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Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!
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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?
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Jan 14, 2019




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Comments 37 261
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 9 months ago
Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?
Raymond Ramos
Raymond Ramos Month ago
Go ty
purpledogbanana - Roblox
Coby’s winning streak ???
Liam D.
Liam D. 2 months ago
Go coby win 3rd battle
Lsat. 177
Lsat. 177 2 months ago
Зачем так много орать в роликах???
Parkas Chauduri
Parkas Chauduri 17 minutes ago
Nice video
Mata Jančová
Mata Jančová 50 minutes ago
Umar Adnan
Umar Adnan 3 hours ago
1 like(to the vid)=1 prayer for tyler
north potato [GrapeTDM1]
He should have named it ‘the wasp’
hadrien 09
hadrien 09 6 hours ago
Mon rêve c’est les 50 abo je fais un giveaway de compte spotifi premium
Julie Lieu
Julie Lieu 7 hours ago
Its like you say version 2 you pit sesign and the size like thats going to me better
mar mcla
mar mcla 11 hours ago
You didn't say how high his went you just said there was a couple hundred feet difference
juno nathan
juno nathan 12 hours ago
Rachel Templeton
Rachel Templeton 13 hours ago
the bee went in to the bee hive
Shelly Gaytan
Shelly Gaytan 15 hours ago
Go Cory yes
defaulty boi
defaulty boi 19 hours ago
*They say looks can be deceiving*
Cobra callén Drôle
captain vertex
captain vertex 19 hours ago
Better than kim jung uns missiles
Isaac Saldana
Isaac Saldana 22 hours ago
Tyler: she a flyer
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 22 hours ago
robert 625
robert 625 Day ago
5:30 blue light wtf
The Boi
The Boi Day ago
Lets go cory
novi arvi
novi arvi Day ago
iya saya gak ngarti
Jose Angelo Lura
Model Rocket Battle 3 please..:D
adam namkung
adam namkung Day ago
What was garrets height? You never told us that.
adam namkung
adam namkung Day ago
What was garrets height? You never told us that.
Lars Valentijn
vapor zzz
vapor zzz Day ago
ชาญณรง ชัย
tristan lloyd lipawen
Lucia Ferguson
please do more of these vids
Reza Ardiansyah123
You in uplod bokep
Rezald Gaming
Next is probably going to be a nuclear bomb
pilot N
pilot N Day ago
OmarEX jpc
OmarEX jpc Day ago
*F por bala de plata dos :'c*
Nipa termsomgate
Nipa termsomgate 2 days ago
Don Adjad
Don Adjad 2 days ago
Who’s still watching 2019?
Aldy Fachrizal
Aldy Fachrizal 2 days ago
Otw 1jt like
Waleed Haraish
Waleed Haraish 2 days ago
Us: is that a North Korean rocket
Zedthejoker Day ago
Nah they fly to well
Random Videos
Random Videos 2 days ago
Only Garrett's rocket went higher in Rocket Battle 1 than Cody's did so why did he say most of them he wouldn't have beat?
ÉYA lumières
ÉYA lumières 2 days ago
Dallas The Snake
Dallas The Snake 2 days ago
Ty: She’s a flier Reality: She’s a sploder
Vlad Chitoi
Vlad Chitoi 3 days ago
Cel mai Vibolpic fain
Wil Tank
Wil Tank 3 days ago
2:25 “yep, sure is a flyer”.....
Methani K.
Methani K. 3 days ago
*Kim jong un wants to know your location*
Mohammad Alubaidi
T3chn0ph0b3 21 hour ago
Mohammad Alubaidi N° r°©k€+§ 4u.....
Zin Ko
Zin Ko 3 days ago
Ștefan Antonie
Ștefan Antonie 3 days ago
You didn’t show Garret’s rocket altitudine.
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen 3 days ago
Uh... what was Garrett's rocket height?
Obsidian Olliver
Obsidian Olliver 3 days ago
Tanner Benson
Tanner Benson 3 days ago
Y’all should do another one
IKUNG Official
IKUNG Official 3 days ago
mutatedmonster 3 days ago
the silver bullet is now the silver bomb
Mibu Apu
Mibu Apu 4 days ago
Here goes silver bullet. 3 2 1 go........ F__k. RIP
samu von bach
samu von bach 4 days ago
Please do a part 3!
itre bebag99
itre bebag99 4 days ago
Crisanta MBBonhoc
Dude perfect study to no easy
thematuchin 4 days ago
2:24 that moment when you forgot your staging in KSP
Cesare Colella
Cesare Colella 2 days ago
Tũn Tv
Tũn Tv 4 days ago
great game...
Happy bomba
Happy bomba 4 days ago
Next videos