Minneapolis Protesters Bond With Arresting Officers

WCCO - CBS Minnesota
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Mike Max, reporting from the site in downtown Minneapolis where 150 peaceful George Floyd protesters were arrested Sunday night, talks about the humanity he witnessed over several hours between demonstrators and law enforcement (8:19).
WCCO 4 News - June 1, 2020

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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
Daniel Hochneidel
Daniel Hochneidel 11 days ago
paid actors... @Ang Li
kris hong
kris hong 11 days ago
no matter what, ur cant block the free way , roads and free way are for cars for people who drive home from work, it is also danger when protest block the roads, there are some people who got pissed off, they get crazy and they run over the protest.
Stuttaboy Beats
Stuttaboy Beats 12 days ago
It’s good to see that there are people who were willing to talk to each other and understand each other’s viewpoints. There’s too much negativity we need to show more of this right here and now! #itsneeded
sandra ann
sandra ann 12 days ago
Don't be so scooped letting those white cops hug us like they are our friends
Le Vy
Le Vy 13 days ago
so CBS
Rich752C 15 days ago
Would have had great national support, but no, you clowns had to burn, smash statues and loot stores. Now your movement is back in the 60s
Angelo Dela Cruzz
Angelo Dela Cruzz 15 days ago
Love the message these protestors are sending
Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty 16 days ago
If blm why is it that if you are a young black man you have a 80% chance of dying at the hands of another young black man very very sad but true....no protests over 104 shooting and 14 dead in Chicago Illinois on father's day.....where was blm
Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty 16 days ago
They haven't shown any peaceful protest.....
Luis Cornejo
Luis Cornejo 16 days ago
How do you stop racism, "stop talking about it"..."I don't refer you as a white man, and don't refer me as a black man" (paraphrase) Morgan Freeman...this is a new era, generations have past, so it's senseless to always be referring to the times of slavery...nobody owe's anybody anything...study, work hard, don't waste your money or your time, quit blaming and set your own course, you'll get somewhere.
Kitchen Freestyles
Kitchen Freestyles 16 days ago
His satisfied because his been arrested lol..
Nancy Robichaud
Nancy Robichaud 17 days ago
In canada they have "coffee with cops "where cop and citizen get together at a coffee shop and just talk about anything. Whether its asking cops for advice, why they do certain things in a certain way or even about life in general.
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 7 days ago
In Canada, cops are paid better, face more selective recruitment, have better training, and face greater accountability. Departments in Canada have spent decades increasing the professionalism of their officers and building community ties. There are a number of American departments I have done the same, but, unfortunately, not enough.
vee elle
vee elle 20 days ago
PEACEFUL PROTESTERS shouldn't be the ones being arrested. But.....thanks for posting. I needed to be shown an example of what "humanity" looks like..... I've forgotten. Now, release the peaceful protesters....please. You're at the wrong location.
Joseph rose
Joseph rose 23 days ago
Honestly u clowns, less cops wtf what about politicians so many of them live in safe areas over 100k year nobody says anything
cali life
cali life 23 days ago
Please know that we need equality we can go far
Annie Mnao
Annie Mnao 24 days ago
Media should focus on the this matters a lot
AshedSoul 25 days ago
I know the cops arrested them, but they all seemed happy to meet each other
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 7 days ago
Cops have a job to do, but it doesn't stop them from being human, and most will be pleasant to you if you are pleasant to them.
retep htims
retep htims 25 days ago
So he admitted to breaking the law, the show called peaceful protester, by blocking the highway with his protests.,..I wonder how many poor tax paying people were late for their jobs or late to get home from a Long Day's work because of that wonderful gentlemen's peaceful.... Guarantee he didn't take a day off from work... George Soros gave them all $15 an hour
retep htims
retep htims 25 days ago
That first gentleman interviewed in the white T-shirt has four wide screen smart TVs and Tupac's full cd collection.... Nothing to see here keep it moving
retep htims
retep htims 25 days ago
Protesters..............MSM spin doctors... Looters rioters arsonist police abusers extortionist anarchists all were there... But the fake news media says all p people cuffed were peaceful protesters... Silly kids
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Month ago
'At the end of the day we"re human beings'... And that's all there is to it. Well said man, i concur.
pieface mozy
pieface mozy Month ago
I am impressed good job! These young people get it, doing it peaceful is the way people will listen no more lost lives. ABC thank you for reporting In this way.
Boss man
Boss man Month ago
Police are not supposed to have an opinion or be on any side !! They are supposed to do their job !
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Month ago
What a terrific reporter. He put some real meaning behind the story. THANK YOU
mixio hili
mixio hili Month ago
This is how a smart and educated human sounds like!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Month ago
Seeing the actual protesters actually give me hope. I've been pretty pessimistic in general but I think this is some of the most positive stuff ever.
mixio hili
mixio hili Month ago
01:19 06:05 05:23
Rawvvy Month ago
drug addicts
MusicMitchy Month ago
These people are being as dangerous if not more dangerous then anybody else.. people need those roads open for emergency, like say a choking baby that needs help ASAP.. but then you have these idiots stopping the help..
