MLB Mic’d Up Fights

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I doubt they wanted anyone to hear them in these moments but thankfully we did! #Busted #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Outro Song - In Your Face by Children of Bodom
*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the MLB. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***




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Comments 80
delano62 9 months ago
Eat a Snickers Terry.
YouFoundSharpe Official
Dr. Bombay
Dr. Bombay 2 months ago
The Mets and their fans are such a bunch of whining little pussies...Chase did not intentionally injure Tejada...as a 2nd baseman, how many times do you think he'd been on the other side of that type of play? Tejada could see that he was never going to get the out at 1st, and should have gotten out of the way...and Chase got his bell rung on the play as well...fuck the Mets!!
JLogan Wallace
JLogan Wallace 2 months ago
Give Terry another Snickers please
Dyl Pickle
Dyl Pickle 2 months ago
The situation starts to calm down... Terry: *FUCKIN BULLSHIT*
Anthony Lope
Anthony Lope 3 months ago
Egglolls 10 hours ago
Interested to see what this will look like when they stand 6ft apart from each other.
Quinton Krull
Quinton Krull 10 hours ago
To bad the Astros couldn’t cheat their way out of an ejection
5h0gun _Br4nd0n
5h0gun _Br4nd0n 5 days ago
Ahahah terry collins
Jedidr 7 days ago
Dan Balino and Angel Hernandez both sucky umpires who should get fired
Jake Hester
Jake Hester 9 days ago
Get your finger on me
Braden Wood
Braden Wood 14 days ago
That second ump was such a boss! Handled it perfectly
Braden Wood
Braden Wood 14 days ago
That second ump was such a boss! Handled it perfectly
Avery M
Avery M 15 days ago
Me as a Mets fan that Syndergaard One was a terrible call but the words between teri and the omp Was hilarious
unclockedd 17 days ago
earl was the best and I could watch it on replay forever
Raylan Ratliff
Raylan Ratliff 18 days ago
Terry Collins sounds like Donald Duck
Darthkatie 15
Darthkatie 15 20 days ago
As a Mets fan, hearing TC yell at an Ump "YOU COCKSUCKER" makes me laugh. Well said TC
Colton Dufresne
Colton Dufresne 22 days ago
The enthusiasm that the old ref had on the orioles game😂😂😂😂
Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Lewis 23 days ago
Make this and the players mic’d up a part of the game!!!
Ňᕦῐا 27 days ago
that umpire handled that argument with the mets super super well.
LuigiLuger 27 days ago
0:20 When your parents take you to disneyland
Mike Lattin
Mike Lattin 27 days ago
Love the Weaver part lol... Classic Earl
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson 29 days ago
How shitty is Reddick to strike out when he knew what pitch was coming. Cheating pieces of shit.
metalman5 Month ago
Does anyone here know the situation
metalman5 Month ago
Did that dude seriously just say “oh my god lets fucking go, goshdammit!”
AJ Bolt
AJ Bolt Month ago
Eat a snickers earl
John Meeks
John Meeks Month ago
Earl Weaver got his two cents and he was elected to the HOF years later. So who was right? Umpires sweat the fans pay to see them call games. Smh
Alexa Franks
Alexa Franks Month ago
I love this so much. 😂
Daetok Month ago
That late 70’s early 80’s scene was amazing
Daetok Month ago
Sounds like Larry David
Long Island Aviation
That was the worst Mets game I was ever at.
Kaden Henry
Kaden Henry Month ago
Chase M
Chase M Month ago
Number 4 the old guy was f****** lit
Austin Roggensack
C'mon tarry
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Month ago
Like the blue said, he had his chance right there, He should had hit him.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Month ago
Verlander big child on the mound. That pitch was below the knee caps. Announcers are crap too at home of course. Verlander plays for the dead snakes now, Can not wait to rack this guy up.
Chris Bowers
Chris Bowers Month ago
Your videos suck I can do better than you
Ahhhh your so full of shit Earl...Fuck you XD man the 80's humour
EddieCan'tGame Month ago
Terry Collins took one out of the Bull Durham playbook
FaZe_ CosM1c_
FaZe_ CosM1c_ Month ago
1:15 Marlins man
LikeableFan1294 Month ago
Terry: You gotta be fucking kidding me Umpire: THE SITUATION
Jerel Lift
Jerel Lift Month ago
Is that ump and Terry in the mafia?
