MKBHD Setup Tour 2014!

Marques Brownlee
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A tour of the place where I make videos.
The Setup Tour Project Compilation: ruvid.net/video/video-pmnLca3FneU.html
Justin Maller facets: www.facets.la/
Manfrotto Monopod: amzn.to/1hmNsPi
Manfrotto Tripod/Head: amzn.to/1u1x88t
White balance card: amzn.to/1pHlzkx
iFootage Shark Slider: www.gearcontact.com/en/ifootage_shark_slider_s1_bundle.html
RED Scarlet-X: www.red.com/products/scarlet
Dwell notebooks: store.dwell.com/fabric-bound-planner.html?a_92=31
Sigma 18-35: amzn.to/1txA2Qs
Canon 17-55: amzn.to/1pvjIln
Tokina 11-16: amzn.to/1gQy0ua
Canon 70-200: amzn.to/1gQygcN
Desk: IKEA Vika Alex/Amon combo
Phillips Hue: meethue.com/
Bluelounge Sumo: www.bluelounge.com/products/sumo/
Mini Hi-Hat tripod: amzn.to/U3JYqv
Rehoused Sigma Cine lens: cinemaglass.com/
Fuji X100s: amzn.to/1kciY2F
Colorware Apple keyboard: www.colorware.com/p-201-apple-wireless-keyboard.aspx
Logitech Performance Mouse MX: amzn.to/1nQ4OnP
Monitor Stand: amzn.to/1oVfZvc
Asus PQ321Q: amzn.to/T1SXrx
iKey Audio Studio monitors: ruvid.net/video/video-gSimDdChHbE.html
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2: amzn.to/1mWBYAZ
Sennheiser MKH-416: amzn.to/1nDL9d5
Video Gear I use: amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM
Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over
google.com/ MarquesBrownlee

