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Join Molly in the Test Kitchen as she makes arancini (deep fried stuffed rice balls)! To make these Sicilian cheese-filled snacks, you first have to make risotto, then use the risotto to make cheese-stuffed balls, then coat them with breadcrumbs and deep-fry them. It’s a labor of love that will make other people love you, which is reason enough to give this recipe a try.
Check out the recipe here: bonappetit.com/recipe/mozzarella-arancini-stuffed-rice-balls
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Molly Makes Arancini | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Molly Baz
Molly Baz Year ago
If molten arancini are the new mozzarella sticks, I can’t think of a better way to bring home our 100th episode. Tune into this celebration station ASAP!!! 😘
Thomas Martinez
Thomas Martinez Month ago
Seems more like suppli.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 months ago
john alt
john alt 4 months ago
Molly Baz, I just want a twatty burger.🍔 Can you make me one?
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 4 months ago
6 minutes in and you remember risotto and ricotta are two different things...
Tayu Blackwolf
Tayu Blackwolf 4 months ago
I always see you guys using stove-top pots with oil for deep frying, but you guys have gas stoves. What if you only have a glass-top stove? How about a deep-fryer? What's the best way to fry things and make sure you have consistent temperature for your oil! That'd be a great video
Ignacio Hernandez
Ignacio Hernandez 12 hours ago
Why does she talk “like” like a teenager? Drop the word” “ like”
Trisha Anne
Trisha Anne 23 hours ago
i was about to make it until she added white wine
Allison kirby
Allison kirby 3 days ago
What oil do you use in the deep fryer?
Silvia De Angelis
WAY too much onion
Zizzie 3 days ago
Love the idea of cream. Pinko tastes odd, homemade Italian breadcrumbs are better.
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 3 days ago
You make arancini wth leftover risotto, not with freshly made risotto.
R Wolter
R Wolter 7 days ago
I can not wait to try these. Simple and I love lemon, loving it.
*sezione dissing*
Nope this recipe is wrong
Michael Kaslov
Michael Kaslov 8 days ago
Molly, my least favorite. Carla is so funny and Claire is just😍😍😍
lauren Timko
lauren Timko 13 days ago
Wow this looks so good
John viviers
John viviers 14 days ago
Hello is this in the USA or Canada just asking
DinoThePenguKing 18 days ago
I've never heard risotto pronounced like that. Wild Not hate btw. Just surprised me.
Violet None Of Your Business
I'm English and I've always pronounced it ri(as in rick)zo(o as in orange)toe. I don't know if that's right its just how I've always heard it.
PJ Fusco On The News
Don't know how good her Italian food is, but she's a hot Mama.
Richard Osbourne
Richard Osbourne 20 days ago
What is Rizodo please?
Shiny_Gliscor 26 days ago
Arancini make my mouth n00t
Nick Tl
Nick Tl 28 days ago
When she said Andiamo! lmao
WirelessJoeJackson 28 days ago
Wow-- using way too much onion to rice ratio
SD Month ago
These hoops are doing IT
Ckproduction03 Month ago
Now I know where Uzi got the name for the song
irishwench333 Month ago
First thing first, tie the hair up, no one wants to pull your hair out of their mouth
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter Month ago
I loved Arancini when I lived in in Italy. Admittedly the ones I've eaten in the US or New Zealand so far have not been that great. Can't wait to make my own
Eddy Yoo
Eddy Yoo Month ago
Why is Chris Morocco looking like Forest Gump in the background?
dicxjo Month ago
why does molly's hair look fIRE in this
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
CAn Americans say Risotto. Not Rissohtow.
sharon mcmann-morelli
i bet had arancini in Italy and it always had a meat,peas,sauce in center, mozzarella mixed in rice.
sharon mcmann-morelli
how do you clean the brown ring around the base of pan, happens too me all the time, afraid i will ruin my pan.
Livio Misgur
Livio Misgur 2 months ago
Molly, one fourth of that onion would have been more than enough for that amount of rice!
Jack Bird
Jack Bird 2 months ago
I live alanchini I made them during an open day at college (in the UK) and they was brilliant
Alexa Porter
Alexa Porter 2 months ago
How do they cut onions without the pain and tears? I can never focus on getting a fine dice because I'm too busy crying. I'm stressed.
Thuy Lan Phan
Thuy Lan Phan 2 months ago
ive also heard chewing gum while choping onions helps ?? although I've never tried that
Alberto Rudi
Alberto Rudi 2 months ago
Mrs. Molly, 10/10 for this recipe and your skills. 11/10 for your smile
Ethan Asay
Ethan Asay 2 months ago
What’s the best substitute for white wine?
