Moment an escalator collapsed and swallowed a man falling through hole at busy underground station

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The broken escalator suddenly jolted into life, pushing people quickly down the metal stairs before a section collapsed and swallowed a man at Ayazaga Metro station, Istanbul-Turkey. It took 1 hour to save him.

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Mar 26, 2018




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hoyah hayoh
hoyah hayoh 4 days ago
He needed to work on his pull ups
KatastrophicNoodle 15 days ago
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Month ago
Hmmm human...
Kurt Bozkurt
Kurt Bozkurt Month ago
Whoa this escalated quickly. Pun intended 😏
river nile bank nya om
You need a good strong headback slap. No pun intended
Ms R
Ms R Month ago
Poor thing 😞 glad he was ok? They didn't follow up on his injury or interview him?
Jay _Lover
Jay _Lover Month ago
this is why I always take stairs I will never take an elevator or escalator
Captain Goomba
Captain Goomba 2 months ago
That guy could well have nightmares about man-eating escalators
Tap Gameplay
Tap Gameplay 3 months ago
Random Channel V2.5
Random Channel V2.5 4 months ago
A sign is not enough. You need a physical orange barrier and caution tape.
river nile bank nya om
Cos unfortunately most humans have too much shit swirling around their heads they tend to malfunction majority of the time
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 5 months ago
When it's your turn to die , it's your turn to die.
jza 5 months ago
Thank you robot lady !!
Jsw [REDACTED] 6 months ago
*insert Final Destination movie clip here*
ㄗӇИ〤 2 months ago
Dumb movie
Rasika 6 months ago
Yeah that's super fucking gnarly
The 6ix
The 6ix 6 months ago
random person in the middle: and thats why i take the stairs
Straell 7 months ago
This shit is why I have a phobia of escalators and elevators. You never fucking know when it's gonna malfunction when operating. Scary shit.
jerinho 7 months ago
mall owner + capitalists + business people + contractor + technician : it's ok life happens ! viewers : haha !
iii matthew iii
iii matthew iii 7 months ago
Omg he didn’t die I just got “chili’s”
Kevin White
Kevin White 7 months ago
The video McDonald's DOESN'T want you to see...
Scrap Boy
Scrap Boy 9 months ago
If that thing cept going say good bye because the inside of escalators are pretty much human meat grinders
先生CherryPepsi 11 months ago
Get a mic and stop doing the Chromevox voice.
Chu 11 months ago
Zavier 11 months ago
Ohhhhhh helllllll no
casual cactus
casual cactus 11 months ago
If Al this people just took the stairs this wouldn't have happened there was a sign people are so selfish
Draconous101 11 months ago
Dislike JUST for the use of the robot voice.
Cumming Containers
Cumming Containers 11 months ago
Don’t be a pussy and use your real voice I’m getting tired of people doing this
blue silk
blue silk 11 months ago
Ohhhhh hell nah!!! That’d be the scariest shit ever to me. Swallowed up in the dark by a machine
Twitch cOd mAn
Twitch cOd mAn 11 months ago
Guess new phobia I am going have
Ham549 Year ago
The esclator fid not collapse dumbass.
john steen
john steen Year ago
This video will be on the next top10 ghost moments caught on cam
kayleen le
kayleen le Year ago
oh my this happened on my birthday.
kayleen le
kayleen le 11 months ago
Christian ahhAhHh 🤭
Christian 11 months ago
means its gonna happen to you
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
Hope he screamed ulluh hackbar so he wouldn't go to islumic hell.
river nile bank nya om
I wonder what would you scream if it happens to you tomorrow? 😭mummy!!...... careful what you entertain in the crevices of your mind
WHYEE Year ago
HE SURVIVED!! OMG I JUST GOT CHILLS!! My mom told me he died and I didn’t want him to die!! MIRACLES DO HAAPEN!!
Elena fouiti
Elena fouiti Month ago
How do you know
Roses Are Red
Roses Are Red 6 months ago
How do you know were what time or something
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
Man that guy needs to stop teleporting
Sarah Key
Sarah Key 6 months ago
@Scientific what are you referring to?
Scientific 6 months ago
@Sarah Key wrong usage of woosh. Lmao. It was a question idiot. Also its r/woooosh not wooosh.
Sarah Key
Sarah Key 8 months ago
@Cylemons woooosh
Cylemons 11 months ago
Why is that profile pic so common
JC Roth
JC Roth Year ago
The robot voice is horrible.
Rachel Baity
Rachel Baity Year ago
Omg! This is my #1 fear! Like that scene from FINAL DESTINATION!
Reddusk Ironsky
@Rachel Baity That video left me tiptoeing fast across any escalator.
Rachel Baity
Rachel Baity Year ago
@Reddusk Ironsky oh my gosh I know right?! That was the most horrible thing I had ever seen!
Reddusk Ironsky
Or like that poor Asian woman who actually dies crushed by an escalator's inside machinery
K-pop Fan
K-pop Fan Year ago
I watched this video one week before my trip to Istanbul and it scared me so much. From that day and until now I try to avoid escalators as much as I can and always take the steps.
Mustafa İsmail Mumcu
Nothing happened to this man in the video. He is OK. But still this video is scary.
steft horman
steft horman 3 months ago
Don’t worry it was their fault for using an broken escalator.
I Do Basketball
Something like this is on an episode of 9-1-1.
M Loftin
M Loftin 10 months ago
Ralph Yarl
Ralph Yarl 11 months ago
S2 E4
Leah May
Leah May Year ago
Thank god I always take the steps
river nile bank nya om
Just thank "God" you are alive. Taking the stairs ain't got shit to do with it. What's wrong with you...
Damiana Nicola
"9-1-1" S2/E4...I figured it was a true story.
Jun Xu
Jun Xu Year ago
I think this happened at Beijing subway station
Charles Cross
Charles Cross Year ago
Instanbul is nowhere near Beijing...
Jun Misugi
Jun Misugi Year ago
Nope this is from Turkey. He didn't die.
e e
e e Year ago
That is my birthday y do bad stuff happen
river nile bank nya om
Stop your nonsense, your birthday ain't got shit to do with this scene. A million people also die every day across the globe
Pointl Ess
Pointl Ess Year ago
after all the videos of escalators killing people, i bet his life flashed before his eyes as he fell in.
MafioznikYT Month ago
Abstract Rain same 0_0
Valdu 2 months ago
@yunder id rather be stuck there I mean I don't want to die when im 15
Valdu 3 months ago
@John Flessas You too!
John Flessas
John Flessas 3 months ago
@Valdu thank god And thank you for answering have a good day
Valdu 3 months ago
@John Flessas No he didn't die He got rescued after 2h inside the escalator
Santroff Year ago
Escalator must have been a vegetarian.
UH OH STINKY POOOP 29 days ago
This is why robots are eating people because the escalators are robots and they are eating us
Roses Are Red
Roses Are Red 6 months ago
Raflamar 8 months ago
(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
94billiez 11 months ago
TIny Tee
TIny Tee Year ago
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