Moneybagg Yo - WAT3VA I'M WIT (Official Audio)

MoneyBagg Yo
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"43VA Heartless" out now: smartURL.it/43VAHeartless
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Comments 80
Cornay Stevens
Cornay Stevens 4 days ago
Forever mr.leechow ❤️💋💙
Rachel Basham
Rachel Basham 4 days ago
Whateva I'm wit. I ain't worried bout no bitch takin my spotttt jeje he got shot by cupid grrrrttt
JustLiveLifeGirl Official
Real fans Go follow me on IG @Goddessbam_tx 🤟🏽💜
This song for the ryders #2020
Yaneth Ruiz
Yaneth Ruiz 7 days ago
Daniella Standinwind
This is is me an Big O ,'s song All the way baby. Can't wait until you get out. We guna hit us a lick an fk dis bitch frfr #FREE BIG O
E Ninth
E Ninth 14 days ago
Bruh u need a video for this fam!!!!
Eric Esquivel
Eric Esquivel 22 days ago
Im tryina gettit
Listen to me and my boyfriend song while he on the phone 📲 #freebae
Samantha Standish
I love this song
Jt O
Jt O Month ago
Now that's real love ...... Ugh ugh
Ronisha Martin
Ronisha Martin Month ago
Otf_swayYT_ Month ago
this song so slept on🤧
DaPlug 26
DaPlug 26 Month ago
We need a music video for this 🔥💰
Lady Jay
Lady Jay Month ago
This is a sexy hood joint. If ur not with wateva he's with that's ok. Ladies don't be offended when ur man sends u this song. It Should Not Be an invitation to partake in the actions sung. He'd better be soliciting u to enjoy some good hood music🤣🤣🤣
Mariee Santistevan
If a nigga ain't right she gon' put it in my ear & she hate it when I pull up, fuck on it, disappear So familiar with my scent, she can smell it when I'm near! 🔥💯
Armando Mata
Armando Mata Month ago
brittany salr
brittany salr 2 months ago
My man told me to listen to this I dont kno how to really take it
JustLiveLifeGirl Official
Hardest rapper Right now 🌹🔥
Luna Franco
Luna Franco 2 months ago
Randell Dean
Randell Dean 2 months ago
Go crazy 🔥🔝🚀
Golden Child
Golden Child 3 months ago
She is fareal💪
Raven Lerma
Raven Lerma 3 months ago
Raven Lerma
Raven Lerma 3 months ago
Ayanna Williams
Ayanna Williams 3 months ago
Why Cheat When We Can Just F*ck Ha Together 😍💪🏽
Dysam Graham
Dysam Graham 3 months ago
Did that s*** right here don't care what nobody say gang gang
Luvely 85
Luvely 85 4 months ago
No heart this is a black heart
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson 4 months ago
Need someone on the same page as me
Enock Badu
Enock Badu 5 months ago
The beat is so cold🤮🔥
Jeremy Lewicki
Jeremy Lewicki 5 months ago
Stright fire
lil baddie
lil baddie 6 months ago
Is it just me or does he sound just like kevin gatess
Joreacia Singletary
Joreacia Singletary 4 months ago
Yes he does lol
Monroe Monroe
Monroe Monroe 6 months ago
Put it in her belly every time i sex ha 😍
Denise Blackwell
Denise Blackwell 6 months ago
Why cheat when we can fucc her together... 👍👍
Praying Hands26
Praying Hands26 7 months ago
🔥 and I love it💯
Eternal Kloth Garden Gangsta
Fuck dese hoes all I want is U
Jamika Small
Jamika Small 8 months ago
Need that video for this one🔥🔥🔥
Evann Jefferson
Evann Jefferson 9 months ago
Shoulda put dave east on this but this song still kill
Dru R.D
Dru R.D Month ago
FaXX I hear that
Evann Jefferson
Evann Jefferson 9 months ago
This song shoulda blew nd never stopped
Don Logan
Don Logan 9 months ago
Man this shit go hard real life shit any real nigga send this to yo bitch she gone love u just a lil more ❤️ real spill
This one here 🔥🔥🔥 she with wha3ver I'm wit.... she the head liner ain't no #2....
Marcus Bryse
Marcus Bryse 9 months ago
Whole joint is 🔥 but if i had to choose this one and On My Soul 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Yenecia Campbell
Yenecia Campbell 9 months ago
My man sent me a link to this song & it’s been on repeat 💯
Raw Beauty
Raw Beauty 9 months ago
Officially added to my wedding playlist 😂😂
Rico Kendrick
Rico Kendrick 10 months ago
Wateva u want u get it lol
S S 10 months ago
Not Worried about NoBody Takin Her Place!!! #WhatEver!
