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Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!
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14 янв 2019




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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Месяц назад
Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?
Gubner8000 24 дня назад
Panda reveal, Tour.
William Drover
William Drover 28 дней назад
Team cory
Jimboi 29 дней назад
Dude Perfect Race to space
SNAKE DΞLTA 29 дней назад
Soooo what was the final height of Garrett's rocket ?
Bennett Bloedel
Bennett Bloedel 29 дней назад
Another Dude perfect office or a new member?
Rowan Ollio
Rowan Ollio 34 минуты назад
Dear dude perfect, Sorry to ty, cob,cod,and cor, but im a purple hoser fan all the way From Rowan
Diannelys Rodriguez
Diannelys Rodriguez 57 минут назад
Make pt 2 on fishing
dgal821 Час назад
can you do build a boat battle 2
Crown magic
Crown magic Час назад
Parrrrt 333
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements Час назад
Were do y’all live
Macky Boy
Macky Boy Час назад
Team Cory like if u agree
yorgee smorgee
yorgee smorgee 2 часа назад
really dude perfect likes their own videos . thats just sad
Lalruatkima Chhakchhuak
Lalruatkima Chhakchhuak 2 часа назад
I like dude perfect so much!!!
MzyMzy Playz
MzyMzy Playz 2 часа назад
I wanna see the golden rocket launch
other youtube hi
other youtube hi 3 часа назад
cory's never hit the ground. he could of got the catch bonus.
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 3 часа назад
Nuno Santos
Nuno Santos 3 часа назад
vīr non grātia est. Ita fāciem quī, Deus univers, bēllicum pecatoris.
North productions
North productions 3 часа назад
Thank you Kim very cool
Dakota Kaiser
Dakota Kaiser 3 часа назад
Wendy Westbury
Wendy Westbury 5 часов назад
Why the hell do you need a blast shield when you are like a kilometre away
Iron egle
Iron egle 5 часов назад
💩 is so sipl
Karan Patel
Karan Patel 7 часов назад
tickford7 8 часов назад
Rip Tyler's rocket
Electronics For All
Electronics For All 8 часов назад
WAW 3:28 amazing!!!!!!
raso gaming
raso gaming 8 часов назад
do more rocket video
Fyla 8 часов назад
2:23 the boom
Vincent Catarella
Vincent Catarella 8 часов назад
Stop painting everything gold
Bahadır Demirörs
Bahadır Demirörs 9 часов назад
want to again
jerzeyDevil jerzeyDevil
jerzeyDevil jerzeyDevil 11 часов назад
Where can u buy them rockets ? Lol
niks daizis
niks daizis 12 часов назад
omg thats so so cool i wish i had that rocket
Lara Lara
Lara Lara 12 часов назад
Dsññslslsawlxwldlllkskdodels Lsldldkdkopllxkxlskloiksks .d,Wally,,sismos. Kakis66888
A Guy
A Guy 12 часов назад
you shold find a way to rifle the rocket
Chammy Boy
Chammy Boy 13 часов назад
R.I.P silver bullet ummm1970-2019
Enzo Botta
Enzo Botta 13 часов назад
Make a 3 and 4 too
THON MUSIC KH 13 часов назад
So Good skill all loxx nas i like all him
DarKnights Moums
DarKnights Moums 13 часов назад
lilspades T.
lilspades T. 13 часов назад
I'm been team Cory for so long
セラスビィクトリア 15 часов назад
Vickie Moberg
Vickie Moberg 15 часов назад
Song is glory
video games and more forever
video games and more forever 15 часов назад
Mirtha Ardines
Mirtha Ardines 16 часов назад
Why did it explod
*B I T C H L A S A G N A*
*B I T C H L A S A G N A* 18 часов назад
Мистер Эврика
Мистер Эврика 18 часов назад
pOweR Li9ht7
pOweR Li9ht7 19 часов назад
5:35....something blue cross
PBJ 19 часов назад
I don't understand why people like this. I tried watching a few videos and it's all screaming and bad music.
Akila K
Akila K 21 час назад
7:28 who saw garret's rocket altitude
Ahsan Mia
Ahsan Mia 22 часа назад
saintsfisherman 23 часа назад
I Love the rocket battles!!! I did this as a kid and I have enjoyed watching yall do it. I can't wait to do this with my son when he gets a bit older. If you do the rocket battles again you should do two engines and see what happens. May need a bigger area though. ha ha You guys are awesome!
Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira День назад
huge ay eus joyu
jose saucedo
jose saucedo День назад
Sorry that he is gone
kapil Timsina
kapil Timsina День назад
Jackson Bennett
Jackson Bennett День назад
Aww c’mon what was Gar’s height?
Jackson Bennett
Jackson Bennett 4 часа назад
Louie Holiva oh thanks
Louie Holiva
Louie Holiva 17 часов назад
Jackson Bennett
Jackson Bennett День назад
Hey Coby did better than Ty!
