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Scallops may not be cheapest cuisine, but they're totally worth it. Join Molly as she shows you how to prepare them with corn and chorizo! Pro tip: treat scallops to the flavorful oil left behind when you cook chorizo-it’s basically liquid gold.

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/pan-seared-scallops-with-chorizo-and-corn
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Molly Makes Scallops with Corn and Chorizo | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Sep 17, 2018




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Comments 80
Molly Baz
Molly Baz Year ago
If you're not giving these scallops some buttery love whilst listening to Timecop 1983 tonight....are you even living, guys?
lawrence wei
lawrence wei 9 days ago
@Simone Bassman clair de lune is so overplayed, and im my opinion too intimate for serving it. some jazz would be better
Brett E
Brett E 11 days ago
Molly, please leave Ben for me.
Dustin Hardesty
Dustin Hardesty 2 months ago
I only slightly lived...
J Murphy
J Murphy 3 months ago
I am now listening to Timecop1983 and it feels like being young again.
NitroKlips 3 months ago
Hey Molly! So when you cut your lime, why did you "pat" the open sides down on the cutting board before putting them in the bowl? I've never seen that.
Luis Nouel
Luis Nouel 2 hours ago
I just prepared this recipe tonight, it was amazing, thank you Molly 😊
Bri P
Bri P 4 days ago
I actually started listening to a little bit of Timecop1983 and let me tell you... that's some music you can groove to.
pollyq100 10 days ago
It's so gross to watch people cook with long hair dangling over the food! Put your hair up!
Brett E
Brett E 11 days ago
Chris only listens to podcasts. That is his music.
Unpredictable Memer
4:39 yOu ViBiN??
Pen Muni
Pen Muni 16 days ago
0:12 .... oh they are definitely doing it :)
David Snitkin
David Snitkin 20 days ago
I like the way you talk
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman 26 days ago
Im not intimidated by cooking scallop, Im intimidated by her usage of salt And I'm Asian
A K 28 days ago
Ok Claire de lune is a piece not a song.. Love Molly btw
ehawrylak Month ago
What would be a good alternative to Chorizo???
Kevin Deuschle
Kevin Deuschle Month ago
Wet packed scallops can be dried in the fridge. Just salt them generously and put them on a plate lined with paper towels or a cooling rack for a few hours in the fridge uncovered.
ubbgn Month ago
These peeps are tacky asf!
Yevgeniy Marchenko
i came for the scallops but stayed for the timecop
lahcim666 Month ago
I admit, I was not convinced to Molly in the beginning. I WAS WRONG. She is super knowledgeable and very skilled. I hope she gets promoted soon.
Po Hau
Po Hau Month ago
OMG I actually love the scallop muscles too, stir fried with green chilli, and onion with a little salt, and sambal, so good... very sweet, and the texture is so unique.
Janet Bruesselbach
Hold up, did Molly turn down finishing listening to Static? Unbelievable
Confused Tuba
Confused Tuba Month ago
Molly is hot, just saying...
Anthony Humphries
I don't even like scallop, I'm only watching for molly
bobtheman1 Month ago
I'm glad the Timecop1983 part didn't get edited out of this video.
autoscape1963 Month ago
Here for Molly....love that girl
dinein1970 Month ago
That little side muscle... 1. Your dog or cat will LOVE 2. Done r in ght, it is edible and pretty tasty
Aurora Belle
Aurora Belle Month ago
Did she study in a french culinary school too?
Elaine Yee
Elaine Yee Month ago
Gio Trevi
Gio Trevi 2 months ago
Cilantro is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.
levi mata
levi mata 2 months ago
Timecop getting a mentioned made my day
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 2 months ago
Molly: Says pep instead of pepper to save time. Shortens alot of nouns to cut down on syllables Also Molly: says Crispy McCrisperson
Comrade Schitkundt
Comrade Schitkundt 26 days ago
Christian Perez 😂
Alex Atkins
Alex Atkins 2 months ago
EternaltheGrey 2 months ago
It boggles me that Chris wears his headphones OVER his apron. He's been out of the kitchen too long. Under the everything and out the neck of the shirt's the way to go.
DoxyLady 2 months ago
I think a lot of people are intimidated by scallops because they’re buying the wet pack type at supermarkets and aren’t able to sear them and they can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong.
droptozro 2 months ago
Had to come here after listening to TimeCop1983 first based on the comments. Welcome to synthwave people. I've been a fan for about 3 years now and I can't get enough of it... and I wasn't born til the late 80's!
First Name Last Name
Watching Molly makes me feel funny. I feel like I'm cheating on my girlfriend and she makes me think some things that I wouldn't write here...
Acre Creek
Acre Creek 2 months ago
Thanks (sarcastically). Now time cop is stuck in my queue. I like it so much.
My Email
My Email 2 months ago
Molly you belong in kitchen like all women..remember that
Odin 2 months ago
The background sound is so relaxing.
zintosion 2 months ago
Timecop all day BABYYY
Dustin Hardesty
Dustin Hardesty 2 months ago
Who wants a corn job?
YingJie Pan
YingJie Pan 2 months ago
clean c0rn j0b
kapachangos 2 months ago
Whats the weird idea with chorizo on seafood? Cover the fresh seafood flavors?
Melanie G
Melanie G 2 months ago
Molly Makes Me Fall in Love with Her Once again
J Murphy
J Murphy 3 months ago
So I had to listen to some Timecop1983, and now I am downloading an album.
