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Moments that had me shook (kpop edition)

Nako Rose
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Also, Sohyang but she aint kpop
Thx for watching :)
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5 янв 2019





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Nicolas Calvi
Nicolas Calvi 34 минуты назад
Many girl groups, only intellectuals interact
Chewy Yoda
Chewy Yoda 3 часа назад
Nancy AN
Nancy AN 5 часов назад
Chaeyoung's voice i'm so shookt 😮😍
pjMyg Lpiz
pjMyg Lpiz 6 часов назад
3:45 hAah
Melody Rose
Melody Rose 17 часов назад
What was the song at 2:48
Cybel Grace Palacio
Cybel Grace Palacio 19 часов назад
So who expected (just like me) Troublemaker's performance (KISS) at MAMA will be here?
Cybel Grace Palacio
Cybel Grace Palacio 19 часов назад
So who expected (just like me) Troublemaker's performance (KISS) at MAMA will be here?
Zsavage1 19 часов назад
yikes.. some of those made me cringe not get shook... horeee shyt
nidia no jams
nidia no jams День назад
mY friend watched MAMA in hong kong live,, oH my god she witnessed history
Gachawolfx Love
Gachawolfx Love День назад
We can say you were jungSHOOK
Kaira Mahajan
Kaira Mahajan День назад
3:44 is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy
ππ День назад
Chaeyoung's Voice Made Me Have Goosebumps All Over
Fia День назад
"wendy hitting those notes" not surprised because she is a vocal queen 👑
Princessrozie 1702
Princessrozie 1702 День назад
Yup I like jungcock thigh
Vee День назад
Jungkook is now a certified Latino ^.^
cringe kween
cringe kween День назад
no one can beat kpop’s high notes, literally
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter День назад
Yes miyu!
retards didnt like my name so ive changed it
That IU's high note wasn't high tho Same with Wendy Solji is impressive.
retards didnt like my name so ive changed it
When Seungri was singing I laughed so hard That was too cute.
PinKWJSNitzy BeDdam
PinKWJSNitzy BeDdam 2 дня назад
what the heck did sunmi do now?
Shwimmy Wimmy
Shwimmy Wimmy 2 дня назад
good day's such an old school sounding bop and you can't deny it
Hevin Leigh
Hevin Leigh 2 дня назад
3:09 had me shook
gg_trash 2 дня назад
Can I be that backup dancer near sunmi
iiKyanite 2 дня назад
3:44 I can't breathe xD
Blu Gacha
Blu Gacha 3 дня назад
Daesung's smell remains legendary
R. Julyen
R. Julyen 3 дня назад
I cried when into the new world played. Gosh. :(
snow bunny
snow bunny 3 дня назад
orange caramel's Hah 💕
snow bunny
snow bunny 3 дня назад
riri and sehun😂💕💕the most iconic
snow bunny
snow bunny 3 дня назад
Dilraba Albert
Dilraba Albert 3 дня назад
When jungkooks hips didn’t lie bwahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
No Lizzie No life
No Lizzie No life 4 дня назад
Babyz SaiKizTV
Babyz SaiKizTV 4 дня назад
daisy Montes
daisy Montes 4 дня назад
Thanks for putting EXID solji on their
Vi Rose
Vi Rose 5 дней назад
iconic moment for me? J-hope in MIC DROP live performance. Edit: Dance Break. Live.
thahirah alee
thahirah alee 4 дня назад
....oh shit...
Aurora Black
Aurora Black 5 дней назад
4:15, the MOST IKONIC moment in Kpop, EVER! Seriously!
FireLightFox 5 дней назад
4:10 will always be iconic lol XD
Fromis_isone 5 дней назад
*Girlgroups reunited to perform the national anthem🙃*
iOmqItsLyn 5 дней назад
jungkook pls chill
Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie 6 дней назад
The part when Solji received the recognition she deserve,that was also the start to stan them
jini 6 дней назад
It's sad that new fans dont understand how legendary it is to see SES reuniting and singing im your girl. I almost cried and was ready to die
Jung Mina
Jung Mina 6 дней назад
Tharushi Singan
Tharushi Singan 6 дней назад
3:45 wtf lol
CA Aristoteles
CA Aristoteles 6 дней назад
I like orange caramel's HAH. I died
Chi chim Bts army
Chi chim Bts army 6 дней назад
Wow, IU's clip is right next to Jungkook's
Andrea Pinto
Andrea Pinto 6 дней назад
Omg iu damn
LamLamie 6 дней назад
2:00 that high note :)
Neo Sareno
Neo Sareno 7 дней назад
Chaeyoung's vocal... 😘
golden kookie
golden kookie 7 дней назад
jungkook’s hips don’t lie yAS
Berfin Nadya Uğur
Berfin Nadya Uğur 7 дней назад
00:33 song name?
kiji kush
kiji kush 7 дней назад
Beyonce - yonce
Heidelwiess Febrio
Heidelwiess Febrio 7 дней назад
Most iconic when GD dissed MAMA hahaha
voidyss 7 дней назад
4:20 lay be like "and that moment I realized, it's time to leave"
- R 4 Z 0 R -
- R 4 Z 0 R - 7 дней назад
whose the girl on the thumbnail?
