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Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes mushroom carbonara. Mushrooms aren't exactly a substitute for the guanciale or pancetta that you would normally have in carbonara, but they bring their own deep flavor to the dish.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/mushroom-carbonara
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Molly Makes Mushroom Carbonara | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Bárbara Veríssimo
Did anyone use the egg whites for anything?
Aarij Khan
Aarij Khan 2 days ago
Good video. Except please stop licking the wooden spoon and then sticking it back into the pot!
norman mcfall
norman mcfall 2 days ago
I just made this for me and the hubby. Thanks Molly.
Elissa Weizman
Elissa Weizman 4 days ago
Thank you so much for making this without pork since those of us that keep kosher cannot use pork.
I B 5 days ago
this girl seems so tired
gracsley 6 days ago
you remind me of dakota johnson
Linen Gray
Linen Gray 6 days ago
The only thing I would do differently is to make a mushroom duxelle instead.
Albert S
Albert S 6 days ago
Haha! Chris dropped his phone!
Paul 6 days ago
I'm 41 years old, I love mushrooms and I've just discovered I've been cooking them wrong. I need to reflect on that.
Tad 7 days ago
so many millennial hipsters
Jeni Hansen
Jeni Hansen 9 days ago
Vanessa Van
Vanessa Van 11 days ago
Don't put the wooden spoon that you just tasted off, back into the food.... Gross ! Unhygienic. 😱
B. K
B. K 11 days ago
Molly wants to bone Andy
Preeti Roy
Preeti Roy 11 days ago
I wish they were not using same spoon to taste and cook. May be I am observing it closely during covid 19.
SeanWisdom 11 days ago
Mollys wedding ring broke my heart
Christian G
Christian G 11 days ago
Yes, that is a meatless recipe. I will cook it for myself... But NO we do not need to know that you find this great because you are vegitarian or vegan. Glad for you but no one cares
Jimmy’s Bronco W
Jimmy’s Bronco W 13 days ago
Molly is endearingly opinionated (pasta water is liquid gold 😁) charismatic while cooking (just a little more salt), and cute as a button (don’t rush it. arms crossed).
Sri Widiani
Sri Widiani 14 days ago
My god guys, take her words for it. Im Moslem, so i don't eat pork or bacon, but i loooove italian dishes and pasta. So i tried it guys omg it's my favorite recipe 💛
Georgia Plummer
Georgia Plummer 15 days ago
I can only think about the one little pasta that went back in the box!
Olivia 16 days ago
Lil' tip: I love adding fresh tomatoes and spinach
Yvette Wagner
Yvette Wagner 18 days ago
How can I make this vegan? What substitute could I use for eggs??
Lazarus 21 day ago
*doesn't even consider eating the dish* *is hesitant to eat the dish* *says there shoudn't be cheese in the dish without tasting* *takes a bite, adds salt* *eyes turn red, almost instantly teleports the food into his stomach* what a wonderful transformation
Sushant Kadam
Sushant Kadam 22 days ago
Molly, I've tried it a month ago and loved it. Thanks for the recipe!
Rica G
Rica G 24 days ago
Where can I buy Molly's apron? I need it cause I end up with very dirty shorts or pants. When I cook a normal front side apron doesn't cut it. I miss it most of the time when I wipe my hands 😅😋
harlandted 25 days ago
I like this recipe and wish I had the mental capability to cook. Thanks. Great video
shanz532 25 days ago
The poor fella at 0:43
D. Namel
D. Namel 26 days ago
1:46 Chris looks really ticked off at something that he has to get up and walk away
S. Williams
S. Williams 27 days ago
Shal-LOT, why is the American dialect (not language) so bad. Or do Americans just have trouble pronouncing words in general?
FacheChanteDeux 27 days ago
This looks divine.
Neemat M
Neemat M 28 days ago
she touched that one pasta,it makes sense she doesn't wanna put in with the food
Alan N
Alan N 25 days ago
That one pasta would have gone into boiling water and been sanitized. Meanwhile, she tasted off that spoon at the end and stuck it right back into food right before serving.
Neemat M
Neemat M 28 days ago
the tempering and the browning seems a bit technical but it looks like a recipe I'd love or even cook, because it's very simple. and its ingredients are easy to find. also it's PASTA+CHEESE+MUSHROOMS lol I love those ♥
Hernando Rodriques
Hernando Rodriques 29 days ago
Adolpho De La Cerda
The short guy is more girly girl then than pretty woman. Grow sum balls, or get them out of your boyfriends mouth Andy...
Nouf s
Nouf s Month ago
Anyone else got pissed when she put that piece of pasta back in the box
Kalinda Cheung
Kalinda Cheung Month ago
Oh my goodness. Just tried this recipe and its AMAZING !!!!!
JJimenez Month ago
Woman in background @ 0:17 seconds, "F*ck! You guys are filming, I'll go around!" 🤣😂🤣
Miscellaneous Month ago
I love this video because I love mushrooms and carbonara is the only thing I learned to make.
Queen Ally
Queen Ally Month ago
The cap to my salt came off when I went to salt my pasta water. I can tell this was going to be good but mine was ruined with salt😂 Now I understand why chefs put their seasoning into a bowl first
Doctor Goop
Doctor Goop Month ago
Good food. Seems like a nice young lady.
