MLB Rage Monsters

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These are the best of the best when it comes to rage or melting down in MLB! #Baseball #Rage #WesleyAPEX
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Outro Song - In Your Face by Children of Bodom
*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the MLB. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***




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Comments 80
Dunham #19
Dunham #19 22 days ago
Even as a Yankees Fan - the Ken Giles moment was actually concerning. Sure, I laughed the first time I saw it, but everytime SC showed it, I thought about how RARE it is to see someone literally punch themself. Especially, when they know that millions of people are watching him. Seriously, I hope that there isn't an underlying mental health issues. I've read into it, and it looks like he's "a go" for Toronto whenever the season ends up starting. That's good to see.
Mattias Strandberg
GOMEZ 27 1:24
insanityking 500
I dont even watch sports...so why am I watching this?
Franco Castillo
Franco Castillo 3 months ago
Comment f to pay respects on the coolers
Patrick P. Jeanotte
Patrick P. Jeanotte 3 months ago
Harper lol
Odin Roberts
Odin Roberts 3 months ago
Gatorade starts sweating...
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez 3 months ago
I have to ask, Why are umpires so full of shit sometimes? And the same ones?
Foot 4 months ago
It’s always the Gatorade
HIDDZOfficial 5 months ago
They are stupid
BreeAnna Conway
BreeAnna Conway 5 months ago
Watching Giles punch himself always gives me a weird feeling
Justin Harman
Justin Harman 6 months ago
I love that they bandaged up the Gatorade jug
Colin 6 months ago
I love how everyone in the dugout is like eh, just another guy destroying a cooler...
Amerrynx _110
Amerrynx _110 7 months ago
They should put punching bags in dugouts
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs 7 months ago
They all know the cameras are on them. So they overreact. But what gets me is its BECAUSE the camera is on you that you shouldn't do it because you look like an effing idiot
Hellobro1123 Cyclones
Can u do longest hits in history
Fish expert
Fish expert 7 months ago
MLB: rage monsters getting redeemed
lego gamer 2108
lego gamer 2108 8 months ago
Geez that's a waste of water and players
Joey Caridi
Joey Caridi 8 months ago
00:01 :10 I dont think that phones gonna work anymore.
The Gaming show
The Gaming show 8 months ago
Great video
FoxForce Five
FoxForce Five 8 months ago
Very good but Gatorade not hit back
__________________ 8 months ago
“I don’t think that phone’s gonna work anymore”
Frenchie Valle
Frenchie Valle 9 months ago
That intro beat is hot
Jeremy Sagun
Jeremy Sagun 9 months ago
Imagine punching yourself
Phillip the Fish
Phillip the Fish 9 months ago
All of these player’s faces are very punchable
RyanThez73 9 months ago
I love the teammates just next to them watching the game like no ones watching the rage LMAO
racingfanz 9 months ago
I love how they put band-aids on the water cooler.
vince s
vince s 9 months ago
idiots. and i thought steroids were illegal.
冬の眼差しFuyu 9 months ago
JSO 9 months ago
게토레이는 뭔죄야?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
tsuburo 93
tsuburo 93 9 months ago
ぼっちゃん 9 months ago
Siko Leyley
Siko Leyley 9 months ago
Owh.. That why water cooler box so expensive.. There are very good product
Hadyn Gaming
Hadyn Gaming 9 months ago
RipDavid Ortiz
tatiana wilson
tatiana wilson 9 months ago
Hadyn Arnold he’s not dead?
聖なるりんご 9 months ago
聖なるりんご 9 months ago
Saluted Firestarter
Saluted Firestarter 9 months ago
Someone gets mad Any object: *My time has come*
PNDR _Jeffery
PNDR _Jeffery 9 months ago
Get better soon big papi🙏🙏
thatkyleguy 1
thatkyleguy 1 9 months ago
Where can I get these orange coolers and lunch boxes, I tossed my blue one into my work truck front seat and the lid broke.....
Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez 9 months ago
Y que ganan golpeando neveras o pegando en la pared? Porque no golpean al refere O al que los hizo enojar? O porque son estrellas del béisbol lo pueden hacer? Que vayan terapia
Oden Brunette
Oden Brunette 9 months ago
Do Bryce Harper rage moments
Link 9 months ago
Not only do the Yankees hit Ken Giles hard, but Ken Giles hits Ken Giles hard. He just punched himself in the face. Wow 😂😂😂😂😂
Slikk - Fortnite
Slikk - Fortnite 9 months ago
2:28 it landed!
roygsxr600k7 9 months ago
These guys are muppets!
So Yeah I Swim
So Yeah I Swim 9 months ago
The poor Gatorade is getting targetted
uslsuspect 9 months ago
Roid rage
diablo jim
diablo jim 9 months ago
where's rich hill destroying candies :D
Matthew Dalton
Matthew Dalton 9 months ago
The bass in your intro song is way too high big thumbs down
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero 9 months ago
mlb injuries
Alessandro Nova
Alessandro Nova 9 months ago
So we’re just gonna act like gomez’s upper cut didnt send a 50 pound jug flying..
Memorial Serenda
Memorial Serenda 9 months ago
Hey David by the way your paying for that get well
johnthegreek1980 9 months ago
Papi almost was murdered.
Jon Mccracken
Jon Mccracken 9 months ago
Ain't the Gatorades fault
Buddy Woods
Buddy Woods 9 months ago
I wish it was longer. Very very good video
Shane Friede
Shane Friede 9 months ago
😂😂😂 this is so damn funny.. whatta bunch of pussies
solar pony
solar pony 9 months ago
Chris Sale has got dead eyes and acts like a huge fucking asshole. Imagine being married to that psycho 🤮 NO THANKS
Kyle B
Kyle B 9 months ago
Prett sure David was going to kill that man lmao
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 9 months ago
Announcer: I don’t that phone is going to work anymore Me: ya think
Zane del Pozo
Zane del Pozo 9 months ago
2:25 It landed!
Carson Hendee
Carson Hendee 9 months ago
What did the cooler ever do to you
Dustin Dalton
Dustin Dalton 9 months ago
NFL funniest moments
LuiR6 9 months ago
Getting paid millions to act like tee-ballers lmao
Kingston Clayton
Kingston Clayton 9 months ago
1:12 Now hes my favorite announcer ever! Lol
루루 9 months ago
저 기분 이해하지 나는
fire LUKASまー
fire LUKASまー 9 months ago
ゆく 9 months ago
金山進志 9 months ago
Peter Carter
Peter Carter 9 months ago
Get Better Big Papi
kaymon24 9 months ago
Roid rage
OhIts MrNasty
OhIts MrNasty 9 months ago
Chris sale looked like a cartoon character
RED FUK 9 months ago
No coolers were harmed in the making of this compilation
脳ジルジル 9 months ago
極東同血社 9 months ago
1:09 キングコング大暴れ!!
iViking 9 months ago
1:24 here, auditions for the Blue Man Group is underway...
Treveon Mccurty
Treveon Mccurty 9 months ago
ortiz scared the shit out of that empire😂
Deegan Mason
Deegan Mason 9 months ago
Hope big papi is okay
NoReasonTV 9 months ago
Zambrano? Nobody... Sorry I’m an old Cubs fan
Scaape _
Scaape _ 9 months ago
Shouldn't faze banks be on here
Olivia 9 months ago
One like equals one preyer for the coolers
Cheesybread 18
Cheesybread 18 9 months ago
Who’s here from 2019 when papi got shot😭
Joseph Vlogs
Joseph Vlogs 9 months ago
Like this comment and we can raise hope for all the brutality beaten water jugs🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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