Monica Breaks Down Over Her Son | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

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While everyone catches up at Toya’s housewarming, Monica reveals to the girls about her son Rocko’s SHOCKING health scare!
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May 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Jay McBride
Jay McBride 11 days ago
She loves her kids and her stepson. She's always talking about them, lol. Or posting pics of them on Instagram.
Queen Alika
Queen Alika 13 days ago
Those hats are sharp
Faith Handberry
Faith Handberry 29 days ago
Tommy wanted a baby so bad and cheated
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny Month ago
I remember seeing monica walk around the mall. I was too scared to approach her though lol
W. J.
W. J. Month ago
Reign is a mood! The way she greeted Monica has me dying!😂
Stephen Anderson
All prayers and love for you Monica
Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed Month ago
So sad..Be strong Mo...And baby Rocko
Toria J
Toria J 2 months ago
This brought me to tears. My son started having seizures at 10 months old. Before the first one started I decided to stay at my parents house for some odd reason. That night about 2 am he had a seizure. I'm so happy that I made the decision to stay. My parents were there to help and my mom is a nurse so she knew exactly what it was and what to do. I was so terrified. He spent 3 days in the hospital due to some complications from the seizures. Thanksgiving day when he was 6 years old is when he had his last seizure. He had about 30 seizures from 10 months to age 6. He's now 14 and seizure free but I still get anxiety thinking what if it happens again.
Sameeka Graham
Sameeka Graham 2 months ago
Awww Monica❤️ ((hugs)) Mama Bear🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Tee 2 months ago
God kept him home 🙏 Thank you Lord!
Blacc Chai
Blacc Chai 2 months ago
Christiann Morris
Christiann Morris 2 months ago
Monica is a sweetheart....been through the fire came out unharmed....such a strong intelligent gifted woman...
NotYoBaby YoMama
NotYoBaby YoMama 2 months ago
Monica has great friends, Letoya showed love when she wiped her friends tears for her. ❤️
Kelci Bee
Kelci Bee 2 months ago
My son had a seizure at 2 years old- its will seriously traumatize you seeing your baby like that. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.
nothingbutfinest Culler
There are all different types of seizures people don't know about and I used to have them all just about the big major one by the grace of God I haven't had those in a while the other type of seizures where I get stuck and then I'll go lay down and sleep it off I don't need to have them no more it's funny how when I start suffering with Myasthenia gravis disease I don't have seizures no more and I think the reason being when I had that stroke in my sleep from my desk smoking and partying did everything my brain shut down I mean my body shut down before my brain beat
nothingbutfinest Culler
That's how I used to have seizures I'm talking to you one minute and the next minute I'm out I was at a family reunions in Macon Georgia and my mom and my oldest sister went out of town and we were going to stay down there again for the summer and I had a seizure and I had to get rushed back to the hospital and we was at a family reunions one time I told my mama mama we need stop by and get my medication I tried the one I kept telling her we need to go and get my medication we get down there and damn I ruin the whole family reunions I was in church one time singing and Bam I got stuck everybody just thank you is fun having seizures is not
Mehret Gebrezgiabher
I know the uncertainty is frightening but hang in there Monica, your son will be fine. Telling you from personal experience with my baby sister and other cousins I know who had to learn to walk again. The one bright thing with seizures it’s better to get them at younger age than older, it’s less permanent. He might have to take medicine for two years and as a mom you gonna want to keep close eye on him but it gets better to where they don’t really have them anymore. Not to give you false hope but just pray. The power of God is real.
Beautiful Sunflowers
Suzan Taylor
Suzan Taylor 2 months ago
Marlene Rodney
Marlene Rodney 2 months ago
😭😭😭😭Trust me Monica I know what ur going through..my daughter only recently started having them. Not easy to see and I'm always on edge.. always
Karen Davis
Karen Davis 2 months ago
I know looks is not everything. These women characters n friendships seem pretty cool, at least compared to RHOA. Just think a lot of these men need their head knocked n checked. Like work things out, jeez
The Rebirth of A’JAY Love LOVE
Come show some love ❤️ on my channel if you know someone who’s been going through a lot in life vh1 is my favorite show
Dina Taylor
Dina Taylor 2 months ago
Dina Taylor
Dina Taylor 2 months ago
Toya your hairstylest is fired...Are did you try to safe money and do it yourself? If so don't again😥
Anastacia Mebane
Anastacia Mebane 2 months ago
Awwwww her baby 😢
AsattaX 2 months ago
Toya seems like she have really grown by leaps n bounds over the last few years.I know this is a reality show n they only portray what they want the public to see sometimes....but her n Red together ( he must be really doin her right*) n baby Reign is a cutie pie. She handling things like a lady❣💯
J D 2 months ago
I never watch this but this made me feel some type of way.😔
Etoya Farris
Etoya Farris 2 months ago
Sky Love
Sky Love 2 months ago
Love Monica swagg....what a beautiful strong BLK women
Shawniqua Moss
Shawniqua Moss 2 months ago
I know how Monica feel my son had a Seizure he was around 2 .. we both was sleeping in the bed and I turn over and saw my baby lift his arm.. and said mummy and start shaking uncontrollably.. I jump up out my sleep hold my son and my Fiancé and I rush to hospital..
