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Presented by Method | Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes classic chicken noodle soup. There are tons of shortcuts for chicken noodle soup, but this time we're not cutting corners-this is the long game! This version is about as classic (and as comforting) as they come, using a whole chicken-bones, skin, and all-to lend flavor and body to the broth. The key is to treat the breasts and legs differently: The breasts need to be pulled early so they don't overcook and dry out, whereas the legs require a long simmer to become incredibly tender. We used ditalini here, but feel free to use any small quick-cooking pasta you have! We wouldn’t be mad about orzo or ABCs either.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/classic-chicken-noodle-soup
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Molly Makes Chicken Noodle Soup | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Sour Brothers
Sour Brothers 19 hours ago
Does Molly have a sister? Asking for a friend..
Did she leave All that salt on the chicken?
Neph Drummond
Neph Drummond 2 days ago
Ah yes, getting a method ad with Molly partway through the video, using the clip that already passed in the video, that’s...powerful advertisement
Adhan Umar
Adhan Umar 2 days ago
kenapa yah orang bule kalo masak tuh suka mubazir. padahal masih bisa di makan sisa rebusan kaldunya??
PeggiesCraftCafe 4 days ago
Wings are NOT dark meat. Breast and wings are white meat. Thigh & leg is dark meat. Good grief.
aditya phaneendra Chekuri
Sorry, we can actually turn the tap off while you are scrubbing the board with soap
Jeni Hansen
Jeni Hansen 5 days ago
Sofian Dandashi
Sofian Dandashi 5 days ago
Oh My God! I just made this and it's out of this world. I followed your recipe and ingredients with tow exception; After straining the stock i add a bit of Saffron and substituted Maftoul for the Pasta. Thank you so much for this. You Rock
Ginger Tunstall
Ginger Tunstall 7 days ago
Wouldnt it make more sense to cut the chicken to pieces before you put it in the pot?
Water Under The Bridge
2:27 I think she was gonna put that into the pot too xD
Aero 8 days ago
"We are going to discard all this now. Because it's pretty lifeless at this point. We used it for all that it's worth."
Mike Rao
Mike Rao 9 days ago
Am I the only person who watches them throw away all the "lifeless" chicken and vegetables and think what a waste it is? Toss some mayonnaise and seasoning on some of that and you've got a killer chicken salad.... Asian moms everywhere are passing serious judgement.
gettem 9 days ago
at first i thought the vegetables are not cooked enough but actually might be better like that
iKnow BetterThanU
iKnow BetterThanU 10 days ago
I like egg noodles better.
daAnder71 10 days ago
Do not discard the skin! What a waste! Grill it and eat it right away.
Evilqueen1985 10 days ago
Why not just butcher the bird beforehand?
Thomas Marrujo
Thomas Marrujo 11 days ago
Nice clean flavors, thanks Molly.
D3l4br0 11 days ago
it hurt me when she left a few bits of carrot in the bowl :(
vitor fogaço
vitor fogaço 12 days ago
it look so good im so hungry
vitor fogaço
vitor fogaço 12 days ago
Im learning so much wow very detailed
vitor fogaço
vitor fogaço 12 days ago
That's a classic food for when ur sick... is this video because of the corona virus?
Cyrus 12 days ago
Ok on one hand basil scented soap does sound nice for kitchen sink soap. On the other hand though, this was pretty aggressive advertising. The pre vid add, the mid vid add, the end vid add and the convo in the middle of the video was just too much. I am truly glad you guys are getting sponsorships, cause folks gotta eat and all, but consider toning it down a bit?
1972CB350 13 days ago
Thank you, BA. Will definitely try this one.
Madelyn H
Madelyn H 13 days ago
this was just sad. all that waste.
S. J. N.
S. J. N. 13 days ago
with a soda on the side
Left Coast
Left Coast 14 days ago
Why all the foam skimming? What's the foam?
Belt King
Belt King 14 days ago
Molly, that was great. I learned a couple of things about chicken soup.
Kristi W
Kristi W 14 days ago
She did not wash her hands for 20 seconds! Coronavirus!!
frank reed
frank reed 15 days ago
does this kill covid 19?
Visalbotr Chan
Visalbotr Chan 15 days ago
Where is the noodle?
• frostedjosieos
• frostedjosieos 15 days ago
Every time the chefs cook/bake without putting their hair up I get just a little stressed
Cutelesc Cutesicle
Cutelesc Cutesicle 13 days ago
Same one should always tie hair when cooking
Jalisa6661 _
Jalisa6661 _ 15 days ago
The amount of times the soap was advertised in this episode makes me NOT want to buy it
Sister Catrina
Sister Catrina 17 days ago
This sponsorship is giving me life
Konsultarvode 17 days ago
I see Molly I click
Kdubb815 17 days ago
I'd marry her, it's so attractive that a woman can cook well
slimydick23 18 days ago
Molly's greasy dirty stringy hair turns me on
Krynis 18 days ago
Awesome, also this is a lovely recipe and I think a rice noodle would also be amazing in it.
