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Join Molly in the Test Kitchen as she makes Pasta al Limone. This classic lemon sauce recipe has a lot of fat and a lot of acidity, so don’t be shy with adding salt and taste as you go. It will likely require more than you think to strike that perfect balance.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/pasta-al-limone
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Molly Makes Pasta al Limone | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Molly Baz
Molly Baz Year ago
“You heard it here first people-these noods are even more bangin’ than Cacio e Pepe. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!
James Dooling
James Dooling 25 days ago
I didn't comment until I tried it... A year late. It's friggin' delicious. I just ate one whole pound of fettuccine... Jesus
Daphne Higgins
Daphne Higgins 27 days ago
My husband and I made this last night. It's definitely a new staple. It was soooooooo delicious.
Brandt Hunter
Brandt Hunter Month ago
Your hair is beautiful curly!
Panthers Month ago
@Chris Selig goofball
Ned Green
Ned Green Month ago
Molly Baz help we don’t have lemon where we live, we only have lime and orange or tangerine.
KEITH X 48 minutes ago
A watched pot never boils 😂
erika lazo
erika lazo Day ago
can i substitute oat milk for heavy cream?
Elizabeth Andrews
I made this tonight and it was so delicious! Thank you Molly!!!
tate 2 days ago
everytime i see molly add salt to any food i can feel my arteries thicken
Arthur DPS
Arthur DPS 5 days ago
Why do i start to fall in love with molly
N Patrick
N Patrick 6 days ago
She heard me say “that’s a lot of salt”.
jcdd 6 days ago
metal whisk on a enamaled cast iron pot?
Black Eagle Taekwon-Do - Finland
Don't add the parmesan while the pasta is on the fire.
Soumaya Dia
Soumaya Dia 9 days ago
I made it - I ate it - I LOVED IT
Maya Bradley
Maya Bradley 10 days ago
I make this pasta all the time now. This is the bomb and it is sooooo easy!
blake good
blake good 10 days ago
OMG!, tons of salt!, tons of cream!, get caacner BON CANCERTIET!@!
Jasper Mj.
Jasper Mj. 12 days ago
how is this a dish, its just spaghetti with butter salt and cheese (&lemon juice). It contains like zero vitamins or anything healthy for that matter
sum h
sum h 13 days ago
She is so pretty! 😍
Wtf!!!! Was My Boy Chris Morocco Sportin' A Hat???
Jeanette Dillard
Jeanette Dillard 14 days ago
LOVE THIS!!!! I've made it several times.
stownsin 14 days ago
I thought you weren’t supposed to use metal tools on enamelled cast iron cookware?
Supersonic Diesel
Supersonic Diesel 20 days ago
WTF.. Cream in a Pasta Al Limone? Really?
EBgCampos 22 days ago
I was offended by the heavy cream
WirelessJoeJackson 22 days ago
Just because your pasta is not al dente does not automatically mean it's over cooked
Giampietro Balia
Giampietro Balia 23 days ago
Americans shouldn't be allowed anywhere near pasta...
ZARTHALAS 24 days ago
just flipping that hair over the food. co co coo
Ligeia Persaud
Ligeia Persaud 25 days ago
Chill with the salt girl
James Dooling
James Dooling 25 days ago
The Tommy Werner on camera is soooo different than the Tommy Werner on Instagram. Which one is real?!
Elodie 25 days ago
I made this last night but added 1 inch pieces of asparagus and it was amazing! I would definitely make this again.
Alberto Rudi
Alberto Rudi 29 days ago
Mrs. Molly, probably heavy cream is too much frequent in your recipe. In this case lemon juice (acid) fights against milk based cream.Cream, butter, cheese: uhm! Basically, "Mediterranean diet" makes poor use of bad fat. Let say: lemon zest and juice, pepper, e.v.olive oil, peperoncino, one slide of crunched garlic and a touch of parsley would have been perfect (and healthy). More color? a scratch of curcuma and, beside, a stem glass of scented rose wine
vinyl maverick
vinyl maverick Month ago
You can finish serving up but annoyingly and very American you bastardise the English Language. "Black pep" and "Delic"? Shame on you!
