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Say Yes to the Dress
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Ever since winning the title of Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has worn many fashionable pageant gowns, however for her wedding she wants something more simple and stripped down.
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Oct 20, 2018

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Comments 2 588
Jenna Pineapple
Jenna Pineapple 3 hours ago
JetStream POP
JetStream POP 13 hours ago
2:16 Assemble a piece of shit and a great variety of colors for your favorite singer and artist. This is a whole new journey to the world of grumgila. It is used in medicine and armpit recovery.
shahad alsanea
shahad alsanea 14 hours ago
Omg the first dress was EVERYTHING ❤️
Ava Salamatian
The first one was pretty af
Fahmida Haque
I like all the dresses she tried on💕
Sofia Georgiadou
Sofia Georgiadou 2 days ago
OMFG!!! The second dress looks STUNNING. AMAAAAZING!!
Madhavi Latha
Madhavi Latha 2 days ago
I am not the one who liked the last dress. She is really stunning in that dress
Tatty Lashes
Tatty Lashes 3 days ago
I like this show but the fakeness makes me die
Oh Hai There
Oh Hai There 3 days ago
The first dress was so beautiful and with a gold belt it would've been stunning
lily hess
lily hess 4 days ago
Girl: "Halter tops, no." Me: Rude
Cathy Yu
Cathy Yu 4 days ago
What brand and style is the third dress? Its stunning
Yuu Shiroyama
Yuu Shiroyama 5 days ago
This is the most beautiful cap I've seen ever, the family was heartwarming the bride atitude was so gentle, she is a real princess, I'm in love with them all.
Gacha Nerd Squad
Gacha Nerd Squad 5 days ago
Legend has it she is still saying "shut up Melissa"
SunshineLaw Fan
SunshineLaw Fan 5 days ago
Nice family. Hope the younger girl gets fuss and attention for her interests and goals. Even if far from pageant glitz.
Serene Furmah
Serene Furmah 6 days ago
She looked beautiful I really liked the sound dress but the third dress was so beautiful. She has such a nice and gentle family
J 56
J 56 6 days ago
Whats this dress called and who is it by? ☺️
MESHACK KORIR 6 days ago
my girlfriend loves this show......like everytime she could ask for my phone just to watch it.....ive just watched it today and i fell like i still wanna watch more of this ....i love this....hi larry
Pineapple Forever
Who else thinks it looks better when there’s straps
Alessandra Leigh
Alessandra Leigh 7 days ago
The first one was the best.
Pauline Trisha
Pauline Trisha 7 days ago
“I got the guy, I already won.” Guys. Former miss America.
Darcy Russell
Darcy Russell 7 days ago
As soon as they team up they find the perfect dress 👗
Allison Stiles
Allison Stiles 7 days ago
I love the first dress
Sophia C.
Sophia C. 7 days ago
She's gorgeous 😍😍
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 7 days ago
Girl practically wearing a halter top Halter tops? No.
julia eshete
julia eshete 8 days ago
that first dress reminded me of marilyn monroe
Mr Puggle
Mr Puggle 8 days ago
miss America is Now miss bride
plvto 8 days ago
*sHUt uP MelIsSa!*
Elise Thompson
Elise Thompson 9 days ago
I loved the the Lazaro ball gown! The lace bodice and the tulle skirt were soooo pretty. The shape was just perfect!! I really loved that dress.
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl 9 days ago
7:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sama Alaama
Sama Alaama 9 days ago
the last one, *STUNNING*
Sama Alaama
Sama Alaama 9 days ago
they didn’t ask the question-
MAHA MATUG 9 days ago
She’s a carbon copy of her mother.
Call Me Kk :P
Call Me Kk :P 9 days ago
"Round 2" "Shut up Melissa" "Excuse me?" " Shut up Melissa, Shut up" 😂
Afifa Sayyed
Afifa Sayyed 9 days ago
Juwaria R
Juwaria R 9 days ago
The mother is sooo beautiful!!
Rebecka Poli
Rebecka Poli 10 days ago
I think that she looks even more beautiful now than in 2016
lucy 10 days ago
she looks absolutely beautiful in all of them
lucy 10 days ago
she’s so nice i love her
Hitono Zhimo
Hitono Zhimo 11 days ago
Show her the simple one ,she not into that show off any more
Krystal Wolfe
Krystal Wolfe 11 days ago
sooooo yeah
Krystal Wolfe
Krystal Wolfe 11 days ago
what is going on
JAckiE BERG 11 days ago
Loved the first dress but the one they picked was beautiful too.
grace edinger
grace edinger 11 days ago
i think having two consultants is really hurting the bride it’s just too much
312 Koi
312 Koi 11 days ago
melissa is the best
Bianca Scallywag
Bianca Scallywag 12 days ago
"shut up melissa" lmao
Neelam Sarwar
Neelam Sarwar 12 days ago
She looked stunning in all three of them. Beautiful girl😍👌
Business XX
Business XX 12 days ago
I love that first dress on her.
Iausanne van Heerden van Heerden
2nd one, uuuhhhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍
Slime Squad
Slime Squad 12 days ago
That’s miss America!!!!!! I mean like they could have chosen someone more beautiful
Keerthana Nair
Keerthana Nair 12 days ago
She looks exactly like her mother.