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May 31, 2014




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Comments 4 527
nalin raj
nalin raj 5 days ago
Who is here from 2020 setup ? 😂
y a
y a Month ago
Who's here after the 10 Million video?
Nbdy 3 months ago
Where is the Setup Tour 2019? @Marques Brownlee
Hidden Sun
Hidden Sun 4 months ago
Soon this will be recommended to every subscriber...
Big Time Aze
Big Time Aze 5 months ago
The paintings are Big Ben and Eifel Tower
ARJUN ARAVIND 6 months ago
anybody here in 2019
el3xtrosky 7 months ago
Hey guys, we've never seen Marques shoots video using that C100 aren't we?
Andrew Chang
Andrew Chang 8 months ago
who's watching this in 2019?
『SNZV』 10 months ago
Came here after watching the Studio Tour 5.0 just to see how different it was back then
boble934 10 months ago
how mutsh do u get (mony)tooo mutsh
Ata Ur Rehman
Ata Ur Rehman Year ago
Better then mine in 2019
Wassim Seifeddine
2018... still better than my setup
Eusebius Bob
Eusebius Bob Year ago
How far you have come from your room to the studio you have now proud of your achievements and u are a huge inspiration to me #2018
Packed Year ago
I already watched this back there and the reason is till loving this setup is keep motivate me, whatever gear you have you can still be productive ! great setup marquees ! 2018 !!!
madisonstage Year ago
I bought the new iMac Pro 18 core 128 gig of ram, but I really want to not use it for the monitor but rather connect it to the new Samsung C49HG90 49" QLED Curved monitor. And not use the iMac at all for the screen. Is this possible? I use Logic Pro X as a music producer and just want the long big screen. I'm thinking if you advise it will work, I could hide the iMac under my studio desk. My concern is will the iMac work with the Samsung and allow it to be the main screen and not use the iMac screen at all. Please advise.
Walter White
Walter White Year ago
Why 2 monitors?
kanuki Year ago
nice socks
Joel Yeomans
Joel Yeomans Year ago
JSmooVE3990 Year ago
You should test the new razed chroma with hue lights it’s cool.
Finn Torbett
Finn Torbett Year ago
100,000 when this video was shot...5 million now! You deserve every single one of them man! Keep doing what you’re doing
Jah On
Jah On 2 years ago
Who else is watching this in 2012!
Kartik Choubey
Kartik Choubey 2 years ago
anyone from 2018
Naveen Raj R
Naveen Raj R 2 years ago
Simply says no word 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Zahidul H. Tipu
Zahidul H. Tipu 2 years ago
2018 ?
sphinxman90 2 years ago
Sinoy Unnikrishnan
Sinoy Unnikrishnan 2 years ago
Seriously..... doesn't know about Eiffel tower and big Ben.....lmao
Sukhman Lohatbaddi
Sukhman Lohatbaddi 2 years ago
when u open 2nd drawer my heartbeat was like___/\____
ABHISHEK DIXIT 2 years ago
Hey man i just want to ask you about the software you use for your video editing,adding texts to it and compressing it. Please answer it.
Rajrishi Saha
Rajrishi Saha 4 months ago
ABHISHEK DIXIT He uses Final Cut Pro..
Kamruz Zaman
Kamruz Zaman 2 years ago
Who's watching in 2017 ?? Hit Like
Hendry Ramadhan
Hendry Ramadhan 2 years ago
I still cant afford what you have in 2014 😐 Its 4th quarter in 2017 btw..
Juliano Sumino
Juliano Sumino 2 years ago
I have the exact same poster of Paris!! Got it at Amazon. The quality is not good, so I'm planning to just print some of my own photos!
Surya Deb Mandal
Surya Deb Mandal 2 years ago
Dream room.. 😍😄
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 2 years ago
MKB I really enjoyed Thanks so much for sharing.Very nice Equipment and the whole setup was very Nice.Also I really enjoyed the Read and you my friend have come along way in such a little time.Good for you and always enjoy watching.Thanks again for sharing as I always enjoy so much and also met some really Awesome Reviews Deb 👍
This guy has an iPad just to control his light Jesus christ
Neelansh Mathur
Neelansh Mathur 2 years ago
Setup Tour 2017!!! Pls!
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia 2 years ago
Who's watching this in 2017? I need some dorm inspiration for this coming fall.
HRLD 2 years ago
Man I wanna live with you for a week just to see how you keep that room so perfect... I can't organize anything lol
Druvian 2 years ago
WEI Y the secret is it's always a mess just clean for videos hahaha
Syahmi Hisham
Syahmi Hisham 2 years ago
Marq.. and guys.. how do you guys keep your camera gears? like ive been putting mine in the dry box and everything, i live in Malaysia.. idk bout the humidity, but its pretty humid i think.. should i still keeping my stuff in the box, or outside cause its kinda bothers me when it come to productivity.. i mean i still will put them in the box when its not in used.. but when i live outside, its kinda bothers me again i say, the anxiety what if the molds start to grow.. haha
Cherish Potluri
Cherish Potluri 2 years ago
watching this in 2k17
All in 1
All in 1 2 years ago
where did you get your posters?
PowerL1N3 2 years ago
Marques Brownlee Yikes! I know this is back from 2014, but when I saw the cable management at 13:52 I was like, "oh man poor guy when he tries to clean dust back" there if you do that sort of thing. Very nice set up though, I'm sure you've refined it since then.
vivi 2 years ago
*has google plus on his business cards* "ahahaha" "...wait it's for real?"
Nikhil rane
Nikhil rane 2 years ago
l like mkbhd setup
Roshan Chunduri
Roshan Chunduri 2 years ago
You faggot we only came to see the setup not your FUCKING personal life
Itsme Namto
Itsme Namto 2 years ago
the resolution of the clors ok 6:21
Sarvesh Sapkal
Sarvesh Sapkal 2 years ago
what is he wear in his hand
Jatin Uppal
Jatin Uppal 2 years ago
still a better setup than me in 2017 too.
Gamer of Soccer7825
Why not use an iPhone 7+ to shoot in 4k
Spongebob's Shoe
Spongebob's Shoe 2 years ago
This video is from 2014, there are much better cameras out there
Anuran Paul
Anuran Paul 3 years ago
What is the wallpaper on his monitor
TriZle_27    ‍
TriZle_27 ‍ 3 years ago
Marquis you have many smartphones.. plz gimme 1 of them i will like it so much, I'm using crappy phone and we're poor. it'll mean alot if you find one of them any phone :(
DNL25 3 years ago
Mike Messiah
Mike Messiah 3 years ago
need an updated for 2017
Phi Nguyen
Phi Nguyen 3 years ago
anyone know the wallet?
Chris Muniu
Chris Muniu 3 years ago
Which app cleans your room?
Jesuino Dsa
Jesuino Dsa 3 years ago
Goku Reid
Goku Reid 3 years ago
What type of backpack is that he owns ?
amina batmunkh
amina batmunkh 3 years ago
how do you clean these complicated set up?
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle 3 years ago
Thumbs up if you prefer his bedroom setup to the new office!
CarlosResu1172 3 years ago
Eyyy are those frisbees in the closet?
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