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Say Yes to the Dress
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Ever since winning the title of Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has worn many fashionable pageant gowns, however for her wedding she wants something more simple and stripped down.
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Oct 20, 2018




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Comments 3 303
Ryan Fulton
Ryan Fulton 6 hours ago
Where is this place
Kathrine Micheelsen
Kathrine Micheelsen 11 hours ago
If anyone is curious the gown that she chose is from Eve of Milady
Perla Lopez
Perla Lopez 13 hours ago
Her body is gorgeous 😍
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 22 hours ago
She was so beautiful in the first dress😍
chrzrd Day ago
0:11 omg they're identical! 😂😂
Alexa Moonlight
The first one was the only prettie dress that i have seen in this show and the girl that cared that she is marring a love not expensive dress
E. I.
E. I. Day ago
The first dress was sharp, classy and chic, just simply stunning. Perfect for a modern bride.
Savitha Venkatesh
She literally looked good in EVERY dress she put on!!!
Angela Kim
Angela Kim 2 days ago
I love how her dad says his admiration on her daughter wearing her wedding gown just like how he said it when he saw her for the first time
Swavna Heisenberg
This is the meh-est episode on sytd. There's no crying. And stuff. I guess cause she already been in dresses that made her look like an angel. Hence the neutral control.
Rachel Ansley
Rachel Ansley 2 days ago
Is it just me or does she look like Lily Reinhardt?
#%#%#%# 2 days ago
I want a long sleeve dress. I want to try on that one she wouldn’t
Skinny Queen
Skinny Queen 2 days ago
She literally looks amazing in all of them
Aarush Kumar
Aarush Kumar 2 days ago
Her mummy is STUNNING.
Chrisa Nassar
Chrisa Nassar 2 days ago
she's stunning !
ViVi 2 days ago
I LOVED that first dress. That women shines already, a simple dress makes you focus on her amazing figure, beautiful face and her hair. Less is more!
Alexandria Ramos
Alexandria Ramos 3 days ago
Wow her father how sweeet
beautiful heart
beautiful heart 3 days ago
The first dress was amazing
BTS paved the way
I had fuxxing goosebumps..she looked stunning.
Iro Wasala
Iro Wasala 3 days ago
Such a generous person....
Random Random
Random Random 3 days ago
Is there any version for the brooms? Like come on, they can do some effort and stuff.
banana apples
banana apples 4 days ago
this is the best episode. i have watched it so many times.
jaisshna rajendran
Don't know why you tube recommend this but I enjoyed this😊
Lexus Ray
Lexus Ray 5 days ago
Her sister a hater🤣🤷🏾‍♀️
Anja Pernat
Anja Pernat 5 days ago
I have seen all say yes to the dress and this is the only one that I loved all dreses that she loved... But her yes dress I mean wow..I want that for my weeding
evelyn ramirez
evelyn ramirez 5 days ago
Has anyone see The twilight saga cuz i would LOVE Bellas dress for my wedding and im only 12
evelyn ramirez
evelyn ramirez 5 days ago
I really liked the second one
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh 5 days ago
that final dress was absolutely gorgeous
Hina Khan
Hina Khan 5 days ago
This is more like a battle of the consultants rather than getting the bride a dress.
Евгения Краева
The first dress was sooooooo pretty! Beautiful and simple at the same time, delicate and nice
Busy as Bhu
Busy as Bhu 6 days ago
OMG their whole family is gorgeous!
aishaa khan
aishaa khan 6 days ago
Omg wtf is wrong wid me crying each x every ep tht the bride cries nd the mom lol
Uma Fa
Uma Fa 6 days ago
That first dress is so pretty :o
Adam Toner
Adam Toner 6 days ago
hiroyuki mitsu
hiroyuki mitsu 6 days ago
Hope to wear this some day
Lallawmkimi Cc
Lallawmkimi Cc 6 days ago
Love these two consultant😂💕💕
Carlie Byrom
Carlie Byrom 6 days ago
Am i the only on a little annoyed by the sister? Also that 1st dress what so beautiful on her
uwuseokie 6 days ago
The bride seems like a lovely person. When there was less on her dress her beauty and kindness stood out a lot but she looked beautiful in anything
Ive Francis
Ive Francis 6 days ago
who is the designer for the dress she picked
Phindile Mgobozi
Phindile Mgobozi 7 days ago
The plain dress is me AF.
charis oo
charis oo 7 days ago
She's pretty and she looks good in everything
gacha sex queen
gacha sex queen 7 days ago
I love the shut up milessa
0 8 days ago
The southern pageant mentality cracks me up. Too funny 😂
Evin Ananda
Evin Ananda 8 days ago
Agree...luv the last...
🎭B.Radley Pro.👾
The first one looks like Marilyn Monroe’s signature white flowy dress just longer
nanettemclean5 8 days ago
Best dress !! Loved 1st one as well!!
Holy Andani
Holy Andani 8 days ago
You are not cry alone betty, me too 😂
Diksha Baruah
Diksha Baruah 8 days ago
Who else gets excited when they get ready to put the veil for the overall look ?
Karen Lóa Júlíusdóttir
This is the best episode of say yes to the dress i’ve seen
Ismail Shelleh
Ismail Shelleh 9 days ago
The second one gives me country vibes
Zubaida Kablan
Zubaida Kablan 9 days ago
Each dress has its own fancy looking ,I like all of them ,melica you are lovely one .
Hiba Saeed
Hiba Saeed 9 days ago
I am like very muchhhhhhhhh
Shreya Ghosh
Shreya Ghosh 9 days ago
The first is still my fav
Witchumon Suwannakarint
The​ first​ dress​ was​ 20/10 The​ second was​ 3/10 3rd​ was​ 8/10 4th was​ 20/10 I​ was​ very​ diggin the​ first​ it​ was​ just​💯 while​ the​ 4th was​ stunning​ I​ like​ the​ 1st​ better​ tho​ it​ was​ elegant af
Mell M
Mell M 9 days ago
It just shocks me how much she looks like Betty from the comics 😍
zeebirdd 10 days ago
I loved the 2# she didn’t show her parents ♥️😑😑😑
Donteatmycookie 1
Donteatmycookie 1 10 days ago
Wow I like how very doesn’t one it’s her wedding and it’s about if she’s happy
Yureidy Calderon
Yureidy Calderon 11 days ago
I don’t really like the designs of Pnina Tornai dresses. The only one I like is the transgender bride’s dress
Shania Euni
Shania Euni 11 days ago
You crazy,tge one before the last one was great not that one😒😒😒
xhona 11 days ago
Such a beautiful dress in such a beautiful women wow amazing😍😍😍😍😍😍I really loved
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