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We tackled every element of the classic eggs Benedict recipe to optimize it for a crowd. Poaching eggs in advance. A hollandaise that will stay luscious for hours. A tray of perfectly toasted, buttery muffins. Yep-it’s all here. This recipe comes together in under an hour and much of it can be prepped in advance, leaving you free to entertain.

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Molly Makes Eggs Benedict for a Crowd | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
OMGiGi 13 hours ago
Just made this it was delicious! Made it for one but still great!!!
Frank Gress III
Frank Gress III 20 hours ago
molly had rbf this whole video
steve vermillion
Love the instruction by have a hard time with the 'hipster' presentation...
Asian Muffin
Asian Muffin 5 days ago
“Vortex isn’t necessary” **Carla stares with menacing eyes**
BA A 5 days ago
I’d eat that. 😏
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 7 days ago
Most annoying voice of all time. Oh and you destroyed that hollandaise with too much salt. Cayenne goes in the sauce not on the egg. Otherwise a mediocre video.
Flexible Dreamer
Flexible Dreamer 14 days ago
Never knew it was possible to be aggressive” with eggs....
ejt none
ejt none 17 days ago
She must have a very happy husband
pwk22 23 days ago
I have no idea whom this chick is, but she strikes me as the Gottfried Leibniz of cooking.
Amiel Faker
Amiel Faker 24 days ago
When molly still loves using the word "yield". Drink everytime she says it
DoxyLady 26 days ago
What does she mean "vortex"? Sous vide?
Major the Lad
Major the Lad 27 days ago
For a crowd of one
fw1421 Month ago
Molly and Carla are my favorite Chefs on this channel.❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Irving
Jamie Irving Month ago
So...no white wine?
Martine Month ago
So basically a hollandaise is warm mayonnaise made with butter.
Albert Yang
Albert Yang Month ago
Molly is fast becoming a favorite...
Richard Henry Sr
dang girl...pull that hair back!! other than that...l like the idea of the shaved ham instead of a slice...good job!...thank you!
Ben Wong
Ben Wong Month ago
Molly, you are so lovely!
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Month ago
Okay but why do I need a hair tutorial for Molly’s curls here 😭
Wyatt Nolte
Wyatt Nolte Month ago
536 people actually tried this recipe and were very disappointed
Vips Vipsa
Vips Vipsa Month ago
I don’t mind spending rest of my life with her
methehappyone Month ago
Excuse Me While I Drool All Over Myself..Ooppss,, TOO LATE!! 🍳👅
Mike Doherty
Mike Doherty Month ago
Traditionally, Eggs Benedict is also made with an English crumpet, not an English Muffin.
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson Month ago
❤️Love Molly ❤️
Willian Roomer
Willian Roomer Month ago
Very rude
Ryan Loftus
Ryan Loftus Month ago
Wasting egg whites is a lazy technique.
R_R Month ago
It’s interesting how different everyone in test kitchen look now compared to a couple years ago...
John _
John _ Month ago
Does anyone know the amounts to use to scale down this hollandaise sauce to a one person recipe (1 or 2 eggs benny)
John _
John _ Month ago
Update, blending 1 stick of butter and 3 egg yolks and a good squeeze of 1/2 lemon works great for 2
Colleen Forcier
Colleen Forcier 2 months ago
I just made this for the first time today after watching this video. Turned out great! Maybe a little less lemon juice next time though.
Individual Two
Individual Two 2 months ago
Technically she didn’t cook the eggs which means she made a mayonnaise, not a hollandaise (but now we know why hollandaise is a mother sauce). You can do this recipe sous vide, which is a really cool way to poach eggs and do hollandaise.
Nicole Dufour DuRocher
FYI ... putting the sauce into a thermos keeps it perfectly warm until you serve it.
PMA DOOD 2 months ago
Brad didn't want them cause he's got beef with Ben
Hoàng Long Nguyễn
Awesome, a beautiful lady knows her way in the kitchen, and make it perfect with Molly.
JayMancier 2 months ago
F*k'n Molly Baz! You Rock!
Felipe Brockveld
Felipe Brockveld 2 months ago
Molly, your hair is stunning! I can’t control myself.
Eri' Carey
Eri' Carey 2 months ago
Jan 2020 ... geeeeez Molly is there anything you can't dooooo????? Yuuuuuummm AND how good is that ice cold bath???
Oj Simpson
Oj Simpson 2 months ago
When did she add lemon juice to the sauce ?
Guerilla Gurus
Guerilla Gurus 2 months ago
No vortex, All the way. I cook two dozen at a time. I watch Brad but Molly is cuter. Sorry Brad
John R
John R 2 months ago
Greyfia Sama
Greyfia Sama 2 months ago
Brad didn't want any because he was told to shut up haha
William 2 months ago
who has guests for breakfast
Grevlain 2 months ago
I need to make this. Looks delicious!
