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Sabrina 21 minute ago
I hear this song on Spotify and now I’m in love with it. I’m not a fan of MonstaX but I can’t wait to listen to more of their music and even be their fan!
Alaa Al_ Sadey
Im iragyaa ilov monsta x
Zahra Islam
Zahra Islam 2 hours ago
I just wanna be MONSTA X's Wanna be MONSTA X's Someone Somebody they can't live without
Aden Shafiq
Aden Shafiq 6 hours ago
"reasons are for people, u meant to loose"- MONSTA X
Mya Vang
Mya Vang 7 hours ago
These 7 men have my whole heart. To their lucky other halves, please take care of our Someone for us. They deserve the world.
Kiki Young Flexer
Kiki Young Flexer 9 hours ago
Still on my ringtone since day 1st 💛
Katie Wood
Katie Wood 13 hours ago
I love this song so much and I'm glad they got to promote it. Sigh it's so soothing on the soul.
Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos 13 hours ago
This is where it all starter, this is where my life took on meaning, it was here through this music vídeo that i met you, and here was born a great love ❤️
Angelina Pak
Angelina Pak 13 hours ago
Than later they have new song About Who are ?
Mariana MX
Mariana MX 15 hours ago
My someone is Monsta X 7 forever
Pastel Pancake qwq
Pastel Pancake qwq 15 hours ago
Sandakahle Kubisa
Sandakahle Kubisa 19 hours ago
One day.... One day. ❤️
wendy chipmunk
wendy chipmunk 21 hour ago
Wonho we never forget you! We will always love u
Sasha Mikuiourie
I'll love you can we talk
Jireth Pacheco
i love this band
pamela Tola
pamela Tola Day ago
Jann Sousa
Jann Sousa Day ago
Amo tantooo♡♡♡
Tribus Mon Bebe
Vitória Ribeiro
Muun Bé
Muun Bé 2 hours ago
Candela •
Candela • Day ago
amigo tengo la piel de gallina, que hermosa cancion
Kate M.
Kate M. Day ago
Monsta X has such great lyrics compared to some artist. Absolutely love it
Monsta x truly deserves better
Maria Medina
Maria Medina Day ago
Am I crazy but this song started really similar to Same Mistakes by One Direction
Hissell Andrea Recinos Beza
Esta canción es la mejor
Leonela Areco
Leonela Areco 2 days ago
Whono volve 😭
ShoWon i.m X
ShoWon i.m X 2 days ago
Oh.! That's my real Monsta`X
Lorie May Dayot
Lorie May Dayot 2 days ago
Missing Monsta X OT7 💖
kutloano mkhwanazi
The only problem with this song you may ask ? It’s too short 😭!!
princess juliana
princess juliana 2 days ago
arghh!! i’ve started becoming a fan of monsta x. i cant stop listing to this song
Gayathri S Nair
Gayathri S Nair 2 days ago
this song gives a gud vibe ..
anh phuong
anh phuong 2 days ago
hay quá
Sair L
Sair L 2 days ago
I'm crying
S Dahlhauser
S Dahlhauser 2 days ago
This song hits different now that I know the members names.
Lianchik Sargsyan
Love you so much Monsta X❤️❤️❤️😭♥️♥️
Chanyeol's voice killed me
This was the song that made me officially call myself a Monbebe. And it came out on my birthday. I'll just take it as a sign that MX and I are meant to be forever.
Della Tan
Della Tan 2 days ago
I miss them. So much
KPOPFAN4LIFEU 2 days ago
I'm new to monsta X Can someone give some info About them?
KPOPFAN4LIFEU 2 days ago
@Kiki Young Flexer thank u so much! I feel so welcomed to the fam!
Kiki Young Flexer
Koreans songs with MV - Tresspass, Rush, Hero, Stuck, All in, Fighter,Shine forever, Beautiful, Jealousy, Destroyer, Dramarama, Shoot out, Alligator, Follow, Find U, Fantasia Korean selfcams and special clips - white love, white girl, rollercoster, noel hada, perfect girl, tropical night, if only, in time, breath for you, need u, lonely christmas, from zero, here we are, monsta truck Korean - awesome without mv - Lost in the dream, Underwater, Myself, Mirror, U R, Blind, Mohae, Broken heart, Crazy love, 514, Fallin, Rodeo, Blind, Stealer, By my side, See you again, Oh my, Queen, Burn it up, Zone, Flow, Beautiful night, Japanese with MV- hero, beautiful, shoot out, alligator, livin it up, phenomenon, puzzle, spotlight, wish on the same sky Japanese without MV- Thriller, My beast, Polaroid, Black swan, English with mv- play it cool, who do you love, someone's someone, middle of the night, You cant hold my heart English without mv- She's the one, Misbehave, Beside U, Got my number, Happy without me, Love U
Kiki Young Flexer
Iconic stages - all on MAMA, runway, bam bam bam, Sambakja,Monster- Jooheon nad Changkyun, Myself - Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Mirror - Shownu and Wonho, Mirror - Kihyun and Jooheon, How Long- Hyungwon and Changkyun, Vercae on the floor, Heartbeat, Again and again, Hip song and Mirotic covers, Kihyun Believer and Natural covers, Jooheon on masked singer
Kiki Young Flexer
If You want know them better watch No mercy (making band survival show). They are super funny crackheads so you can watch from recent MMTG ep.115 and 116, whole Twotuckgom chanel, ASMR with Shownu and Hyungwon, Star road, MONSTA X Dingo music ep and behind the scene, Episodes when they speak and sing in spanish in hola82? Im not sure but this is hilarious,kbob star 3 episodes and some old stuff Monsta X Ray 3 seasons, Monsta X right now, I log U, Star road, heart attack and weekly idol, idol room and idol radio episodes
I Miss My Got7 Babies
Their accent is on point! They sound like a native English speaker
Jsl_jen 3 days ago
This boys deserve more. I think i'm a FAN NOW. please welcome me😇❤️
Mariana MX
Mariana MX 15 hours ago
Welcome, monbebe family its great
Tribus Mon Bebe
Tribus Mon Bebe 3 days ago
Welcome to monbebe family🥰🥰
Tae and Kookies Otaku potato
Imagine not stanning them after listening to this song
장순녀 3 days ago
Veronica Arce
Veronica Arce 3 days ago
Dipannita Dipa
Dipannita Dipa 3 days ago
i didn't know much about monsta x .. but guys all of there English song so amazing .. every single one on my play list ... Hope u guys will make this kind of dope song in future .. love from♥ Bangladesh 🇧🇩
juliaesguerra 3 days ago
me right now: *without hesitation supporting them*
meowth 1004
meowth 1004 3 days ago
this masterpiece is too short.. it could be a 6 hour video and i would've been okay with it well that's why replay buttons exist i guess
Ayeee Alex
Ayeee Alex 3 days ago
I told myself I would stop fangirling over bands but this band is an exception 👀💙
Naziba Parvin
Naziba Parvin 3 days ago
I used to hear this song a lot but after long time I forgot it's name now I finally found it.