Andre Patrick
Andre Patrick 10 months ago
Got shot by Cupid..he must had a uzi🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯killem bagg#ayyyyeeeee💯
Andre Patrick
Andre Patrick 10 months ago
Hot SHIT 💯💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪oooooooooohhhhhhhhwwwwweeee💯💪💪✌️😀
Dark Side
Dark Side 10 months ago
Shot by cupid he mustve had uzi💯🔥
Jojo23 10 months ago
ISSA VIBE‼️🔥💯#MoneybaggYo
Chops Productions
Chops Productions 10 months ago
I s⛹️ my shot at you like a Beretta
Kareem Davis
Kareem Davis 10 months ago
Priceless 💯😎💪
da dam plug
da dam plug 10 months ago
Dont a$k no question, just rubbbbb my shoulders when im under pressure..im doing watca last nigga cud never...
princess ale
princess ale 10 months ago
Alondra Aguilar
Alondra Aguilar 10 months ago
Shot by cupid he must’ve had a uzi 💕🤞🏽
Janie Ramirez
Janie Ramirez 10 months ago
🔥 ... #TheyNotSleepnOnHim...🌹💞
Napoleon Anderson Anderson
CD going hard
Princessk Kijani
Princessk Kijani 10 months ago
My boyfriend send me this song.... now I’m thinking deep.... is this good or bad ?
Vapemax 15 days ago
D Williams agreed if a dude send u this he fw u heavy heavy
D Williams
D Williams 28 days ago
He fuck with you heavy
brittany salr
brittany salr 2 months ago
Thank you I'm on the same page I dont kno how to take it
Amonzo Osby
Amonzo Osby 10 months ago
My Ride Ah Die She Told Me It's What Ever You Make Better 🔥🔥🔥🔥... put your pride too the side most real niggas can relate too this joint...
Rinna Gloria
Rinna Gloria 10 months ago
she dont fight my bitches , she gon hang wit us 💯💯
fasho 10 months ago
Doing wat ur last nigga he could never
Rubbaband Peezy
Rubbaband Peezy 10 months ago
Hardest track on that Junt
Mr.Nooorth Memphis10
Mr.Nooorth Memphis10 10 months ago
Awe mane dis sum pimpin memphis shyt yeah hoe!!💯💯
gr greatest
gr greatest 10 months ago
MoneyBagg Yo coming hard ASF 💪 2019
Obuseh Promise
Obuseh Promise 10 months ago
Who else is here before 1m ?
Leesha Love
Leesha Love 10 months ago
I luv my THUGG😍👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
D C 10 months ago
On repeat. Best song on the tape
One Of A Kind Loving Me
Not the best but it go hard 😂💦🍉🍍
Enock Badu
Enock Badu 5 months ago
Big Wan facts
David Green
David Green 5 months ago
D C 10 months ago
@D Vazquez trash
D Vazquez
D Vazquez 10 months ago
Falcons53 Atlanta
Falcons53 Atlanta 10 months ago
Bagg I hope u didn't pull a rich homie Quan and used all your ammo to early 🤔🤔🤔 what happened
Dysam Graham
Dysam Graham 5 months ago
This guy going to be around forever
Bamaboi 251
Bamaboi 251 10 months ago
Bump data $hit.....
Eboni Tolbert
Eboni Tolbert 9 months ago
Good job
Eboni Tolbert
Eboni Tolbert 9 months ago
Eboni Tolbert
Eboni Tolbert 9 months ago
You supid
courtney Conner
courtney Conner 10 months ago
courtney Conner
courtney Conner 10 months ago
Lamesha S
Lamesha S 10 months ago
Bboyz Ghost
Bboyz Ghost 10 months ago
💯💯 👻
Tyrese Updite
Tyrese Updite 10 months ago
Mane to fye👊👊
genesis hull
genesis hull 10 months ago
Scoota Bruh
Scoota Bruh 10 months ago
Megan Tha Stallion Got My Nigga In His Feelings 😂😂
fromh-town Z
fromh-town Z 10 months ago
It got age restricted
Xavier Taylor
Xavier Taylor 10 months ago
💰 🔥
Xavier Taylor
Xavier Taylor 10 months ago
Moneybagg yo trying to song🔥🔥
Luiz Rosario
Luiz Rosario 3 months ago
Trying to song?
Reap What You Sow
Reap What You Sow 10 months ago
5_3_12💘💍... She With whatever I'm with
Candy Caine
Candy Caine 10 months ago
Pistol put me on. This sh!t hot. Before 4k
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