Mom's Evil Alter Ego Might Ruin Bride's Wedding Dress Shopping Day | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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This bride's mom has an evil alter ego, Towanda, who is brutally giving her opinions on the dresses the bride picks.

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May 19, 2020




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Comments 4 644
high high high hi
What the heck is this episode
Wendy Hardin
Wendy Hardin 4 days ago
I have just discovered Say Yes To The Dress. All I can say is “ Where has Monty been all my life?!”
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 4 days ago
How ridiculous!!
Michaela Pavlečková
Her mother is a true nightmare... Poor girl.
idkanymore 5 days ago
Ok so when my future daughter gets married (if she wants) I would be a-okay with her picking any dress that she likes because its HER wedding not mine
MickeyCreole 7 days ago
Say yes to he dress should have a follow-up show, Divorced: saying goodbye to the dress! I don’t know if it’s the 5-minute-of-frame syndrome where foolish people seems to think it wise to be to nasty to others on camera, especially to those who are meant to be family/friends. Good news though, being so vindictive and horrible on camera, it a gift that keeps giving on RUvid and on other media platforms that will forever haunt your sorry behind.
Sonic Hedgehogged
well tawanda isnt invited to the wedding so if thats who mom wants to be she can piss off
GraceErin Kilmer
GraceErin Kilmer 7 days ago
O_O That mom though-
Micah Reacts
Micah Reacts 8 days ago
The "She's hereeeee" made me laugh
누들🍜 10 days ago
1. Don’t ever fake DID, I don’t have it myself, but for the people who do, I’m so sorry we deal with scum like this on earth. 2. I absolutely LOVE how no one but to towanda/marlo was laughing at her jokes, showing that obviously everyone else was not ok with it. 3. The editors did an amazing job 🤣 the devil voice cracked me up lol
Vicki Waatti
Vicki Waatti 12 days ago
I think somebody's mom has watched Fried green tomatoes to many times
Traritri Das
Traritri Das 12 days ago
I can't believe her own mom called her a sausage.
︎Alixza♡︎ 13 days ago
Vampyre82 13 days ago
Mom was a bitch, but she was right about the first dress, it was not flattering at all on that girl. She ended up with the best one.
Shrekspoopbebussin Poop
5:54 lmao the voice affect
Floopydoopy MILUK
Floopydoopy MILUK 14 days ago
They make it seem like DID is some kind of joke. It pisses me off.
j 11 days ago
No Hello
No Hello 14 days ago
Polarbearsrus 15 days ago
Towanda, narcissistic sociopath!
Soooooo....... I think the mom took the wrong things from fried green tomatoes
Shaunte Foulks
Shaunte Foulks 15 days ago
Ewwww! What a horrible human.
Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez 16 days ago
Her mother was right about the first dress, the girl looked like a sausage.
F. Frederick Skitty
Everyone enabling this mother with the fantasy of "Towanda" merely let's her skate through life behaving abhorrently and taking no responsibility for her bad behavior. It's how a child would act. It's not funny, it's manipulative and mean.
Tess McNamara
Tess McNamara 17 days ago
mother needs psychiatrist now
Terri Mcwilliams
Terri Mcwilliams 17 days ago
The mother is vile.
jeswainston 18 days ago
Or a ball gown
jeswainston 18 days ago
Stop with the fit and flares….she needs an A line!
jeswainston 18 days ago
I’m sorry … the first dress was not flattering … it really wasn’t….yikes
Gabbi Reyes
Gabbi Reyes 19 days ago
This actually legit scared me
Dale Mills
Dale Mills 19 days ago
WANDA , or TWANDA...doesn't have room to talk about wedding DRESSES, WHEN SHE LOOKS like THAT..ridiculous ..her hair is 🤢and her outfit ¿¿¿ LOOKS GREAT IF SHE WAS a a size 6
Geneva leon
Geneva leon 21 day ago
Man.. this mom has really gotten away with blaming her being bitchy and rude on an alter ego "towanda". How convenient to not fully own your own bad attitude
tubeviewer57 21 day ago
Scripted…has to be
Alicia Leon
Alicia Leon 21 day ago
What a horrible mother.