ZzzBTS MinTrash
ZzzBTS MinTrash 7 дней назад
Holy moly jimin
ZzzBTS MinTrash
ZzzBTS MinTrash 7 дней назад
TWICE 사랑나는
TWICE 사랑나는 7 дней назад
Chaeyoung vocal OMG
Liz zie
Liz zie 7 дней назад
Chaeyoungie's underrated vocals😍😍😍
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 7 дней назад
3:43 send me to the hospital I'm dying 😂🤣🤣
Tips & Technique BD
Tips & Technique BD 7 дней назад
addictedwithkoreanguys 7 дней назад
i love that intro huh STAN DAY6
Jensica Grayn
Jensica Grayn 7 дней назад
I hope SNSD and T-ARA will reunite someday T_T
Baecon Chim-Chim
Baecon Chim-Chim 7 дней назад
04:16 that moment Sehun knew he was gay
Baecon Chim-Chim
Baecon Chim-Chim 7 дней назад
When JK's hips didn't lie😂😂😂😂 nice one, I was so JUNGSHOOK during this moment
Felis Catus Silvertis
Felis Catus Silvertis 7 дней назад
you should watch Roh Taehyun Krumping on Produce 101 Season 2
Bibha Gayan
Bibha Gayan 7 дней назад
Its very wired that where is black pink
Peachniel Baejin
Peachniel Baejin 7 дней назад
Daniel's thigh sweep?
Emmanuel Nico
Emmanuel Nico 7 дней назад
The "hah" though.... lol
VICTORIA Kim 7 дней назад
When tayeon part come goosebumps automatically come out love you taeyeon 💞
YourKpopOppa 7 дней назад
Chaeyeon's hair flips are amazing
joselle ann gaffud
joselle ann gaffud 7 дней назад
Lydia Lenhoff
Lydia Lenhoff 7 дней назад
ShE- sHE walkeD uPsiDe DoWN
Arum Sekar Telasih Nariswari
Arum Sekar Telasih Nariswari 7 дней назад
Ahahahah nanaaaa~ 3:42 And daesung 3:46 Makes me laugh loud
Lenie Tabor
Lenie Tabor 7 дней назад
army jeon jikook
army jeon jikook 7 дней назад
0:40 i love jungkook 2:04 jimin😍
Sone Forever
Sone Forever 7 дней назад
1:20 Loved that performance so much! Love SNSD!
Maia 01/12-18
Maia 01/12-18 7 дней назад
Will someone please help me find my wigs they flew all the Way out the country.
SM Trash
SM Trash 8 дней назад
IU triple octave high note on Good Day will always be iconic BoA walking upside down will go down in history Girls' Generation's iconic *I Got A Boy*
Kang Mimi
Kang Mimi 8 дней назад
2:24 which song?
Shi Ying Tan
Shi Ying Tan 8 дней назад
Didn’t expecting daesung ‘s identical smell hahhahahah and gd dissing mama is such a historical moment
Millicent 8 дней назад
Millicent 8 дней назад
mamamoo in immortal songs should of been on here
Scorps_ Animates
Scorps_ Animates 8 дней назад
I love snsd but the new girl groups today dont have a chance to beat snsd oh also i love you me bias taeyeon
My name is Millie
My name is Millie 8 дней назад
3:47 will still be a legend even after 100000000000000 years
Oh! Lisa
Oh! Lisa 8 дней назад
Kpop Is My Life y
Kpop Is My Life y 8 дней назад
I was putting mask on my face and then that orange caramel comes up
Kira Putee
Kira Putee 8 дней назад
"AYO,GG!!" my mood..~
Fadhila Iswi Deandra
Fadhila Iswi Deandra 8 дней назад
4:32 will go down in history books
Roopa Thongam
Roopa Thongam 8 дней назад
Omg jimin'falseto👍👍👍💜💜💜
Allen Joshua Magsanay
Allen Joshua Magsanay 8 дней назад
You forgot Jongdae's high note on Drop That. He should have a duet with wendy omygod
Allen Joshua Magsanay
Allen Joshua Magsanay 8 дней назад
And y'all sleep on chaeyoung the nation' vocalist ksksksk. Anyway stan day6 itzy and twice. Thanks for the recognition of our lovely talented artists
Sam 8 дней назад
Shella May Sotto
Shella May Sotto 8 дней назад
Chaeyoungie 😍🍭
Chelseanolasco _
Chelseanolasco _ 8 дней назад
i miss SNSD all of a sudden😶
juanita tu hermana la kawaii
juanita tu hermana la kawaii 8 дней назад
I was chill then i saw miyu and i'm already crying
jiminie have jams
jiminie have jams 8 дней назад
*when jungkook's hips didn't lie* IM WHEEZING
Mariana Rojas
Mariana Rojas 8 дней назад
I’m Lay at 4:37 when my best friend is with her boyfriend
sanaa majeed
sanaa majeed 9 дней назад
Honestly I was cool until 5:20 like yo, first of all hyuna u got sauce for days, two male back up dancer with the red hair, you have exactly that many days to escape the country before Edawn/Hyo kills you luckly Hyuna's sauce is infinite
Min SuYa
Min SuYa 9 дней назад
I can all agree with all of these
Anaisse Steighart
Anaisse Steighart 9 дней назад
Sunmi, holy frick
Anaisse Steighart
Anaisse Steighart 9 дней назад
That IU had me shook
Anaisse Steighart
Anaisse Steighart 9 дней назад
Thanks for the great video!
koucya3 9 дней назад
I knew the video was going to be good because your intro was day6
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