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Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!
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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?
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Jan 14, 2019

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Comments 34 990
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 6 months ago
Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?
Ben East
Ben East Month ago
Dude Perfect 😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🙄😄😂😂😂😀😀
Kayla Wireman
Kayla Wireman 2 months ago
The kids Trenton Wireman said he would have been in love
Zane Og Llewellyn
Zane Og Llewellyn 15 minutes ago
team Cory
jack lee
jack lee 25 minutes ago
Cam y’all make another one
Bradie Reed
Bradie Reed 2 hours ago
Technically Cory caught his rocket
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 2 hours ago
Rest in pieces silver bullet 2
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 2 hours ago
Rest in pieces silver bullet 2
Grady Creech
Grady Creech 2 hours ago
Cory should of called it the wasp
2:25 check yo staging boi
XHendo3211 4 hours ago
Hold on bumblebee never touched the ground Extra 300ft
Stefan 5 hours ago
*Aliens wants to know your location.*
Shawer Man
Shawer Man 12 hours ago
R.I.P Silver Bullet
Gwanho Kim
Gwanho Kim 13 hours ago
Yeet Jamezvb
Yeet Jamezvb 14 hours ago
Sapnu puas Turn you device upsidedown
Invert FPV
Invert FPV 14 hours ago
The silver bullet explosion was staged. Model rocects do not perform that way unless you are using a homemade liquid/gas fueled engine.
THEODORE GAZLEY 14 hours ago
If you what to see a BOOM 2:24
Frost scage 100
Frost scage 100 16 hours ago
Did anyone watch this video only because it was in your recommended even know it was 6 months ago
Captain _Zachary
Captain _Zachary 17 hours ago
Model rocket battle 3
Julia Jennings
Julia Jennings 18 hours ago
rockets are awesome
Jaromiah Taylor
Jaromiah Taylor 20 hours ago
Doesn’t Cory get the catch bonus because it never hit the ground?
Lewis Hern
Lewis Hern 9 hours ago
yeah so he should have about 3 k feet
Jaromiah Taylor
Jaromiah Taylor 20 hours ago
Shes gonna win 💣🧨Blows up Rage monster initiated
Tristan And Hunter R2D2 Gaming
Purple hoser
Ishtiaque Alam
Model rocket model 3
Mason Reville
Sub to me
Mateus S
Mateus S Day ago
Me amarro nesse canal 💪
the Las
the Las Day ago
5:01 Nasa dragonfly mission rocket 2:21 Space X heavy launch fail 3:27 Soviet Rocket Launch (prevent from cows that sucks at driving rocket)
music moutain
Lets hit 1mil likes for part 3
Crowlerz #crowely
Who saw purple dots when they said YES BUMBLEBEE RECOVERY
yankel87 Day ago
Почему они все так орут? Оглохли?
Freddy Tooze
Freddy Tooze Day ago
Derek's one had a blue flame! 😲
The Random Dudeman
The Random Dudeman 22 hours ago
His name is Garrett
Freddy Tooze
Freddy Tooze Day ago
Cause real traffic cones don't fly
Staggsy Day ago
Where was Pandas rocket?
Silver Ammo Failed
Rohan Tomar
Rohan Tomar Day ago
It seems they purposely screwed over Coby.
Black Hole
Black Hole Day ago
*Russian Missile Incoming*
Black Hole
Black Hole Day ago
*Russian Missile Incoming*
TheOfficial DYM
5:34 Why is there a purple dot moving around
cohen mccloskey
5:03 German v2 rocket launching circa 1943 colourized
Iwan Setiawan
Silver bullet explodeddddddddddd
iBex and Lucha
Iwan Setiawan was a staged explosion
Christopher Rajecki
This video has been flagged by the US government
Anime Art World
Maje a batallar 3
Admiral Drums
Dude Perfect is the GREATEST RUvid of all time!!!!!!!!!!!
Frankie John
Frankie John Day ago
We want another one
UnboxingGK Day ago
nice work
N Gamer z
N Gamer z Day ago
I feel bad
Vicente Reyes
Evan Hammond
Evan Hammond Day ago
I want v3
Bela Lithuri
Bela Lithuri Day ago
Team Tyler
Jallen Olson
Jallen Olson Day ago
holly Wilder
holly Wilder Day ago
TallTail Studio
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