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Month ago
administration that truly work for welfare of its people not killing it's people even the people of Afghanistan, Iraq,Libya...etc
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Month ago
That first dude need to get involved in politics.
joe tapia
joe tapia Month ago
What bullshit!
Joshua W
Joshua W Month ago
People really waking up, this is the Age of Enlightenment. This shit made me cry
Boss man
Boss man Month ago
Oh man up wimp !
N Marc
N Marc Month ago
The best report i have ever seen, love from Sri Lanka. We love to see the peaceful future, Humanity in america, as shown as in movies. these things are hurting, watching with tears on eyes, even i am not an american. world need peace, disasters everywhere. one after another. i am wondering when we can wish a better life in this world again without pain & fear
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Month ago
So why are peacefull protesters arrested and kept hostage for hours? What is the charge? This is so wrong.
anna Marie hughes 83
Hi from Andover in.the UK !
mighty mouse
mighty mouse Month ago
At the end of the day these protestors and looters were not peaceful. If they were law-abiding citizens they would go home when requested and dispurse.
GeneticMind Month ago
Think about it folks, the very name Black Lives Matter is dividing Us, Sure they matter but no more than the rest of us do. Period. Thats Why All Lives Matter. United. And the Peace officers should never be able to have the power to do what they did, to any American, Being American should be a Race. In my opinion if your part of any group that is dividing you from "We The People!" then you are following the very people dividing us in this Country. And I know there are just some people out there that want to see our country burn down instead of people like the Majority of us do , we want to reform it all from the bottom up.And start to make changes now that will stop these people that have been in office for far to long, #TermLimitations and Voter ID will stop 90% of the corruption now, and give the power back to the people Now. Its simple the real enemy folks are the people that have been in Elected servants positions for more than 6 yrs, FIRE THEM and NEXT!!!
rc04 Month ago
3:34 lol she hugged that police
rc04 Month ago
i like how the police is there in the back, thats nice
Renisha Gurung
Renisha Gurung Month ago
“We r peaceful” Yes
DJCalimovement Month ago
What a terrific reporter. He put some real meaning behind the story. THANK YOU
Dawit Bekele
Dawit Bekele Month ago
at 3.34 to 3.35, watch one of the arrested girls lean her head on the arresting officers shoulder/ back, just behind the black dude getting interviewed
Christina Jenkins
Why don't the cops arrest the damn terrorist protesters
Gerard Rager
Gerard Rager Month ago
01:19 06:05 05:23
Berry Arrowsmith
Mike reported all his stories with integrity and compassion for the story itself. He did not take sides or push an agenda. What a refreshing way to report the news. If all media reported this way we as Americans would be informed with the facts. GREAT JOB Mr. Max!
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Month ago
Killing of George Floyd is not only the problem but the hate to black that are actual settler of America. Many times black tourcherd but now they should bring a peaceful administration that truly work for welfare of its people not killing it's people even the people of Afghanistan, Iraq,Libya...etc
Animuz Month ago
Much of this is not only inaccurate (I live in the neighborhood, I was there), it's Mike Max as creepy as ever. Media is clueless. LiveStreams = Truth.
Pacifist Minigun
Pacifist Minigun 26 days ago
mike max?
Rainbow Pony
Rainbow Pony Month ago
So why are peacefull protesters arrested and kept hostage for hours? What is the charge? This is so wrong.
Gracie D
Gracie D Month ago
I don’t know much about the law and I don’t know anything about this specific protest but why did they get arrested if they were peaceful?
Bill E. Bobb
Bill E. Bobb Month ago
Month ago
This is how a smart and educated human sounds like!
Carnetha Clark
Carnetha Clark Month ago
God bless all of you thank you 🙏🏾
kinganarkzie Month ago
I really hope that America gets some kind of system in place to get rid of the bad "eggs" in the force because I think we all know that not everyone who joins the police does so to kill people, but racist officers are there and as long as they are black Americans are going to be in danger and they are going to be afraid. I know things can be better.
car guy
car guy Month ago
Did they go on a date too
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard Month ago
Your not a citizen when you jump in front a car and cause injury or Death
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard Month ago
On freeway?????So when you cause a wreck and someone loses limbs its ok???
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard Month ago
Gina Sigman
Gina Sigman Month ago
You should be relieved to know that MAJOR law enforcement reform is HERE! This is more than just cops kneeling and being friendly. You should be relieved to know that this is the beginning of the dissolution of law enforcement. I have it in strictest confidence from NAPO and federal crimes investigation division that they will turning this proposal into a new law this year. My cousin is an FBI agent and told me this. He said they've been building up to this for years. Floyd's death was just the catalyst to set it in motion. The plan is as follows: There will be no more law enforcement or police officers as they are currently referred to. Police in the USA will be renamed as RRSW's (stands for rapid response social workers). When there is a murder, assault, rape, robbery...whatever the crime may be, they will be called to the scene to "de-escalate" the situation instead of arrest or use force. Furthermore, the word "criminal" will be deleted from their vocabulary. Persons engaging in protestations referred to as "clients". The word crime will be replaced by protestation. I'm sure we can look forward to a more peaceful society with coming new law.