Krithika Row
Krithika Row 23 days ago
Lori's pissed 🤣
Jenny Jen1010
Jenny Jen1010 23 days ago
There are some truly awful people out there and this .mother is one of them.
Cristinita 24 days ago
I just want to know where the name “Towanda” came from..
B.M. KAS 26 days ago
No one gives a f... What any body wants. The bride is the one who is gona wear a wedding dress for God sake 😖
liz smith
liz smith 26 days ago
Tawanda looks like Kathy Bates
happybunnyntx 26 days ago
She's not using Tawanda the way it was meant to be used. Tawanda in Fried Green Tomatoes was a way to stand up for yourself and feel empowered when attacked. It wasn't meant be used against people to manipulate and get what you want.
Altagracia Rosario
Altagracia Rosario 28 days ago
Alter ego is the form of hiding a trauma of insecurity.
Lisa Plambeck
Lisa Plambeck 28 days ago
Mom: "There's nothing you can do to make me like that dress." *Adds a veil* Mom: "I like that dress!"
Liv Kerr
Liv Kerr 28 days ago
Manipulative racist mother uses alter ego to make everyone miserable
H M 28 days ago
It was quite entertaining 😏
Tammy Rowe
Tammy Rowe 29 days ago
too much focus on the mom being weird it's dumb...more focus on the bride
Jamie Tran
Jamie Tran 29 days ago
So...so awkward
Zakayla Brown
Zakayla Brown 29 days ago
The editor
Jaime Parker
Jaime Parker Month ago
I too have watched Fried Green Tomatoes.
Mae Hadid
Mae Hadid Month ago
You know that mom put on that act for the cameras to make sure she got screen time
Weaver DC
Weaver DC Month ago
Wow. She's literally faking having DID and spreading a ton of misinformation about it. IT's an excuse to belittle her daughter and treat her like crap. She even uses it as a threat!
_juliarenae_ Month ago
god bless the editors i can’t stop laughing at this. like the way they inverted her to look like the alter ego is a different person and the evil laughs has me dying
You Tube
You Tube Month ago
The mother is just abusive, I'm not here for playing into this nonsense
Melissa Sours-Tyrrell
Ugh... THAT mother! It's her daughter's day, not HERS. If the bride loves the dress, and it's in budget, then guess what?, it's THE one!
hush puppy
hush puppy Month ago
I was just about to comment about how this episode was a fun one, but I see a lot of folks are taking it very seriously. I just felt like they had some fun with it and edited it to be like a scarey movie. I do wish Moms and family would remember that they got to choose their dress for their wedding, and now it's this gal's wedding with her own tastes and vision. It's this gal's time to wear what makes her feel beautiful and special.
Sparkling Month ago
It's hilarious how 99% ppl here take it so seriously and believe everything they see and hear Have you ever heard the word 'script'?
Araceli Esquivel
Who edited this 😂
Debra Blouin
Debra Blouin Month ago
The first gown was not good on her figure. The third one is good. It flatters her figure. Mamma needs to be exorcised.
Crytalers Month ago
The editors really went beyond LMAO
Srikripa K
Srikripa K Month ago
Hey uh what
Michelle Meyer
Michelle Meyer Month ago
This mother is nuts!!!! And just mean.
moon child
moon child Month ago
i'm wondering why her "alter ego" has a black name...
Mono Eve
Mono Eve Month ago
i laugh so hard when monte said ''she's here..'' then horror background music comes up. Monte's the Best!
D AR Month ago
Towanda was Kathy Bates alter ego in Fried Green Tomatoes. Towanda made sure hateful women didn't dismiss full figured women like her mom did. I don't even think mom is as bad as this displays. She's just looking for a moment to shine on camera. It's gross.
Julie Vander Leest
I have to say that I really want to have Monte help me with my wedding dress. I just love that guy!
jayne chew
jayne chew Month ago
Mothers very controlling
Ly -
Ly - Month ago
Okay, not being rude or whatever, but the mom has a evil face and laugh. Makes me cringe af.