Shayna 3 days ago
life as Roula
life as Roula 3 days ago
life as Roula
life as Roula 3 days ago
This is literally such an amazing song :( monbebes rlly are missing out
be quiet
be quiet 3 days ago
the truth is that we are always the same small group of monbebes who always str4em and vote, there is a part of the fandom who don't do anything, monsta x needs more dedicated fans 💔
Tshering Tshomo
Tshering Tshomo 3 days ago
Yes. I just wonder y monbebes are sleeping in this song. 20M was already reached when it released n also got award( I think) N still same views not increased.
თეონა ლომსაძე
Officially this creature is my wedding g song
paula 4 days ago
I discovered them thanks to Fantasia and I fell immediately in love with that song but now that I'm listening to their others songs I regret not finding out about them sooner...they're just SO DAMN talented
2Fennie 4 days ago
Ever since loved these monsta x.
Sunny Amira
Sunny Amira 4 days ago
sara gharibreza
sara gharibreza 4 days ago
After this song I'm in Monsta X fandom, Hi!!! What is the name of fandom?
Angela Paredes
Angela Paredes 3 days ago
sara gharibreza
sara gharibreza 4 days ago
wow ! Wait...... I love it 💓💓
Got Everything
Got Everything 4 days ago
Thank you because you always make me ok thank you for your beautiful music
Got Everything
Got Everything 4 days ago
I love it hope you will make a lot of music I love you all
Lee Geumhyuk
Lee Geumhyuk 4 days ago
I dont know why am crying now when I heard it for 100000 times and didnt :( Maybe because it's how I feel, I want to be someone's someone because I have no friends :) I feel needles hahah
Julie Masters
Julie Masters 5 days ago
listen to this song everyday since i living in Korea and don't really have many friends so normally i always go out with my music, this song makes me feel better all the time. 한국에 살면서 매일이 노래를 듣고 친구가 많지 않아서 평소에는 항상 음악을 가지고 다니기 때문에이 노래는 항상 기분이 좋아집니다.
Kadek Bonita
Kadek Bonita 5 days ago
Pâmella Michelly
Gente como eles ainda não são famosíssima a nível mundial? As músicas deles são maravilhosas e eles são MUITO talentosos! E sinto falta do Wonho :( ❤️
Pâmella Michelly
Saudades Wonho 😢😢❤️🇧🇷😢
Irish Briana Mapile
Mel 5 days ago
i'm so soft because of this omg
F. aw
F. aw 6 days ago
This will always be my favourite song from All About Luv
Tshering Tshomo
Tshering Tshomo 6 days ago
Y views is slowly?
Evil GAMING 6 days ago
Awesome song♥️♥️♥️♥️🇮🇳
Kungfu Pandaミシェル
I am still in love with this song....and it is still my ringtone till date. Just can't stop fangirling over them ♡
Shine Forever
Shine Forever 6 days ago
Same ❤
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar 6 days ago
Simply love this song , really nice 😃💜💜
Myriam Hd
Myriam Hd 6 days ago
I'm an army but monsta x 😍😍😍😍😍😍 OMG
dyunambb 27
dyunambb 27 6 days ago
Lets support even harder for US promotions.....we can do this...
archie Multi stan
I feel something when i listen this song but i don't know what is that feeling. If it make any sense.
eirdinazaid 6 days ago
wbk this songs is the masterpiece itself jooheon once said if you don't stan monsta x yet you SHOULD'VE know
blue auds
blue auds 6 days ago
Attention!!!bebes lets vote monsta x in choeaedol,starplay and mubeat they need our support bebes!!!thankyouuuu lovelotssss!!!
Camilly Vitória
Camilly Vitória 6 days ago
Música perfeita, zero defeitos
Camilly Vitória
Camilly Vitória 6 days ago
Têm um olho na minha lágrima
Mio Akabane
Mio Akabane 6 days ago
Words are not enough to express how good this song is. it's different from all other k pop songs there is just something in this song which is sucking in the listener haha I kinda sound weird Guys after listening to this song try checking"middle of the night "
kImbApKiDdInG 7 days ago
Recently listened to the whole album and I'm in love. It reminds me of the 'old' good music from Western artsits, that are missing now. They sing so well
K Lu
K Lu 7 days ago
Aw Jooheon-ah :') Makes me want to pick him up and keep him safe in my pocket. :')
Diana Elena Serrano jarillo
안녕하세요, 저는 당신의 팬입니다.
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