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Say Yes to the Dress
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Ever since winning the title of Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has worn many fashionable pageant gowns, however for her wedding she wants something more simple and stripped down.
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Oct 20, 2018




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Comments 100
이낸시 Hour ago
She should be on the cover of a bridal magazine.
Ok... TBH each and every dress look beautiful and wonderful on her ....like wow ❤️
cance7984 6 hours ago
6:07-7:37 Thank me later. 😘
adnerb [][][]
adnerb [][][] 10 hours ago
Yes baby that dress is my dream dress too
Vaishnavi Patel
Vaishnavi Patel 16 hours ago
Dad: the attention will be on look how beautiful Betty is in that dress not look at how beautiful that dress in on Betty Consultant Melissa: it really is beautiful on you 😂😂
EatSeokjin 20 hours ago
I personally loved her in the first one. Something about it was so regel and clean. She looked like an angel in that. Shes so pretty though she looks gorg in anything
M J 22 hours ago
Finally this girl picked a gorgeous dress which is really satisfactory❤
Rosemary Ojeda
She looks beautiful in it
Lainey Horner
I love how affectionate the mothers are too each other. Good thing they work good together.
Julie Englefaris
A truly stunning woman can honestly look beautiful in the plainest dress.
Kylie Hua
Kylie Hua Day ago
“Shut up Melissa! Shut up!”
The little sister is already a stunning beauty - I can just imagine what a gorgeous bride she will be as well!
Maria Lefkovitou
1:58 I’m sorry, but this dress....I would’ve bought it on the spot. But she looks beautiful with her last dress! Congrats!
Bridget McTiernan
Not gonna lie, all “jacked up” Betty looked like she could have walked down the aisle right then and there!
Mishqaat OMG
Mishqaat OMG 2 days ago
She looks kinda like margot robbie
YG_is_useless 2 days ago
I love how she's not mean or something but is really sweet
harshini tanneeru
I love her sister shd is damn cute ❤️❤️
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 2 days ago
Oh dear
aimaFHS 2 days ago
The dress she picked was so beautiful !!
R. Gupta
R. Gupta 2 days ago
This is how families shoild be
Mallory G
Mallory G 2 days ago
Her bone structure is incredible! Wow, I would love to have that jawline and her cheekbones.
Issa Gahan
Issa Gahan 2 days ago
Wow, finally a dress that I found absolutely gorgeous, not only for the bride, but a really beautiful dress itself
Baby Soul
Baby Soul 2 days ago
She is sooo beautiful!! I loved the dress she tried on before the last one
Fun and entertain
I think top part of 2nd dress and bottom part of 3rd dress make an amazing combination for her personality
Paola Salazar
Paola Salazar 3 days ago
When you’re literally the most beautiful bride
im just here to commentate
I will say the dress she chose is the prettiest dress I’ve seen on this show.
Dyna Jean Honoridez
I like the first dress better.
Daffni Kharkongor
The first dress..omg so beautifully done
Brynna King
Brynna King 3 days ago
She looked beautiful in every single one of those dresses.
Rana Senusi
Rana Senusi 3 days ago
ShUt up Melissa
Sarah M.
Sarah M. 3 days ago
"daddy wanted something different" wtf?!
Victoria Gates
Victoria Gates 3 days ago
She could have chosen any of those and she would have wowed them all. :)
Jules Becker
Jules Becker 3 days ago
This is one of the few times where they dont try to take over the appointment. Also they seem like such a nice family
Jules Becker
Jules Becker 3 days ago
I saw some of her wedding photos and they were super pretty
Ida Sadat
Ida Sadat 3 days ago
Ida Sadat
Ida Sadat 3 days ago
Antara Paul
Antara Paul 3 days ago
She and her mom looks like twins
Micah V.
Micah V. 3 days ago
Woahhh she's really pretty and gorgeous in every dress that she try
Gab !
Gab ! 3 days ago
Omg the dress that she chose is so PERFECT !!!!
Lyla Yi
Lyla Yi 4 days ago
Betty: in the end its my dress Mum and dad: in the end its our credit card
Rhea R
Rhea R 4 days ago
They're all beautiful but I like the second dress better
Tori Google
Tori Google 4 days ago
That is the dress I want just with a plain white bottom I love the top though
YoGo 3238
YoGo 3238 4 days ago
“There is no competition, it's just me and my wedding, I got my guy, I already won” There's something powerful about that phrase. Like what her father said, “It's going to be look how beautiful Betty is in that dress and not look how beautiful that dress is on Betty” The family is just amazing. I love their honesty. They know Betty, they know how she was feeling and since beauty and dresses are already their field they could find that hidden sparkle in a dress that just made Betty feel like a Bride.
Liz Anderson
Liz Anderson 4 days ago
The dress she chose. So good.
Titanium3 4 days ago
She looks absolutely stunning in every single dress but she LIGHTS the entire room up in that last one
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
The dad is hot too !!!! Good genes all the way around in this family😍
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
She's absolutely stunning and the 1st dress on HER specifically is absolutely STUNNING omg
Planet And ailes
Planet And ailes 5 days ago
Y'all what do you call the top part of the dress which is in the thumbnail it looks gorgeous.
