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Say Yes to the Dress
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Ever since winning the title of Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has worn many fashionable pageant gowns, however for her wedding she wants something more simple and stripped down.
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Comments 60
Bonnie Lyons
Bonnie Lyons 38 minutes ago
honleimi s
honleimi s Hour ago
Agree.. She looks best in the first dress.
Prudy licious
Prudy licious 9 hours ago
Why did i cry?😭😭😭😭😍😍
Radha Kulkarni
The third dress was the most beautiful dress I've ever seen
Officially_ Different
Dress number 1 was it
Britny Harmon
Britny Harmon 2 days ago
Not gonna lie ... that Lazaro gown that she passed on with all the little ruffles ... that is my dream dress ...
Thebes17 2 days ago
This is me. Simple...not to over the top. Like im marrying the guy..you dont like it do not come....finally. This is me when i get married.
meriam grant
meriam grant 2 days ago
The first dress gave me marilyn monroe vibes
raja g
raja g 2 days ago
Anyone in 2020?
lhj276 3 days ago
Hot dad alert! Hot dad alert!
Arunima Sharma
Arunima Sharma 4 days ago
She is gorgeous.
Britney Hernandez
“Shut up mellisa” killed me 😂😂😂
Najah Muhsin
Najah Muhsin 4 days ago
"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "
Sayme Limbu
Sayme Limbu 4 days ago
Woo even in trash she looks gergeous
Zelany Sáenz M.
Zelany Sáenz M. 5 days ago
What's wrong with their smiles on 0:11 ???
macy Fischer
macy Fischer 5 days ago
She ugly
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 5 days ago
Her final dress is one of my all time favorites ever on this show. Ugh. It’s so prettyyyy
boston babe
boston babe 6 days ago
Never say shut up.. it's rude.
boston babe
boston babe 6 days ago
She needs some bling on the waist...
boston babe
boston babe 6 days ago
Princess cut wins every time
boston babe
boston babe 6 days ago
The second one is grey and horrible.. too bird like.
boston babe
boston babe 6 days ago
It's her day... Her way....
Terry Turner
Terry Turner 7 days ago
Melissa is veryt experienced------
vny chin
vny chin 7 days ago
Every dress look wonderful on her
Naomi Sedgwick
Naomi Sedgwick 7 days ago
She just looked like a goddess in everything
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 7 days ago
i have never seen a dress as beautiful as the 2nd one
Sasha Laguela
Sasha Laguela 8 days ago
The first one was beautiful I love how simple it is and she looks amazing
Amina Jallow
Amina Jallow 9 days ago
She is absolutely stunning
Brittney Hankowski
Omg she is just stunning and all the dresses looked amazing on her 😍😊
disneyrockz12 9 days ago
Her dad is such a DILF. Nom nom
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 9 days ago
Her dad is pretty good.
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 9 days ago
The one she didn't want to show her family was super pretty. Not so bridal on her but gorgeous, I wish they had gotten to see it.
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison 9 days ago
If you cut off the bottom to knee length of first one it would be a 1950's putting the laundry out on the clothesline halter top.
Polly Milner
Polly Milner 9 days ago
The 3 dress was is the one I am sure
S S 10 days ago
The first dress was like, it was made for her
Vijayalakshmi S
Vijayalakshmi S 11 days ago
Loved the first dress so much
Soft_Ethereal 11 days ago
If her sister smiled she would look so beautiful, but instead she be look so snarky she looks through the whole thing
fmah noor6666
fmah noor6666 12 days ago
BooBoo Editz
BooBoo Editz 11 days ago
K K 13 days ago
The second one was the besttttt
Delilah Rose
Delilah Rose 13 days ago
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Ash Hussain
Ash Hussain 13 days ago
Shes soo pretty
Your Mom’s Toes
Your Mom’s Toes 13 days ago
The dress she choose was amazing! I would love to get married in it!
Edited by Nuz
Edited by Nuz 15 days ago
She's so pretty
KimiZuss 15 days ago
Was she like real miss America or that little pagent miss?
paranoid japandroid
mother-in-law the whole time be like: 😬
Lekha Lekha
Lekha Lekha 16 days ago
Maria Grace 🌹❤️
She looks like Betty from riverdale and her name is betty
Diane Balch
Diane Balch 16 days ago
I love that the little sister looks like a younger version of her big sis.
malak. 17 days ago
She could wear a trash bag and still look good. 😌
Dance With Ash
Dance With Ash 17 days ago
The first one was pure class.
H. Ivy
H. Ivy 17 days ago
0:12 why did they literally say 😬😬
Adrianne Daub
Adrianne Daub 17 days ago
Me thinking they all looked exquisite on her
Grace Whitaker
Grace Whitaker 18 days ago
Loved the first dress. An off the shoulder would’ve maybe gone better with the family, but I loved it’s elegance
Daily Skepticism
Daily Skepticism 18 days ago
So beautiful the dress is..im crying
Jay Hope
Jay Hope 18 days ago
I absolutely LOVED the first dress
Lauren G
Lauren G 18 days ago
does anyone know the name of the second dress or somewhere online i can find it?
Flower Twice
Flower Twice 19 days ago
Omg the last dress was the best
Flower Twice
Flower Twice 19 days ago
But she looks good on everything wow
littlean24 20 days ago
She seriously looks like Barbie
Marta Ł
Marta Ł 20 days ago
WOW, she looked great in all these dresses but the one she picked was just on another level
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