Moneybagg Yo - Lil Baby (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

MoneyBagg Yo
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MoneyBag Yo & IreneTheDream team up for "Lil Baby"
"Heartless"- Available for download here! itunes.apple.com/us/album/heartless/id1204997423
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Directed By Karltin Bankz

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Music video MoneyBagg Yo performing "Heartless" courtesy of CMG - Nless - Bread Gang




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Comments 80
tadeu oliveira
tadeu oliveira 9 days ago
Felisa Ortiz
Felisa Ortiz 12 days ago
So yeah I'm tryna get her body! 😞
p Don
p Don 24 days ago
Hoodlum 575
Hoodlum 575 26 days ago
TyShawn Willis
TyShawn Willis 29 days ago
Lil Josh & Wayne. #AMP Arkansas
Samuel Rondo
Samuel Rondo Month ago
She calling my phone all in her feelings like leave me alone you ain’t stay down you and stay down when I was broke down on the grind for the come up you ain’t believe in me you turned yo back on me you left me without no heart
Snowskii Munntana
Link up RUvid.com/snowskiimunntana
Sophia Rufus
Sophia Rufus Month ago
Real shit #respect
Ronnie Redding
Ronnie Redding Month ago
With a ass like that I see why he is trying to get it 😉😝😝🌚 in 2020👍
Jennifer Jackson
Wait a damn minute ... Did he give her a stack at the end of this damn video and she got all excited and happy and all was forgiven ??? That ain't no ride or die
Robert McFadden
Robert McFadden Month ago
Im trying to get at you girl 😍🔥😤🏁🔥😤🏁🔥
offical 38 baby
offical 38 baby Month ago
This hard🔥
Aaron Boquet
Aaron Boquet Month ago
Just to sho you how I’m livin come ride wit me to serve tha city. Really don’t want u around that lifestyle to dangerous an risky!!!
Iceman Month ago
I count the money while you roll the trees up this a push button put the keys up 🔥
Shamesha Taylor
Shamesha Taylor Month ago
Calling my phone all n my feelings
Da_Dom_ G.
Da_Dom_ G. Month ago
She thick like grits
Da_Dom_ G.
Da_Dom_ G. Month ago
He talk that real-life shit💯
Nate Leneve
Nate Leneve Month ago
Lil baby needa be on this shit
Amber Siciliano
Amber Siciliano Month ago
Fuk around n get left in the past tense .... hey I'm tryna get it Lil baby!
K.I.D. Cray-z
K.I.D. Cray-z 2 months ago
Any man who works his ass off for his girlfriend can relate to this. I know I do.💯
Iceman Month ago
K.I.D. Cray-z facts
Desra Cooper
Desra Cooper 2 months ago
I just want that chicks outfit
Slaughter G
Slaughter G 2 months ago
Some members behind this one
MirrorMommy 2 months ago
Love him to bits 😍
theREDMASKchannel 2 months ago
she badd
Randy Griffith
Randy Griffith 2 months ago
Who still bumpin this in 2020
Angie Jones
Angie Jones 8 days ago
Me now
Byatch Hoe
Byatch Hoe 16 days ago
On God
Joshua Isham
Joshua Isham 2 months ago
Facts shit I tell my BM all day
ManMan 300
ManMan 300 2 months ago
Tony Hndrxx
Tony Hndrxx 2 months ago
Brandon Mclean
Brandon Mclean 2 months ago
Shamar money bagg yo mar mar c.m.g Berkeley terrace apt 7b San Francisco 103rd street journal square boys basketball nba finals owwww wvgc nipsey gang
JoshGamingtz PUBG Mobile
That asss
Doozy Bell
Doozy Bell 2 months ago
If you don't trust me then don't fuck with me , aint got no time for the nonsense getting on my nerves with that mad shit fuck around & get left in the past tense💯💯
Charlene Stewart
Charlene Stewart 2 months ago
Love this money bagg yo my fave
laquinta myles
laquinta myles 3 months ago
laquinta myles
laquinta myles 3 months ago
Moneybagg yo lil baby
Fraquita Todd
Fraquita Todd 3 months ago
This one money bag song is my favorite really he tell the truth he try get it that unable
Fraquita Todd
Fraquita Todd 3 months ago
This its about life no love in this game he try get for her but she trip on him no you tell him you sorry
Fuck Youuu
Fuck Youuu 3 months ago
I love this 🥰🥰🥰🥰. I want a man like that
Gloria Trujillo
Gloria Trujillo 3 months ago
Hunjgind HD n,aaaaaaaahhzts
CTez J
CTez J 3 months ago
Tryna turn that 2018 malibu into a 2021 benz AMG for Her On God
Ricardo Fariaz
Ricardo Fariaz 3 months ago
What’s the models name???!
Mind Body Soul
Mind Body Soul 3 months ago