Dreadful Sky
Dreadful Sky 5 days ago
Her mother is so beautiful
Aleena Jimenez
Aleena Jimenez 5 days ago
What is the name and designer of dress number 3?? I really need to know. My heart stopped. Such a beautiful dress.
appleskause peach
Bride: I want something plain Brides mom: eh it's too plain
Allison Seahunter
That dress is soo pretty!
Isabella Aranda
Isabella Aranda 5 days ago
I love that dress, I think it’s my favorite so far
Alish Sarah
Alish Sarah 5 days ago
The consultants are me and my bestfriend together doing anything
waves of hopes
waves of hopes 5 days ago
Did anyone notice there was no price representation !!!!
Cris C
Cris C 5 days ago
Sorry but I LOVED the first dress
Isadora Buso
Isadora Buso 5 days ago
I LOVED THIS DRESS!! OMG, It's the most beautiful dress I have ever seen
cheskydivision 6 days ago
I think the first one was so nice and classy.
Hasta Bdr Rai
Hasta Bdr Rai 6 days ago
I've watched many episodes on which the sister is so mean and rude and not happy for the bride it's more of rude and jealousy but this sister is so different she's so sweet and genuine not dramatic
Nurse Grace
Nurse Grace 6 days ago
Betty seems like such an incongruous name for a Miss America : )
Jeriann P
Jeriann P 6 days ago
This is the first episode I’ve watched where all the dresses were beautiful
Ahana Rishi
Ahana Rishi 6 days ago
Okay not related at all but one of the bridesmaids look like Chaeyong from Twice.
I’m a CACTUS 6 days ago
She looks good in every dress can I marry her
Recording Random
Recording Random 6 days ago
*can we appreciate how amazing and simple her taste is, luv it* 👏🏻
Lien Lhungdim
Lien Lhungdim 6 days ago
ngl she kinda looks like emma mackey from SE
Riyah Ramesh
Riyah Ramesh 7 days ago
this is the most no drama episode
Marvellyn L
Marvellyn L 7 days ago
Miss America: Miss Americana Betty: Betty (Taylor Swift's Folklore) Both blonde... Yep. I get Taylor Swift's reference-- Help-
Jia-Cara Fernando
Mansi Maurya
Mansi Maurya 7 days ago
1:04 Who the hell says "Fabulous" so Creepily, its like a ghost calling MC's name in horror movie👻😅
Sophia Jhudiel Bathan
Your family is supposed to be your number 1 fan.
Shivani Gautam
Shivani Gautam 7 days ago
I love this girl though
Russia k3
Russia k3 7 days ago
Everyone's talking about how pretty she is but like shes so friendly and nice but like she still says her opinion, like I wish I had those kinds of social skills
lilly peck
lilly peck 7 days ago
She looks absolutely stunning in everything!
The Fantastic Two
Animechanxoxo 7 days ago
I thought the second one looked really good on her
Ally Reddekopp
Ally Reddekopp 7 days ago
I love how supportive future her mother in law is
Its me Amna
Its me Amna 8 days ago
3:52 awfhagbw you spilled LIPSTICK in my VALINTINO WHITE BAG?!
stik o
stik o 8 days ago
she's very pretty and i think every dress fits her
#hashtagSam 8 days ago
They're graceful
Neetika Das
Neetika Das 8 days ago
I liked the vintage top one more
Troy 8 days ago
Bridals by Lori would make a great sitcom.
DreamQueenLays 8 days ago
GURL WHO DA ONE IN THE STRIPES... As the bride walked by she made a face not a good face
diana laura villalobos
She chose a beautiful dress ❤️
Ajooni Kalsi
Ajooni Kalsi 8 days ago
That last dress is my dream wedding dress but like I’m Indian so I’m wearing red and gold lmao
A B 7 days ago
Red and gold is gorgeous.
hello beauty
hello beauty 8 days ago
Moody gurl
Moody gurl 8 days ago
The first dress my favourite aaaaahhhh !!!!!
Kshiti's edits
Kshiti's edits 8 days ago
Wow she is a spitting image of her mom that must be a lucky man
Shrishti Chauhan
Shrishti Chauhan 8 days ago
I would've bought the first and the last dress if I had the money for it
Shrishti Chauhan
Shrishti Chauhan 7 days ago
@LISA I know right XD
LISA 7 days ago
Literally haha, and I NEED to know what the first dress’ name was
Raúl Argueta
Raúl Argueta 8 days ago
The first dress was so cute I would love to have one 😳
kenza tp
kenza tp 8 days ago
I loved the first dress it was simple yet elegant. And it glorifies the beauty of the person who wear it
StarLot 8 days ago
Omg I love the dress she ended up going with! It flattered her so much and it was so beautiful!!
Alvin Gemira
Alvin Gemira 9 days ago
The last dress was amazing
Alvin Gemira
Alvin Gemira 9 days ago
Pattaravan Wichaiwong
Citrine Iris
Citrine Iris 9 days ago
“Excuse m-“ “Shut up, Melissa”
Ashley Ferreira
Ashley Ferreira 9 days ago
I love Melissa!
deanna trinh
deanna trinh 9 days ago
dolly daisy
dolly daisy 9 days ago
I loved the first dress it was so pretty
Hanna Nicole Grimpola
It was the *"shUt uP melLiSA"* for me 😌
Creative Crawford
Creative Crawford 10 days ago
Her final dress was so beautiful 🤩 💎✨
Ellie Jameson
Ellie Jameson 10 days ago
She looks like Marilyn Monroe in that dress
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