MLB Slippery When Wet

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Slipping and Sliding all over the place! #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Outro Song - Birth of the Cruel by Slipknot
*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the Leagues. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***




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Comments 58
claire heller
claire heller 2 months ago
At 2:52 you can hear someone in the crowd yell “GET UP”
Alyson Willman
Alyson Willman 4 months ago
The Softball Life
The Softball Life 4 months ago
Harper didn’t even fall on his knee
Its Liz
Its Liz 5 months ago
The people how disliked are the people that slipped
Madysen Herbert
Madysen Herbert 5 months ago
This is why my coach says to step on the front of the bag not the middle because you can get hurt
Joey G
Joey G 5 months ago
Wow wow 🤩 I wonder how they do that???
Joey G
Joey G 5 months ago
Do The Do
Do The Do 5 months ago
Once in gym class we were playing baseball just on a grass field and as I ran to first I slipped real good and slid into the base 😅 The teacher and maybe some student were like "but you know you're not supposed to slide into first" (not that anyone cared, most people in gym can't play and don't give a shit) and I just said "well yeah I know that, I didn't slide, I slipped" lmao. Then on two occasions my knee just gave out randomly. Well one was more that I was running so fast and far to catch a fly that my legs couldn't keep up with the momentum so one just gave out. (Didn't catch it btw.) The other was just really randomly right before home, just gave out and I stumbled and fell, and I swear some part of me touched the base, whether it was my shoulder/back, arm, knee, or foot, I didn't straight up fly over the base and I slid quite a bit but alas, I was out because as I was laying on the ground the ump said "you still haven't touched the plate" and the catcher was just standing there and took a step onto the plate. R.I.P. Oh well.
Do The Do
Do The Do 5 months ago
Aw, with the last one when they say he tripped it makes it seem more like he messed up. He slid and slipped on the grass, which is something that's not as avoidable. Just trip sounds like more blame than slide/slip, idk, that's probably just me.
Felix PlayzYT
Felix PlayzYT 5 months ago
1:28 I know that hurts but watch that at 0.25x speed😂
ConVersality 5 months ago
4:42 is an outfielders worst nightmare. Tie game, 10-10 bottom of the 12th and you slip on a pop up that costs you the whole game.
Fatbunny 7
Fatbunny 7 5 months ago
Neider it was literally the exact same situation as the inning before
Kobe 5 months ago
Hey Wesley can you please tell me what’s your intro beat
Adam Killingsworth
Adam Killingsworth 5 months ago
Nice Video
Amy Olsen
Amy Olsen 5 months ago
Do HBP’s in the playoffs plz
10,000 subs with 1 video
Do "sliding over the bag by a mile"
Ritchie Navarro
Ritchie Navarro 5 months ago
I am 100% ready for the 2020 mlb season.
hi_c.v7 3 days ago
Ritchie Navarro lol
Abcity 6 months ago
I feel bad for the last team. They lost all because he slipped.
Graham W.
Graham W. 6 months ago
I died laughing when Harper hurt his knee 🤣
Someone Random
Someone Random 6 months ago
Wet when slippery
Noah Hayes
Noah Hayes 6 months ago
Good use of birth of the cruel!
Jimbo Jangle
Jimbo Jangle 6 months ago
Baseball and metal, you might be my favorite youtuber
The Spicy Bros 10000
Hey Wesley
Secretly we are geese
Idk how they didn’t understand Morton’s knee. Even without slo motion u could tell what happened
Daniel_cook29 5 months ago
Secretly we are geese I’m not sure neither I didn’t see anything
Enraged Alpaca
Enraged Alpaca 6 months ago
10% off
Jimmy Alfonsin
Jimmy Alfonsin 6 months ago
what is the intro song
Colin 6 months ago
I busted my butt playing church league softball once, took off after a hit and my shoe had a catastrophic failure! Seeing my shoe up by my knee really freaked me out for a second while what happened sunk in!
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez 6 months ago
What about homers on birthdays
Ham sandwich
Ham sandwich 6 months ago
Letting the ball go foul
Dawn Christensen
Dawn Christensen 6 months ago
these 1st bases suck. career ender, inevitable.
