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MoneyBagg Yo
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MoneyBagg Yo finds perfection in "Perfect Bihh" with two beautiful twins. Problem is each twin is perfect in their own way! Will he keep both or have to choose one?
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Comments 80
Suits N Ties
Suits N Ties 6 days ago
Yellow dress all day!
Cynetria Malone
Cynetria Malone 11 days ago
I just wanna know where can I find these red outfits from 😭😍
OGBALDHEAD 33 12 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-H945dDi5T54.html Coronavirus Chicago Outbreak 🤯😳🥶🤬
Gary Logan
Gary Logan 14 days ago
Sara Bowden
Sara Bowden 26 days ago
Complicated situation delicate
_chocolatecupcakes_ Nicole
I’m finna beat my nigga ass!! Last night was the first night he played this around me. He got me fucked up tf
Rassoul Amal Sharrieff Wilson
"Wish I could have them both because I HATE to Pick
Elmas Cabron
Elmas Cabron Month ago
Reminds me of that time I had two girls ❕
Laristic M
Laristic M Month ago
This song drunk and then you got the dude you love but the dude that you don’t love but things with him are different but you don’t like him you like what he does 😭 shit be complicated lmfao 😅
Besti Blanco
Besti Blanco Month ago
Nobody seems to understand his message on this song 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Kate H
Kate H Month ago
Damn shame kids nowadays think this cool to do! Like okay wait till y’all old n crusty when no bitch will be there
ThankYou NEXT
ThankYou NEXT Month ago
Casper see this...now u see why I'm ready to leave...me too....sad part is this one Charlie Wilson song he plays i miss u heaven no.s ....i cant read his mind...an it's written all on his face...but hey Casper valentine day is 2 days away...he was gonna do that anyway...now he got a forever pass now....
Tori Chase
Tori Chase Month ago
Mistress Diamond
The Carmons
The Carmons Month ago
Perfect bitch using Windex on the table 😏
Ashley Arnold
Ashley Arnold Month ago
This hard
miss y
miss y Month ago
They will do js what he need he still gone have some on the side when they not looking
miss y
miss y Month ago
Why is it us females are the ones who have to change..
Project Priincess
This song reminds me of blue face and his two girlfriends no cap 😭
Anthony diaz yt 123 x
king karol
king karol Month ago
any nigga that play this done got they ass beat by they shorty
Shayonce Epperson
Damn he ran threw ari friends
Queen Jperiod
Queen Jperiod Month ago
On BABEEE.....I need a perfect BITCH TOO....
CarolinaBaby _
CarolinaBaby _ 2 months ago
That's 6ix9ine girlfriend right?
J Hernandez
J Hernandez 2 months ago
#1🌺 right here never will I be chosen to be 2nd 😘 😘..."Js"
Felicia Chandler
Felicia Chandler 2 months ago
ChrissNonstop 2 months ago
YESSIR!!! DOPE!!! Moneybagg Yo never dissapoints!!! Hey everyone else viewing this comment who enjoyed this song and the vibe check this song out ruvid.net/video/video-Y0rPfLuzUQo.html Let me know what you think. Subscriptions, comments, and likes are really appreciated
Chocolate Katie
Chocolate Katie 2 months ago
He cant rap
컵시피 2 months ago
It ain't money bag yo either
Jimesha Calvary
Jimesha Calvary 2 months ago
If yo spot was online would you show me you worth it !!!!
hippa2dahoppa2 2 months ago
theres only one money bags and he rapped with tupac back in the day ruvid.net/video/video-ggQCaO1uD9g.html
Music Is Music
Music Is Music 2 months ago
Nope !! Bye
lovely kisses
lovely kisses 2 months ago
This is a sad song
Dee Cappalott
Dee Cappalott 2 months ago
Kenisha Lewis
Kenisha Lewis 2 months ago
Ouuuuu thats messy 😜😂
Londyn Wallace
Londyn Wallace 2 months ago
Stupid bitches
Sierra 203
Sierra 203 2 months ago
This song gave my baby father the idea, nigga stuck on it now, thanks so mf much moneybagg yo👍🏻 smh 😩
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee 3 months ago
I see u ain t gonna let me change... u want me to be a derective... watch politics all day.. i resigned.. i quit/ thhjats not my job no more
Terra Poppin
Terra Poppin 3 months ago
The one with the chain his bitch😂😂😂
Venishia Robinson
Venishia Robinson 3 months ago
Nothing wrong wit a King having 2 Queens. I want my King an us to have a Queen!!!! Gang gang!!! ❤💙❤
casildo carrasco
casildo carrasco 4 months ago
Real life shit😎👌💯
Calvin Allen
Calvin Allen 4 months ago
UhhuUuH. Hell Naw2 Easy.Not Dem. I Cant Loosss. DanBaby Lemme upgrade U. And depends if u worth it fym. Datsa Bill. Lol. And I'm Me. Gotcha
Jeffery Lilly
Jeffery Lilly 4 months ago
Either way u look at it there's no perfect woman or man u pick one and make the most of it you can u get one life there is no plan go with God he has ur life in his hands his will is his demand
Shaquita Sanders
Shaquita Sanders 4 months ago
Yes I can 🙋🏾‍♀️
SHARONGXNGSTX42 4 months ago
My nigga need 2 make it happen 🥰.. 💙💙 cause I ain't going NOWHERE!! Free Screezy 🤞🏿
Brittany Alexander
Brittany Alexander 4 months ago
Any man think this is a good idea is dumb 😂 Only slow girls fall for shit like this 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m a Scorpio someone gotta go 😂
Really ThisWorldToday
I will take his ass if he was broke with one leg...he still sexy as hell😍😘 #StraightWet💦💯
Nicholas merick
Nicholas merick 4 months ago
Only 2 bitches im allowed to have in my house is my 2 female dogs. 😣😣😣😰
Marc Gottie
Marc Gottie 5 months ago
bag some else 3:07 & then I see doplh had twins off in "The Major"video..Sucka's do Sucka S***!!....
