Moneybagg Yo-Act Up Challenge

MoneyBagg Yo
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Moneybagg Yo-Act Up Challenge
43va Heartless COMING SOON!!!




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Comments 80
J. Atom
J. Atom 6 months ago
What song does he say uh uh uh uh
C F 6 months ago
He sounds like Sage wtf...
Nipp Watson
Nipp Watson 8 months ago
Onn goddd💯🔥
TheRealMc 8 months ago
mo billz
mo billz 8 months ago
“Hooded Rich, Caviar and Ritz Crackers” 🔥
Mariah provence
Mariah provence 10 months ago
Oms moneybagg is so damn fine🤤
Tiana Goss
Tiana Goss 10 months ago
He Hit That “PERIOD” Like A Real Ass CityBoy😭😭😍
almighty allah
almighty allah 10 months ago
Nova family
Nova family 10 months ago
I like it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rachel Farah
Rachel Farah 11 months ago
Ahhhhh team j
Tiffany Mickles
Tiffany Mickles 11 months ago
I ain't with that leaching shit. Facts😍🤔😴
Wa Doy
Wa Doy 11 months ago
I love moneybagg yo #PERIODT !!!
100K _
100K _ 11 months ago
Yall got my guy acting tf up. Fuk dey tumbout
StreetMoney Meech
StreetMoney Meech 11 months ago
Breshel Jackson
Breshel Jackson 7 months ago
StreetMoney Meech whats bbl
Realkilo G
Realkilo G 11 months ago
Check out Don Tripp mixtape don't feed the guerillas 💪💯✨💥💨🌬️💥💔
LALEM Productionz
LALEM Productionz 11 months ago
HARDEST ACT UP CHALLENGE PERIOD ruvid.net/video/video-CqToGZ87j60.html
Rachel Farah
Rachel Farah 11 months ago
Somali ganGgggggggg ahahahah they anit even big lol recruit
Alexander Buchan
Alexander Buchan 11 months ago
“Me” hahahhaha
Boolin PG GOD
Boolin PG GOD 11 months ago
MoneyBagg Yo
Kevina Ware
Kevina Ware 11 months ago
Moneybagg got his feet on niggas necks no letting up PERIODT POOH
brie lifestyle
brie lifestyle 11 months ago
STdF1ckZ 5
STdF1ckZ 5 11 months ago
This bitch dumb
Makin Moves Tv
Makin Moves Tv 11 months ago
Check money Bagg Yo out on our page and subscribe
TheRealMc 11 months ago
He snapped periodt 🔥
Malik Petteway
Malik Petteway 11 months ago
Ugh ughh ughhhh
Milky Rock
Milky Rock 11 months ago
“Draco bullets hit yo chest make go num”.💯💯
Milky Rock
Milky Rock 11 months ago
“Boss nigga with sum hittas you kno they goin dum”💯🤟🏽
Patrick Albright
Patrick Albright 11 months ago
@moneybagg yo the best artist of his generation!!💯💯 #biggfactz
james smith
james smith 11 months ago
I'm collecting every crum🍾🔥🙏
Dianna Armstrong
She a ratchet bitch in a Chanel store OUT HA BODY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😳
Christina Mccracken
You gone get smack if you back up like if you saw and love this song
Ivory Winter
Ivory Winter Year ago
He is to talented he need to so a song with Gucci man and future he the. Best Number 11+11
Tavyon Harris
Tavyon Harris Year ago
He just went crazy 💯
Shay Bell
Shay Bell Year ago
N bed at 4:30 @ 😂🥰🥰
Miguel Parra
Miguel Parra Year ago
put this on Apple Music
jesse boi
jesse boi Year ago
At 1:02 sounds a little suspect LOL JK moneybagg went in
damien right
damien right Year ago
Lol yhh he actually says I let's her eat da d, 😂😂 true say it sounds like he says he loves to...
Zenobia hill
Zenobia hill Year ago
getCuddy Year ago
Bagg still on his shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ayo my favorite rapper today 💯
angel pizarro
angel pizarro Year ago
Bagg showed up heavy in nyc 💯💯💯💯🔥
L H Year ago
She got her shit together but she love a hood nigga
Oceane Jacquet
Can you drop that song with posa 🙌🏼
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
What about that POSA song tho?
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Wheres the song you got with POSA?
jamesavery gaskin
Where’s the POSA joint at ?
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
Post the POSA song
Cydni Adams
Cydni Adams Year ago
What about that POSA song tho?
Dennis Williams
Post dat new posa bro...dat shit hardd
Aj Encore
Aj Encore Year ago
where that Posa song at?
Dennis Williams
Bag and posa aint hold back on Big Dawg Shit👀
Dennis Williams
Post dat new posa big dawg shit💪🏾
Sapphire Franklin
You went hard on POSA song too, why not post that?
Eric Grant, Jr
Where that Posa song g?
JT Money Media
Just Bc my favorite artist did it I had to ruvid.net/video/video-56eseqbdAo0.html 🔥
JoeHomusic Year ago
Post that Big Dawg Shit! wit Posa
JoeHomusic Year ago
Who else here waiting on that join he did with Posa?
Dennis Williams
You and posa new song go hard
Dennis Williams
Where that new posa at?
Dennis Williams
I fw that new posa song...u went dummy on the feature
Dennis Williams
Dat new posa joint go hard...u should post it
Dennis Williams
That new posa joint...where it at?
maya smith
maya smith Year ago
Put up the song with you and POSA , please 🤗
Ferb Glo
Ferb Glo Year ago
Good song ! Patiently waiting for him to drop the POSA song check it out “BIG dawg”
Khalil Henry
Khalil Henry Year ago
Draco bullets make yo body numb 🔥
Murrrda Mook
Murrrda Mook Year ago
F R E E M O O K 🙏🏼
Breezy Vizuals
Paying for that 🐱😫🤣 Neva dat ima trickster PERIODTTTTT
Carlisha Hines
Free JT Periodttt Pooh 💁🏾‍♀️🆗
Like 👍 If u think moneybagg 💰 Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daytona Hepler
Drop a new mixtape pls
Sean Holloway
Sean Holloway Year ago
Who all want Kevin Gates to Do A remix to Act up
Kezahrian Thompson
At least she bout her money I anit wit that leaching shit 💯💯
Trap Suit
Trap Suit Year ago
Haaarrrdddd ‼️‼️‼️
Big G
Big G Year ago
Anybeat gang🙌🎆🎆🎆🎆
EssTheWess Tv
EssTheWess Tv Year ago
This cold 💓🤪💅🏾
Lashawn Lawrence
How r u ?
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