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Marques! ruvid.net/u-mkbhd
Video was filmed on:
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Nov 22, 2017




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Comments 100
Sam Sheffer
Sam Sheffer 2 years ago
see the progression! MKBHD studio tour 3.0: ruvid.net/video/video-kEIQAM64F1o.html MKBHD studio tour 2.0: ruvid.net/video/video-W_RKPaiGVsM.html MKBHD studio tour 1.0: ruvid.net/video/video-rXS7farWzdk.html thanks for having me marques!
PandaSan 2 years ago
Sam Sheffer RUvid doesn't have 4k dude
Jak Dan
Jak Dan 2 years ago
Sam Sheffer he has to stand up to play? So lame.
Bhanushali Harsh
Bhanushali Harsh 2 years ago
Sam Sheffer dude u should get some good audio gear cz the audio isn't audible enough
TECH IN 5 2 years ago
MD SHAHID KHAN RONY It's not that bad. He's using a Ronin. The only thing is the audio.
TechHearted Bro
TechHearted Bro 2 years ago
Opened it up eagerly but totally disappointed with the audio quality and super-shaky vid. Pity that you didnt even think about using a mic. C’mon man you are in MKBHD’s studio
ANDY 9 months ago
this video sucks, well, everything that sam Sheffr did. - bad sound and mic -shakey camera -camera was way too low plz fix this!!
IT Works Websites
IT Works Websites 9 months ago
Who makes the GEAR CABINET Please!! ?
Lack Life
Lack Life 11 months ago
Mohnish Bhaskaran
I like his gaming computer and his studio is always so clean 🙂🙂
tobeskid Year ago
Please do you or Marques have the name or a link for that coffee table in the lounge area? I need it bad!! @Sam Sheffer
Nexus Trinity
Nexus Trinity Year ago
After linus came
nathanael mol
nathanael mol Year ago
6:40 What?!?! He has the same mouse as me?!?! Wow i feel like a legend having the same mouse as the legend himself, Mark Ass Brownie.
Yaasir Year ago
Who just came here from studio tour 5.0?
Aves Year ago
What kind of table is that?
Spencer Jackson
Marques (sorry if I spelled the name wrong!) you need a wireless mic clipped to you, when you walked away from the camera you can’t here the talking very much.
Killua Zoldyck
Is marques Illuminati? Just asking bcoz it's written on his T-shirt. P.S.- I'm a Huge fan of MKBHD
Tomas Hernandez
rig a wireless mic with transmitter on MB to the camera for a walk around interview.
Thomas Kagwa
Thomas Kagwa Year ago
How is the security of that place?
Not WILSON Year ago
Plastic bottles can be recycled , the earth is dying
DeadBoy Year ago
can you make a new one please because i love your channel and please make a new studio tour i really love your studio
AeroPR 2 years ago
Not a speck of dust. How!!?
KennyGotNext 2 years ago
marques' tshirt
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 2 years ago
What Ikea product is the gear closet, I gotta know!!
Por Chheng
Por Chheng 2 years ago
Planning for MKBHD Studio Tour 5.0? I hope to see the next tour.
Karthik Vgk
Karthik Vgk 2 years ago
Dude audio?? Pay a lil more attention. I literally amplified the output
The Gidgter
The Gidgter 2 years ago
whole studio is amazingly setupd full of tech,wallpaper tv was dope,gadgets drawer for and with great, that table tho how durable was that👌 actually whole studio of marques customly and incredibly assembled.
Sinoj Ps
Sinoj Ps 2 years ago
you still feel like a kid at 15
Astro ケネダ
Astro ケネダ 2 years ago
The desk!!!
Rıdvan Işık
Rıdvan Işık 2 years ago
Barış özcan dan gelenler :_
Josh Ashmore
Josh Ashmore 2 years ago
I like the wallpaper TVs. I wonder if they get warm or if they run cool.
David Baer
David Baer 2 years ago
I'd recommend using a lavalier microphone if you're going to pan away from your subject while he's talking if you're recording audio with a directional microphone.
yomarcelojeje 2 years ago
Sam... honestly; I don't know what the world is waiting for to realize you're a youtube sensation
David Wojcicki
David Wojcicki 2 years ago
why does this video ruin my pc
sCrim 2 years ago
Nyx 2 years ago
Brandon Lin
Brandon Lin 2 years ago
audio was fine for me. its a vlog style shoot. the on-the-go audio and recording made the video so slick!
Chinmay Garg
Chinmay Garg 2 years ago
The audio is so fucked up! Could you not have used a dedicated mic?
Coop Tech
Coop Tech 2 years ago
Whats the gear cabinet called?
Htc One
Htc One 2 years ago
Ippili Srinivasa Rao
Wallpaper tv
Tim Sax
Tim Sax 2 years ago
Whats the name of the couch that has the folding backrest? Where can I buy it?
BMKHD 2 years ago
7:24 desk name ?
Felipe Pillon
Felipe Pillon 2 years ago
Roy Tchello
Roy Tchello 2 years ago
Beautiful and stylish,i wish i could meet that same aspect in my dream studio. Thanks man. God Bless yah.
Boniface Gathua
Boniface Gathua 2 years ago
@5.17 where can I get that exact kind of sofa/ name of the sofa itself.
minglee mingling
minglee mingling 2 years ago
He just has a Titan XP just lying around
BMKHD 2 years ago
7:05 desk?
BMKHD 2 years ago
Desk names ?
BMKHD 2 years ago
Desks names?