Terry Adams
Terry Adams 5 months ago
From the South we on dis shit...Gang Gang 💯💯💯
paris tennyson
paris tennyson 5 months ago
This me my man and our lady 🔥🔥🔥
Mr.Mushun McDowell
Mr.Mushun McDowell 5 months ago
I like dat; It takes everyday all day none stop selling your soul to Allah Akbar the greatest the creator of all thing's. To reach success yeaa it's going to be trial's and tribulation's what we call the struggle;guess what keep on pushing and that's how we make it through the struggle, striving to succeed to be successful in life. (Business Is Money Inc).
butterfly ron
butterfly ron 5 months ago
Please......The young hotties think they still in Africa with men that have 10 wives, Lol. Old school 🏫 do not share their men. What is wrong with them? No morals. Get some class back please! You are not born ho......es! Please stop it! Get some class back into your souls. Lord help us! Bye!
Jamilah Jones
Jamilah Jones 5 months ago
How I felt about both of my bfs that 1 time 😩
Alyssa Dani
Alyssa Dani 4 days ago
Omm 🥴😂😔
Carmen Lewis
Carmen Lewis 9 days ago
Yessss 😩😭
Phyllis Smith
Phyllis Smith 3 months ago
Works both ways 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lateena Twe
Lateena Twe 5 months ago
Can we get the perfect Nigga🙄
The Kind that's Too Good for you
Tameka Gurton
Tameka Gurton 5 months ago
Money can buy ya anything I tell ya
BEARERS OF LIGHT 5 months ago
Jessica Gonzales
Jessica Gonzales 6 months ago
Hey as long as I can make the perfect nucca he can make his perfect bitch
Evena Decaze
Evena Decaze 6 months ago
that is why he is with Megan i guess she is the perfect bitch
sommershaw24 6 months ago
They need to make a female version of this song !! Because believe me yall men ain't perfect either lol
April G
April G 6 months ago
What u mean 2?
April G
April G 6 months ago
Ellis Glover
Ellis Glover 6 months ago
You have a great week at a time right 😘😍
lil baddie
lil baddie 6 months ago
This song makes me pissed cause I was getting cheated on lmao
paris tennyson
paris tennyson 5 months ago
lil baddie maybe u shoulda got him a gf
Lee Lambert
Lee Lambert 6 months ago
Sounds like nas song making of a perfect bitch
Troy Rivera
Troy Rivera 6 months ago
Blou Brown
Blou Brown 6 months ago
My shyt
kierra johnson
kierra johnson 6 months ago
Check this out 🔥🔥🔥 new music ruvid.net/video/video-XcdrXNqC1gA.html
Cristina Flores
Cristina Flores 6 months ago
Rashawn Wilson
Rashawn Wilson 6 months ago
ThatChickHarlz 6 months ago
when he leaves them both for Thee Stallion😂😂💯
Asiia Cullens
Asiia Cullens Month ago
ThatChickHarlz then leaves Meg for AURI. He ain’t shit
David Tarvin
David Tarvin 2 months ago
ThatChickHarlz 💪🏽
Jordan Gates
Jordan Gates 5 months ago
Willie c
Willie c 5 months ago
You are that Chick
Savage The Kidd
Savage The Kidd 5 months ago
ThatChickHarlz 😂Hy
Tanika Long
Tanika Long 6 months ago
raquel ferguson
raquel ferguson 6 months ago
Dis shit go dumbbbb
johnny blaze
johnny blaze 6 months ago
This song about one crazy female with diff personality cuz yall be acting crazy 😂😂
Ashley Sofia
Ashley Sofia 6 months ago
These bitches stupid...
kingmichaeln1 6 months ago
You can’t never give them the same thing
Skyler Walker
Skyler Walker 6 months ago
pretty lady Johnson
pretty lady Johnson 7 months ago
Hell naw
sheila wilson
sheila wilson 7 months ago
Hello Ya A "Boogie "Dude "Ya Baby Moma " Do Ya Smdh Just Be The Hood Dude "You Are and Reap " Dnt Be Respectful For Others Thats Real In The Towns He Be... 🤔
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