Moneybagg Yo - Lower Level ft. Kodak Black

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'43VA Heartless' out now: smartURL.it/43VAHeartless
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Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Lower Level. © 2019 N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records




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Comments 80
young.k.osito victor,santiago
Trouble selfish Real si rare
XXL LAVATEAM 8 hours ago
They broke me down to my lowest level, he gotta remember dat shit foreva😥..
Janice M.
Janice M. 9 hours ago
Janice M.
Janice M. 9 hours ago
Free ah Reala #KodakBlack🙏🙏🙏❣💯👑.
Janice M.
Janice M. 9 hours ago
Lower Level the movie coming soon via RUvid T.V. presented by #BigSpeaker #MoneyBaggYo #BreadGang #BreadGangClothing 💋👑💯🌱💌💌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Janice M.
Janice M. 9 hours ago
💋👑Zaddy that's ah movie bc 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖🌱💨👟🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♀️🥂🍾 #MoneyBaggYo #BreadGang #BreadGangClothing.
Jv Entertainment
Devin Smoot
Devin Smoot Day ago
They need a mixtape together I swear shit gone be so Hard
Devin Smoot
Devin Smoot Day ago
Free yak out that lower level on God
XXL LAVATEAM 3 days ago
Alosha Jay
Alosha Jay 3 days ago
Krystal Lee
Krystal Lee 5 days ago
Let's free bill missing you ❤❤❤💞💞
Pedro Sá Pereira
Mrs. Okungbowa
Mrs. Okungbowa 8 days ago
My song to motivate me to finish the nursing program!
Lil Money Mr. November
Free Kodak #YeenMoney
Kaleb Gallagher
Kaleb Gallagher 15 days ago
Free the sniper
Vegas 15 days ago
Yo, x1.25 going hard af
L.D Sowetostreetking
This track unhateble 4 everybody DAT gat FAM getting raised by the system !! Holla at ya boy when u come back home YO (Africa)!!! 596
Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves 17 days ago
Shits so real gives me chills everytime I hear it....🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏
Andrew Archibeque
Andrew Archibeque 17 days ago
Jy Jackson
Jy Jackson 17 days ago
Hard to seperate fake wen dey all friendly 💰🎯
James Wade
James Wade 17 days ago
Free them guys tho The fast way Round400 G Earl Scooby MLuv Lil shoota Og skull
Tommy .Fisher
Tommy .Fisher 18 days ago
1:25 fredo bang
Edwin TrustnunOtf
Edwin TrustnunOtf 19 days ago
“Peep the oppz they was all against me, had to separate myself when they all friendly”🖕🏽💯
Ethan Kremer
Ethan Kremer 21 day ago
When you miss your dad😥
Phillex Dingle
Phillex Dingle 24 days ago
Lord help me 🙏🏾💯
Phillex Dingle
Phillex Dingle 24 days ago
I got some niggas on lower level
Phillex Dingle
Phillex Dingle 24 days ago
Remember we slept on the floor together 🤞🏾💤
Trent Barker
Trent Barker 25 days ago
Post hid dawg while incarcerated got the hear bout the funeral can’t come
Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence Johnson 25 days ago
#FreeWillie #FreeCord #FreeHeno 💉💉✡️
Lakeesha Thomas
Lakeesha Thomas 26 days ago
Ayeeeee both of my babes killed it😋😋😍😍#2020#
Dolores Bunch
Dolores Bunch 29 days ago
Moneybagg🔥🔥🔥Slept On Da Floor 2 getha Hit Home Hit Hard .U Up All Da Way.Straight Fire 🙏💯💯💯💯💯
Zakeya Hajj
Zakeya Hajj Month ago
😣😔🥺I felt that
Jaqueline Revolorio
Free Kodak. ‼️
senias world
senias world Month ago
We used to sleep on the floor, now you don't love me no more. 💯💯🔥
Memphiz G
Memphiz G Month ago
Lower level is the worst I'll die before i go back
G Love
G Love Month ago
Heyyyy ❤️
Kelvin Mammah
Kelvin Mammah Month ago
Remember we slept in the floor together,low level family ain’t shit do you stay humble.. #moneybagg
Jennifer Poston
Jennifer Poston Month ago
Free kodak
Latisha Fisher
Latisha Fisher Month ago
I was on the lower level...prayed real hard.. Prayed real long...prayed real real! Thank you Lord.