Andrius Pliskevicius
Molly If you like complexity without lyrics check out Jason Richardson
Marco 3 months ago
9:27 what happened there?? XD
M AG 3 months ago
why did she did that 3:38
B L 3 months ago
Thank you Chris for the Timecop 1983 recommendation.
iiwɔsiih ɔnaakyaa
iiwɔsiih ɔnaakyaa 3 months ago
I love Clair de Lune. It's one of my favorite piano pieces. It really stands out of the whole "Suite Bergamasque," and is a brilliant piece of art. But, Clair de Lune isn't Classical, it's Late Romanic/Modern Era piece. Debussy started wrote it in 1890 but he didn't publish it until 1905, because of the revisions he kept making.
Jon-Anders Stav
Jon-Anders Stav 3 months ago
9:27 - fave moment.
N G 3 months ago
I want to know what she is wearing it looks comfortable
Sirjana Shakya
Sirjana Shakya 3 months ago
I miss these cooking focused videos with Molly 😔 Bring them back BA!!
Leo Paolo Fernando
Leo Paolo Fernando 3 months ago
Omg i looove timecop1983
Jack Kuipers
Jack Kuipers 3 months ago
She's my fave!
H. Collier
H. Collier 3 months ago
Molly melts my heart. More importantly, she's a fantastic chef. Love her videos.
Marshall Hunter
Marshall Hunter 3 months ago
Looks like she's wearing a viking gown.
fade07w 3 months ago
Timecop1983 is amazing Chris! Good choice on the synthwave.
Nadine Parsons
Nadine Parsons 3 months ago
Scallop muscles. In butter. Don't judge girl. I bet you wouldn't turn your nose up at my halibut cheeks....
ΓΚ XepuhS
ΓΚ XepuhS 3 months ago
I am completely confused regarding the wet pack vs dry pack at the beginning. I’ve watched it several times and 🤷‍♀️
Marshall Hunter
Marshall Hunter 3 months ago
That looked like an editing error. I think wet pack is the one with all the water, and dry pack is the one you want for pan searing.
TeaNCoffee 3 months ago
It must be nice to not have to pay for lunch everyday bc you're already making and tasting food all day.
diegomgudiel 3 months ago
I would've never guessed Morocco listened to Timecop1983
Hyjacker LAMF
Hyjacker LAMF 3 months ago
The scallops are all ready made, she is preparing scallops.
Alberto Rudi
Alberto Rudi 3 months ago
Most of your (although nice) recipes contains "milk cream" and/or "butter". Probably those not healthy fat ingredients would be easy to remove...
Peter Sahm
Peter Sahm 3 months ago
Thank you so much for the music recommendation Chris.
Mrbobbyfresh 3 months ago
I cook to Louis prima, solid kitchen jams
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick 4 months ago
Can someone explain what Molly was doing when she pressed the lime halves on the cutting board before putting them in the bowl?
everett smith
everett smith 4 months ago
I like the compulations where everyone is working together at a relatives house like the Thanksgiving show.😎
Proconsul Scipio
Proconsul Scipio 4 months ago
No. Claire de Lune is not a proper cooking tune. Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Mahler, Wagner, Webern and Schoenberg (only the latter most three I actually enjoy outside the kitchen). No Frenchmen other than Bizet in the kitchen. Not even Satie, the greatest of all French composers. Also Gang of Four, Smart Went Crazy, Rolling Stones (‘68-‘72), Fang, Fugazi and Bad Brains’ first album, or anything made in a swampland between the 20’s and 30’s, preferably by a blind man like Willie Johnson or Lemon Jefferson. Another tip as someone who cooks scallops as part of their living, adding butter while scallops are still sear side down will promote browning and the Maillard reaction so before lowering/turning off heat, add butter, let sit for even just a few seconds (depending on how well you know your burners and pans), then flip and start basting. Other than that, great recipe.
crispy82185 4 months ago
my man Chris turning me on to a new awesome group ! thanks!
duane groenewald
duane groenewald 4 months ago
I have coconut milk in the fridge can i use that instead of buttermilk and maybe Thai chili sauce in place of the Serrano?
Alex 4 months ago
What are scallops?
Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell 4 months ago
ACAB in any time
UhmItsSadie 4 months ago
ok so i just checked out timecop1983 and they kind of slapp
Rayy98 4 months ago
she has a weird lookin face
julian harris
julian harris 4 months ago
Every girl named molly looks the same
sactiger 4 months ago
Molly - I love me some scallops... this looks SO amazing!! btw - I love "Clair De Lune" also. It's such a lovely composition... it always brings me to tears. Okay, you may take my "man card" now... *sigh*
James Yates
James Yates 4 months ago
1983. Seriously? How about some BANDMAID?
Bass Trammel
Bass Trammel 4 months ago
Molly Baz, the queen of salt.
Reet Rajesh Singh
Reet Rajesh Singh 4 months ago
Knowing that Molly likes listening to classical music made my inner pianist so happy
Allyson Heustis
Allyson Heustis 4 months ago
I finally made this recipe last night (without in-season corn) AND LET ME TELL YA, it was delicious! I can't wait to try it again with all in season items :)
Menthal Oh
Menthal Oh 4 months ago
mixing such a delicate and fancy ingredient like scallops with.....corn and chorizo....it's lese-majesty.....US are a great nation, but please....stop to try cooking ! :)
energuminum 4 months ago
@Menthal Oh I don't eat for style, I eat it for flavor. I bet scallops taste awesome with corn and chorizo.
Menthal Oh
Menthal Oh 4 months ago
@energuminum That's for sure, you can buy tons of scallops...but you'll never get even an once of sense of style...and you can do NOTHING about it ;)
energuminum 4 months ago
I bought the scallops, I do whatever I want with them. I might eat them with Doritos, and you can do NOTHING about it.
lashay Rhodes
lashay Rhodes 4 months ago
This dish looks so yummy gotta try this
Christine S
Christine S 4 months ago
Molly, can't wait to try this recipe! A point: I'm sure you pronounce French words correctly in your cooking ventures..please do the same with Spanish words, ie, chorizo
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