Melanin Beauty
Melanin Beauty 3 months ago
Jamia Randall
Jamia Randall 3 months ago
I’m letoya and Toya as a friend
Michelle Soto
Michelle Soto 3 months ago
Monica is about to sacrifice her son that's what it's all about and that's the game of the industry.. She knows what they want and she have her part to play in just like Whitney Houston Death.. How so Stupid you people are believing their game playing lies... They are all demon!!!!
Marilyn Woodberry
Marilyn Woodberry 3 months ago
Monica...let it go... still talking bout dat dam album nobody interested in...t.i. let this show go Chile...it has run it's course..
Katrina Downs
Katrina Downs 3 months ago
Eplisey is in the bible. Its demonic and it took Yahweh to deliver my son from that.
Dynasty Doll
Dynasty Doll 3 months ago
I feel her pain my daughter got J.A.E and it only got worse as she hit puberty. Some days are better than others all I can do is pray because that medicine ain't really doing nothing for her they just keep raising the dose.
Corelle Green
Corelle Green 3 months ago
I Remember when my daughter had a seizure and how helpless I felt it’s one of those things you just cannot expect or get a hold of so I understand completely.
Noreen Aslam
Noreen Aslam 3 months ago
May Allah always keep your son happy, healthy and safe, Ameen.
K Franc
K Franc 3 months ago
God is willing and able Monica,he is already healed!
Tristan Lewis
Tristan Lewis 3 months ago
I like Tommie he gone be himself no matter what country and ER thang lol
TechyTameka 3 months ago
Yeah! I can totally relate! My son suffers with them and when I say I'm scared everyday because you don't know when they will come. He is so healthy, and appears so normal and slipped...but they started when he slipped and hit his head playing basketball once at the age of 12 and suffered with seizures every since. I pray they go away because they have changed his entire teenage life. I pray for Monica and everyone out there who has kids with this or any illness. I totally understand! 😥😪
cindy d
cindy d 3 months ago
Wow. I pray for continual healing for Rodney. All things that come to kill, steal, and destroy cease and cast into the sea in the name of Jesus! 🙏🏾
Wanda Edwards
Wanda Edwards 3 months ago
The Blood of JESUS !
tina knazze
tina knazze 3 months ago
My prayers are with u monica I have the same thing with my epilepsy lol your fan dj glam beats
desiree quintana
desiree quintana 3 months ago
jay New Orleans!
jay New Orleans! 3 months ago
Awwww Monica 😢
Christy Haynes
Christy Haynes 3 months ago
Aww Monica! 😭😭 When she said “I’m not complete without them”, every mother said Amen! 🙋🏽‍♀️
maryam mure
maryam mure 3 months ago
Damn. My heart broke for her. When she said I'm not complete without them. She loves her kids more than anything. My heart 💔😭
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball 3 months ago
Prayers going out to Monica and her son pray he gets well soon and also praying 🧎‍♀️🙏🏾for her strength it’s hard to see ur kids go through anything she’s an amazing mom and she love ❤️ her kids this lady goes hard in the 🎨 paint for her kids and career 🎩 hats off too her
Email Vally
Email Vally 3 months ago
The blood of Jesus on Monica's son and family. Pray Monica pray.
Raw Foodsgirl
Raw Foodsgirl 3 months ago
They're all so pretty!
Marshay H
Marshay H 3 months ago
Monica, I felt her heart ❤️
Flor Azul
Flor Azul 3 months ago
LeToya Luckett is EVERYTHING
leggosmodro okdo
leggosmodro okdo 3 months ago
Buddy got the illuminati hat on 😏
kee love
kee love 3 months ago
That's who reign looks like her granny..red mother!
Nina Biniji
Nina Biniji 3 months ago
Awww, God bless Monica's son.
Indi Genius
Indi Genius 3 months ago
Monica prayers for u and ur son
Indi Genius
Indi Genius 3 months ago
Red don’t like Tommie
High Priestess Angelique
Better start checking for benzos that's what got a lot of teens having seizures in my area REAL TALK it's happening everywhere especially in affluent kids.
Allure Treasure Family Life
MO got me over here crying❤ love you mo
TalksWith Tee
TalksWith Tee 3 months ago
Praying for her son and they’re beautiful women
atlsong byrd
atlsong byrd 3 months ago
I wonder what prompted the seizures
Mrs S
Mrs S 3 months ago
This is too sad
Soul Curlzzz
Soul Curlzzz 3 months ago
God bless her and her son plus the family I know that was alot😩💕
NN 3 months ago
ESSARGEE 3 months ago
Anyone know how long ago they filmed?