David A
David A Month ago
Verlander's pitch was no guarantee. It was low in my opinion
Eldred Brown
Eldred Brown Month ago
6:50 - That's fun watching vintage video of Earl Weaver getting himself thrown out of a game. He sure was a persistent son of a b****.
Eldred Brown
Eldred Brown Month ago
2:13 - A scene straight out of Bull Durham: "Call me a c***sucker!"
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Month ago
@ 6:50 Ha! BOOM!!! 😂⚾ Fyi... Earl Sydney Weaver, Hall of Fame. 😎⚾👍
Jerry Month ago
6:38 classic shit. When baseball was good.
Chad Hoy
Chad Hoy Month ago
Never throw behind a hitter. Never ever
OB - 06GL - Herb Campbell PS (1464)
Sounds like a preschool fight lol NO YOUR A LIAR NOO EARL YOUR A LIAR
Chase Lawsirski
Chase Lawsirski Month ago
Hey terry. Go get your shine box
Chase Lawsirski
Chase Lawsirski Month ago
Terry Collins & the Ump sounds like two pissed off mob bosses
james’ asmr channel
1:30 “i tried to throw a fuckin fastball”😂😭
BDN x Omni
BDN x Omni Month ago
you’re here for one got damn reason and that’s to FUCK US
ThePhenomm Month ago
Legend has is Earl Weaver is still arguing
graylon person
graylon person Month ago
They are like women
SFJUMP Month ago
Rizzo saying that Fucking BullShit is the best one ever! LOL!
SFJUMP Month ago
Noah S. arguing and pleading is Funny!
TropicSoFlint Jack
When verlander says it’s a strike it’s probably a strike
Laker Fan
Laker Fan Month ago
Syndergaard isnt that bad he was lying his ass off about the fuckin fastball
Paul B.
Paul B. Month ago
Only thing that makes baseball watchable
Sergio Alcantara
5:36 that call was bullshit. That was NOT a foul. Are they blind, or crazy? Why was that called foul!?
k p
k p Month ago
9:00 must have missed the pitch call from his dugout
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Month ago
Mic up them more often!!!!! This is Gold!
Paul V
Paul V Month ago
Astros cheaters
Raul Duke
Raul Duke Month ago
I don't watch baseball. Seems gay tho.
Leonard Castelleneta
Terry Collins is the man and i am no mets fan
Victor Bonilla
Victor Bonilla Month ago
A good player, manager / umpire argument was a great part of baseball..all but gone now with replay cameras.
James Clary
James Clary Month ago
I LOVED this video.
SPLITZ Gh0sT Month ago
1:11 look at the dude right above the T Mobile sigh lol
LadiezzMann217 Month ago
Move Terry what is you doing terry backup terry! Terry!!!
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady Month ago
I guess i don't understand baseball.. Why was that homerun, foul? around 6 minutes
William Shull
William Shull Month ago
Stanley Shady It went to the right of the foul pole. The camera man did an awful job of following the ball but if i had to guess the ball was hit above the foul pole and it was hard for the home plate ump to tell it it was fair or foul
LeotheOrangeCat Month ago
ump in the Mets games was a real pro
Chad Mower
Chad Mower Month ago
Reddick is all pissed because their sign stealing failed
Colt Jarvis
Colt Jarvis Month ago
Terry's big debut scene deserves an award
Gabriel Felix Muñoz
so freaking good. can't wait for baseball season
Danny Boyd
Danny Boyd Month ago
baseball umps think they are the game.. wish they'd all FUCKOFF and get replaced by technology
Renee Tevis
Renee Tevis Month ago
You're a liar Earl!!!!😂😂😂
Renee Tevis
Renee Tevis Month ago
He called him a cock sucker🤭😂😂😂
Urban Change Within
samantha byrne
samantha byrne Month ago
Is everyone in baseball on roids lol from the players to the umpires they are sooooooo hot headed, so funny
Loner Status
Loner Status Month ago
Mets coach sounding like joe pesci in goodfellas.
Ryan Month ago
You run yourself Earl! You run yourself! 😆
Reddragonninja 59
1:04 It looks like two angry dogs barking and not attacking.
William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX
Sounds like two versions of Larry David arguing with himself
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