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Join Molly Baz and Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport in the Test Kitchen as they make broccoli bolognese with orecchiette. Broccoli and sausage pair up for an indulgent veg-heavy pasta dinner. We generally use sweet Italian sausage, but like any legit weeknight meal, the recipe is flexible, so play around with your favorite style.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/broccoli-bolognese-with-orecchiette
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Molly and Adam Make Broccoli Bolognese | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Doomislav 11 hours ago
When your boss tries to do your job...
Kim Barbeau
Kim Barbeau 15 hours ago
I love how shady they are being. Snippy snarly cooking.
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 17 hours ago
So awkward.
Retired , never Expired RNE Group
poor sound cannot see the food you cook no written explanation
AK Singleton
AK Singleton 21 hour ago
this is so chaotic
V. Boulanger
V. Boulanger Day ago
Nothing is more uncool than trying to be cool. Dont like the dynamic young-know-everything VS humble-boomer.
Valeria Montes R.
they remind me of when the teacher pairs u with that person u don’t really like in the class, but u’re really trying hard to be nice to them even tho u’re lowkey throwing shade at each other lol
Cute Kurama
Cute Kurama Day ago
I'm excited to see Adam's Character growth over the course of this series.
Merlin Price
Merlin Price Day ago
What a trainwreck. Adam comes off about as comfortable as a sandpaper loin cloth.
Elijah Day ago
Me during no nut november : 11:06
Monica Nguyen
Monica Nguyen 2 days ago
not a fan of molllys arrogance in this video idk if its played up for show but it was a bit excessive here
Dominic Go
Dominic Go 2 days ago
This is the video that convinced me that BA is basically just the office 🤣
Santiago Hampton
Santiago Hampton 2 days ago
Haha! When that broccoli stem gets moved and then moved back at 1:56 !!! Definitely an early sign of things to come
Karl Michalak
Karl Michalak 2 days ago
Adam sucks.
TheMrsmartiekid 2 days ago
I mean of all the personalities we can all agree Molly is the one to clap back and sass his personality
Cassius 54
Cassius 54 2 days ago
*me trying to find something nice to say about adam.* thats a nice apron man!
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 2 days ago
Adam is ready for reality TV
T K 3 days ago
Sounds wrong. Just wrong
Mari Hawley
Mari Hawley 3 days ago
Made this tonight with veggie sausage, frozen broccoli and mini penne (the only short pasta I had in the pantry). It was so ugly delicious! I also have one those mix and chop utensils that made incorporating the broc into the veggie sausage super easy, I didn't have to prechop the broc. And I added the garlic after browning the sausage.....Molly for the win.
Josh Hoare
Josh Hoare 3 days ago
I wish there was a blood pressure cuff on standby for Molly during this episode.
retardedbrick 4 days ago
This duo is GREAT! If this is friendly banter and the two of them are having fun PLEASE MAKE MORE
Alex Proctor
Alex Proctor 4 days ago
Molly just casually stuck her finger in boiling water
Tessitoast 4 days ago
Why are these two in a video together?
Jonathan Hunter
Jonathan Hunter 5 days ago
the way the pronounce bolognese frustrates me
Ray Leaf
Ray Leaf 5 days ago
Morrrrrrrreeeeeee ADAMMMMMMMM
Cindy Chow
Cindy Chow 6 days ago
After watching this I literally went out and got all the ingredients to make this 😂
Krystel Ybanez
Krystel Ybanez 6 days ago
So funny to watch Chris smile as they argue hahahaha
pants13 7 days ago
Please don’t put Adam in any more videos love him and what he does but he’s better as a guest appearance.
Cine Fiend40
Cine Fiend40 8 days ago
Adam is such daddy material. I can't even. Thank goodness for Bon Appeit during these hard times
Pedro Salles
Pedro Salles 8 days ago
Molly just gets mad and eat a lot of salt and I'm really concerned for her blood pressure
Val Joy
Val Joy 9 days ago
This is art. I could watch this over and over and catch something new every time.
marpotterhead 9 days ago
Rapo: "Anyone here went to cooking school?" Claire's Harvard degree: "am I a joke to you?!"
Kim Barbeau
Kim Barbeau 15 hours ago
Harvard = Not cooking school
kristen tan
kristen tan 9 days ago
why are ppl being so mean i love rapo
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 9 days ago
Molly: Ill take over now thank you...😏 (Could you bring??..) Adam: Wow... I did hear that... 😐🙄 Molly: oh... 😳😅😏 😂🤣 best shade ever...
Karolina 10 days ago
This video was hard to watch 😂 them bickering back and forth, but this dish looks amazing!
Nasa 11 days ago
"find a use" for a 1/4 pound of pasta?
pattiez 12 days ago
First BA video I couldn't finish watching 😖
The Lone Wanderer
The Lone Wanderer 12 days ago
The brocolli was only in for 2.17 seconds...
rinaahh barrameda
rinaahh barrameda 12 days ago
Why does Adam kinda remind me of Michael Scott here? 😂
AJ Cahill
AJ Cahill 13 days ago
Adam should stick to running the magazine and leave his (maybe?) big, swinging d!ck outside the kitchen.
