Monica Talks New Album, Family And The Next Chapter In Her Life

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Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 100
Sharron Denice
Sharron Denice 6 days ago
They didn’t mention Street Symphony!! Blasphemy
lil coco
lil coco 10 days ago
💘 Monica...OUR sista from the Tribe of YUDAH-HEBREW YISRAELITES. Read about OUR True Black/Brown (400 years of Slavery/Bondage) History/Culture in OUR ORIGINAL BLACK BIBLE KJV 1611 w/ APOCRYPHA. Read/Research/Study!!! Note: The letter J has only been in existence for less than 500 years...not a Racist, but a Realist...#BBLM SHALOM!!!!
WildnRegal TV
WildnRegal TV 16 days ago
Charlamagne was actually correct. There is a direct correlation between Systemic racism and African Americans having the highest blood pressure of all people. We learned that in nursing school.
IAMMOVIN4WARD! 16 days ago
I ALMOST started liking these two knuckleheads again...cause of Mo lol!!
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Cameron 20 days ago
There's a Christian website with over 60 interesting essays/blogs. On it. It's www.thelivingtruthofgodblogs777.com God loves you
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 26 days ago
I knew Monica wasn't having it with the card
larenzohunt 27 days ago
Monica is a REAL ONE!!! Her kids are lucky to have her as a parent. I love how she got Charla together at the end, holding him accountable for his empty words. 🙌🏾
Monti Whitlow
Monti Whitlow Month ago
Monica a real female she rare god bless her with a gift and wisdom
Kenny Jones aka relientkenny
i’m here after the Brandy v Monica Verzuz battle
Trend Setter
Trend Setter Month ago
You can inherit disease or conditions, but your diet can make all the difference
Sofresh105 Monica
Monica’s BRAND NEW single ‘Trenches’ ft lil baby out NOW❗️
Happy Music Vibez - Clean Music & Culture
Here after the beautiful verzuz ❤️🖤👑
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez Month ago
Girl I have super high blood pressure too scarrry
Azariah Smith
Azariah Smith Month ago
Monica is such a Scorpio like me we act the same I swear😂👌🏿 she so real and so honest I love it😂❤️ at 13:34 I feel the same way
Sherrell Icon
Sherrell Icon Month ago
EVERYBODY in this room is cracking up...brrrrruuuuhhh
Rhett George
Rhett George Month ago
2;22 had me rolling
King James
King James Month ago
21:50 lmao
King James
King James 29 days ago
Naah! Naah! 😂😂😂
Eve30 Month ago
Monica is a real woman very down to earth person.
GWJr Month ago
I think I like Breakfast Club interviews without Angela more than when she's there. Seems like there's more actual substance and not Angela's gossip-based tangents or distractions.
Jacinda Gant
Jacinda Gant 2 months ago
I’m watching this interview one year after it was posted and all I can think of is how much I’d love to talk with this insightful woman. She is a vessel of wisdom and experience.
Mo money Pls
Mo money Pls 2 months ago
Wait why don’t we change soaps?
Terrance Mills
Terrance Mills 2 months ago
Monica Such a Ride Or Die Chick
Jay80 2 months ago
Monica dont play i like her😎
Yessirski74 2 months ago
Monica the cool ass auntie
L Deon Williams
L Deon Williams 2 months ago
Maaaaan she is so REAL and chill
Benjamin DeMers
Benjamin DeMers 4 months ago
It’s weird but she is the female version of myself. Personality is spot on. Wow.
Faith Watkins
Faith Watkins 4 months ago
Why is Charlamayne acting like Monica was singing certain songs young when Michael Jackson was singing love jones at 8 years old and haven't even kissed a girl. He was singing like he was a grown man that has had heartbreak and heartache and haven't been through nothing.
