Monster Energy: Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2 - Unleashed in Ensenada, Mexico

Monster Energy
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What better place than the city streets of Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000, to set the stage for the sequel to Ballistic BJ Baldwin's viral hit Recoil. This short film by Monster Energy follows BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city, ripping over every drop and jump the town has to offer in an attempt to win a bet set by his friend, and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. Will he win? What will he lose?
RECOIL 1: ruvid.net/video/video-Mmh-ew1swD4.html
Filmed by Logan and Sons.
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Sep 17, 2014




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Comments 6 491
Sukma Pashaa
Sukma Pashaa 40 minutes ago
Apa cuman gua orang indo yang nonton ginian?
Paul GP
Paul GP Hour ago
Jijo e su pinchi madre valla a su casa a aser eso 🖕
Juan David 7u7
Juan David 7u7 2 hours ago
Raule Karayanse
Raule Karayanse 3 hours ago
Monster 😎✌✌
neelesh bhugaloo
neelesh bhugaloo 6 hours ago
The sound is the best part
Jordi Trévole
Jordi Trévole 6 hours ago
Dedicated to Greta Thumberg with love
bbruce995 15 hours ago
and how many times did he rehearse and do jumps over and over again? too many skid marks and ruts left behind
Anugrah Aldi
Anugrah Aldi Day ago
Talha Khan
Talha Khan Day ago
Ahmad Nabil
Ahmad Nabil Day ago
Menit ke 1:12 jossss
Mang Eri
Mang Eri Day ago
Ifsaklm kllljgxzcfgg
Dan Arya
Dan Arya 2 days ago
Mr. creator
Mr. creator 2 days ago
Are ye pagal ho gaya hai 😳
mixkane conner
mixkane conner 2 days ago
Nice drive
Lorand123123 2 days ago
Mind telling me how much that suspension costs?
Prasenjeet Kumar
Prasenjeet Kumar 2 days ago
....I just salute driver's ass😋😃
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 2 days ago
He did this in 20 minutes within 5 minutes...damn hes good
Berik Makhambetov
Nagesh Nagesh. Mca
Mrittunjoy Chowdhury
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David Ballentine
David Ballentine 3 days ago
Should have have us the dogs name too.
theradtoast R2
theradtoast R2 3 days ago
what type of truck is that anbody know
Zobres MVL
Zobres MVL 4 days ago
3:24 casi se va con todo y puesto:v
علوش الاسباني
اكو عرب
Ajaira Rockstars
Ajaira Rockstars 5 days ago
loved from Bangladesh
Marshal Lewis
Marshal Lewis 5 days ago
Jimmy Johns be like
Francisco evanezio feitoza Evanezio
Ai num pilota não homilha
Shoe Maker
Shoe Maker 5 days ago
When its 11:59 and my mother said i gotta be home at 12 or imma get the la chanclata:
Labster Industries
Imagine not using bfg tires
AnotherConfusion 6 days ago
Now i want to play Forza again after watching this
Levi Sion
Levi Sion 7 days ago
Great job
Surendrakumar Gharu
Yogesh Siwana
Yogesh Siwana 7 days ago
What a ride man great killed man
B AD 7 days ago
Everything is edited. What happened in the cuts was not actually continuous. Boobs and timers are pointless.
Dvdbbd Bzbxbxb
Dvdbbd Bzbxbxb 7 days ago
Malvado pero eres un suisida
Fendi Irawan
Fendi Irawan 8 days ago
Keren sih. Salam viewers Indonesia 2019😁
Mahamed Amiin
Mahamed Amiin 8 days ago
Riccardo Rampini
Riccardo Rampini 8 days ago
Wait.. You can't go there.. There isn't a road!........ I don't need a road
Жили Были Пауки
Не первый раз смотрю это видео и в очередной раз могу сказать только одно: "Это ахуительно ! "
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