Nikki Garland
Nikki Garland Month ago
I used to kick in them doors nigga better gimme my glory! Facts
Johannes mavura
Johannes mavura Month ago
yo was more emotional mo pain to,o real
Alicia Tolliver
Alicia Tolliver Month ago
I am obsessed with this song, 2 of my favorite rappers stating facts!!!! How can you separate fake when their all friendly?!?!?! 😍😘❤💕
Rick Lacefield
Rick Lacefield Month ago
Beat and Bars my soul can feel and relate to....... This is MUSIC!!!!!
Mr. R.A.P.
Mr. R.A.P. Month ago
I can't forget where I came from.....lost my dawg when I was encarcerated...
Mr. R.A.P.
Mr. R.A.P. Month ago
Money never changed me
Virginia Castille
This hit my heart differently 💔 Kodak Black 💔💔💔
Richard Sasor
Richard Sasor Month ago
Love you haters sincerely
John Shoemaker
John Shoemaker Month ago
When you down on your lower level a nigga female will treat you any kind of way especially if they think you dumb it's sad Pensacola wake up please we not helping each other it's not going to stand we all we got.
Tamara Patterson
The gutta the lower level t hays my boo money money smootches
George ViviN
George ViviN Month ago
Moneybagg Baggd This 1 . FREE Them Hittaz Tha State Got ! FUCKDaSystem!
Jontavious Arnold
Free them guys tho. 3 Federal $$
Ana Rodas
Ana Rodas Month ago
Kodak nevaa disappoints 🎯🤘🏽💚🧡
Checkers or Chess
Bagg tell his stories like candy2a baby he been the SHIT🗣🗣wake up goofy its up there👆🏽
Brad Adkins
Brad Adkins Month ago
I been broke before, I been in the rain!!!!🔥💉🎸
Kiara Banks
Kiara Banks Month ago
Moneybagg can you delete heartless please.
Danette Golston
Danette Golston Month ago
Kelvin Lanier
Kelvin Lanier Month ago
Who felt this?
Shawn Coffee
Shawn Coffee Month ago
When kodak said i done been broke before, i done been in the rain. That part went hard af for some reason 💯💪
Guero Delgado
Guero Delgado 18 days ago
We use to sleep on the floor now u dont love me nomore
Really relate n feel this song and it's to the point where the pains numb,,,, both them singing from the ❤️,,,
Thanks whoever you are 💯💯💯💯☮️
n o
n o Month ago
Ally Moore
Ally Moore Month ago
Stay humble . Stay hungry. Adverse to action . Obtuse minded & strategic to common thinking. Don't focus on competition . Goal focus of longevity.
Walter Clark
Walter Clark Month ago
Free kodak💪🏿🖕🏿👮‍♂️
Music n Thingz
Music n Thingz Month ago
The next time we talk man I'm gone tell him I wanna see you do more better Real ass shit right there... except I dont gotta tell my mams they gotta do more better. we've been throught that stage and life is blessed... work hard. Be Relentless. Always.
Michael Parker
Michael Parker Month ago
Real shit Never get old 💯 💪🏾
alfonse gibson
alfonse gibson Month ago
I get what u saying because I feel just like u
Terrence Trent
Terrence Trent Month ago
Jose Leiva
Jose Leiva Month ago
Dis mf goes hard af here🤜🏾 specially for certain moments in life 2020
Lisa U
Lisa U Month ago
Free Kodak
Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor 2 months ago
You did that for him to get out of
Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor 2 months ago
To gat out of Jill
Andy Lamb
Andy Lamb 2 months ago
Bag is talking about being at lower level at 201 poplar sleeping on the floor he is talking about sleeping on plastic boats because the jail is so overcrowded
Tune Da Steppa
Tune Da Steppa 2 months ago
This shudda been Kodak’s song🤷🏾‍♂️💯
lizbeth cura rodriguez
He is cute
BENMJR - 2 months ago
This song.. 🔥
Damone Madlock
Damone Madlock 2 months ago
he stole my song
2rusta FamilyNoFriends
This a good song keep up that good work👍👍
thomas garvin
thomas garvin 2 months ago
Whitney 2 months ago
BOSS BABY 2 months ago
Kodak Black is somebody's new bitch in prison 😬😂
Big Show
Big Show 2 months ago
This reminds me being lock up with my brother..
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