Pascal Joris
Pascal Joris 2 months ago
If it's about you not wanting to use alcohol, you could use alcohol free wine. You need the acid in the wine, not the alcohol. You could think about trying other acid things, like vinegar, lemon juice, ... You'd need to find out the right amount, however.
trobad 2 months ago
The Risoodoo did turn out great. ;)
Angie Lieb
Angie Lieb 2 months ago
RisoTTo Not risoddo
machvayne 2 months ago
Can BA please start showing cooking temps in Celcius as well? Considering most of the world use it and all.......
JASON Z 2 months ago
Your friends suck.
TheFirstGuy 2 months ago
breading them with egg is possible, but you not the best option. Make a thin batter and roll them in bread crumbs instead. That makes for a much more sound rice-ball that you can dip in sauce without it falling apart.
Damian Ringler
Damian Ringler 3 months ago
How would these come out in an air fryer?
RewDowns 3 months ago
She called the balls orbs
AmallieGames 3 months ago
Has anyone tried making these in an air fryer?
grace cho
grace cho 3 months ago
I love Molly 😍😍 she sparks joy in my life with comfort food
One-Eye 3 months ago
I have to wonder if you could do an Asian-inspired version of this using glutenous rice instead of risotto? Maybe with some pork and/or prawn filling.
Andy Wright
Andy Wright 3 months ago
Who else is distracted by her odd pronunciation of risotto? It's almost as though it were spelt with one t.
Tassah O'K
Tassah O'K 3 months ago
Did nobody else hear that in the background at 5:46 💀
Luci _
Luci _ 3 months ago
Am I the only disturbed by the fact that the girls in this show never tie their hair?!?!?!
ChunHimself 3 months ago
I ❤️ Molly’s abbreviations!
Lauren Mann
Lauren Mann 3 months ago
Can you bake these?
Tomas 4 months ago
Yo, Spaghetti and Arancini!
Book of Eilli
Book of Eilli 4 months ago
Why only girl's eating. No boys . Do you have a war?))))
Stephanie Commisso
Stephanie Commisso 4 months ago
I love Molly vids 👍🏻
Randy Karnes
Randy Karnes 4 months ago
She's going to sheet it out? That's funny!
Frl_F 4 months ago
risoudou ...there is a reason why they put two t there. Risotto!
Katherine Crosbie
Katherine Crosbie 4 months ago
Calabria is not Sicily but I love this video!
beluch 4 months ago
Molly is a good cook. Everything classically correct (plus her smart addition of heavy cream).
vampirejpg 4 months ago
molly is the sweetest!! and i love arancini ❤️_____❤️
riner9 4 months ago
like fried boudain balls but not as good
Fabiana Scaffidi
Fabiana Scaffidi 4 months ago
They look good, but they’re not arancine 🥺😱 The recipe is totally different.. both for ingredients and process!
b 4 months ago
where can I get one of those aprons??? they look so comfortable and almost like Irish linen pinafores
Helena McDonald
Helena McDonald 4 months ago
"Calabrian chilies" "these are Sicilian" you sure abt that
Jen H
Jen H 5 months ago
I hate Molly but, I've already watched everyone else's videos. 🙄🙄🙄
zymphad 5 months ago
Alison? Brad?
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang 5 months ago
How long can you freeze these after you bread them
Scott A
Scott A 5 months ago
Molly is a hottie!
Kelly 5 months ago
the celebration station is next to the fermentation station. choo choo!
souperpie 5 months ago
Just once give us the entire allicin spiel and I’ll be happy and never mention it again. please?
Amy DeMoney
Amy DeMoney 5 months ago
I thought they were hush puppies
swuhili 5 months ago
molly makes my heart go 💞💓💗💖💘💕
john alt
john alt 5 months ago
Roberto Pascucci
Roberto Pascucci 5 months ago
Cream is needed if you don't know how to make a tasty risotto properly.. don't take the shortcut, learn to make better risotto
strix2035 5 months ago
This is a rice ball not arancini. You need to make the top to a point.
Jessica Blasky
Jessica Blasky 5 months ago
What kind of white wine do you use?
Nan Yobizniz
Nan Yobizniz 5 months ago
Love this Lady!!!!!!!✌️
Nuts Mc Flurry
Nuts Mc Flurry 5 months ago
Molly is adorable.
X-DOG-360 5 months ago
Lots of steps lots of cleanup but very gooood!
Theo Louisdore
Theo Louisdore 6 months ago
Omg had to stop watching because of the pronounciation of risotto
RolandCunington94 6 months ago
Molly's face sells I swear to god
tobias herber
tobias herber 6 months ago
i love ba and molly but rice and onion ratio are off congrats for the 100 tho
abdul199321 6 months ago
Risotto balls?
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony 6 months ago
Ewww dip my rice all in that smh sucksssssssssssssssss grossss rice balls should never have that much cheese in them dropped the ball we want brad!!!
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony 6 months ago
If your rice balls are dry you aren’t having traditional rice balls smh says all rice balls are dry and that hers are the best because she adds cream lmao
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