Great White Gaming
Great White Gaming День назад
Dudes their nazis one of their rockets has V2 in its name
Paintball9927 День назад
Anyone read October skies in English class?
Cheri Lovius
Cheri Lovius День назад
I brought your game it deleted my games
manuel nolazco
manuel nolazco День назад
rip in chat for silverbolt
Laffy Taffy Oofy Doofy
Laffy Taffy Oofy Doofy День назад
North Korea wants to know your location
Kristie Zangari
Kristie Zangari День назад
can we please have a part 3 and 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 parts... and am sorry for your loss lol
harrywof День назад
loudest channel on youtube by far
Kristie Zangari
Kristie Zangari День назад
agustin Campanelli
agustin Campanelli День назад
Cody's rocket actually did better than most of the first battle rockets
Gri Vlog
Gri Vlog День назад
Do one more rocket battle 3
Giorgio gh7
Giorgio gh7 День назад
garret next time you need to put those inches dont forget
Davixgamer 59
Davixgamer 59 День назад
and you say earth is flat🌎
Davixgamer 59
Davixgamer 59 День назад
make a 3 with MEGAPOWERrockets
Swaglolson День назад
2:47 it was just angry cuz you called it silver bullet instead of golden bullet.
Ali Jibrail
Ali Jibrail День назад
Holy macaroni
Cbott Is awesome
Cbott Is awesome День назад
You should make a new rule that if you’re rocket has the highest max speed you get a 300 feet catch bonus
Саша Ліс
Саша Ліс День назад
Bumblebee V2 And V1 And New V3
Саша Ліс
Саша Ліс День назад
Best Bumblebee Soon Up Moon
Hallo indonesia
Stanley Pistryak
Stanley Pistryak День назад
Not even gar's win 1815
Teddy Chen
Teddy Chen День назад
I really need a part 3
Tomo День назад
How to make this😂?
Justin Y.
Justin Y. День назад
North Korea wants you guys
Pendovi Official
Pendovi Official День назад
Indonesia harus contoh nih lumayan kan hehehe
MistCraft День назад
make a rocket thats sooooo long that it can go to space (edited by big brother)
F12 __
F12 __ День назад
Number 2 it's better
The Nick
The Nick День назад
Coby's rocket was damn fast😂
manik khan
manik khan День назад
I am your very big fan
Carl Newman
Carl Newman День назад
Technically Bumblebee V2 never landed, as soon as he released it from the tree he, "Caught" it.
Антон Лев
Антон Лев День назад
What is it я русский пацаны
Roniel kaneki
Roniel kaneki День назад
ohhhhh sad 0ft
Donny Andriano
Donny Andriano День назад
I like the soyuz one
Zero The gamer
Zero The gamer День назад
Garett 2237 cory 2450
Xx MLGfoxy56 xX
Xx MLGfoxy56 xX День назад
is that why coby's rocket is called the "bounty hunter", because it hunted a cow!
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 2 дня назад
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 2 дня назад
Eu sou brasileiro
RedShadow StarMaximus
RedShadow StarMaximus 2 дня назад
Sr. Logan
Sr. Logan 2 дня назад
jOeFrAnKLin 11068
jOeFrAnKLin 11068 2 дня назад
Kim Jon us could learn something from this video
John Keckley
John Keckley 2 дня назад
I used to launch Estes rockets when I was a kid, I never had THAT much fun.
Kayla Poole
Kayla Poole 2 дня назад
I love it and your tv show
Becky C.
Becky C. 2 дня назад
3:28 That was legend-dairy!! Get it?! I'll let myself out now...
Noah Lopez
Noah Lopez 2 дня назад
North Korea is jelly
Lil elmo 5
Lil elmo 5 2 дня назад
Liked if you wanted to see Silver bullet fly
DR Omega Kevin
DR Omega Kevin 2 дня назад
Best height: Cory Best speed: Coby Best destruction: Tyler Closest landing : Cody Best lier: Garret ( probably) had multiple engines
CiberpauV2 2010
CiberpauV2 2010 2 дня назад
O my god
Karson Moore
Karson Moore 2 дня назад
It’s been a pretty long time since Cory won Congrats
Alper Gedikli
Alper Gedikli 2 дня назад
That one guy works together with russia
Frida Aursland
Frida Aursland 2 дня назад
Im team cory💛💛💛💛💛
Ya Boi_Playz Rblx
Ya Boi_Playz Rblx 2 дня назад
2:23 saddest anime deaths
fenixa21AND 2 дня назад
why you people look so hyped??? it looks so fake when you scream YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA just for acting? or little kids in your minds
Ian Stegman
Ian Stegman 2 дня назад
3:28 The launch speed!!!!!!!
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