Team Blair Tahoe Real Estate Group - Compass
0:21 me every time on a steal
jeffery greenacre
jeffery greenacre 6 months ago
It looked like Charlie Morton got sniped by Chuck Norris. 😂
Joseph Belland
Joseph Belland 5 months ago
Polanco, too
Daniel Akin
Daniel Akin 6 months ago
Polanco won this one
Awoopa_ Paul
Awoopa_ Paul 6 months ago
Oeps 😊
Ash 6 months ago
I don't watch baseball and barely know the rules, but for some reason I love watching these highlight videos and playing MLB The Show
Seth Segal
Seth Segal 6 months ago
As a Rays fan, I do not like seeing Uncle Charlie get hurt.
Avery Petrazzi
Avery Petrazzi 6 months ago
As a sad pirates fan, I hate to see it
Juan T
Juan T 6 months ago
As an Astros fan, I feel the same way. Houston still loves Uncle Charlie, aka CFM.
Tinderbox 6 months ago
Those first base flying faceplants are really funny for some reason
BailMoneyAntix 6 months ago
1:23 Me risking it all after hearing "last call" at the local watering hole.
SonGanon 6 months ago
When is the mlb going to realize that the majority of these injuries happen landing on the first base bag, Something needs to be done about these bases
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
They’re too smooth and they constantly change them out.
Yumi Jaymesme
Yumi Jaymesme 6 months ago
Please do best Felix Hernandez moments? Thanks.
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 6 months ago
Do “airborne base runners ”
Stephen Vierling
Stephen Vierling 6 months ago
I love the slipknot outro music
Sadistic 1
Sadistic 1 6 months ago
That's what she said.. (Slippery when wet)
GiDD 6 months ago
Best baseball channel ever
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
Anthony Dyck
Anthony Dyck 6 months ago
How about lil ol Kris Bryant slipping at 1st against the Cards this September lol. GO CARDS!
S K 6 months ago
i almost never agree with Scott Boras, but he has a point about the bases being slippery and dangerous
Accordeontipico 6 months ago
Someone should patent a non-slip base......please feel free to send me a %1 percent royalty 😀
pigGRAY 6 months ago
How about a video on the worst pitches ever thrown
Scott Maris
Scott Maris 6 months ago
@ 4:15 his right pant leg gets caught underneath his cleat which caused him to trip.
The Executor
The Executor 6 months ago
Can you do back to back homers in the ninth inning(either top or bottom) when down by 1
Yes mike ford and gardy would be on that
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
Good idea!
Stinky Dill
Stinky Dill 6 months ago
Would you rather shit your pants while giving a presentation in front of a room full of people you didn't know, or wet the bed while sleeping over at a hot girls house?
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
*Jeff *
*Jeff * 6 months ago
Often, the natural instinct to keep from falling does more damage than the fall.
Aramonde Hasashi
Aramonde Hasashi 5 months ago
Yeah a few times when I have lost my balance if I'd had just went down immediately I would have been fine but stumbling for 5 to 7 feet trying not to fall made me either pull something or made my leg cramp up and hurt for awhile.
Yumi Jaymesme
Yumi Jaymesme 6 months ago
I know that feeling. Injured my hands bracing myself for a fall.
the man
the man 6 months ago
1:18 , Carlos Gomez, ladies and gentlemen
Starfock 6 months ago
Lmao Harper tripping himself up
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander 5 months ago
The 3 Prankskateers And then the Nats went on to win the world series😂😂
Levi Galloway
Levi Galloway 5 months ago
Starfock he didn’t trip himself he hyperextended his leg where it made him fall.
wowwt 5 months ago
Tripping himself just like his career oof
The 3 Prankskateers
The 3 Prankskateers 6 months ago
Bryce Harper I’ve never been such a marlins fan then in those series😂
Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper 6 months ago
The 3 Prankskateers Lol nah. We were first in the NL East throughout most of the first half of the season. But then we just turned into absolute crap to the point that we nearly got swept two times in a row by the f-ing Miami Marlins🙄
Main_hartz 6 months ago
Cool vid and love your highlights
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
Thank you!
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud 6 months ago
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud 6 months ago
Dark Xcel
Dark Xcel 6 months ago
Rnt Cloud son
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 6 months ago
Eddie Mathews
Eddie Mathews 6 months ago
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
You’re third!
Cameron Reilly
Cameron Reilly 6 months ago
Go Stros!!
Bob John
Bob John 6 months ago
Cameron Reilly LETS GOOOO
Matt T
Matt T 6 months ago
WesleyAPEX 6 months ago
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