Fer Fer
Fer Fer Month ago
Francis B
Francis B Month ago
Approximately how many servings does this yield?
Allison Lynch
Allison Lynch Month ago
“Yeah that’s a lot of salt I know.” 😂😂
cgcskim Month ago
It's funny that bon will leave the aryan race looking chick doing pasta videos..... couldn't even source a real italian for the 9 billion pasta videos shes done?
PJ Fusco On The News
She's not only hot, she can cook. What a combination.
Google Google
Google Google Month ago
Make amalfi citron champagne chablis or lime risotto with fish filet! Or strawberry risotto?
nortoro1 Month ago
I need that in my belly.
Amanda Haugen
Amanda Haugen Month ago
Made this for dinner tonight and can I just say... It is delicious 👩🏻‍🍳
PuzzledObserver Month ago
Molly is super annoying, but kinda hot.
Paolo Rom
Paolo Rom Month ago
why americans ever put easycream in the pasta? and in this recopt no need of parmisan... for the cream just jump the pasta wit the water of pasta ... jump and jump so u havee a very nice cream
Tina Kelley
Tina Kelley Month ago
Made it tonight. As my kids would say... It’s especially delicious. When I make it again, which I will. I’ll add a little less lemon juice. And I put a little fresh garlic in mine :)
Insa Kohlbecker
Insa Kohlbecker Month ago
Why is the camera so shaky??
Kelsie Lauronal
Kelsie Lauronal Month ago
Yes please I want one a juicer 🥤🤫🤭🤣😭💖💞✨💖🥀💖✨🙏
Teo Gregor Badoc
(Molly pours the salt) Molly: "That's a lot of salt I know." Peeps do not ever question that.
Zianna Thompson
Zianna Thompson Month ago
Coolkat Month ago
"Yo fam so we heard you liked fat so we made a creme based sauce with equal part of butter and we added parmigiano on top because the sauce was too thin. Oh yeah we added lemon too cause we subtle"
Robby Robbins
Robby Robbins Month ago
Molly seems a little “nucking futs?”
Sylvia Medrano
Sylvia Medrano Month ago
My cousin AND EYE!!!!
Zoë Knowles
Zoë Knowles Month ago
i made this and im eating it now and omg its SO GOOD
Mary Nichols
Mary Nichols Month ago
Where did you find such a huge lemon?
Danie the girl
Danie the girl Month ago
I love Molly 😻
Myra Mena
Myra Mena Month ago
Is it just me, but mine tasted like Mac n’ cheese😅 it tasted good but like Mac n’ cheese
instructmej Month ago
I tried this a couple of times and it was really good but my opinion is cacio e pepe is wayyyy better 💫
Leslie Sexton
Leslie Sexton Month ago
Looks yum! I love quick simple pasta. I must say though, please put your lovely long hair in a ponytail. I really hope you washed your hands after flipping it back over your shoulder. Hair get everywhere.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Month ago
So tempted to super season my pasta water after seeing how much went in
Pitbull Romans 5:8
I made Ina Garten's version which is even easier, just 2 lemons and their zest and 2 sticks of butter. It was great, but next time I'll try it with cream.
Musab Kurt
Musab Kurt Month ago
Legends say the noodle is still hanging there, waiting to be freed.
GcCa2Lv 8 days ago
Musab Kurt it fell down almost immediately
bidli Month ago
thanks, very tasty
eggizgud Month ago
She touched her hair with her hand in the middle of cooking...
The Star Spark
The Star Spark Month ago
I had this when i was in Italy, it was absolutely amazing. ♥️ Never thought of making it myself. I wonder though if the Italians use cream. I wouldn't think so.
Jen Schrock
Jen Schrock Month ago
Im so trying this dish for my family
Isey Lyons
Isey Lyons Month ago
I made this today and a massive fly fell into my sauce :(
mark totton
mark totton Month ago
I make this a lot, but with no cream or garlic, just tagliatelle, lemon zest (maybe a little juice as well), pasta water and Parmesan. Much simpler, much quicker, lighter and imho better!
