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Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!
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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?
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Jan 14, 2019




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Comments 36 411
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 3 months ago
Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?
Kieran Nicholson
Kieran Nicholson 2 days ago
I'm at a time when you are so much for a long way toward an amazing and so is my favourite songs and it will take the bus driver in my room for a long way toward an amazing and so is my favourite songs on this album has to go out with the best way for me I was in my room for a few weeks and the first place I have no clue who I want you in my head hurts so bad f:@?
Calvin Magallanes
Simsane 17
Simsane 17 23 days ago
Matt H i agree
Grip It
Grip It 11 minutes ago
You guys would not be happy if you hit a plane
Bin vuong
Bin vuong 39 minutes ago
do a battle 3 plsss, but this time show us the making process of the rockets
Wittig 48 minutes ago
Awesome! Can you go... bigger?
Ragnar Mikk
Ragnar Mikk 2 hours ago
Garret got 2237 ft
lego swappers
lego swappers 3 hours ago
2:09 then and now 2:18
Judson and Samson
Judson and Samson 4 hours ago
Shalini Mukund
Shalini Mukund 6 hours ago
How much did Garrett get
Jackinator 35
Jackinator 35 7 hours ago
7:40 Cody are the camera
Pat Jones
Pat Jones 10 hours ago
Hi you are the best RUvid’ers and you do the best trick shots
MrWCL3 10 hours ago
Im sorry, but did it annoy anyone else that that he called it the 'bumble bee 2.0', but it said 'bumble bee V2' on the rocket?
BarokGM 14 hours ago
those are real missiles right there
David Bunce
David Bunce 14 hours ago
Team cory
INNOCENT 15 hours ago
Whats Next Model Space ship?
Jade Pryor
Jade Pryor 15 hours ago
I'm a team Cory so I'm apart of team Cory.Hi Cory
KeysPlaysKeys Productions
what insane editing
Mike Todd Arce
Mike Todd Arce 17 hours ago
Garett Hilbert, you got one shot at glory Garett: I also got... mutiple engines
Parameshwar Nair
Parameshwar Nair 17 hours ago
R.I.P Silver bullet V2😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner 19 hours ago
You have to do another of these (even bigger rockets)
Leandro José
Leandro José 21 hour ago
Battle 3 whos waiting?
mel mireles
mel mireles 21 hour ago
Team Cody = like Cory = sub to DP Ty =comment coby = share Garret =all 3
duran 21 hour ago
Go look at Mr mondie
Huy Vuong
Huy Vuong Day ago
CORY blasted into the sky, it looks way faster and higher than coby tho how comes its only 800 ft
Norbert Le chaton
I am in Cory team fan❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you Cory
gaming with jack
Do a 3rd rocket video
Gaming With P S
Jonatan Andersson
Can you guys doing Rocker wars 3 big rocket
Atilla Xd
Atilla Xd Day ago
Cool men
Dawid Ciach
Dawid Ciach Day ago
i am a huge cory fan
BOM gaming
BOM gaming Day ago
Benjamin Tulloch
Wow that’s high
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Day ago
1st think you think is goodbye world 2nd thinking you think is I’m unsubscribing When it land’s you think why did I read this comment
Panther Man
Panther Man Day ago
If ur a cow then u gatta MOOOOOOOVE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SlayR Day ago
Now we know who to hire if you want a powerful rocket
Bradley Shelton
i just notices something they always blast the music cause they noticed that it was cringey without the music because they are like 30 year olds doing teenager things and being all ethusastic about the littlist things lel
Evangeline Hatcher
*shows rocket with gold paint on* Ty: Silver Bullet 2.0 *rocket explodes next scene* Me: You hurt the rocket’s feelings...
Holy Elixir
Holy Elixir 6 hours ago
i mean the bullet it self was silver, but the casing was gold
Sean Karsten
Sean Karsten Day ago
Team cory
West Virginia boy
Makes you wonder how the rocket boys from West Virginia did it
Ace. Royal
Ace. Royal Day ago
Citizen Pranksters
F for Tyler’s rocket, keep it going people I will start. F F F F F F F F
Evan the beast
I hate coby
TopCat Dog Dog
TopCat Dog Dog 2 days ago
Team Cory For LIFE!
BLCB Gaming And Vlogs
Garrets score was 2237 ft. Cory's was, well u know...
