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Join Molly Baz and Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport in the Test Kitchen as they make broccoli bolognese with orecchiette. Broccoli and sausage pair up for an indulgent veg-heavy pasta dinner. We generally use sweet Italian sausage, but like any legit weeknight meal, the recipe is flexible, so play around with your favorite style.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/broccoli-bolognese-with-orecchiette
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Molly and Adam Make Broccoli Bolognese | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Dan H
Dan H 3 days ago
If you look at the photo of this dish on the website (link in the description), you'll see that Molly is 100% right.
melanie zoey
melanie zoey 10 days ago
Molly and Adam videos are upsetting.
melanie zoey
melanie zoey 10 days ago
10:30 "I'd be happy to do that *for us.*" - Molly Baz
Frances5110 10 days ago
This video triggered my anxiety. They’re lack of onscreen chemistry made it extremely difficult to focus on the recipe. Yes, it made for good “drama” but, it lacked workplace decorum.
Shanna 11 days ago
Adam Rapoport is literally a modern genius!
Kim Schuller
Kim Schuller 11 days ago
Leave Molly alone!!!!!!
Kim Schuller
Kim Schuller 11 days ago
Kim Schuller
Kim Schuller 11 days ago
Adam isnt looking at the camera
Kim Schuller
Kim Schuller 11 days ago
Adam needs to go tfw. Go back in your office. You are the dunce that would make me nervous while I'm supppse to cook. No ain't trying to watch you, your dept name doesnt belong in here!
Ismael B
Ismael B 12 days ago
This was awkward
abunnykc 13 days ago
Wow... I don’t normally enjoy Molly on episodes, but this is brutal.
stephbets 14 days ago
When social distancing is over can molly reshoot this on her own and also rename it thnx
Ray 15 days ago
I AM IN TEARS! Molly's facial expressions are priceless!
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen 16 days ago
this is stressing me out
Siobhan Fahy
Siobhan Fahy 19 days ago
Wow she's rude.
peetabix 19 days ago
BA quotes out of context. "It's so hard not to touch it." - Adam Rapoport
Mike Wood
Mike Wood 19 days ago
Welcome to another episode of Molly balances throwing just enough shade to entertain, without letting the Sword of Damocles of being fired dropping on her. :)
cindari 21 day ago
Why does he make me so ragey? He’s like a toddler who doesn’t listen but is CONVINCED he knows all about life.
Christie Garcia
Christie Garcia 21 day ago
these two are incredibly unappealing to watch together. i have no idea why you paired them together for videos...
oneder93 21 day ago
This guy is insufferable. Not only does he not have any knowledge of food, but also no intuition. He is the editor-in-chief, so no wonder bon appetit has been doing horribly the last few years. By the way this dish is NOT a bolognese or even close.
James Wesson
James Wesson 22 days ago
a lot of pasta comes in 12 oz boxes these days
If Only
If Only 22 days ago
God ! They're over thinking and over analysing everything ! It's a very simple recipe so just get cooking ! None of them are real chefs they look and act more like shrinks trying to cook !
Dwayne Shaw
Dwayne Shaw 23 days ago
The best tool for breaking up ground meat as it cooks is a large whisk. Well, someone may have invented a special 'ground meat separating apparatus' that works better - but just use a whisk.
Bob Creta
Bob Creta 24 days ago
he sucks, get him out
Siarra Stickle
Siarra Stickle 24 days ago
this is the best/funniest outcome of "too many cooks in the kitchen"
Gia Cummings
Gia Cummings 24 days ago
lmaoooooo “you bought that for the video????”
Tyler Miller-Poet
Tyler Miller-Poet 27 days ago
Why Was That AssHat Mean To Andy?!
Yemi 28 days ago
If you pause the video at exactly 1:00 you will see Andy giving Adam the jealous death stare as he walks by.
JB 29 days ago
There should be a Molly eye-roll count in the corner.
Amanda Weires
Amanda Weires Month ago
OMG Adam should stick to cameos. He's stressing me out.
Christian Lemus
Christian Lemus Month ago
Is Adam a top?
Vaillant_ Sorg
Vaillant_ Sorg Month ago
crringe bru
Neil Brideau
Neil Brideau Month ago
Adam thinks he is the boss. Molly is a murder machine.
Chloe Garza
Chloe Garza Month ago
Fire adam I hate him oml
Cyrus Month ago
love Molly's saltiness
Cynthia Kalynowski
Keeps criticizing about others who haven't been to cullanary school... 9:06 drops the "I am not a professional Chef" Seriously... He's fine for small tasting moments but that nattering he does just is too much for a whole video. Only watched this for Molly.