Mickow Komani
Mickow Komani 3 months ago
That touched my soul im a mommy and i go hard for my boy...
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-eWDhpiJ1wUs.html No laughing I was right 76"🦂walking with shamans ancestors 💧
Flipsyyz 3 months ago
My cousin Monica doing big things😭
Mystica Pajar
Mystica Pajar 3 months ago
Is that latoya from Destiny's child?
Godsgeneral21 3 months ago
Monica is so strong! God bless her family with healing and strength
Wisdom 58
Wisdom 58 3 months ago
Baby girl, don't cry your baby will grow out of whatever ails his body!! By the way, my husband was in love with yo music back in the day. Just stay positive no matter how it looks for your son he will overcome..
Kassi Javir
Kassi Javir 3 months ago
So sweet when toya wiped her tears....God you touch his beautiful soul....he will be healed.
Developing Her
Developing Her 3 months ago
Praying for him and healing. Life is so precious. I wish it didn’t happen but glad that it happened amongst family. 😳🥺Strength and healing!!!
Conversations w KEV
Conversations w KEV 3 months ago
Moms deal with TOO MUCH!!! Woman in general. My Mom went through stuff with all 6 of us. Ugh
Veracity 3 months ago
Little girl was so cute
j sev
j sev 3 months ago
The world is coming to an end.... Please seek Jesus Christ everyone before it's too late. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have done, HE LOVES YOU. Ask Him for forgiveness of your sins and accept Him into your heart with sincerity. He loves you more than you could ever know
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 3 months ago
the ruvid.net/video/video-5pQvM9ZY41k.html future
Debbie Cooper
Debbie Cooper 3 months ago
Pig makeup .staged event once again.....
Shana 3 months ago
🙏🏾 for total healing
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 3 months ago
Now I see where the baby gets her look from, her grandmother
Lorrie Kelly
Lorrie Kelly 3 months ago
That's so scary I've been there ! My mom had seizures I was a teen When she had her first it something That just takes alot out of you Cuz you can't help ? And most people done know what To do ?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 3 months ago
I pray that God protect your son through whatever your body is going through.
Mishon White
Mishon White 3 months ago
I love LeToya she has such a big heart and a beautiful spirit, I love her in Greenleaf, she's an awesome actress 👍
Taylor Downing
Taylor Downing 3 months ago
She's great!
Metro M
Metro M 3 months ago
All it takes is a little faith. Just keep Trusting God everybody 🙏 It worked for me.
Courtney Boudreau
Courtney Boudreau 3 months ago
Awww sorry sweetie god bless u
DeShonda Dede Washington
Man I was almost in full tears😥 I hate to see in kids hurt and helpless and I could only imagine how she felt 🙏🏽
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
I love you Monica
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
I will pray for you
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 3 months ago
So cute
cris tina
cris tina 3 months ago
Monica so damn fine
MIZZJACQUETTAXx 3 months ago
Sorry about your son Monica. I hope he be ok. 🙏🏽
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 months ago
Praying for Monica and her son 🙏🏾❤️
Racquel 3 months ago
I definitely feel her pain. My son s had his first seizure 7 months ago. Thank God the staff at his school acted fast. They saved his life.
Peace and LOVE
Peace and LOVE 3 months ago
Why do these people have babies, cars and homes together before MARRIAGE!!!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 months ago
I dont like toyas oldest child but she is bad though
Marquise Scott
Marquise Scott 3 months ago
I know exactly how she feels. My mom knows what she’s going through. When I was just 2 I was diagnosed with seizures & epilepsy. I would always have them back to back nonstop. My mother told me a incident where I was in her arms & I dropped out her arms & hit my head on the concrete. Rushed to the hospital in similar fashion to rocko. I had to wear helmets & all. With God all things are possible in my situation I outgrew them. My last seizure was at 4 years old. I haven’t had one since then. I’m now 26 years old. 22 years without one. I hope God heals him right now. I hope God let’s Monica know she’s not in it alone.
Tamara Joseph
Tamara Joseph 3 months ago
I pray that God protect your son through whatever your body is going through.
Tyson B
Tyson B 3 months ago
I love me some Letoya Luckett, she was always my fave DC member, and I thought the prettiest
Brit 3 months ago
Watching your child have a seizure ain't no joke. My 1 year old had a seizure and went unconscious, her breathing was so shallow that I thought she was gone. My 911 call was chilling bc you could hear the grief in my voice. She's a healthy 5 yr old today but as a toddler suffered from febrile seizures. I pray Monica son overcomes whatever is the root cause 🙏🏿
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