My Stuff
My Stuff 2 days ago
This represents Cold War
Milosh 2 days ago
Team Cory I met you a an airport
Russell Wood
Russell Wood 2 days ago
Please do a rocket battle 3 with the oh baby let’s go song
akhil star lion
akhil star lion 2 days ago
Dudes model rocket 3 bros
MAYHEM GAMER 2 days ago
Make model rocket battle 3 video. Love from INDIA
erinbputnam 2 days ago
To y’all wondering, Garret’s rocket went 2237 feet
los gamin
los gamin 2 days ago
Poor Tyler
Kylee Vigeant
Kylee Vigeant 3 days ago
i have always been a team cory fan and even when he loses i still am his biggest fan
Carson 5628
Carson 5628 3 days ago
It isn’t silver so you can just call it the bullet
Russell Wood
Russell Wood 3 days ago
Well done for Cody Jones he launched his first flight
Ryad Bgd
Ryad Bgd 3 days ago
I saw the purple thing
Ŵolƒ lol
Ŵolƒ lol 3 days ago
Am I the only one that sees an rainbow in the background 6:16
Naruto Uzumaki
Ŵolƒ lol .....ya ur the only one
lAmCanad1an 3 days ago
Shouldn’t Cory and Garrett get the catch bonus too? Both technically didn’t touch the ground, they both were hanging off a tree lol.
Kidz Ballerz
Kidz Ballerz 2 days ago
lAmCanad1an but Cory still would’ve won so it wouldn’t make a difference lol
Kaye Arada
Kaye Arada 3 days ago
Wow i like your channel dude perfect
Fun things in earth
Please do yo yo trick shots
I like that 😂😂😂💤💤👏👏👏すごい
You are amazing
Mitchell Barrow
Mitchell Barrow 3 days ago
Throw brake
Ali Obaid
Ali Obaid 3 days ago
RIP silver bullet went kaboom
Brandon Clements
Brandon Clements 3 days ago
2:28 that's a pretty high tech North Korean missile
eren vz
eren vz 3 days ago
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 3 days ago
less model rocket more medium rand SRBM
JR Slater
JR Slater 4 days ago
It’s. Kim jong oan again but these guys are better
Kelvin Merlos
Kelvin Merlos 4 days ago
Sooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooool
Gagha life stefania
Carlos Massoud
Carlos Massoud 4 days ago
Kids jajjajajaja
WiiLove Weather
WiiLove Weather 4 days ago
2:36 that’s so sad 😞
Rory Christie
Rory Christie 4 days ago
crocodile 6
crocodile 6 4 days ago
Anita Sharma
Anita Sharma 4 days ago
You fixed it wrong tyler
Sanicmlg1300 Mlg
Sanicmlg1300 Mlg 4 days ago
Bumblebee all the way
Chau Tran
Chau Tran 4 days ago
I what a part 3
Tyrano Toys
Tyrano Toys 4 days ago
2:30 I think he meant “Soaring………………………………RIGHT to last place”
Crystal Fling
Crystal Fling 4 days ago
Brady Vickers
Brady Vickers 4 days ago
“Introducing bumblebee 2.0” **Says bumblebee v2 in rocket**
You guys should do more rocket videos
Camlyn da Silva
Camlyn da Silva 4 days ago
you guys are awsome
Thomas Woodhouse
Thomas Woodhouse 4 days ago
Team cory👌
Lambo 18
Lambo 18 5 days ago
The rockets are cool
NeptedPlayz 5 days ago
What if one day you beat pewdiepie
Super Oscar little o Vasquez
Ngerret got 2237
Gabe Reidmiller
Gabe Reidmiller 5 days ago
LlL CCT 5 days ago
Garret went 2237 feeeeeeet so close
to ngoc long to
to ngoc long to 5 days ago
I likest
Arhaan Aslam
Arhaan Aslam 5 days ago
Rip silver bullet
Chip Gaming
Chip Gaming 5 days ago
surprised one didn't get spacex or Nasa to build their rocket.
Play Willo
Play Willo 5 days ago
My name is Corey so I go for Cory lol and he finally won ;)))
Tabargains Don
Tabargains Don 5 days ago
ladies accumulation with mens apparel
Chelsea Rutland
Chelsea Rutland 5 days ago
Are the rockets in dp shopping 🛒
Eli Wilson
Eli Wilson 5 days ago
Where was pandas rocket
Lorenzo Columna
Lorenzo Columna 5 days ago
Literally the intro sounds like "Dieud Pierfect" or basically a 5 year old in a gangster-like voice -_-'
Random VFXvideo
Random VFXvideo 5 days ago
Did you made those
From the other vid Cody and Tyler have swap places, Cory and COBYhave done the same thing
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