Hauk Jacob
Hauk Jacob 2 months ago
I think it’s because Monica didint sound young. So when she actually said her age it was more like a “damnnnnn u we’re young sounding like an adult” type of thing whereas MJ sounded like a kid
TruVizionaree 6 months ago
I don’t understand why this interview wasn’t longer! The bs interviews get an hour! 😒
ONE ROC 7 months ago
Like Beige Men don’t cheat 😭🤣
Luvdaskinurin CD
Luvdaskinurin CD 7 months ago
Lol 😂 Yoooo, I realized that somebody was missing on the show at 36:43. I’m looking like who dat! 🤣🤣 Monica is the summary of my childhood, I love her in all seasons of her life! She’s truly an amazing woman and a great interviewee. #MonicaDeniseisdope
K Rich Tv
K Rich Tv 7 months ago
I love her speaking voice ❤️
Méchele Parker
Méchele Parker 8 months ago
So wise. She ran the show
Lady MVP
Lady MVP 8 months ago
C: “Why ya got high blood pressure Mo, who’s getting on your nerves?” Monica: “Where do you want me to start? Sh**.” 💀🤣
Black Alpha
Black Alpha 8 months ago
Was she beefing with brandy back in the day over a dude?
Rizu's Best!🔥
Rizu's Best!🔥 9 months ago
"Whose getting on your nerves?" Mo-"where you want me to start?!" (She seems like a fun person to gaslight......not that I would..#AnyTakers??!.🤔🤔💣💣💥😭😭😭)
* who’s *
P Mac
P Mac 9 months ago
Monica is a true Southern Lady!! 👍🏾
Alison Hall
Alison Hall 10 months ago
I love Monica Brown. I truly believe, she got with shannon to young... He was not 100 percent ready.
sherelle willis
sherelle willis 10 months ago
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart 10 months ago
"who gettin' on your nerves, Mo'?" "Where do you want me to start" hahahhaha
DOI LEE 10 months ago
I always like Monica but never realised how cool she is, great to see her doing well!!
vurbzfenomeno 10 months ago
Still so fine
Misfit Tiny
Misfit Tiny 11 months ago
Monica is most definitely a real woman and more respect & power to her !!!
QUEEN JESS 11 months ago
...she is..me
London Stackhouse
London Stackhouse 11 months ago
RnB Queen
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I might get married to one of her song
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
Monica and I could do a song together yeah I know who Dallas is he a producer that chilly son father
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I don't know who Meg is she must be a new rapper
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I got to have good sex
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I would love to do a song with her
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I love her music
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I like to be with one man to
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
I love the advice she giving
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 11 months ago
Tell Mom happy birthday 🎂
demetrice pryor
What....... Hawkinville jeez that is real close
chris williams
10:57 30:52 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tigist Smith
Tigist Smith Year ago
Monica paused for a minute...Nawl nigga Nawllll!!! Nope! 😆
Be Grateful
Be Grateful Year ago
All this cheating talk.... absolutely pathetic! It sounds like a celebration
I can listen to her talk all day . . Give her her own talk show or podcast
indakut Year ago
I cant seem to watch the rest of the interview after 21:48 Mo's reaction smh naah naaaah has me cracking the fuhk up hahaha lol
A. D. Jr
A. D. Jr Year ago
Love her great interview
Yolanda Mbhele
4 minutes into this interview and all I hear is hereditary 🤦
ira nie
ira nie Year ago
12 years old singing “Why I Love You So Much”...those vocals were amazing
Can tell Charlamagne really loves Monica.
Donnie S
Donnie S Year ago
I love Monica..so real and down to earth...just an all rounded person. She has grown into such a mature woman with wisdom, class and intelligence. Never compromise! Continue to represent! Blessings to you!
Lee85 Year ago
Wow! Didn't realize she was 12.