Ippili Srinivasa Rao
For me that camera self
ayush choudhary
ayush choudhary 2 years ago
I thought audio could be better from his part
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 2 years ago
What is the weird balance table called
Daksh m
Daksh m 2 years ago
Watches the tour ,looks around his own setup - vomits
T'airn'KA 2 years ago
studio B?
Marc Sebastian
Marc Sebastian 2 years ago
Lighting... contrast... bruh 😂 Marques looked blacker than ever😂👌🏽
Hepta 2 years ago
MKBHD the type of guy to have 2 phones in his pockets
Abhishek Sunkara
Abhishek Sunkara 2 years ago
The video is giving me a headache. I know its a tour but hold it steady!! Damn
Igli Kordha
Igli Kordha 2 years ago
Forget the studio, I just want those Sour Patches😍
jonathan weekes
jonathan weekes 2 years ago
watch triniTechTalk
Yosua Giovanni Widjaja
Seeing this, all the stuff in the room, and start thinking what I am doing all wrong.. 😟😟😟
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 2 years ago
the titan x he throws to the side.
Abongile 2 years ago
MKBHD: High Definition, High Quality, High Standard! True Inspiration
Jake Roosenbloom
Jake Roosenbloom 2 years ago
The video quality is poor
MANOLO 2 years ago
really enjoy your videos man. Good work
Jacob Feit
Jacob Feit 2 years ago
Can someone please tell me what that gray fold up couch is called?
dcy1122 2 years ago
hmmm anyone know the brand name for the gaming area couch ( gray with folding headrest ) ??
David Gutierrez-Aguirre
rip audio
Jaime Quiñones
Jaime Quiñones 2 years ago
MKBHD...who makes/sells the desk you featured/sat on?
Alcibiades 2 years ago
Watched this in 144p
Amiel Britanico
Amiel Britanico 2 years ago
terrible audio
Gaming Stream
Gaming Stream 2 years ago
it looks bad without 60fps , youtube spoiled us too much , please do 60fps videos :/
KTL 2 years ago
You need to stop shouting.
Cosmic 2 years ago
where does marques stream, if he does?
kuyvlnh yfvy uvf
kuyvlnh yfvy uvf 2 years ago
You are the man
Joseph Boshra
Joseph Boshra 2 years ago
A 3310's camera would've done a better job both in audio and video lol... not impressed :(
Yuvraj Harod
Yuvraj Harod 2 years ago
3 reds Actully thats amazing Love From India
Philip Giuliani
Philip Giuliani 2 years ago
Whats the name/brand of the height adjustable table?
Žiga Smiljanič
Žiga Smiljanič 2 years ago
that moment when MKBHD's wallpaper tv has my hometown for background :D Bled, Slovenia :D
Mustafa 2 years ago
so hes basically showing off his studio XD
Christopher Anderson
As for favorites, definitely the wallpaper tv and height adjustable table, I just love that table.
നിന്റെ തന്ത
Imagine vacuuming the whole place
Jiang Kong
Jiang Kong 2 years ago
Can I have the brand name for the sofa at 5:15?
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad 2 years ago
8:23 MKBHD apparently doesn't recycle LOL
Mike Vlcek
Mike Vlcek 2 years ago
Audio is pretty poor in the video, unfortunately. Marques is sometimes too quiet and sometimes too loud. Maybe a compressor would've helped as you didn't use a dedicated mic to capture his voice..
Mostafa Moataz
Mostafa Moataz 2 years ago
all of it !! damn :D !!
Prashant Tripathi
Prashant Tripathi 2 years ago
its dope man love it
T. Pisani
T. Pisani 2 years ago
How much of this stuff do you get for free? DO you buy the items you review?
the mic is real
Josh B
Josh B 2 years ago
I watched this whole tour before realizing it was Sam and not like, Linus for some reason... 😂 good job Sam, you seem to deserve the success
Stefan Arhangelov
Stefan Arhangelov 2 years ago
Sound quality is below average...
Josep M. Domingo Catafal
I wouldn't need to go outside ever again if I had that studio.
Baked Goods
Baked Goods 2 years ago
you can shoot in 4k but can't hook a LAV to Marques what a joke
Taha Rauf
Taha Rauf 2 years ago
Why does this guy goes to marques's studio every other time and make a video under his name
Shantanu Bharvirkar
yeah sam..the audio was great
Carlos P. Ibáñez Jara
come on dude, use a dynamic wireless lavalier microphone, your voice is barely hearable and the voice of the cameraman explodes the volume
VIJAY Dixith
VIJAY Dixith 2 years ago
Where you bought that illuminati logo t-shirt, I want to buy that
su se
su se 2 years ago
Where can I get the desktop background too?
Cesar Miranda
Cesar Miranda 2 years ago
I love the wallpaper TV
Cesar Miranda
Cesar Miranda 2 years ago
Nice studio
Jay Boston
Jay Boston 2 years ago
That case. Things to video. Things to video wish. Amazing ey!!
Robert Meares
Robert Meares 2 years ago
Wait how old is the cereal now since the last time?
Charaf Mrah
Charaf Mrah 2 years ago
MKBHD's studio is a goal of mine since NOW lol
Unicorn 2 years ago
A $30 mic would produce better results than this shit. I have seen videos filmed on MUCH cheaper cameras (t2i) that looked and sounded way better than this. This is what happens when you get expensive gear but don't know how to use it.
Math a Phaneuf
Math a Phaneuf 2 years ago
the main work space! I fucking like it!
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