Fluffy chooks
Fluffy chooks Month ago
I feel like Towanda is just a excuse for the mum to be mean
Gabriella Diaz
Gabriella Diaz Month ago
Lmfaoo the editors made this Clíp I haven’t laughed in so long
Emily Michael
Emily Michael Month ago
The editing for this was hilarious but no mom should ever treat her daughter like this, watching this made me sad and laugh at the same time.
dsrtflwr Month ago
They definitely made a mistake in indulging "towanda" should've called her her real name. Then ignore her.
Mom looked evil from the get go.
H Doc
H Doc Month ago
Stop feeding the psychobabble nonsense. This mother’s a fricking joke.
Glorious Gal
Glorious Gal Month ago
This shouldn't be funny at all, but the editing made me laugh
creaminyu Month ago
“Ding dong towanda’s dead☺️😌” I’m so dead bruh💀
Miss Kitty's Shakes'n'Crepes
Looks like mom is using Tawanda as an excuse to be an a-hole
Notti Month ago
“i like bling” cool, get married in a bling dress then. find ur own partner
Toni Rose
Toni Rose Month ago
I like the moms choice mote
Moffe Liten
Moffe Liten Month ago
She's abusing her daughter. She should have stayed at home.
miel snir alvarado
"keeping evil spirts at bay" i wish that was a class i had instead of math
Brianna Fraser
Brianna Fraser Month ago
This person dont has DID!! Never!!! She ist just a bad and evil person
LisaR777 Month ago
That mother was awful.
Nire Strunk
Nire Strunk Month ago
I'm this context, I believe "Towonda" is a "Fried Green Tomatoes" reference.
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Month ago
When they said "makes her look like a sausage" in that edited voice, I spit my water out. That was mean.
Geraldine b
Geraldine b Month ago
First dress was horrible. Second dress worse.
Erika Rose
Erika Rose Month ago
no idea why so many brides don't kick their abusive mothers and entourages out of the appointment, they have the power to do so and afterwards you can remove them from your life.
Robin Shane
Robin Shane Month ago
That woman is just evil, mean, and should be locked up. No really! She doesn’t deserve to roam around with human beings. Look at her? She’s jealous of this brides happiness in life and for sure hates her life.
Diane Peeples
Diane Peeples Month ago
Mom sounds mean
Flawless Gemini
Flawless Gemini Month ago
Man the voice editing has me in tearssssssss!!!🤣🤣🤣
Glenice Singleton
mom is nuts
silly me
silly me Month ago
Mom is jealous of her daughter
Daddy Phil
Daddy Phil Month ago
Who's editing this 😭😭😭😭
kalyps30 Month ago
I wonder, I say this before the end of the video, if a lacy dress work beading would have worked?
Elisa Vigil Rodriguez
Ok, everyone’s already covered mom’s abusive behavior toward her poor daughter. I think the third dress, even without the belt, was the only figure-flattering dress. Prediction: as soon as the daughter gets the hell away from “Tawanda”, she’s going to slim down (and be healthier physically and emotionally).
The Schi pronounced as sky
When someone says they have an alter ego, I distance myself. I ain't into 2 faced people. Difference between those who are born with personality disorders and those who are just bullies and use an "alter ego" as an excuse.
Ikram el
Ikram el Month ago
Thats literally the weirdest mom I have ever seen
ambra Month ago
Ria sunny
Ria sunny Month ago
Somebody give the editor an Oscar
. Month ago
I don't mean to speak out of position, I personally do not have DID. But this seems really offensive to use DID as a cover up for her abuse. "Don't make me bring her out" just sounds like "don't make me hit you".
imapandaperson Month ago
So she got her whole family to normalize a fake alter ego in order to justify her penchant for abusive language and competition with her own daughter? That isn't "Towanda", that's the mom speaking, ick ick ick ickkk ickkkk
HoosierSHU Month ago
That mom is crazy. Just let your daughter have her day.
Alfred Bonnabel
Alfred Bonnabel Month ago
Mother is a 🌙 MARE!