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Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes one skillet rotisserie chicken pot pie. Who doesn't like chicken pot pie? Rotisserie chicken, store-bought puff pastry, and just one skillet keep this hearty dinner recipe from feeling too fussy-or taking all day to make.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/one-skillet-rotisserie-chicken-pot-pie
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Molly Makes Chicken Pot Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 2 529
Denkgod 227
Denkgod 227 16 hours ago
Carrots are overrated
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed 2 days ago
*crushes aggressively*
aime perez
aime perez 2 days ago
I’m actually offended there’s no carrots 😂😂😂
Bryn Jones
Bryn Jones 2 days ago
no nutmeg or leek? also i prefer stock and creme fraiche to cream.
Chris Tetra
Chris Tetra 2 days ago
I wish she smiled more during the video. She would have looked prettier and look like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 4 days ago
i get so excited when molly, claire, or carla makes a video i cant explain why
DPRX 5 days ago
I’m attracted to Molly.
Ali  Bentz
Ali Bentz 6 days ago
My puppy is named carrot. She is so sad you hate carrots.
Sophia Goodman-Merel
My mom uses both carrots and turnips, as well as parsnips-- which have the texture of turnips and the taste of carrots.
Sabrina Zarogoza
Sabrina Zarogoza 8 days ago
I love the friendly banter and joking between everybody there. It's such a layed-back environment. Seems like it would be less stressful than going super ultra pro chef with a cooking show. I love the casual atmosphere.
Don Zimmermann
Don Zimmermann 10 days ago
Please wear a mike. I have 80% hearing loss and couldnt follow nor was it subtitled.
Joseph Halpern
Joseph Halpern 11 days ago
I work at a grocery chain in Canada that plays a lot of country music. I believe Molly is what they're talking about when they're talking about homegrown girls. I never quite understood until now. Thank you Molly. For all the delicious recipes too.
Patrick Weskamp
Patrick Weskamp 12 days ago
I think that looks awesome! It is actually a recipe I would try, most recipes are way too hard for this novice to attempt. Thank you for these types of recipes! And!!! I am not a fan of mushy or undercooked carrots so I think turnips sound fabulous!
Aaron Champagne
Aaron Champagne 12 days ago
I feel bad for the employees at ba. Chris can't even afford airpods. Smh
Nina Dees
Nina Dees 13 days ago
I understand restraining the ingredient count but I would have had: turnips, carrots, red potatoes, celery, onion, garlic, and peas. And i'd also add chicken broth to the roux to add a little more chicken flavor.
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey 13 days ago
I've never had a turnip in my over 50 years. Pretty sure I have similar taste buds to Carla so - in no rush to try this... But sweet hippie-love-child Molly has convinced me to... try before I die.
William Haddon
William Haddon 13 days ago
I must admit I always use leeks instead of onions and add mushrooms and Stead of carrots in my chicken pie. I always buy more leaks than I need for the recipe and then chop and freeze what I don't use. So when I'm in a rush I just had a bag frozen leeks to the chicken instead of onions. I use small mushrooms halfed because they are quicker to prepare and carrots or turnip. Either use frozen peas or frozen sweetcorn depending on what I've got in the freezer at the time. I always seem to be in a rush when it comes to mealtimes.
Zippy The Clown
Zippy The Clown 17 days ago
If you’re going to lose an ingredient, lose the peas, not the carrots. That’s a no brainer.
Kyle Gawryluk
Kyle Gawryluk 18 days ago
My mom has always put turnips in her after Thanksgiving turkey soups and it is amazing! I need to try in turnips in my pot pie!
Lisa Wyatt
Lisa Wyatt 18 days ago
Who eats a turnip pot pie? It doesn't even sound good, also I hope her hair doesn't get in the food. 😔
DesmoFan 19 days ago
Radish is best turnip... from the SENIOR FOOD EDITOR?? I'm with you, Molly. Keep up the good fight!
Dave McBroom
Dave McBroom 20 days ago
Potatoes not turnips. Turnips give me gas.
compendious succient
You should have the veg golden seared.
James Dooling
James Dooling 21 day ago
Turnips are delicious! My grandmother's chicken pot pie uses carrot, onion, peas, potato, celery, and parsnip. It's my favorite.
Liam Straub
Liam Straub 22 days ago
anyone who really cares i was wondering what knife is it that molly uses. i think it is a victorinox? i would love some input. ive been looking for a new one.
Jenny Whisconier
Jenny Whisconier 22 days ago
Sooooo . . . a turnip recipe, I guess . . .
Dennis Leavy
Dennis Leavy 22 days ago
To be fair, Radish and Turnip are from the same family aha
Kambiz Tavabi
Kambiz Tavabi 22 days ago
I’d eat turnips raw for you Molly 😍
JANEE WINN 23 days ago
I love it !!
jameseglavin4 23 days ago
I’m sure this is good and I like turnips but wouldn’t parsnips be the logical substitute for carrots?
Raegann Pokornik
Raegann Pokornik 25 days ago
Everyone compares this to the office. And today molly was Pam and everyone else was Angela
TRASHoftheTITANS 25 days ago
I never thought turnip was a particularly polarizing vegetable, but apparently so. As a Scot, I've eaten my fair share of turnips, and while I generally like the flavour there certainly is an art to cooking them well. Boil them for too long and they take on a fibrous texture that can be really unpleasant. I hadn't thought to cook them this way before, so will definitely try it out
Anna Bonvillain
Anna Bonvillain 26 days ago
is white wine a necessity for the pie? i ask bc im 19 so i cant buy it but i want to make this. is there a non-alcoholic sub for the white wine?
JTGamingCentral 26 days ago
Im watching this not because of the food, but because molly is fine af. say no more fam, say no more.
Jade Tran
Jade Tran 26 days ago
You can put however ingredients you want in your chicken pot pie just dice up your vegetables smaller 🤗
Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin 26 days ago
Dude. Parsnips.
Niel Chai
Niel Chai 27 days ago
This is how many times turnip was mentioned in the video ⬇️
fisharmor 27 days ago
I will try this recipe only using rutabaga or kohlrabi, because the only way I stop hating on turnips is when they don't taste like turnips.
Snoozer 27 days ago
I love you Molly. You and your turnip pot pie
Peter Ebel
Peter Ebel 27 days ago
Fucken tell her, Chris! Tell her!
Sursie Metzger
Sursie Metzger 28 days ago
Did anyone else’s heart sing when they noticed all the Vega products behind Molly? 😂
Zojirushi 29 days ago
Someone needs to buy her a non-crap knife
staytunedfor 29 days ago
Is Molly getting kickbacks from the turnip-industrial complex? No carrots in a pot pie is anarchy!
Nega_Weeb Month ago
i would put corn
Anamul Rahman
Anamul Rahman Month ago
Molly is the best!!! Have her do more videos!!! Thumbs up!! She has so much passion and innovative ideas, she's awesome!!! "These people are insane!!!"
Nicole Month ago
I love how personal things can get in the BA kitchen
Bill Flatley
Bill Flatley Month ago
ALL ABOUT NO CARROT!! Turnip, rutabaga, celeriac, parsnip, fennel etc. ANYTHING THAN A CARROT! Agreed Molly
minnie brooks
minnie brooks Month ago
This was just Extra amazing wow...turnips who knew!! Yum 😚
insane0042 Month ago
I don't mind turnips, but to get rid of the carrots. Dislike.
Scott Rousseau
Scott Rousseau Month ago
This looks like a delightful and quick dish. Instead of complaining, just substitute carrots for turnips. Why the hazing? Sigh. I'm going to try the dish this weekend!
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