Just came here to see what's so important about him, I have discovered that I just wasted valuable time I can't get back. HE'S GARBAGE...
laquinta myles
laquinta myles 3 months ago
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 4 months ago
All shawty got to offer is a fat ass I’m not knocking niggas but get a chick wit her own bread
Babyfacee Alisha
Babyfacee Alisha 4 months ago
Raquel Herion
Raquel Herion 4 months ago
Eric Wilkerson
Eric Wilkerson 4 months ago
This songs is lllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt
Tashonda Turner
Tashonda Turner 4 months ago
He be going that wine and him rapping issa vibe😘😍
Cheree Avery
Cheree Avery 4 months ago
I rather have the new Honda Accord, lol the Benz, just for show purposes and then she broke down on me 😂 $LNO$
James Wilbur
James Wilbur 4 months ago
He said he trying to whip it like slavery!!! 🔥🔥
Wendy Deel
Wendy Deel 4 months ago
I love him
Wendy Deel
Wendy Deel 4 months ago
God he is so good
Griselda GthangGuap
Griselda GthangGuap 4 months ago
Turn nothing into SOMETHING!!!!!!
damn homie
damn homie 4 months ago
#datbaby #trvp #hoodbaby
Curry 4 months ago
dudes who travel a lot relate like a mfr, my girl stays in Colorado...but im usually everywhere else getting it
Holly Inabinet-Addy
Holly Inabinet-Addy 5 months ago
Giovanni Mateo-Ramos
That bitch looked good as fuck
Miss T
Miss T 5 months ago
He's a gentleman u can tell that by his actions exactly.. seem like when falls in love it's strong not because of this song how he treats Megan on they video love them both .. both really great rappers and congratulations 🎉 on their success
Brandy Williams
Brandy Williams 5 months ago
Sexy!!! He is so fine!!!!!!!😘😍💯
Liil Rico
Liil Rico 5 months ago
Kirko Bangz
Kirko Bangz 5 months ago
ι'м ιѕ вαву ∂αммм 💜....
Glenda Locklear
Glenda Locklear 5 months ago
Man that girl is fine
Mitzi Horn
Mitzi Horn 5 months ago
This shit 💯 percent 🔥 fire .
madcranks 5 months ago
Big speaker 😘
Helen Brown
Helen Brown 5 months ago
MoneyBagg yo
Kimbo Toochill
Kimbo Toochill 6 months ago
Itsa vibe
Kimbo Toochill
Kimbo Toochill 6 months ago
Say dey want smoke. Inhale led to Jesus. Ttg. No quote I'm just here foe Moe. No great. StrAight from da west bossin We da best
Best Lee Sin NA
Best Lee Sin NA 6 months ago
Real talk, it be like this. You can't just make a woman happy with your existence. Actually, by you existing and not doing something for her, it will piss her off. It doesn't matter what dick game you got. Hoes so triflin and materialistic man. Unless you're 110% sure she's the one, don't even date. Save the money. Hit em with the Kendrick Lamar message 'Be Humble".
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton 6 months ago
Surprised this song wasn't about Lil Baby!
Charlene Stewart
Charlene Stewart 6 months ago
Definitely a fan
Dezeree Queen
Dezeree Queen 6 months ago
Shes beautiful
Erica Miller
Erica Miller 6 months ago
Turn my acura into a Benz
Best Lee Sin NA
Best Lee Sin NA 6 months ago
@Erica Miller I mean...I can get you a 1980's Mercedes 300SD Turbo. I can get you classic Benz's. I buy and sell all the time.
Erica Miller
Erica Miller 6 months ago
@Best Lee Sin NA lol... upgrade me
Best Lee Sin NA
Best Lee Sin NA 6 months ago
if it's already an acura, I think it turns into an AMG
james Christmas
james Christmas 7 months ago
Nir song but irene is fine as hell though.
james Christmas
james Christmas 7 months ago
Irene the dream fine ass.
Monica Hauser
Monica Hauser 7 months ago
Damn that girl ass is wearing those outfits 😍😍😍😂
Freddy Rangel
Freddy Rangel 7 months ago
Casandra Nash
Casandra Nash 7 months ago
Chase Williams
Chase Williams 7 months ago
Slowly, but surely im starting to like his music👌🏽
Andrew Mays
Andrew Mays 7 months ago
Guess this dude didnt get Jay Z's death to autotune memo
ruben Goodliff
ruben Goodliff 8 months ago
Shea has a great ass🍑
Bonita Love
Bonita Love 8 months ago
Bach n. Higxhcuc
Inch his much hf
Amber Mccullough
Amber Mccullough 8 months ago
Looking for Edward Carl McCullough st Louis mo
Cap 47
Cap 47 8 months ago
Thought he Made a song about his homie lil baby
bee bee
bee bee 8 months ago
Falisha and me
h3h3 2millon
h3h3 2millon 8 months ago
This is my story
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