Hector Aldozar
Hector Aldozar Month ago
You do know George Floyd pistol whipped a pregnant woman and robbed her home.
Kelvynn Lee
Kelvynn Lee Month ago
So now we honor and worship criminals.
Mil Peer
Mil Peer Month ago
Kkk cops
Jacks Cleaner
Jacks Cleaner Month ago
Stockholm Syndrome.
andre dwyer
andre dwyer Month ago
White man always trying to made light of the situation. White previllage.
Monsieur Baguette
You dont have to be racist bruv
Donald McCovid
Donald McCovid Month ago
No masks on the cops. No masks on the protesters. IDIOTS, ALL.
Nasia Boggan
Nasia Boggan Month ago
Why does this look fake asf? Staged as hell.
NICE DAWG Month ago
Cops were seen spreading bricks around to make the damage worse ..
Darth Javo
Darth Javo Month ago
Gas at 2:96 $...amazing
Aicha Bua
Aicha Bua Month ago
My massage to all blacks Americans they not vote for trump.
jeffrey bail
jeffrey bail Month ago
protesting against the terrorstate that are taking our freedoms away everyday from hoax BS like corona. Come on all the damn hospitals from here iin Germany to Los Angeles all the Hospitals are empty
josh graves
josh graves Month ago
Only the peaceful will be taken seriously. You all handled it perfect and had a perfect attitude. You're the change. Nothing but love and success!
Aicha Bua
Aicha Bua Month ago
Trump was elected because of black Americans but we will never succeed any of his plans.
Semper Occultus
Semper Occultus Month ago
this is crumble.this is glass of ice from iceberg.sorry about.
Jack Hans
Jack Hans Month ago
Oh so a gang just sneaked into the protesters, caused trouble, then left.... Nice
Jack Hans
Jack Hans Month ago
Damn I never knew cops had that much handcuffs... Never mind it's just plastic ropes
Breeze Month ago
"Protesters Bond With Arresting Officers" - Thats some bs man. This is some zoo like shit. I am never going to bond with some who think they are better than me or who after fucking 70 years keep killing me, and aggresively arresting people who look like me. Just pay me my reparations and everything will be fine. Otherwise we are going to be right in this same point again, and that time will be no more talk. Clearly these people don't learn we tried peace and we still getting killed.
Hotel CharliHill
This dude will never go national because he’s too real and he’s not agitating and race bating to drive the narrative enough, lol
Firstly Im from England, and whats happened in America is really disturbing to do that to a person, ( George Floyd ) is so so wrong, be it he was black skinned, white skinned, from China, Sweden, Antarctica, it just should not happen, you cannot treat people like that, the Officers are a disgrace to the badge they represent. If I prayed to God or whatever people preach be it Allah, Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, I would ask them, please make all new born babies colour blind, so everyone will be treated as a human and not by the colour they see as we do now. Peace and Love to you all
Volvox Month ago
3:39 globalists: *heavy breathing*
Annabelle H
Annabelle H Month ago
Love this reporter, his tone of voice, his professionalism, he does not tke sides, and he listens to both sides. this is what a reporter should be. way it go Minneapolis.
Dee Dee Newman
Dee Dee Newman Month ago
Don't be distracted. There is nothing peaceful about loosing your friend, brother, uncle, daddy or husband to these devils. People are dying. Your life goes on. Someone else is dead.
Jody Williams
Jody Williams Month ago
I don’t think anyone should be able to block roads and especially the interstate. I do agree with this guy being arrested that when Interstate was marched on it did get everyone’s attention. All colors Matter🙏✝️🇺🇸🌹 God Bless Our President and Drew Brees. RIP George Floyd 😭🙏❤️🌹✝️ I will never forget you. God Bless your family. NFL needs to stand forOur National Anthem. My family thru out history have stood for Our Flag and all Soldiers. Blue lives Matter too🙏✝️🇺🇸
commy killa
commy killa Month ago
America is a POLICE STATE. Use your second amendment rights to protect your lives from the killer cops.
Tuity 33
Tuity 33 Month ago
Why aren’t the white boys looting of changes stealing alcohol arrested the guy Paul!
Hector Aldozar
Hector Aldozar Month ago
fyi she was a african american pregnant woman
Hector Aldozar
Hector Aldozar Month ago
Well we all cant be like George Floyed and get away with pistol whipping a pregnant woman and robbing them
Armed Patriot
Armed Patriot Month ago
your not suppose to be on the Freeway idiot doing your protest .
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