Pat Sca
Pat Sca 18 days ago
disappointed she didn’t once say “noods”
Des Derek
Des Derek 19 days ago
Where's claire...?
nyak63RUS 19 days ago
This is the clumsiest, most obviously rehearsed "oh hey look at this! I didn't expect that!" advertisement ever.
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon 20 days ago
Pepper pepper pepper.
Elise Slyngstadli
Elise Slyngstadli 20 days ago
Am i weird for being super grossed out by molly touching the raw chicken and then putting her hand into that big bowl of salt repeatedly? In my mind that would be contaminated now😛
SharifaSalma 21 day ago
Anna Kendra
Anna Kendra 21 day ago
Can I substitute the celery with something else? I don't like celery at all
stateniland 21 day ago
marry me Molly
Christopher Dupras
I would love to see Claire and Molly team up for a Gourmet Makes. Heck, team up everybody with everyone; you know, with everything. Just sayin’ ayee
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Simmons 22 days ago
Did anyone notice the dish soap? That was so natural it was amazing
Angela Marcinkevich
Looks good but needs way more liquid
stefaniate 22 days ago
Did she just throw half a chicken away?!? WTF? That's just f disrespectful!
Damian Ringler
Damian Ringler 22 days ago
It’s funny because my favorite chefs to watch are Gordon Ramsay and Molly and they couldn’t be more opposite.
Dyln Pickl
Dyln Pickl 23 days ago
Came to cure my deep sadness watching this comforting human make a comforting meal
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall 23 days ago
I wish Molly would thoroughly wash her hands... 20secs!! (maybe to lax with raw chicken?)
Bemused Indian
Bemused Indian 23 days ago
Macaroni would NOT be fine. It yielded inedible aspic as the final product.
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez 23 days ago
Ok sorry but Molly touched the raw chicken and put her hand back in the salt bowl. At the end she uses the same salt to the finished dish. So much for this sanitary video for ‘method soap’. Still love BA buuuuut...
Phelan Christopher
Phelan Christopher 24 days ago
Is that some special type of chicken that looks like a roasted chicken even tho it's been booked??!
Meredith Barcelo
Meredith Barcelo 24 days ago
Israeli couscous!
Concerned Netizen
Concerned Netizen 24 days ago
Molly is so cool. I'm sure we won't see this, but I really thank her for sharing. Such a pro. I'll try to keep a batch of this stuff aroud for the next time I get a bug..
mya saar
mya saar 24 days ago
It was delicious thank you! Not making chicken soup any other way ever again
Jar Of Luminosity
Jar Of Luminosity 25 days ago
Ok but I got an ad for method soap with Molly as the star saying “it actually smells like basil” and “j’approve” I’m *shaken*
Brian Castillo
Brian Castillo 25 days ago
Molly is the cutest little ditaline
petitecherie 25 days ago
I'm making this tonight for my sickypoo husband xo
Henk Jacobs
Henk Jacobs 25 days ago
Great recipe new recipe for me! Learned how unpeeled onions gives that tanned colour, nor did I realize breaking down the chicken part way through the process really works for the breast meat. Adding the dill instead of my usual parsley really imparted a ‘fresh summer’ flavour to the soup. My wife and I loved it! Thanks Molly!
Deerector 25 days ago
Molly is a hot mess. 😍😍😍😍
Shabaab Kamal
Shabaab Kamal 26 days ago
"I'm gonna season this pretty heavily" Yeah we know Molly
9Cob 26 days ago
throwing away the skin should be a crime
yuxuan cai
yuxuan cai 26 days ago
anyone think of J hopes song?
Majed Alhammadi
Majed Alhammadi 26 days ago
this made me uncomfortable about eating chicken
Jawad Khalil
Jawad Khalil 26 days ago
You could feed a full grown human being with all the meat left on that carcass .. pffft wasteful
James Yoo
James Yoo 26 days ago
FYI you can make this 10x easier using a Costco rotisserie chicken, and even better with an Instant Pot
Sage Hopmans
Sage Hopmans 27 days ago
So making this, this pay! Cheap and so yummy!
John Zupkus
John Zupkus 27 days ago
I think Alex Delany Ditalinis kids
josh sobel
josh sobel 27 days ago
Making this right now
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 27 days ago
Watching professional chefs scrape the blade of their knives on their board HURTS SO BAD.
BrandnyNikes 27 days ago
The chicken is not going to look like this if you take it out of the brooth.
kdogggggggggggg 27 days ago
Whit pepper be nicer
CAKE LOVERツ 27 days ago
Am I dumb or was there supposed to be noodles in the soup instead of pasta?🤨🤔
Dick G
Dick G 27 days ago
I am in love with molly
Jomo Ruane
Jomo Ruane 27 days ago
She be fiiiiine!
uroprop 28 days ago
that looks good..anti corona soup
Toby Pohan
Toby Pohan 28 days ago
i think this is actually the first chicken noodle soup recipee that actually used the actual chicken that used for the broth
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