It's Camilla Taylor
that girl is drop dead gorgeous wow
gangang 13 days ago
Omg the last dress is BEAUTIFUL
JustACover.Story 13 days ago
I think the first dress looked really good on her but at the same time I feel like I was seeing the dress and not the bride 👰
Skye Newman
Skye Newman 13 days ago
Shut up Melissa! Lol I found that so funny
GracieKAT9000 14 days ago
I always hate the ruffles on that one dress🤮
Love For Long Locks
This was one of the very good episodes, make like these more videos , of such people with elegance
Raquel Sanchez
Raquel Sanchez 15 days ago
It is the best thing I was
Bethany Henry
Bethany Henry 15 days ago
This is the best video i have ever seen. She looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
moon god
moon god 15 days ago
‘look how beautiful betty looks in that dress, not look how beautiful that dress looks on betty’ honestly dad goals there
Jonasia Walton
Jonasia Walton 15 days ago
Why am I ten and watching this
amy jane
amy jane 15 days ago
Shut up Melissa Shut up Melissa Shut up Melissa Shut up Melissa
Hazel Collins
Hazel Collins 16 days ago
Everyone here talking about the the first dress and I'm like sister shook about the second
victoria amaro
victoria amaro 16 days ago
Okay but was anyone really hoping she’s try on the super sparkly one ?!🤩 I was I seen a girl with that dress but it’s like a Pinterest one 😭
Alice Hui
Alice Hui 16 days ago
If they added some waist decoration to the first dress it would amazing
rohver 16 days ago
She is absolutely stunning! So beautiful and classy, I loved the first dress on her if I’m honest. But the last dress was also incredibly beautiful, and I loved her father’s reaction to it.
cuidado. amorsito
cuidado. amorsito 16 days ago
The girl with curly hair is so judgemental lmao 💀
Rhianna Horrigan
Rhianna Horrigan 16 days ago
Yeah she was pretty damn bratty
Ganga Rai
Ganga Rai 16 days ago
If u r eating at fancy restaurant most of the time, u sometimes wants to go for a simple one. Miss America i adore u for embracing such a simple and elegant dress. U look so simply amazing. Like ur dad say u look damn beautiful on that dress rather that dress look good on you. Love ur dad😘😘
Knx Vist
Knx Vist 16 days ago
at least shes prettier than them ;-;
ZayidaQ 17 days ago
I actually like the first one
Crvnch! 10
Crvnch! 10 18 days ago
Patricia Gutierrez Mendoza
1:54 yall ser thos lil tears right
Lucy Shepard
Lucy Shepard 19 days ago
“Oh my god I’m gonna cry” “Probably” I’m dead😂🤣
Ella Zhu
Ella Zhu 19 days ago
"I've got the man, I've already won!" GIRL THAT IS SO DEEP
Kristin Donaldson
Kristin Donaldson 12 days ago
Amen girl, once you got the manz, he is all you need
Tejasvini Narayanan
Dont be confused people! She be looking good in any dress
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee 19 days ago
The father😭😭
Nina Adams
Nina Adams 20 days ago
She looks great in clothes
bianca uchoa
bianca uchoa 20 days ago
Does anybody have a link to the Lazaro ballgown with the lace bodice?
Charlize B
Charlize B 20 days ago
The first dress was stunning omg 😍
kenzilario 20 days ago
The are you gonna say yes to the dress? is gone?
Tejasvini Narayanan
Wow the first dress was so pretty on her!
Davene Campbell
Davene Campbell 21 day ago
I hope couple months after the wedding she hadn't wish she had wore the 1st dress.
Roselin eve
Roselin eve 21 day ago
Very elegant test
Yuanita Prawira
Yuanita Prawira 21 day ago
Her mom and dad are good looking where she got her good gene from
Madison's Hangout
Madison's Hangout 22 days ago
The mother in law seems so sweet. She must be lucky to be marring her son
Save Fading Light
Save Fading Light 22 days ago
I think she looks AMAZING in that dress!!
Carrie Brunner
Carrie Brunner 22 days ago
She looks so beautiful in all of them!! The last one she had on was gorgeous on her. It complimented her wel and brought out her skin color.
Carrie Brunner
Carrie Brunner 22 days ago
“Shut up Malissa.”
Nona S
Nona S 22 days ago
siaakia 24
siaakia 24 22 days ago
As they say simple is elegant
‘She doesn’t even go here ‘
i absolutely loved the first one it was elegant classy and it flattered her immensely.
Fantasy Lover
Fantasy Lover 23 days ago
She’s someone who is down on earth! She’s honestly amazing! And look out standing at the end!
Ermanno Diciannove
Ermanno Diciannove 23 days ago
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Audrey H
Audrey H 23 days ago
This first dress brought out her beautiful face even more. The one she chose was too girl-looking. The first dress exuded elegance, grace and a touch of glamor! The last one her face became lost and the ornate dress upstaged her too much but it's her choice....I hope not her mom's.
alison bent
alison bent 23 days ago
she is so so so so so so pretty
eat with Just amaizing
Beauty run in the family the all gat pretty faces
pOtAtoE TimE
pOtAtoE TimE 23 days ago
She was already beautiful without the dress
Jeanne Lin
Jeanne Lin 24 days ago
Honestly she’d put on a potato sac and still look better than be😂😂
Estelle Bova
Estelle Bova 25 days ago
she’s so nice especially for a pageant winner
Parker Davis
Parker Davis 25 days ago
Her father is amazing
Sarweshwari Kumari
Sarweshwari Kumari 26 days ago
I liked the first one
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