Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together

Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends! Here is a weird video we made where I mix every bath bomb from Lush together into one, single, franken-bath bomb. Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products.
Anyway, I figured - this type of experiment has worked (within reason) for a wide array of products like lipsticks, foundations, and candles - so why not try mixing every single bath bomb from one store together to see what kind of bath we get? It's BATH makeup science. Wait, no makeup. Bad bath science? Idk.
This video is NOT sponsored! We did get permission from Lush to film at their store, but we paid for all of our bath bombs!
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Apr 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Month ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products. Stay safe, everyone! xoxo, saf
Zahraa Almasaoudy
Zahraa Almasaoudy 24 days ago
IzzIsHere _
IzzIsHere _ 24 days ago
This video gave me second-hand smells
Ari :P
Ari :P 24 days ago
Safiya Nygaard were you really on escape the night with Joey and Matpat please tell me because I loved that season so much and it killed me when you died😢
xwingk OMG
xwingk OMG 25 days ago
Jasmine Ramirez
Jasmine Ramirez Month ago
Please make a video of you melting every soap bar in lush to make a Franken soap bar please i just came up with the idea
Marin Baroody
Marin Baroody 5 hours ago
They have the most diverse movie/ show references and I'm here for it.
Hey hey hey Want some chicken today
Other RUvidrs: makes video about moving Safyia: Briefly mentions that they moved in the middle of destroying bath bombs
Bad Baking
Bad Baking 6 hours ago
Safiya trying to make the bathbomb work (as in stick the bathbomb together) is us trying to make 2020 a good year
Brynn Gold
Brynn Gold 7 hours ago
What is this reference from 3:26 ?
Emma Del Rio
Emma Del Rio 7 hours ago
Is anyone gonna talk about when Sofia’s hair was down than said the Bella’s baby thing and her hair was in a ponytail?
Misaki Kuran
Misaki Kuran 7 hours ago
She should mix a bunch of different ice cream flavors and see what they get😹😹😹
Tabi Brown
Tabi Brown 8 hours ago
Guava juice tried this and I had 100 lush bathbombs
Jillian Mickey
Jillian Mickey 10 hours ago
Comment if you think she should do a mixing every hand sanitizer from bath and bodyworks🤔
Puella Maggie
Puella Maggie 10 hours ago
You guys should get all the candles from the Magic Candle Company (which has Disney-themed candles) and mix them. The sweet smell of capitalism
Lucy Marline
Lucy Marline 11 hours ago
Mixing every soup from bath and body wash
MasterMind Hentai
MasterMind Hentai 12 hours ago
Safiya: they call me the booty destroyer me an intellectual: ASSassin
Natalia Martz
Natalia Martz 12 hours ago
*in the most royal like voice* Bob the builder is quaking*
Nebriis _
Nebriis _ 12 hours ago
You should do this with random spices in the back of your your cupboard
Alexander Rawson
Alexander Rawson 13 hours ago
I can’t believe you mixed in jelly bombs 😰
Random Person
Random Person 13 hours ago
Tyler: i am woefully ignorant of High School Musical Me: divorce him. divorce him right now Safiya
Krys Benson
Krys Benson 14 hours ago
i will never get tired of safiya being genuinely surprised when tyler makes a good pun like he doesn’t consistently land at least 3 solid ones per video 😂
dakota watson
dakota watson 15 hours ago
right here me out. one big frankin lotion.
Charmaine 15 hours ago
Compilation of the best parts of the video "Tyler, do I look like I know?" "It smells like Elon's Musk" "A little Kelp-y" "Poop deck? Where is the poop deck?" "This boat's heart will not go on" "It's like if Lush got dusted by Thanos" (OK there are too many it cant fit in here)
Loi Tran
Loi Tran 15 hours ago
This is how many plastic containers saf has | V
Frank Du Pont
Frank Du Pont 16 hours ago
Did you say tea that reminds me of Cristine
K_E_N_N_A 16 hours ago
If/When they have kids they should have a baby shower withe their bath water!
Hilmarie Fourie
Hilmarie Fourie 16 hours ago
In conclusion: Tyler is an exhibitionist when in the bath!😁
Allison Potter
Allison Potter 16 hours ago
Who else agrees that Saf and Ty are so cute and good together?
Elora Hildebrand
Elora Hildebrand 18 hours ago
She 100% waited until after her marriage to mix the bath bombs solely to make that "Wife of Bath" joke, and I love it.
Bakahoe _Katsushit
Bakahoe _Katsushit 18 hours ago
27:27 Did he make a Belle Delphine joke?
Elise Berney
Elise Berney 19 hours ago
Nobody give Safia ideas for the food proseser
Woro Sanjaya
Woro Sanjaya 19 hours ago
19:15 IT IS PURPLE *man behind the slaughter meme* *just pretend theres a meme song for this comment*
Lexi Gregurek
Lexi Gregurek 20 hours ago
A night of no sleep and I'm over here cracking up. I forget how funny y'all are!
