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Say Yes to the Dress
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Ever since winning the title of Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has worn many fashionable pageant gowns, however for her wedding she wants something more simple and stripped down.
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Oct 20, 2018




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Comments 3 636
Julia L
Julia L 6 hours ago
The one on the mannequin at 6:08 tho...
Yu Ka
Yu Ka Day ago
6:55 Dad understands how wedding dresses work more than the rest of the entourage (family)
Myles Barnes
Myles Barnes Day ago
Her dad seems is so sweet, It makes me so happy
Reetika Biswas
Why is nobody commenting on the fact that the younger sister looks like a young Miley Cyrus?
Chill Your Llama
If I'm going to marry someone someday, I would wear the first dress, I'm SO.IN.LOVE. 😳💓
T L .
T L . Day ago
The one she choose eventually... Balanced it all soooo beautiful 👌👏👏
themadAlice Day ago
her dad: there is a muted sparkle, the attention will be on how beautiful she looks in the dress, not how beautiful the dress looks on her woman at the end: it looks really beautiful on u
Margaret Foot
Margaret Foot 2 days ago
This is by far my favourite episode
makayla mason
makayla mason 2 days ago
you know you have watched to much say yes to the dress when you know you have seen someone in a certain dress
LizMcNamara47 3 days ago
I totally understand how she liked the first dress, so elegant, very Vogue!
Emily 102102
Emily 102102 3 days ago
The one she chose was my favorite I love it and it seems perfect for her 😊👏🏻❤️
Chocolate masters 1015
The first dress was beautiful what the hell are you doing picking the other one
Little Boshi
Little Boshi 4 days ago
Imagine if she didn’t try on after the first one the family liked
Kathryn Palmer
Kathryn Palmer 4 days ago
It's a good bridal party this time! YAY
Kathryn Soen
Kathryn Soen 4 days ago
Does anyone know the brand and name of the dress she chose? I want to try it on...
Leesa Dushane
Leesa Dushane 5 days ago
Why did I tear up. I rarely ever tear up to these videos. It made me think of my boy ❤️
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 6 days ago
Melissa is such a cute and wonderful consultant
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 6 days ago
I mean the consultants could have added a belt and veil. That’s what really changes the dress in my opinion
Maria Teresa Barreto
Her sister is really pretty too
Megan Powell
Megan Powell 7 days ago
Lets face it. She’ll look good in everything.
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 7 days ago
Anyone know where I can find that last dress?!?!?
blood dragon
blood dragon 7 days ago
But that first dress... she was SO beautiful, SO elegant... Absolutely breathtaking
Martha Estrada
Martha Estrada 8 days ago
Anima Gl
Anima Gl 8 days ago
Oh my ...she is so beautiful..she is looking gorgeous in every dress
Arran From Mistmantle
This is my very favourite episode!!
Sandra Ukleja
Sandra Ukleja 11 days ago
I liked the second dress even more, but then her Dad brought it to this very wise point: The dress shall underline the Bride, not the Bride shall underline the dress. - I finally had to agree : )
Julie 11 days ago
Anyone know from what designer the third dress is? I wanna look it up online
Alyssa Crowe
Alyssa Crowe 12 days ago
It kinda bothers me that the bride kept saying she wanted something more simple, but that Lori kept trying to give her something more flashy
Axolotl. 13 days ago
Damn this girl has the EXACT same taste as me it’s so refreshing for the brides to love the dresses that are actually beautiful!!!
BJ Reo
BJ Reo 13 days ago
She looked like Marilyn Monroe in that first dress! I think she picked the right dress though.
dream .M
dream .M 13 days ago
Bride mother looks beautifol
caden fleer
caden fleer 14 days ago
goes to show how beautiful someone can be inside and out 🥺
LadyTarasque 14 days ago
Liked the bodice of 2nd dress and skirt of last one :3
EFoxKitsune 14 days ago
She looked like a chandellier in the second dress. All jokes aside, she's gorgeous. Also seems really sweet and down to earth. And I loved the first dress. The last one was absolutely stunning on her though. Amazing choice!
Crushes you between my world destroying thighs.mp4
If she curls her hair in that first dress she’ll look like marilyn monroe, super classy and elegant
Mariah Brown
Mariah Brown 15 days ago
She is literally the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she has such a great personality, I wish the best for her and her husbands life together ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Diana Bhadbabe
Diana Bhadbabe 15 days ago
I like the first one cause it’s her and she’s beautiful smart lovely
Deeksha 17 days ago
She resembles ❤Kriti Sanon❤from India so much❤❤
I don't know
I don't know 17 days ago
It's nyc 🙂
Valeria Fern.
Valeria Fern. 18 days ago
Why are old ladie picking dresses for young brides M
batoul abed
batoul abed 18 days ago
What an attractive family!
Lena 19 days ago
The consultants were so funny and cute lol
Sarah Mughal
Sarah Mughal 19 days ago
The first dress is actually very classy!
Eeuez Garcia
Eeuez Garcia 19 days ago
She won miss America???? How....
Darcy Bhaiwala
Darcy Bhaiwala 20 days ago
That entire family is ridiculously good looking
Cilo Athenis
Cilo Athenis 20 days ago
they keep trying to get rid of the second dress. I keep seeing it in these videos
stephanie Blackman
stephanie Blackman 20 days ago
Nothing wrong with simple ❤️
Victoria Rodz.
Victoria Rodz. 20 days ago
What was the designer of the last dress?
Jacqueline Moreno
Jacqueline Moreno 20 days ago
The last dress looks amazing!
Sara Nasser
Sara Nasser 20 days ago
OMG the first dress was the best dress ever
Possibly Me
Possibly Me 20 days ago
‘Look how beautiful Betty looks in that dress not look how beautiful that dress looks on Betty’
Shafira Hanum
Shafira Hanum 20 days ago
The first one is beautifullll.
The first dress was the best.
River Wing
River Wing 20 days ago
That I really like the flower the skirt on the last dress
Laurel’s Tarantula Nook
Her wedding photos are so beautiful!
sofia louise
sofia louise 21 day ago
i loved the third one she tried the best!!
Saba Wahid
Saba Wahid 21 day ago
She literally looks amazing in anything
Юлия Исаева
The first dress was stunning, the second beautiful, but not as classy as first and third just nice
c w
c w 21 day ago
her dad is the sweetest
Lex 7
Lex 7 21 day ago
she could make a trash bag look good
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