Dearmindi Month ago
I made this today and I used lentils instead of the meat. I didnt need to add cheese as the lentils gave the meal a silkiness. Thanks for the inspo!
Daisy Blooms
Daisy Blooms Month ago
I love Molly
Pepper Blackburn
At 10:53 when Adam literally does what Molly suggested earlier about pulling the garlic and putting it back in later so it doesn't burn. God
Keith Frostad
Keith Frostad Month ago
Does rapo not realize she’s making him look like a fool? Bless his little heart
Aldo Prima Benni
molly eye rolling counter : 9999999999
slimonson Month ago
molly is my hero
Tahsin Fairooz
Tahsin Fairooz Month ago
Their duo is fantastic. One goes by the book and the other very laid back. I like them working together.
YK Month ago
I made this last nite and it was so good, so simple. Definitely recommend spicy sausage.
itoosh Month ago
Adam is a joke!
Scott McFaul
Scott McFaul Month ago
That eyeroll at 12:13
Scott McFaul
Scott McFaul Month ago
11:44 "Do you ever use a potato masher or something?" "Nah I usually use a spoon" *gets a potato masher* "Is ThIs CrAzY??"
goodsamwise Month ago
This was pure comedy gold I loved this. Living for Molly’s sass.
seffi rotti
seffi rotti Month ago
Rapo is so chaotic, the only EIC i know that is like this
Danny O'keefe
Danny O'keefe Month ago
She hates him😂
Sunshine Osborne
Let the kitchen staff shine and stay in your office Adam. Some people are just better at their jobs than others
Karelle Hebert
Karelle Hebert Month ago
How come I just KNEW Chris had gone to cooking school 😂
Dara Dayani
Dara Dayani Month ago
Would have been better with just Molly.
Ольга Малецкая
If it was a drinking game to have a shot every time Molly rolls her eyes I would be drunk at the end of the video
eduardo serrano
eduardo serrano Month ago
Rapo gets on my nerve, i would of kick him out out the kitchen so fast
Wyvrenne MacDaniels
Eristotl3 Month ago
Alexandra Forte
Alexandra Forte Month ago
Y’all this episode is pure gold and absolutely hilarious. Why all the hate!?!
Thy Tran
Thy Tran Month ago
Just made this tonight. It was absolutely delicious and I didn’t add salt! Haha
Slizzy Nguyenner
Poor Molly -
celifacejones Month ago
I only agree with Rapo on one thing: too salty. I could not handle that much salt. I rarely use salt as it is, that amount of salt would nuke my taste buds.
MG LV Month ago
These comments are so mean that my feelings are hurt somehow.
Lid Vaskrov
Lid Vaskrov Month ago
Adam seems like the guy in class that talks like he knows what he’s doing but in reality, he is a disaster.
Coookieee smokin
I don't like his vibe with everyone. He can go and keep everyone else.
Aurélie Month ago
im so hungry now 💗
Macey Michelle
Macey Michelle Month ago
I keep seeing the videos with this chic in them and I'm glad I wasn't overstepping my initial judgment of her being naturally rude and condescending...
Jenifer Chiodo
Jenifer Chiodo Month ago
Ex editor of GQ: “Andd IT MATCHES MY OUTFIT!” Molly: “We did this for you” 😂
tbrown837 Month ago
Haha love the subtle tension.
Melissa Corrales
This guy shouldn't be cooking with Molly. She's normally happy she's def annoyed. He's annoying me too. Go somewhere bro
Sophie Quilley
Sophie Quilley Month ago
Is this guy drunk?
CraftyGirl84 Month ago
Every pasta shape is Molly’s favorite shape 😆
Nicole Begay
Nicole Begay Month ago
Adam: that looks good already! Molly: Does it?!
Andrew Cam
Andrew Cam Month ago
I'm going to use this video as a training tool on how to throw shade in a professional setting
Alyssa Del Rey
Alyssa Del Rey Month ago
poor molly.. I absolutely love Bon Appetit but wow I would love to slap this guy. Idk how she can deal with cooking with him.. I have anxiety just by watching..
Prune Tracy
Prune Tracy Month ago
This reminds me of the general manager of the hotel coming in and giving me pointers on boiling water in the kitchen
This guy sucks oh my god what a boring person
di C
di C Month ago
Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport, here, = obnoxious. wipes his nose and keeps touching his face before touching food. self-absorbed, condescending inexperienced bully of experienced cooks. disgusting, gross.
Doomislav Month ago
When your boss tries to do your job...
Kim Barbeau
Kim Barbeau Month ago
I love how shady they are being. Snippy snarly cooking.
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez Month ago
So awkward.
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