Kevin Hagler
Kevin Hagler 2 months ago
I can tell she's a fan of Kenji Lopez Alt
Jack Curran
Jack Curran 2 months ago
I wanna marry Molly
Jameson Oof
Jameson Oof 2 months ago
I would put my eggs in her Benedict
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien 2 months ago
I LOVE Eggs Benedict, but have been afraid to make them until now. Thank you, Molly, for a wonderfully presented and informative presentation.
Spank Juicer
Spank Juicer 3 months ago
She can strain my eggs anyday
Spank Juicer
Spank Juicer 3 months ago
Trump 2020
Peter Flom
Peter Flom 3 months ago
I will probably never make eggs Benedict for a crowd but Molly is a delight
Marbela 3 months ago
That comfort level with a poached egg
Cresent and star
Cresent and star 3 months ago
Slower vortex ?
Eve Evans
Eve Evans 3 months ago
I want that whole platter RN
jai shankar
jai shankar 3 months ago
Molly is really good in handling her anxiety. I literally watch her videos before my interview, it serves as a validation for me that it's actually possible to calm down your nerves. So satisfying to see how easy she makes it look like. Her breathing gets a lil weird though at times, almost like she's gasping, but obviously I am being a jerk now cause regardless she does a great job
4thlord51 3 months ago
Her skills at cooking is up there with how pretty she is.....
sanaaaa007 3 months ago
Awww when Molly was a baby!
Mrs Poulter
Mrs Poulter 3 months ago
So rude! Why the excessive attitude towards that man? A simple we’re filming would suffice! Geez! This chick put me off big time!!! What? You can’t cut the vid? None of you there know how to edit?
Dewantoroo 2 months ago
Calm down lady. There's no rudeness here. Lol. I guess this is the first time you watch BA's videos.
DragonMastrLiam Arx
DragonMastrLiam Arx 3 months ago
Milky I’m totally stealing oh jeez Louisiana by the way
Jérémie Ecoffey
Jérémie Ecoffey 3 months ago
« I believe in a gentle poach » now that’s a religion I can get behind.
Tom 3 months ago
Yes! gentle poaching crewwwdem
Luis Coutiño
Luis Coutiño 4 months ago
0:19 Is Sally Hawkins in the background?
tracyx11 4 months ago
I think you could definitely do that without the ice bath/reheating of the eggs. Just do the muffins first, then the hollandaise, then the eggs, quickly warm the ham and then you're done!?
Nicole Skinner
Nicole Skinner 4 months ago
Nobody: Molly: We're going to add a good amount of salt to that
LAJE 4 months ago
So no need to cook the yolks?
Patricia Pangelinan
Patricia Pangelinan 4 months ago
Also you can poach in shell using a sude vide :)
nick kujala
nick kujala 4 months ago
That is not hollandaise
MarcoAce13 4 months ago
Molly and Claire are the baes of the kitchen
BrokenCortes 4 months ago
This cook is terrible! Please bring in Ray Charles. ``Canadian bacon'' wtf. Canadians call ``bacon'' bacon and ``ham'' ham. Next thing you know she gonna call burgers ``liberty sandwiches'' and French fries ``potato chips''
Agrim Joshi
Agrim Joshi 2 months ago
Are you drunk or just that idiotic?
James Dooling
James Dooling 4 months ago
Rewatching this now, I like Molly more.
Omnom Bacon
Omnom Bacon 4 months ago
The fresher the egg, the less loose white you have, which is what you're straining out. As an egg gets older the loose white gets bigger.
James Adrian Panganiban
Brad wanted EGGS VINNY not benny
mrpurple33 5 months ago
How do you keep the sauce warm by the stove? ?
SleepLess 5 months ago
Andrew Noyes
Andrew Noyes 5 months ago
molly's husky sick voice 😍
thenewandrei4o94 5 months ago
Why does it look like her mouth is moving weirdly when she's talking?
Alex Pletcher
Alex Pletcher 3 months ago
I think just very pronounced microexpressions
JRfoodie lovefun
JRfoodie lovefun 5 months ago
So this is her first debut video for BA kitchen series?
xjesusxchristx 5 months ago
"That little bit of lemon makes all the difference." That little bit of lemon is crucial to hollandaise... Not only is it the proper way, but it helps make the raw egg safer the same way it does in ceviche...
LAJE 4 months ago
Thank you for this clarification. Being a rookie cook, I was confused with the fact she didn’t cook the yolks. 🍳
Trace Snyder
Trace Snyder 5 months ago
I never had eggs Benedicts
Salsabeela Alrehaily
TheNightFather666 5 months ago
What’s the difference between hollandaise and mayo?
NeedMorePuppies 5 months ago
Molly please marry me
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