Sophie Vieira
Sophie Vieira Month ago
This was delish!!! I am going to make it again
Tony Mayabb
Tony Mayabb Month ago
Just made this for the first time today, and it is definitely going in the rotation of go to simple meals. Holy forking shirtballs, it is amazing!
jay pen
jay pen 2 months ago
6:00 chris' face lmaoooo
Michelle Adamik
Michelle Adamik 2 months ago
I’m starving and this looks awesome.
Rosiemuart 2 months ago
I've made this recipe countless of times now BUT tonight, i used a mixture of parm and romano cheese. Plus, roasted some chopped walnuts and peas (salt, pep, garlic powder, olive oil) until crisp to put on top And HOLY WOW. A+. You can't go wrong with this pasta recipe- no matter what you add or do to change it up
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 months ago
Lol it’s not because it’s in French that it’s necessarily fency. Beurre monté is not a fency expression 😂
turdfurgison 2 months ago
num num num
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia 2 months ago
Chris just wanted some time alone with the pasta
Jannel Rozette
Jannel Rozette 2 months ago
hello everyone i just made this recipe and i have some thoughts: - DELICIOUS - i added twice the amount of lemon bc one wasn’t enough lol it was very lightly tangy and i needed more - i also added shrimp cooked in butter and lemon juice because why not - did i say delicious already because it was DELICIOUS - the leftovers are still great and the sauce doesn’t curdle or separate when reheated as long as you make sure you properly melt the parm when you first cook this - again, i reiterate: Delicious™
T.Nona 2 months ago
Molly, you are my FAV on BA. Everyone else is great, too. Just love your vibe, girl. P.S. I made this and let me tell you, it will definitely be heavy in the rotation in my kitchen! Thanks
Claire Victoria
Claire Victoria 2 months ago
Molly: *salting the pasta water* Me: that's a lot of salt Molly: Yeah that's a lot of salt, I know Me: oh
matt 23 days ago
@Matt Indeed
HannahLouisiana Month ago
Matt One time I was cooking for my friends and they were judging me for how much salt I put in my pasta water. It was then I learned I knew how to cook much much better than they did 🌚
Matt 2 months ago
It was actually an appropriate amount of salt lol The idea of throwing one pinch of salt into a giant pot and thinking it will impart any flavor is kind of ridiculous. It should pretty much be like your pasta is cooking in ocean water
ragusajr100 2 months ago
Molly, 1 TBSP = 15CC=0.5 Oz.....you should go to Pharmacy School update on measures on you tube....lol
Lucas Pickford
Lucas Pickford 2 months ago
Molly is the prettiest woman on the internet. That hair of hers is absolutely beautiful. Could watch her all day
Migo Delfin
Migo Delfin 2 months ago
Molly looks like a supporting character in Attack on Titan
karen reyes
karen reyes 2 months ago
hair net
Garth 2 months ago
"Me and my cousin" there is such a thing as grammar even when cooking :-( Next whilst living in France the term was "monte au beurre" this girl needs education badly. America sucks at cream it's crap bad and rubbish sorry but that's how it is. So when I lived in Italy, I've cooked all over the world which is fun, the water is important because the starch in the water thickens the sauce it also makes it glisten adding fat helps but it's really not needed. Always remember the pasta is the star not the sauce and it's funny most people don't know that either :-(
Lerchan G
Lerchan G 2 months ago
Morgan Lunsford
Morgan Lunsford 2 months ago
This is a "lick your plate because it's so delicious" recipe! Loved it last night with chicken on the side and excited to try it again this week with shrimp!
picolo2022 Games
picolo2022 Games 2 months ago
Don’t ask me why but that cream just doesn’t feel Italian
Blaine Hill
Blaine Hill 2 months ago
picolo2022 Games Oh well
Mags Mimi
Mags Mimi 2 months ago
When cooks or chefs touch their hair while cooking and then don't wash their hands immediately after grosses me out.
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