AleksMax Migdal
AleksMax Migdal 21 hour ago
I LOVE twilight like if u agree
hamlet688 *
hamlet688 * 21 hour ago
How about mixing all of your fingernail polish?
Xandra Panda
Xandra Panda 22 hours ago
30:36 me ignoring all my problems
Xandra Panda
Xandra Panda 22 hours ago
I've never wanted to eat a bathbomb more than now
CurseyFy Day ago
"The emperor of aromas" I see what u did there 😏
Not ok with this
Forbidden sherbet
rat cubed
rat cubed Day ago
I cant figure out if this new house's kitchen is vaguely jenna and julien or vaguely rosana pansino
Lucas Crafes
Lucas Crafes Day ago
17:05 MOOD
Billie_is_our_king_1 On TikTok
Safiya should make a Franken soap
Sophie Gettle
Yes Canterbury tales!!!
Lauren Lanterns
Mixing all the chapsticks!
FloofieTae Day ago
Do Franken soap!
M B Day ago
14:54 chewbacca
Blu Shark
Blu Shark Day ago
I want to know HOW MUCH IT COST
Kaleigh Cato
Kaleigh Cato Day ago
TYLER'S MASTER OF DISGUISE REFERENCE!!! That's like my favorite movie I can't...
Britney Romero
When you said soaring and flying I immediately thought of high school musical
Kassandra Nguyen
ngl a bathbomb that smells like garlic bread or savory food would make me happy
Andrea Ruiz
Andrea Ruiz Day ago
Aesthetic Dreams
Okay story time. Last year (I was 8) me and my mom went to lush. We got to pick out our bath bombs and I picked the one with the rose cause I thought it looked pretty. So we were looking for like an hour because we both love lush! My mom payed and we got outside. I asked my mom what was my bath bomb called and then this... Mom: it’s the Sex Bomb!! Ikr my face went from 😃to 😯I was like Ana oop- I died of laughter and then the whole ride home was silent 😂
ZëSlythërpuff Mültīshippër
The bath bomb maker doesn’t like rainbows 😂
Megan Day ago
I love the science and research that Saf puts in, but I also love Tyler's sense of humor, and their interactions. I'm so glad he's such a big part of these videos.
Nimo Dali
Nimo Dali Day ago
Keira and Ellie
I love how she just glossed over the fact that she moved
Layla McCarty
I want to smells Elon's musk
Maddie Starr
Maddie Starr Day ago
I live right by colonial Williamsburg hahaha. I got so excited when you said that
Abby Grant
Abby Grant Day ago
I wonder if the person that gifted Safiya and Tyler that food processor for their wedding got a thank you card with just a link to this video
RedPanda_Ann Day ago
You got a press for one video and yet I can’t even justify it for my job! 😩 so jealous
Alex._. Lava
Alex._. Lava Day ago
Asiya Day ago
I wna eat these
Daaayah Day ago
Other youtubers:oMg GuYs iM mOvInG iN a MoNtH tHe NeW hOuSe Is GoNnA bE sO cOoL oMg Saf: *oh yeah we moved.*
Joker Cosplay
The white puréed thing looked kinda like crack
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Day ago
Don’t be embarrassed Tyler, lots of straight guys like pegging. You’re no less a man for it (you’re less for other reasons) Melusine was a water sprite in Greek mythology (I think) It’s a Joke ok?
Kate 2 days ago
OMIGOSH You referenced Royalty Soaps! She is one of my fav RUvidrs and her soaps smell soooooooooooo good and they are so pretty, I love to give them as presents.
Kate 2 days ago
Although this was super cool to watch I low-key kinda died inside each one got smashed
Lenus Ton
Lenus Ton 2 days ago
1:45 nOw tHats tHe go0d sTuff...
Juanita Gerke
Juanita Gerke 2 days ago
What if next you do every soap from bath and body works
Oreo Gaming
Oreo Gaming 2 days ago
Can u make a fangkin chocolate pls
Kelsi Madden
Kelsi Madden 2 days ago
“This is making me uncomfortable, and we’re married.” 😂
Betsy Nelsen
Betsy Nelsen 2 days ago
Franken bath wash from bath and body works?
Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang 2 days ago
Am I the only one thinking about drug jokes...no just me...ok
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson 2 days ago
I’m so curious as to what happened to all the remaining bath bomb powder!
mumin jama
mumin jama 2 days ago
8:09 look of destress LOL
M Stum
M Stum 2 days ago
Crazy haha !! I love
Kai Gurr
Kai Gurr 2 days ago
Every kind of soap?
Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell 2 days ago
Her when she opens the blender with the black bath bombs: "cough, cough" Me: 😬😬😧😧😷😷🙊🙊
That 1 very weird kid Cat
Chloe Caldwell coronavirus
Aurora Przybylski
This didn’t start at bad makeup science it started when you and Shane mixed together all the fast food
outta 'my mind
outta 'my mind 2 days ago
Where can I find the bath water? ... This is a joke, please don't hate
Cloe Bernard
Cloe Bernard 2 days ago
What about a Franken soap???
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