IceColdCube Month ago
I thought carbonara was the ribbon pasta? Great vid though 😃
Deborah Kennedy
Deborah Kennedy Month ago
How can you possibly sub out fresh basil for parsley in an ITALIAN PASTA DISH?? 🎶JEEEZE LOUISE🎶 (old Footloose movie song) SHEESH AND DOUBLE-SHEESH?? GIMMEEE A BREAK, AYKM (ARE YOU KIDDING ME IN ACRONYM-SPEAK SINCE, ER, UH, A DECADE AGO)? Can you say RUvid, 2020 asks Mr. Rogers? MR. ROGERS: Sure, I knew you could. Great job... !!!! To Tom Hanks for his performance/portrayal of the late-great Mr. Rogers and the "Neighborhood", right? Grew up on that "schruff". What an amazing man, right?
Deborah Kennedy
Deborah Kennedy Month ago
When is ba or ATC going to review electric/battery-operated pepper mills, right?
Xenia Panchenko
Xenia Panchenko Month ago
Thank you for this recipe) I'm going to try it)
Bananas Ooh nah nah
I can’t stand the way this girl talks.
inky blue
inky blue Month ago
First rule in the kitchen is Cleanliness. Nobody wants to eat hair. Why is her hair down? Her hair should be pulled/pinned back for public hygiene.
Karl Voskuhl
Karl Voskuhl Month ago
Molly rocks!
LordofBays Month ago
Rapaport with the art student stance angle.
Wesley Yu
Wesley Yu Month ago
Don't. Just don't.
Ballskin 10 days ago
already did
Cathy Nguyen
Cathy Nguyen Month ago
Wait.... did she just stick that spoon into her mouth and back into the pot? Yeah... Im not touching that dish now.
tuna tuna
tuna tuna Month ago
smile a bit baby other wise you look like a math teacher
Richard Phillips
Was that Jordan Peterson in the background?
Colvin Ang
Colvin Ang Month ago
0:43 I hope that dude’s phone survived...
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau Month ago
Parm is made with rennet so it's not actually vegetarian
Steven Vergauwen
Good lord. This dish is like AC/DC. Simple but hits you in all the right spots.
Celine Nguyen
Celine Nguyen Month ago
"In The Absence of Meat" Memoires of someone who switched to a plant based diet
caiwj22 Month ago
Did Chris wash his hands after picking up his phone?
Eidolin Month ago
I made this dish. It was so rich I couldn’t eat more than a bowl. I like that the pasta sauce is egg based instead of heavy cream based (I’m lactose intolerant-heavy cream particularly). The orecchiette were a big mistake, they cupped one another like pringles in the pot (need to use a massive pot and stir a lot). Once they cupped they stuck together like super glue and cooked completely unevenly (the centers stayed hard). Mushrooms are insanely rich in flavor too, with only chives, lemon and parsley to cut the richness-it’s not enough. I suggest using any other kind of pasta-maybe linguine. Use much less cheese and butter. You’ll probably want to water down the sauce a bit, it gets thicker the more cool it is. Go easy on the amount of mushrooms, they’re meaty and heavy, and the pasta is already heavy. Go crazy with chives, parsley, lemon zest, whatever you can to lighten the dish. I’m not debating what a carbonara is, it’s rich, but you want to be able to eat your fill without being sick. I will make it again, much lighter.
Paolo Rom
Paolo Rom Month ago
brava,,, but u can cooking mushrooms better than this
nila biru
nila biru Month ago
one lonely pasta in the box, sad, left alone, .. sad pasta
Tadd Reifsteck
Tadd Reifsteck Month ago
you are soooooooooooo beautiful and im sooooooooooooooooooo in love with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mikkel O
Mikkel O Month ago
Nobody commenting on how at 0:43 you can see in the background him dropping his phone, then shaking his head like it never happened and just continue
Lucas Santos Dias
Don't let any italians see this!!!!
Andy M
Andy M Month ago
The hot mushroom you ate that's sitting in the middle of your chest is burning your esophagus not your lungs you moron!!
K B Month ago
Merci Emma Mackey !
Aurélie Month ago
elena. Month ago
Isn't it crazy garlicy? I mean i love garlic but 6 is a whole lot
Jim Oberhänsli
Jim Oberhänsli Month ago
Gentrified hipsters cooking... great dish, annoying people.
Peter Danilchuk
Peter Danilchuk Month ago
Pasta water is what we need to bring this country together. I've been saying it for years
Deborah A Godwin
Trifecta. 🤓
Robert Daugherty
Looks good Molly. I'm hungry!
jimmy parker
jimmy parker Month ago
Mine was entirely too salty. Maybe I’ll change the cheese I used
Inayat Jain
Inayat Jain Month ago
When you’re lacto-vegetarian so you still cant make thus because it requires eggs... does anyone have any suggestions to replace the eggs??
Roberto Riggio
Roberto Riggio Month ago
Why do you need to call it carbonara? Why? It has nothing to do with carbonara, you made pasta with mushrooms. Btw carbonara is made only with guanciale, no pancetta, and for god sake no bacon.
Spenser Dettwyler
>Garlic in a Carbonara
donaleen Kohn
donaleen Kohn Month ago
My husband, who is an excellent cook, made this. The mushrooms were like hard little rocks. And you use WAY too much salt. This recipe is a disappointing failure.
britney901 Month ago
That looks awesome. I can't wait to try it out
Kyle Hearnsberger
Hmmmmmm, I may have to persuade mom to make this for me, sometime. Love pasta and I do prefer to eat a little healthier.
Almanzo Lin
Almanzo Lin Month ago
Isn't Carbonara have a lot of black pepper in it?
Yong Sofea Abdullah
I love this recipe so much I will.make it!!!
OthMan Month ago
molly makes mushrooms and drizzled with some acid, with a side of green, and powdered DMT.
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