Shyro Channing
Monica Had Charlamagne Under Manners Boy, Woo! Gotta Love Monica Though. Because When My Time Comes, She's Gotta Have The Same Old Skool Respect, Self Respect & Fire Too Yo. Definitely A Perfected Black Woman #BlackPrint 🔥😵🥊😂🥊 😵🔥
Tea, Talk & Turn Up
I love her, she comes off as so genuine and real. But Im already knowing she can knock if you buck hahaha
Jameca Boone
Jameca Boone Year ago
"You got head from a crackhead" Mo: Nahhhh, Mmm Nahhh, I was weak af🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jameca Boone
Jameca Boone Year ago
Monica has always been real never watered down💯
LaQuissa Sapp
LaQuissa Sapp Year ago
I see DJ Envy NEVER has anything to say about cheating 😂😂
LaQuissa Sapp
LaQuissa Sapp Year ago
12 😳😳😳😳 I love that song
charlita25 Year ago
She’s so wise and mature. #loveit
Renisha Hunt
Renisha Hunt Year ago
im so glad angela yee won't there
charlita25 Year ago
I enjoy being with one ☝🏾 person too. But ironically I have never been in a committed relationship.
charlita25 Year ago
She’s so strong 💪🏾 and always positive
In tune with tmill podcast
@1Dub79 nawww nawwww nauuuuuaaaawww
1Dub79 Month ago
OMG! When, I first saw this, I thought I was going to DIE. 😂🤣😂🤣
Marquita Shiver
I love that! U can't shelter ur kids from life (its a big mistake to try) and in my opinion they're never too young to learn about ANYTHING! Life is all around them unless u keep them locked up somewhere. We the parents are their first teachers and should want to teach them all that we know.
lemonlove90 Year ago
Wow I’m still amazed at how mature her singing 🎤 voice was at only 12 years old 😮😮😮😮😮😮
metkev1011 Year ago
I could listen to and watch Monica speak for hours upon hours. She's so beautiful and intelligent and has so much wisdom and just has a great voice. Love her.
Shavonne Coleman
I love Monica because she remains a Classic in a world full of Trends. #ClassisTimeless
It’s Bigger Picture
Damn she look good
Sierra Hines
Sierra Hines Year ago
She is amazing in every way.
Atarah’s Voice
I don’t like Scorpio men but I like Scorpio women, I love Monica & she can do no wrong in my eyes. She always comes with great energy & her spirit is always so welcoming. I can’t for ya album Miss Thang...
Kini Holloway
Kini Holloway Year ago
You got head from a crack head........ I was selling crack
Lamont Evans
Lamont Evans Year ago
This was a really good interview 👍
Antwon Blue
Antwon Blue Year ago
Damn she fine
Eric Downs
Eric Downs Year ago
No the realest female in the game
Raphael Smith
Raphael Smith Year ago
“Why you got high blood pressure Mo?” “W-w-where you want me to start? ...shit!” 😂😂
shannel artis
shannel artis Year ago
I love Monica 😁 raw and uncut!
Brother Hasan
Brother Hasan Year ago
Good energy good interview
No Chaser G
No Chaser G Year ago
She reminds me of my woman, I gotta Georgia girl too and she’s independent, classy with splash of hood too lol
Kandy Johnson
Kandy Johnson Year ago
Love me some Monica! This what a real grown woman looks like!
Nieer Newman
Nieer Newman Year ago
Someone please meme Monica's nahhhhhh. Nahhhhh please 😂😂😂😂
Kendrick Johnso.
Monica sounds like the feeling you have during the holidays from being around your family cause you stay in a different state, you hear nothing but Love,Discipline,Hardwork, and Respect! I Fucking adore her man
Christoph Lee
Christoph Lee Year ago
Love this woman, just so real
Terry Walker
Terry Walker Year ago
I just love how down to earth she seems.
Indigo Nai
Indigo Nai Year ago
She is not likeable -sorry mo I can’t finish the vid I’m not feeling her energy- & the things she’s saying are not insightful -she just rubs me as uneducated..& complacent in that -but Chile is still pretty
jakobi black
jakobi black Year ago
lmao😂😂 you obviously did not listen to the interview . You sound like a hater . #clock
Do Better Please
Such a good interview!
RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production
Monica Has Gorgeous Cheekbones, She's Always Been Beautiful, Even Without The Eye Makeup. As Far As Her Singing, She Blew A Lot Of Singers Out The Water Then, And Now at 12, 13, and 14 yrs Old. In That Regard She Really Doesn't Get The Respect She Deserves.
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