Marie Cee
Marie Cee 14 days ago
I want to make it clear that I *tried* to watch a video with Rapo in it but had to pause it a few minutes in. Like someone else said in the comments "he simultaneously knows everything and nothing". I agree. Makes it an extremely cringeworthy watch.
Pat Highminded
Pat Highminded 14 days ago
so are any of these cooks, Chefs?? like with there red seal?
Marissa Cortes
Marissa Cortes 14 days ago
Molly secretly hates old rappy
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 16 days ago
Oooffftah, Molly. Kudos to you for maintaining, I would have schtrangled them....there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen...
Z Low
Z Low 16 days ago
Andy, don't tell Molly her business. Go buy some more LaCoste shirts and get out of the way.
J Murphy
J Murphy 17 days ago
I was so relieved when Molly finally took the garlic out.
Jing Chen
Jing Chen 17 days ago
Is there a Italia Squisita roast of this epi? BrocBolo-lololo
Adrienne Wu
Adrienne Wu 18 days ago
what the bleep is this video, omg!!!! it is so awkward.
Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson 18 days ago
only thing i would have done differently is use a vegetable peeler to peel the broccoli stems but that recipe looks pretty amazing. Good job on that.
Joseph-Alexandre Darrous
"thanks to Molly's advice..." he got through this video. At first I thought he was joking, but it's really unclear to me why he seems so uncomfortable with his own recipe. Molly is a boss in the best sense of the word, in this video.
AGH331 18 days ago
What a weird dynamic. He doesn't realise that she is clearly the more experienced chef and he should take a step back, take the 'humble student' role and follow her lead. He doesn't seem to be able NOT to take centre stage and make cocky comments. But he seems more nervous and eager to be helpful and included, and thus too talkative, rather than mean or arrogant. He asks her advice plenty of times. At the same time she seems hellbent on being annoyed by every single thing he does or says - she cannot chill a second. Others would have probably gone with the flow and rolled their eyes internally, but she absolutely must radiate complete annoyance. Pretty unprofessional for a video that goes out to a million viewers. Please don't ever again put these two in a video together ...
marlin brando
marlin brando 20 days ago
Adam doesn't belong here.
Calandro Carlos Lopes
I'm really wondering how Molly didn't get sacked lmao
SilverAshOnPC 21 day ago
I think everyone would be ok if he never appeared in another video again.
morgann521 22 days ago
I love how the editor and chief of the biggest culinary magazine is a mess in the kitchen
ksqwerty1 25 days ago
Her condescending attitude is kind of disgusting. She’s lucky to have a job after this.
Keith Araneo-Yowell
Molly is absolutely the coolest
Keith Araneo-Yowell
This triggered my anxiety
idall10 25 days ago
this was truly hard to watch
Quinn Salas
Quinn Salas 26 days ago
elva hernandez
elva hernandez 26 days ago
Could finish watching the video...who is this dude? Love you Molly ❤️
Mark Lee
Mark Lee 26 days ago
Molly's eye rolls are epic. LOL
bacchusacolyte 27 days ago
Adam is really bad at this.
here for now
here for now 28 days ago
I don't like Adam. Only person on ba I don't care for. Molly rocks
flourchylde49 29 days ago
Molly is worrying about the garlic like a Mama with her ducklings.
Zorawar Lamba
Zorawar Lamba Month ago
am i the only one who is turned on by him
c31irq Month ago
Okay, So We W o n ' t Need To ReShoot Cause We Took An i P h o n e Photo LOL
c31irq Month ago
S U P E R Relevant = | LOL
D Lee
D Lee Month ago
He has a very punchable face.
Herman Guan
Herman Guan Month ago
This man has never made an appearance on this channel again
Brendan Dive
Brendan Dive Month ago
Y'all know that 30 Rock episode where Jack has to record the informational video?! Rappo is Jack...
PinkiePie86 Month ago
Keep in mind that it’s so hard for him NOT to touch his sausage. 😂😂
Johanne Beerbaum
I love you guys! You cook like family!
coda623 Month ago
Rapo adding the two tablespoons of olive oil is giving me real "two shots of vodka" energy
O2 Junkie
O2 Junkie Month ago
Adam - I don't intend to hurt your feelings, but only to inform you, that you come across as annoying in this video.
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins Month ago
unpleasant video -- I only made it through about five minutes
Austin Anthony
Austin Anthony Month ago
adam doesnt taste test, just believes in the salt
Snappers-snoop Month ago
Adam - Micheal Rick - Oscar Delaney - Jim Claire - Pam Brad - Dwight Gaby - Phyllis Andy - temp Molly - Jan
Emily Goodenough
Please retitle this video "How to mansplain."
reema Month ago
chaotic energy honestly
reema Month ago
Next videos