are out to save their friends and defeat the monster. Rogue battles Blade to be ruler of the Hybrid. Lynx and Drift battle Sentinels. John Wick finds Maven to help fix the robot. Singularity tracks down Rox to beat Vendetta, who is now possessed by his father, the Fire King.
Who will win? Will our heroes prevail? Will Vendetta and the Fire King take over the island? Will the Monster destroy everything?


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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 80
oco111 Gaming
oco111 Gaming 2 hours ago
Weren’t they met to be in the robot when it disappeared
William Morris
William Morris 19 hours ago
Do lynx’s voice like jules
How else realized the John wick plays as fire king and ved
How else realized John wick also plays as the fire king
Suzanne Wright
Suzanne Wright 2 days ago
jerusalem tootoo
jerusalem tootoo 3 days ago
1 like= 10000 win for the robot (^__^)
Tony Vera
Tony Vera 3 days ago
I hope Godzilla Fights the Mecha-Team-Leader or the Fortnite Monster in a future Event.
Kyle Trimble
Kyle Trimble 3 days ago
Thinking Of getting 1000 pets
Can any one tell me the music at the start where it shows the mechs and robot
Andrew Lundgren
Andrew Lundgren 4 days ago
I hope not i hope hes a good man
Ken Villarez
Ken Villarez 4 days ago
🤬 why did the bad bad guy die I want to bad bad guy to live
LavaJava 5 days ago
Hybrid son is devon
Annette Kilkenny
Annette Kilkenny 5 days ago
Cuddle pool sould of been in there
Bad-Guy-2050 6 days ago
What song is that? 16:47
REYEZ REYEZ 6 days ago
So close
Dean Flinders
Dean Flinders 6 days ago
Were did rox go when she was in the sky
Levistea 6 days ago
16:49 omg these flashbacks are everything😭😭
13 Goats
13 Goats 7 days ago
Wjim żńvź
FireFaris88 9 days ago
How many channels do you have just multiply 9999999999999999999999999999x99999999999999999999999999
Ren Sikudai
Ren Sikudai 10 days ago
wats the music u used at 16:52
Joyce Wang
Joyce Wang 10 days ago
this has such good timing
Chuck Time!
Chuck Time! 12 days ago
err 1233
err 1233 12 days ago
I love 14:49
Jack Harris
Jack Harris 12 days ago
me: robot fan my friend: monster fan saying that it was a defenceless creature me remembering that it was bigger than the robot and shots lasers: sssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dillan Thrasher
Dillan Thrasher 13 days ago
Chorus at 16:47 Love that bit
Perfect shadow
Perfect shadow 15 days ago
I hate rox
Albert Gil
Albert Gil 16 days ago
J Switch
J Switch 16 days ago
Pacific rim reference
Pix3L 18 days ago
Nobody the fight Seans seems seams I don’t now how to spell
Yousef Saleh
Yousef Saleh 18 days ago
Story of season 2 what the.. where are we all. Oh we are still here wait Zero:it is time...returns a island after destroying one beutiful island Boat:why am I made Bots breaking there brother and sister
Yousef Saleh
Yousef Saleh 18 days ago
Meteor: dawn upon me I will do what happened one year ago When the seven came. The visitor: yes this is hapenning but not like last year Meteor:Noooooooooooo .wait I'm going in breaks the whole island of chapter 1 I will return seven
King-Niya Goddard
King-Niya Goddard 20 days ago
What kind of father is he. He gonna kill his son
XMrdinoz 20 days ago
Reference to Pacific rim
King-Niya Goddard
King-Niya Goddard 20 days ago
Demy more like dummy
Hamza Alzaini
Hamza Alzaini 21 day ago
Zola Brooks
Zola Brooks 21 day ago
5:15 why does tis keep hapening oh hell naw
tim allister
tim allister 24 days ago
pee pee
Laurence Munns
Laurence Munns 24 days ago
This is nothing like the event
Rith Thida
Rith Thida 24 days ago
Rith Thida
Rith Thida 24 days ago
Good morning 😃☀️🌞 dhdifbrodnfjxjrbdohgdj
Alfonso Quilana
Alfonso Quilana 24 days ago
What is the music called at part where rob and singularity syncs?
Raymond Cruz
Raymond Cruz 25 days ago
Seraphim!Sans 25 days ago
Title: A fortnite short film Time: 22.52 minutes
Fizz Aether
Fizz Aether 25 days ago
the monster event so far was the best event hands down
Colojono McGoo
Colojono McGoo 26 days ago
One of my favorite events
Space Facts
Space Facts 26 days ago
AMAZING 110/10
Richard D Walker
Richard D Walker 27 days ago
21:21 scuffed up power rangers
TwistedWolf 27 days ago
21:50 why?.....just why?
KingRod2009 !!
KingRod2009 !! 27 days ago
Demi did not die she appear in cj 2
q 28 days ago
POV: you are scrolling to find what song is at 16:50 . The song is Release the Fire by FormantX
Dinonuggets ;]
Dinonuggets ;] 28 days ago
21:50 oh god no plz no
Diegoplayzz M
Diegoplayzz M 28 days ago
This vid was on my bday
Rueben Leigh
Rueben Leigh 29 days ago
Henry Silva
Henry Silva 29 days ago
Ya ok you guys get it
Henry Silva
Henry Silva 29 days ago
Cause the season is in the future
Henry Silva
Henry Silva 29 days ago
I'm from the future season9 reference
Danielle Lynn
Danielle Lynn 29 days ago
Ragingelephant8 Month ago
Anyone hear the screams of our fortnite characters at 12:40
syndi le
syndi le Month ago
Did anyone else think of the movie “Pacific Rim”?
Golden Foxy Nine Tailed
I love Pacific rim uprising and Pacific rim I'm such a fan that I built my own hanger and custom jaegers
Meme Month ago
Pls get back black hybrid
Radfarious Month ago
I noticed a lot of Star Wars references in this episode
Thinking Of getting 1000 pets
That intro was dramatic 0:00
money gamer hover playz
So singularity ved rox are a family Correct? Ved:HAHAHAHA😈 Ved:uuugh aaah father
Quinnbrothers 92
Time to save the world”
Summer Drift
Summer Drift Month ago
🏃🚄💨💨💨 coming!
Richard Yap
Richard Yap Month ago
Anyone 2020? R.I.P Drift In Chapter 2 season 2
Jianzhen Xu
Jianzhen Xu Month ago
rip why did they go space
Troy Celli
Troy Celli Month ago
MG 100 ping
MG 100 ping Month ago
I like how they copy Pacific rim
Junior Month ago
3:10 when you realize what your watching
XPRocket 13
XPRocket 13 Month ago
Back when the story wasn't just Skye and meowcyles love
Mr Minecraft gamer
Mr Minecraft gamer 29 days ago
And in actual fortnite it is lynx and Meowscles
Luca G
Luca G Month ago
10:13 Demi’s death was falling into lava
jonty whelan
jonty whelan Month ago
u copped picific rim
Zak P4Rk3R
Zak P4Rk3R Month ago
Isn’t this Pacific rim?
Erin Kope
Erin Kope Month ago
How likes fortnight lk the comint if you doo
Crazy Moments
Crazy Moments Month ago
1:15 tImE fOr SoMe FrIeD cHiCkEn
connor stap
connor stap Month ago
fortnite is a crazy world
Hanoah Lanham-Hopper
Singularly: heros don't kill Also singularity: kills every hybrid in sight except rogue
Dawn Gray
Dawn Gray Month ago
I still play fortnite
rebeka sultana
rebeka sultana Month ago
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